Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Monday, January 06, 2020


I've written before about the importance of iron for fertility. Some studies have shown that women need enough iron to have normal ovulation.   Here is an excellent article that not only talks about iron, but quite a few other supplements you should take (or avoid). Read more:
 From the article:

Be sure your iron levels are adequate. A blood test (a ferritin level combined with an iron level and
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iron binding capacity) will tell you this. Unfortunately, doctors are trained to say the iron is normal if your ferritin level is at least 9 ng/ml. Although a ferritin level of 9 shows you have enough iron to prevent anemia, one can have infertility from ferritin levels less than 40. Because of this, I would look at your ferritin test results yourself and make sure the level is at least 40 ng per ml. In a study of women with hair loss with ferritin levels less than 40, seven women who also had infertility became pregnant within 7 months when put on iron. If for some reason you are unable to get your ferritin level checked, it is not unreasonable to take iron (e.g. Chromagen FA 1 tablet a day) for 7 months. Take it on an empty stomach and with at least 200 mg of Vitamin C. Do not take it with in 6 hours of thyroid hormone therapy, or you will not absorb the thyroid. I also would take iron if the percent saturation of iron (calculated from the iron & percent saturation tests noted above) is under 22%.from:  endfatigue.com

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