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Saturday, December 22, 2018



Yogurt can be a fertility enhancing food because it has protein (Greek Yogurt is highest in protein) which is good for hormone development and regulation, and it is a good source of probiotics which can also create the proper environment for conception.  You should look for yogurt which states "active cultures" on the label.  The blueberries in my recipe are loaded with antioxidants which helps egg quality and the nuts are great for hormone regulation as well. I prefer frozen blueberries because they make the yogurt taste like ice cream and I've heard that frozen may actually be fresher than so
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called "fresh" blueberries.  This is because they freeze them shortly after picking.  The unfrozen blueberries may be sitting around for a while even before they make it to the grocery store.

Here is my favorite yogurt recipe:

Fertility Yogurt Recipe:

Start with plain unsweetened yogurt. Full fat dairy was found in one study to be good for female fertility - so you can choose full fat yogurt if you choose.

Sweeten yogurt with some liquid stevia. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame may have some detrimental effects on your health (although there is quite a bit of conflicting information in the literature). Stevia is a safe alternative. Use a couple of squirts from the dropper.

Add about a handful of raw walnuts and almonds. Be sure to get the refrigerated ones at your healthfood store. When nuts are roasted, it destroys their natural oils. Almonds and walnuts are a great source of the good fats which help with hormone regulation and walnuts are helpful for women with PCOS.

Add a handful of frozen blueberries. You can also use fresh blueberries but adding frozen ones actually makes the yogurt taste like ice cream. Blueberries are full of antioxidants which help to prevent cell damage. Be sure to get organic blueberries because they tend to be one fruit that holds on to pesticides more than others.

Stir it up and add some sugar sprinkled lightly on the top if you desire.


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