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Thursday, November 01, 2018



"The unexpected rate of pregnancies in women over the age of 40 is second only to teenagers!"

Sore breasts....hmmm, maybe that weight lifting class made my chest hurt... light spotting mid cycle, well I guess it happens when you're close to menopause. The only thing is... the last time I had light spotting was when I was pregnant. Could I be pregnant again? No birth control here...the thought of it would be comical. I spent so many years trying to get pregnant, if I happened to have an “oops!” pregnancy, that would certainly be okay. Although we were more than happy with one child, I would always welcome another even at this ripe old age.

And what about that flu bug that made its way around our house the last month? First my husband was sick, then I got it. When you're sick with the flu, you rarely make physical contact, and intercourse was out of the question. But there it was, a positive pregnancy test.

What? You're kidding me. Maybe these old pregnancy tests I had in the cabinet were expired and wrong. After all, I hadn't needed them for years. So I went and bought another one with a new expiration date. It was positive. Okay, I wrote a book called “You Can Get Pregnant Over 40,Naturally”, so why was this such a big surprise? Maybe I need to write another one called “You Can Get Pregnant Over 49 Naturally”!

To make a long story short, I was indeed pregnant, but, sadly, I miscarried. I started bleeding about three days after I confirmed the pregnancy with the second pregnancy test. Was it my hormones? Was it the chromosomes? I'll never know why. Since I wasn't trying to conceive, I can't say I currently do everything I did when I conceived my daughter in terms of my pregnancy protocol (although I do still lead a very healthy lifestyle.) It just goes to show you - age is just a number. Fertility is determined by many things, not just how old you are.

If You Still Have Periods, You Can Still Get Pregnant

I normally wouldn't have gone to the doctor, but I remembered about my Rh negative blood and the need for a Rhogam shot after a miscarriage. I made an appointment with my healthcare clinic. I saw a nurse who gave me a shot and then did some “birth control counseling” with me. It took everything I had not to laugh. Who would have thought I would ever be in this situation? This young nurse (easily young enough to be my daughter and then some) says to me, “If you still have periods, you can still get pregnant”. I wanted to say “you're preaching to the choir, dear”. But I put on my poker face and said, “We'll be more careful next time”.
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My point in sharing all of this with you is that even though I've previously been labeled hopelessly infertile (and old) by the medical community, I only have one fallopian tube, I just turned 49, and I was "passively" avoiding pregnancy (and my husband and I had been having infrequent intercourse due to the flu), I still got pregnant. That should be somewhat encouraging for those of you who think you are too old to conceive!

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