Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Sunday, November 18, 2018



When I was trying to conceive, I did drink some herbal teas and after I got pregnant, I drank mint flavored decaffeinated green tea. Since I had horrible morning sickness, coffee was out of the question and I thought green tea was a safe choice. The mint also helped to soothe my gag reflex and the warmth of the tea was somewhat helpful for the constant nausea. Since that time, I have come across some research about green tea and the pros and cons of drinking it during pregnancy and while trying to conceive. Even though I drank quite a bit of green tea (especially in the first trimester), I did not have any complications and had a normal pregnancy.

Some sources draw a correlation between drinking green tea and increased rates of conception, although this could possibly be attributed to green tea drinkers having healthier lifestyles. One widely cited study in The American Journal of Public Health reported that drinking 1½ cups or more of tea daily can double the odds of conception per cycle. However, this study did not specify what kind of tea the participants drank. Regular tea and green tea both have polyphenols and hypoxanthine which
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may be responsible for more viable embryos and possibly a greater chance of fertilization. Although green tea has caffeine, it is found in lesser amounts than other caffeinated beverages (but I would recommend drinking decaffeinated). On the downside, in pregnancy, some sources claim green tea may possibly increase the chance of pregnancy loss because the tannins could have a negative effect on a developing embryo by constricting blood vessel formation (although I was unable to find scientific research to support an association between green tea and pregnancy loss). The tannins may also interfere with iron absorption. Since green tea has a number of health benefits unrelated to fertility, I included it in my diet. I drank mint flavored decaffeinated green tea when I was experiencing morning sickness after I conceived my daughter (this was before I knew of any possible association with miscarriage), but obviously it didn’t hurt my pregnancy.

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