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Monday, October 29, 2018


One of the stories I share in my book is how I was encouraged when I saw other women over 40 who had natural pregnancies.  One of these stories was when I went to my niece's graduation party (in the late 1990's) and I met a set of triplets who were in my nieces grade and grew up in her neighborhood.  I also met the mother of these triplets.  I later found out that the triplets (2 girls and 1 boy) were the result of a surprise pregnancy when the mother was 45!  Here they all were, graduating from high
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school.  Fertility treatments, although minimally available, were rarely used back in the days these kids were born and the mother already had a number of children and wasn't actively trying to get pregnant.  Women tend to have more multiples at older ages (even naturally) probably because their FSH does go up which can trigger multiple eggs to ovulate in a cycle.


Well, I went to a social function given by my niece last weekend and met this mother again.  All the children are now in their 30's and the mother is well into her 70's.  She's doing fine and has many grandchildren, many from the triplets!  The reason I share this story isn't just to give a perfect example of how "older" women are very capable of having families later in life, but also because  there's no reason to think older women won't be around to raise their kids.  I've read so many articles that say it's selfish for women over 40 to have babies because they may not live long enough to see them through adulthood.  The fact of the matter is that women who have their first child over the age of 40 are four times more likely to live to be 100.  Granted, this woman had many other children before the triplets, but she's doing fine and is very involved not just with her kids, but also her grandkids.

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