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Sunday, October 21, 2018


I have a number of pages on my website devoted to having a natural miscarriage and ways to prevent miscarriage. 
Here are some tips from a site devoted to home remedies and ayurveda for miscarriage.  Ayurveda, if you are not familiar with it is the Hindu system of medicine which incorporates a balance of mind and body systems, diet, herbs etc.  (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge).  Ayurveda relies heavily on the belief that the mind and body are connected and the mind is the most powerful tool to heal the body.  Meditation is an important factor in ayurveda and so is your diet because eating is a vital bodily function.  Here are some recommendations on what to ad to your diet to prevent miscarriage and improve your chances of a successful pregnancy from

1.The spoonful of pure juice of vitamin C combined with honey have to be given every daybreak.
2.Mixture of one tablespoonful of juice taken out from Indian Gooseberry with honey should be taken every day in morning.
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3.If you feel like  acid reflux chew 3-4 almonds properly during that time and Make sure that you are not swallowing air.
4.Brown rice that has complex carbohydrate is a highly good home remedy for acid reflux. Eat a cup of properly cooked brown rice.
5.Drink a lot of fresh juice and water in between two meals and  make sure that you don’t drink water or to some extent, liquid with the meals.
6.Take a one glass of cabbage juice making a juice Sip slowly for instant relief from Acid reflux.
7.Pregnant women have to avoid eating papaya as it can conduct miscarriage.
8.Eat cooked pumpkin for immediate relief.   Eat one banana when the signs are felt and Consuming with a melon also helps very much.
9.A teaspoon of fresh amla juice also known as Indian gooseberry with a honey mixed together must be taken every morning during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage. This is a great home remedy for miscarriage.
10.A drink made from safflower foliage is also helpful and avoid of early miscarriage.
11.Take 6-10 grams of ascorbic acid when taken for 55- days can be helpful for miscarriage.

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