Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Monday, October 29, 2018


One of the stories I share in my book is how I was encouraged when I saw other women over 40 who had natural pregnancies.  One of these stories was when I went to my niece's graduation party (in the late 1990's) and I met a set of triplets who were in my nieces grade and grew up in her neighborhood.  I also met the mother of these triplets.  I later found out that the triplets (2 girls and 1 boy) were the result of a surprise pregnancy when the mother was 45!  Here they all were, graduating from high
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school.  Fertility treatments, although minimally available, were rarely used back in the days these kids were born and the mother already had a number of children and wasn't actively trying to get pregnant.  Women tend to have more multiples at older ages (even naturally) probably because their FSH does go up which can trigger multiple eggs to ovulate in a cycle.

Well, I went to a social function given by my niece last weekend and met this mother again.  All the children are now in their 30's and the mother is well into her 70's.  She's doing fine and has many grandchildren, many from the triplets!  The reason I share this story isn't just to give a perfect example of how "older" women are very capable of having families later in life, but also because  there's no reason to think older women won't be around to raise their kids.  I've read so many articles that say it's selfish for women over 40 to have babies because they may not live long enough to see them through adulthood.  The fact of the matter is that women who have their first child over the age of 40 are four times more likely to live to be 100.  Granted, this woman had many other children before the triplets, but she's doing fine and is very involved not just with her kids, but also her grandkids.

Monday, October 15, 2018



Have you ever wondered if fertility artifacts and dolls really work?  I'll have to admit, I do put some belief in them.  Just from the standpoint of the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you will attract to yoursel, these artifacts just help you focus.  Here is an article about artifacts and dolls for fertility.  Did I get this off some obscure website? No, I got it from "The NY Times"! Does that lend this credibility? I don't know, that's for you to decide. For anyone interested, read more:

As legend has it, a woman named Akua was barren until a healer instructed her to carry and care for a doll as if it were a child. Villagers jeered, but her faith was rewarded with the birth of a daughter -- the ''ba,'' or child, in the doll's name. Now recognized all over Africa as a symbol of political empowerment and intellectual freedom as well as fertility, the doll is mass-manufactured for export
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and domestic use (both play and ritual). 
''My wife is pregnant, and we have two of them,'' says Mark Bessire, a former Fulbright Fellow in Tanzania who with his wife, Aimee, is the curator of ''Art of Identity: African Sculpture From the Teel Collection'' at the Fogg Museum of Art at Harvard University through next year. ''While you're carrying this figure, you're thinking about the positive experience of having a baby. It's a kind of training. People decorate them or put beads on them to empower them. It's very personal.''

In African practice, once a doll has done its job, it is piled with others on the shrine of the healer who prescribed it, much as Western women send baby photos to a doctor's office, where they are displayed as proof of the doctor's skill.

In the African view, fertility is a gift from ancestors, infertility an evil rooted in the discontent of ancestors. Activated by the power of play, dolls function like a wish that is about to come true.

Sunday, October 07, 2018


Fertility Support Groups and Talk Therapy May Help You Get Pregnant

Before you jump into the high tech, expensive and sometimes dangerous world of fertility treatments, don't forget one of the oldest forms of healing: Talking. That's why I usually recommend a support group for women or couples who are trying to conceive and experiencing infertility.
I've written countless times about how stress affects fertility. Then you throw in a holiday along with the end of the year or a birthday (with no baby yet) and you have a recipe for disaster. Talking it out may be the most effective treatment of all. Here's an article that seconds that notion:
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Couples who are undergoing infertility treatment could benefit from talk therapy, researchers have said.

Many women suffer from stress-related infertility, particularly during the winter months.

Dr Deidra Rausch, a counsellor in the US who specialises in infertility, explained: "For them, the end of the year becomes another marker in their inability to have children.

"Plus, the seasonal emphasis on family can become a painful reminder of their ongoing struggles."

Dr Rausch cited new research presented at a fertility conference in Prague that found evidence of the benefits of talk therapy.

The study, conducted by scientists at Emory University, found that of eight women who participated in a cognitive behaviour therapy course, six regained full fertility and two became pregnant within two months.

The expert concluded that a mental health professional could help couples undergoing infertility treatment by alleviating feelings of depression and anxiety and boosting self-esteem.


Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Here is a story about a woman who got pregnant naturally at the age of 46.  Her story isn't all that remarkable if you ask me (since I've done many posts on women who get pregnant in their mid 40's and beyond!
Debbie Martindale tells her story to the Telegraph (UK) of some of the insensitive remarks that she had to endure through her pregnancy from healthcare professionals and others:

People are often surprised it was a natural pregnancy, not IVF. An elderly male GP told me, ‘Oh,
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you’ve left it too late, haven’t you?’ And a female pharmacy assistant repeatedly tried to correct me after I ticked the ‘pregnant’ box on the back of my prescription form. She was adamant I’d ticked the wrong thing. She saw my date of birth and thought I couldn’t possibly be pregnant at 46 – she obviously thought I was too old to be having a baby.
I was shocked and felt like slapping her. Some of my friends and family were a little surprised at my pregnancy, but luckily they thought it was amazing.


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