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Sunday, September 09, 2018


 Pregnancy Over 40, Menstrual Cycles and Fertile Windows Have A Lot Of Variability

I've written many times about how ovulation can be quite hard to pinpoint.  That's why having a regular pattern of intercourse is important.
Since ovulation can occur at different times, your fertile window may be very hard to predict. Here is an article that talks about a women's "fertile window"  I found it interesting that only 30% of women were within their fertile window entirely between the days  10-17 of their cycle (this doesn't mean that they weren't fertile during some cycles within in this range, just not all cycles).  Read more:

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Results: The fertile window occurred during a broad range of days in the menstrual cycle. On every day between days 6 and 21, women had at minimum a 10% probability of being in their fertile window. Women cannot predict a sporadic late ovulation; 4-6% of women whose cycles had not yet resumed were potentially fertile in the fifth week of their cycle.

Conclusions: In only about 30% of women is the fertile window entirely within the days of the menstrual cycle identified by clinical guidelines—that is, between days 10 and 17. Most women reach their fertile window earlier and others much later. Women should be advised that the timing of their fertile window can be highly unpredictable, even if their cycles are usually regular.

from: bmj

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