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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I frequently post stories of women who got pregnant over 40 naturally...and...I frequently post stories of women who got pregnant over 50 naturally!  As a matter of fact, I have a page on my website devoted to true stories of documented cases of women pregnant naturally over 50 (click here
Well, here is another story which I just came across from  A woman by the name of Morgan Zantua of course thought she was too old to have a baby since she was over 50.  Well, fate had other plans and she was shocked to find out that she was pregnant:  From the article: age 51, Zantua was in graduate school and juggling three jobs. She and her husband, then 56, planned to eventually sell their home in Tacoma and travel around the world. Then Zantua noticed she couldn't button her skirts and often felt exceptionally warm and tired. She thought, "Boy, menopause is hitting awfully fast," and she booked a consultation with her doctor.
Before the appointment, a friend suggested she take a pregnancy test. And since she always tried to be open-minded, she did—and discovered she was having a baby. "I was stunned," she says. "I have friends younger than I am who are grandparents, and here I was becoming a mom." Luckily, she says, her husband kept her calm. "I was overjoyed and totally petrified at the same time, but George was such an anchor," she says. "He was surprised, too, of course, but he helped me shift gears for this next stage in our lives. We were both elated."
The next day Zantua's gynecologist confirmed she was five months pregnant with a healthy baby girl.
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