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Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Here is another great site that goes into what you can do to encourage the formation of "good" prostaglandins and avoid the "bad" prostaglandins. This can help with painful periods and ultimately improves fertility. Read more:

Another cause of painful periods can be the excess production and release of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins. Many of the prostaglandins are actually ‘healthy’, and have a beneficial effect on the body (see page 154). However, two types of ‘bad’ prostaglandins, known as PGF2 Alpha and PGE2, can be increased in some women. PGF2 Alpha is a vasoconstrictor, which means that it works to reduce the blood flow to the womb muscle, and PGE2 is a highly inflammatory
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substance that can trigger muscle contractions and increase the sensitivity of your nerve endings to pain.

See Also: DHEA For Fertility (

Research has shown that women with primary dysmenorrhoea have significantly higher levels of of both prostaglandins PGF2 Alpha and PGE2.

Prostaglandins are present in every cell in your body. They tend to be low in the first half of the cycle and then rise sharply towards your period, and can cause a variety of other symptoms including headaches, nausea and fatigue.


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