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Friday, August 10, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Light Therapy And Getting Pregnant

I never tried actual light therapy when I was trying to conceive, however I did make a point of trying to get at least an hour of sunlight every day.
 This site has some useful information about how light is essential for strong menstrual cycles and how women tend to be indoors more than men.  . Read more:

From the site:
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Two Fold Benefit of Light—Light aids fertility in two ways:
First, Bright light during the day helps increase fertility. Scientists theorize that bright morning and evening light sends a signal to the body clock that it is the right time of year to conceive. (It is more difficult to conceive during the short winter days.) Bright light also controls the overproduction of melatonin, which may stifle fertility.

Second, evening light and dusk simulation help regulate menstrual cycles, and a regular menstrual cycle increases the odds of conception. Several studies show that using light at night regulates irregular and longer menstrual cycles, even in women whose periods lasted nine weeks or more. Irregular and long menstrual cycles were normalized within a few weeks of treatment. Apollo Health has participated in many of these studies.



Why Nightlight Regulates Cycles
While our daily sleep/wake cycles are tied to bright light, menstrual cycles are tied to moonlight. As explained in Dr. Smolensky’s book, The Body Clock Guide to Better Health:

“Our words, ‘menstruation,’ ‘moon,’ and ‘month,’ all come from the Greek word for ‘measure of time.’ A woman’s menstrual cycle runs its course in about twenty-eight days, one lunar cycle.

Circadian Rhythms and Conception
The body clock dictates when the ovaries prepare and release eggs for fertilization. One of the best signs of fertility is immediately after ovulation, when body temperature increases 1°. However, conception is more likely to happen a day or two before this rise in temperature. Maintaining a normal menstrual cycle makes it easier to predict the best time to conceive, and helps relieve the stress some couples experience trying to conceive


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