Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40 and New Egg Supply

I've written about this subject before, some studies suggest that there may be a way for the ovaries to replenish their egg supply.
 The current belief is that a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. Read more:

Women may possess a hidden cache of stem cells in the bone marrow that constantly replenish the ovaries with new eggs, a new study suggests.

The idea contradicts long-established scientific dogma that holds that a woman is born with a complement of eggs that must last throughout her reproductive life.

The theory, proposed by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital, would, if confirmed,
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have major implications for fertility treatments, but at present it has many critics.

The researchers, led by Jonathan Tilly, report in this week's issue of Cell that the cache of germ-line stem cells in the bone marrow send cells via the blood stream, to the ovaries, which signal to the marrow when new supplies are needed.

Their work depends mostly on experiments with mice but they also cite cases where women have received bone marrow transplants after chemotherapy and unexpectedly conceived - the result, the researchers suggest, of receiving a new supply of oocyte-making cells from the new bone marrow.


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