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Friday, May 04, 2018


Dandelion Fertility Tea Recipe

I'll have to admit, I've always thought of dandelions as a nuisance...until I found out what a superfood they really are.  Their bright yellow color is the first indicator that they are high in antioxidants!  You know the old colorful fruits and vegetables for maximum health.  Dandelions are obviously inexpensive...most of us with lawns or parks nearby can easily find them.  What are the benefits of dandelions?

They cleanse the blood and help rid the body of toxic waste
They lower blood sugar
dandelion fertility tea recipe, picture of teaThey are effective against fungal and bacterial infections (including candida)
They can lower blood pressure
They are rich in vitamins, calcium potassium, iron, magnesium and more.

All of these nutrients and benefits are important if you are trying to conceive.


To make dandelion tea, first, pick fresh dandelions from an area that you are sure has not been
fertilized or sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.
Although the entire dandelion is edible, the green parts are bitter, so separate out the yellow petals for your tea.
Use fresh water in a teapot (if you are concerned about your water quality, use bottled spring water) and boil to about 170-180 degrees. Put the dandelion petals in a tea ball and place in the cup and put your heated water in the cup with the tea ball. If you would like to make a pitcher of tea, you can use a “tea sock” which will hold much more of the petals. Drink fresh or place the pitcher in the refrigerator after it is brewed to have later. It is usually recommended to drink within 72 hours for maximum freshness.
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