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Sunday, April 29, 2018


Pelvic Massage Techniques

My Fertility Bodywork Video demonstrates these techniques, but here are some pelvic massages you can perform on yourself.  It is not recommended to do any of these techniques if there is any possibility that you may already be pregnant.  You should also refrain from these techniques if you are on your menstrual cycle:

1.    Uterine Lift

Many women carry their uterus too low because of past sports and exercise, trauma and heavy lifting.

2.    Uterine Massage
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First, find your uterus with the triangle mentioned above with your thumbs and forefingers.  Start the massage with an up and down motion along the uterus.  Then, using moderate pressure, massage the uterus along an imaginary circle on the outside of the uterus and then an inner circle on the uterus.  The massage will consist of small circular motions with your index and middle fingers.  To finish, roll over on your stomach and pat your lower back.
 The uterine lift can put the uterus back into its proper position which will help with the proper flow of blood, lymphatic fluids and nerve impulses.  First, find your uterus by making a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers with the thumbs at the navel.  The uterus should be at the tips of the forefingers. Move down to the bottom of the uterus which should be just above the pubic bone.  Push down and try to scoop the uterus up with your fingers toward your navel.  Hold for about 30 seconds and release.
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