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Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Trying To Get Pregnant Over 40, Jealousy Toward Pregnant Women

Excuse my poor grammar, but that was a question I used to ask myself all the time.
 I would see pregnant women or I would hear of friends, family, etc. getting pregnant. I would always wonder, "What's she got that I don't?"

Your self esteem takes a beating when you can't conceive or if you get pregnant only to miscarry or miscarry repeatedly. You start to wonder if this is your punishment for leading a bad life, or if you're just not worthy of being a parent. I went through all those emotions. I started to view myself as some kind of "second class" citizen. One who has only a limited number of privileges unlike all the "first
class" citzens who get to have the finer things in life.

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I firmly believe that these feelings start a vicious cycle which can spiral out of control. Your initial failure leads to a negative mindset, and a negative mindset leads to failure. So what's a person to do?
    Know that it may take time to conceive. Just because you're having trouble conceiving now, it doesn't mean that you will never have a baby. I've known so many couples who conceived naturally given time. Know that you are not being punished and you are not a second class citizen. Some of the nicest, most generous people I've known have struggled with infertility. Think of this as a journey. Everyone will succeed on their own schedule. Maintain a positive mindset. There's nothing wrong with feeling anger and disappointment. Scream, cry, and get it out of your system. This will help you release the emotions that spiral into a vicious cycle that a negative mindset can create. Know that your baby is on the way. Let them come on their own schedule.
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