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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Fertility and Hormone Regulation - Avoid Xenoestrogens

I have heard about xenoestrogens for many years and I talk about them in my book on how to overcome estrogen dominance.
For more on natural ways to regulate hormones, visit:
 This article discusses what things to do and avoid. I should mention, I don't agree with everything in this article (for instance, it says to avoid flax seeds, which were part of may pregnancy protocol), but it still as a lot of good information. Read more:
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Did you know that synthetic estrogen and progestins are found in the urine of millions of women who take either birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy and flushed them down the toilet ending up in rivers and lakes where your drinking water comes from? Water treatment involves adding chemicals like chlorine (also a hormonal disruptor) to kill E-coli bacteria, but nothing is done to remove harmful chemicals from your drinking water! Once your body becomes contaminated with toxic chemical, it stores it in the fatty tissue.

Natural estrogen is responsible in stimulating cell division in hormone responsive tissue like the uterus lining, breast tissue and the ovaries. When xenoestrogen is overloading your body, it mimics the action of natural estrogen and stimulates tissue growth causing ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease, and even cancer. When a women is said to suffer from estrogen dominance, it refers to the high level of estrogen over progesterone. That is why women who experience infertility are advised to detoxify before conception. Xenoestrogen can also cause miscarriages and luteal phase defect. It may be present in breast milk and cross the placenta during gestation and become especially harmful to the foetus during the development of the sexual organs.

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