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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I always share these stories when I find's another women over the age of 50 (56 to be exact) who was enjoying her life with her kids and grandkids when she unexpectedly became pregnant.  What's even more surprising is that she was told she could be carrying twins.  This is probably another case of high FSH causing more than one egg to ovulate.
This article was from 2014, and I cannot find any updates to see how her pregnancy progressed or if she was in fact carry twins, but it certainly is encouraging that even a 56 year old can get pregnant naturally. Read more:


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“I told my doctor I was concerned because I was putting on a little weight,” Sallie recalls. “He said he would have to do a pregnancy test, because he didn’t want to give me any new medications if I was pregnant.”
Sallie rolled her eyes, but reluctantly agreed to do as her doctor had asked. A few minutes later, he returned with the stunning news.
“I liked to fainted right there in the doctor’s office,” Sallie says. “I was so overwhelmed. I said, ‘Me? Pregnant?’ I couldn’t believe it — it really threw me for a loop.”
Then came the news that Sallie could be carrying twins. She says she weighed about 170 pounds before getting pregnant, but her weight had increased to nearly 210 pounds earlier this month.
Reaction from family, friends and co-workers has been predictable. Charles had a hard time convincing his co-workers at Flowers Baking Co. in Jamestown that his wife had, well, a bun in the oven.
“They didn’t believe me,” he says. “They said, ‘Get out of here, Brown! You’re too old! You ain’t having no kid!'”


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