Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Monday, December 31, 2018



I am frequently asked, if you had to pick the top 5 things to do to enhance fertility and get pregnant over 40 (or any age), these would be my top 5:

The top 5 things you can do now to get pregnant over 40 naturally include:

1. Eat hormone regulating foods like cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, blueberries, and nuts and
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avacados among others

2. Reduce stress - You've heard it all before, but there are scientific reasons that stress affects fertility. The stress hormone cortisol is manufactured when you are under stess and your body will take progesterone to make cortisol.

3. Self Pelvic massage to break small blockages and increase circulation

4. Meditation and Visualization to attract a baby into your life

5. Prepare your body by maintaining a healthy weight and examining your pattern of exercise.

See the video here:

Monday, December 24, 2018



Pregnancy visualization can be a very effective technique. Have you thought about what can help you with visualizing your baby and attracting what you want into your life? Vision boards can help.

Some years back, when Oprah did a show on "The Secret" and it was all the rage, she had on a panel of women who were discussing how to get what you want in life. The title of the show was "The Secret Behind the Secret" and it featured Louise Hay, Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson.

I've written before about how the information in "The Secret" can help you conceive but they were talking about a specific technique on this particular show which I wanted to mention here. The show featured a number of women who used "vision boards" to send to the universe their desires and help attract what they want in their life.

If you are trying to conceive, go out and make a vision board. I did this when I was trying to conceive and I believe it helped me attract my daughter into my life. Basically, all you need is some poster board or a bulletin board. Go out and get some magazines on babies, families, parenting and so on. Find pictures of adorable babies. One thing you could also do is put your own picture next to them. Place the pictures on the board in a collage type fashion and put it in a place where you will see it frequently. I knew one couple who made their refrigerator their vision board (and by the way, they now have two children without fertility treatments). Wearing fertility jewelry can also have the same effect. It is a constant reminder of the baby your want to attract into your life.

Send Your Intentions To Have A Baby To The Universe From Your
Core Of Peace

The other thing they mentioned on the show is when you send your intentions out to the universe, you need to do it from what they called your "core of peace". If the feeling behind your thoughts is desperation, then you're not going to attract that which you want. Be calm, know that all is well, and that everything will happen when the time is right. Once you're in that place of relaxation (not anger because you don't have what you want), visualize you and your baby with pure happiness and joy...that's what will attract them to your life. I find that things really do start happening when I let go of the frustration and anger of failure.

I waited six years before I became pregnant with my daughter. Even though I had my ups and downs, beliefs and doubts, deep down I knew in my heart that I would have a baby. I remember telling the infertility support group (which I was both a member and the leader) "I know I'm going to get pregnant, I just know it". Believe me...six years can test even the most spiritual of beings...and there were days, weeks and sometime months where I barely made it through. But again...I had this drive to keep trying - it really wasn't hard to keep trying, it just was part of my life. Go to sleep,get up, eat meals, get pregnant. Maybe it was my daughter flying around up there(?) cheering me on - telling me that she'll come when she's ready. I took comfort just thinking about how wonderful it will be when I have her. Even on my worst days I would visualize my life with her and find myself smiling.

I've created a CD (click here for a link to our fertility shop) which guides you through the visualization process. These vision boards really do help you focus and help you stay immersed in your goal. They also help you feel like you are a mother and I truly believe that if you want something, you have to behave like you already have it.
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Saturday, December 22, 2018



Yogurt can be a fertility enhancing food because it has protein (Greek Yogurt is highest in protein) which is good for hormone development and regulation, and it is a good source of probiotics which can also create the proper environment for conception.  You should look for yogurt which states "active cultures" on the label.  The blueberries in my recipe are loaded with antioxidants which helps egg quality and the nuts are great for hormone regulation as well. I prefer frozen blueberries because they make the yogurt taste like ice cream and I've heard that frozen may actually be fresher than so
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called "fresh" blueberries.  This is because they freeze them shortly after picking.  The unfrozen blueberries may be sitting around for a while even before they make it to the grocery store.

Here is my favorite yogurt recipe:

Fertility Yogurt Recipe:

Start with plain unsweetened yogurt. Full fat dairy was found in one study to be good for female fertility - so you can choose full fat yogurt if you choose.

Sweeten yogurt with some liquid stevia. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame may have some detrimental effects on your health (although there is quite a bit of conflicting information in the literature). Stevia is a safe alternative. Use a couple of squirts from the dropper.

Add about a handful of raw walnuts and almonds. Be sure to get the refrigerated ones at your healthfood store. When nuts are roasted, it destroys their natural oils. Almonds and walnuts are a great source of the good fats which help with hormone regulation and walnuts are helpful for women with PCOS.

Add a handful of frozen blueberries. You can also use fresh blueberries but adding frozen ones actually makes the yogurt taste like ice cream. Blueberries are full of antioxidants which help to prevent cell damage. Be sure to get organic blueberries because they tend to be one fruit that holds on to pesticides more than others.

Stir it up and add some sugar sprinkled lightly on the top if you desire.


Friday, December 21, 2018


Saint Rita of Cascia

Saint Rita is known as the saint for seemingly impossible causes. If you are struggling with infertility or miscarriage, getting pregnant seems like the impossible dream. Every month that goes by without a pregnancy or every miscarried baby adds to the desperation and feeling of hopelessness that you will never achieve the one thing you want the most: a child. Yet, many women who have gone through the throes of infertility do get pregnant naturally. I am a perfect example of someone who had every strike against me. I was 44, I had multiple miscarriages, I only had one fallopian tube but somehow I succeeded. I said many prayers on the road to parenthood and there were times I wondered if anyone was listening. But, prayers are answered in their own time and babies seem to come when they are ready. Eventually all my prayers were answered and I look back now and know that the timing was perfect. Hopefully, this page and prayer will help you through your journey. Read more about Saint Rita:

St. Rita of Cascia was the daughter of Antonio and Amata Lotti, a couple known as the Peacemakers of Jesus; they had Rita late in life.
From her early youth, Rita visited the Augustinian nuns at Cascia, Italy, and showed interest in a religious life. However, when she was twelve, her parents betrothed her to Paolo Mancini, an ill-tempered, abusive individual who worked as town watchman, and who was dragged into the political
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disputes of the Guelphs and Ghibellines. Disappointed but obedient, Rita married him when she was 18, and was the mother of twin sons. She put up with Paolo�s abuses for eighteen years before he was ambushed and stabbed to death. Her sons swore vengeance on the killers of their father, but through the prayers and interventions of Rita, they forgave the offenders.

Upon the deaths of her sons, Rita again felt the call to religious life. However, some of the sisters at the Augustinian monastery were relatives of her husband�s murderers, and she was denied entry for fear of causing dissension. Asking for the intervention of Saint John the Baptist, Saint Augustine of Hippo, and Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, she managed to bring the warring factions together, not completely, but sufficiently that there was peace, and she was admitted to the monastery of Saint Mary Magdalen at age 36.

Rita lived 40 years in the convent, spending her time in prayer and charity, and working for peace in the region. She was devoted to the Passion, and in response to a prayer to suffer as Christ, she received a chronic head wound that appeared to have been caused by a crown of thorns, and which bled for 15 years.

Confined to her bed the last four years of her life, eating little more than the Eucharist, teaching and directing the younger sisters. Near the end she had a visitor from her home town who asked if she�d like anything; Rita�s only request was a rose from her family�s estate. The visitor went to the home, but it being January, knew there was no hope of finding a flower; there, sprouted on an otherwise bare bush, was a single rose blossom.

Among the other areas, Rita is well-known as a patron of desperate, seemingly impossible causes and situations. This is because she has been involved in so many stages of life: wife, mother, widow, and nun, she buried her family, helped bring peace to her city, saw her dreams denied and fulfilled and never lost her faith in God, or her desire to be with Him.
partially excerpted from: catholicsaints.info

Prayer to Saint Rita for Fertility

O excellent St. Rita, worker of miracles, from thy sanctuary in Cascia, where in all thy beauty thou sleepest in peace, where thy relics exhale breaths of paradise, turn thy merciful eyes on me who suffer and weep! Thou seest my poor bleeding heart surrounded by thorns Thou seest, O dear Saint, that my eyes have no more tears to shed, so much have I wept! Weary and discouraged as I am, I feel the very prayers dying on my lips. Must I thus despair in this crisis of my life? O come, St. Rita, come to my aid and help me. Art thou not called the Saint of the Impossible, Advocate to those in despair? Then honor thy name, procuring for me from God the favor that I ask. Please let me conceive and carry a healthy happy baby and become a mother. Everyone praises thy glories, everyone tells of the most amazing miracles performed through thee, must I alone be disappointed because thou hast not heard me? Ah no! Pray then pray for me to thy sweet Lord Jesus that He be moved to pity by my troubles and that, through thee, O good St. Rita, I may obtain what my heart so fervently desires. from: Roman Catholic Blog

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Fertility Detoxification

How do you detoxify your environment and your body if you are trying to conceive?

It's important to cleanse your body and clean the toxins from out of your system before you conceive since your egg quality may be determined up to 3 months before conception. Read more:

1. Cosmetics, Lotions, Shampoos

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Check to make sure that your lotions and cosmetics do not contain parabens. Check the list of
ingredients to make sure that none of the words end in “paraben”. There are plenty of brand sold without these harmful chemicals that mimic estrogens.

2. Antibacterial Soaps Containing Triclosan can disrupt hormones

3. Stay away from sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate, which are popular in cleaning products, such as body washes, as they can cause skin irritation.

4. Non stick cookware containing PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) which can be detrimental to your fertility and to a developing baby

5. Sunscreens containing oxybenzone, PABA or its derivative, padimate O. Both of these ingredients may damage cells

5. Nail polish – stay away from Dibutyl phthalate, a reproductive toxin; toluene, which affects the nervous system

For more information, watch the video below

Tuesday, December 18, 2018



Do you know the difference between Ayurveda and TCM? When I was trying to conceive, I used elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda, and I consulted with an acupuncturist who did a few trial treatments on me. She also taught me a little bit about what type of foods I should be eating for my "constitution". This guest post gives some of the basics about TCM and Ayurveda and how they may enhance your health and fertility.

Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine Made Easy
By Richard Heft
Traditional Chinese (Taoism, Buddhism) and Ayurvedic (Hinduism) medicines are religious offshoots that treat the whole person: body, mind and spirit via diet, exercise, meditation, kindness, etc. Both medicines define everything in terms of matter, energy and spirit.
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), all matter (body, food, etc.) is a combination, interaction of energetic opposites: yin (cold, cleansing) and yang (hot, building), with one opposite, always in excess. There is nothing neutral, nor stagnant, only varying degrees of hot and cold. One opposite grows, dominates while the other declines, recedes, until the pattern reverses, thus completing the cycle of all life, existence: creation, preservation and destruction. The best example is the seasons produced by the earth's orbit around the sun. As the earth moves closer to the sun, the sun's energetic influences increase, causing the earth (matter) to grow, expand, become hotter, drier, thicker, faster, spring and summer. As the earth moves away, it starts to break down, become colder, damper, thinner, slower, fall and winter.
Every time energy changes, so do its material reflections, manifestations (gas, solid, liquid) change, build up and break down. The body is no different as it also changes, reacts to external and internal changes in hot and cold.
The body becomes hotter, faster, drier and more productive during the spring, summer, and via an increase in building foods, nutrients (build, thicken fuel, stimulate, heat, redden, etc.) and colder, slower, damper and less productive during the fall, winter, and via an increase in cleansing foods, nutrients (reduce, thin, cool, moisten, etc.).
Too much building, especially animal food tends to cause overbuilt, thick, 'hot" symptoms, diseases:
Blood clots, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, kidney and gall stones, fixed pain, insomnia, acne, psoriasis, warts, tumors, cancer
Too little building tends to cause under built, thin, weak, "cold" symptoms, diseases:
Anemia, pallor, fatigue, pain, thin, dry hair, skin, nails, bones, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, amenorrhea, infertility, short-term pregnancy, etc
Too many cold, cleansing foods tend to cause "cold", damp, yin diseases:
Loose stools, edema, cellulite, mucous, phlegm, cysts, vaginal discharge, yeast infections, etc.
Hot and cold is a simple diagnosis and treatment plan. Balancing opposites: building and cleansing foods, herbs, etc, is the key to controlling health and disease. For hot, overbuilt diseases, the colder middle diet (page 19) is recommended. Decrease animal, increase cleansing. For cold, damp, deficient, under built diseases, the hotter middle diet (page 20) is recommended. Increase building (animal), cooked foods and spices, decrease cold.
In Hinduism, Ayurvedic medicine, the union of Purusha (Primal Spirit, energy) and Prakruti (Mother Nature, matter) produces the three gunas stages of transformation of Spirit, God into energy and matter.
Sattva is spirit (shen), light, intelligence, perception, clarity, etc. It is the highest, preferred quality of mind, lifestyle. Meditation, kindness and the vegan diet, especially raw fruits and vegetables increase sattva.

Rajas is energy (chi), thought, mind directed up (sattva) or down (tamas) the brain, spine
Tamas is matter, body (jing), darkness, resistance, degeneration. It is the lowest quality. Animal foods, alcohol, drugs, anger increase tamas, degrade the body mind
The 3 Gunas produce the 5 elementsstages of matter
Five Elements - Ayurveda - West - China
� Ether (metal) Sattva Spirit Shen
� Air (tree) Sattva and Rajas
� Fire Rajas Mind Chi
� Water Rajas and Tamas
� Earth Tamas Body Jing
Five elements: five major organ systems and associated tastes (TCM)
Metal (ether) lungs and large intestine (spicy)
Earth spleen, pancreas and stomach (sweet)
Fire heart and small intestine (bitter)
Tree, wood, liverand gall bladder (sour)
Water kidneys and urinary bladder(salty)
The five elements produce the three Doshas constitutions:
Vata - Ether and air: moves
Pitta - Fire and an aspect of water: digests
Kapha - Water and earth: holds
Vata is air, wind that moves things. It is often associated with dryness, weakness and deficiency, but can be caused by excess heat. Chronic blood, protein and fat deficiency tends to cause dryness and wind (shaking). Blood (nutrients) builds, fuels, moistens and holds. Too little protein, fat and or too many cold, cleansing foods also weaken, dry and shake the body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.
Too many hot foods (spices, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, etc.) and or too much sex (jing, sexual fluids are moistening) also cause internal wind (shaking, trembling or paralysis) via excess dryness and heat.
Pitta is a fire (yang), sometimes translated as bile (digests fat). Long-term high animal protein, fat (red meat, chicken, turkey, fried foods, etc.), alcohol (damp heat), coffee, etc. tend to aggravate pitta (hot, yang) causing damp heat (TCM) in the liver and gall bladder manifesting as oily, greasy skin, rashes (dry and wet), gallstones, acne, boils, yellow discharges.
Kapha is water (holds things together), dampness. Dampness (mucous, phlegm. watery stools, edema, cellulite, cysts, etc.) can be hot (pitta) or cold (yin). Too much animal protein, fat and alcohol tends to cause damp heat (groin, armpits), as can overexposure to hot, damp climates.
Digestion, three meals per day, naturally heats and dries (dissipates excess fluids) the body. Long-term cold, damp, low protein, low fat diets (milk, yogurt, soft cheese, ice cream, salads, tropical fruits, juices, shakes, smoothies, sodas, cold drinks, sugar, bitter herbs, etc.) cool, dilute and weaken digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination.
Chronically (long-term) weak digestion decreases body temperature, which cools and hardens water in the lungs, throat, sinus, ears, uterus, vagina into mucous, phlegm, cysts, discharges and yeast infections in the same way, the cold temperatures of night and winter harden water in the air into the morning dew, rain, snow and ice.
Overexposure to extreme cold, damp climates can also cool and dampen the body with excess fluids (kapha): mucous, phlegm, etc. Cold, damp symptoms (clear, white mucous, phlegm) overtime can heat, change into damp heat (yellow color) as the body is naturally hot (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Hot, damp climates can also cause damp heat.
Digestion naturally declines after age thirty, more so in women (menstruation) than men. Men tend to have hotter, stronger digestion, due in large part to testosterone, which is a hot, building hormone, more so than estrogen (hot) and progesterone (cold).
Spices stoke, fan digestive fire (Agni). Ayurvedic medicine often advises the use of six to eight spices per meal (breakfast and lunch) to treat cold, damp conditions (good cold preventative and or treatment). Spicy dinners or late night snacks may adversely affect the ability to relax, sleep.
Hot (yang), cold (yin), vata, kapha and pitta, sattva, rajas and tamas identification of the body, symptoms, diet, herbs, thoughts, etc. is a simple, basic diagnosis and treatment plan for most physical diseases. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine are similar in nature, in identifying the four energetic extremes of disease.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ayurveda)
Excess yang, hot, dry or damp (Pitta)
Deficient yang, weak, cold, dry, windy (Vata)
Excess yin, cold, damp (Kapha)
Deficient yin, dry and windy (Vata kapha)
All disease is a product of cause (input) and effect (output). You reap what you eat. Happiness and sadness is also a product of cause and effect. You reap what you think, do. Mental and spiritual diseases require spiritual practices (kindness, generosity, even-mindedness, unconditional love, forgiveness, virtue, scriptural studies, prayer, meditation, etc.) as well as spiritual guides and good friends to raise one's thinking, consciousness to the level of God, as opposed to bad friends and evil people who lower, degrade. Spirituality requires action not talk.
Richard G. Heft, Acupuncture Physician (FL 1992-2002); owner, operator Food and Thought, health food store, Hollywood, FL (1984-2001); questioned and counseled thousands, author: Permanent Health and Happiness, A Simple Guide to Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Nutrition and Philosphy (c) 2011 available Amazon (on sale $13.89); WEB: http://www.permanenthealth.net EMAIL rgheft@netzero.com; free Ebook (Lessons 1- 5) upon request.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Richard_Heft

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Sunday, December 16, 2018



Before I had my successful pregnancy, I had what I now call my "corporate pressure cooker" job. I worked long hours and even though I thought I was handling my stress just fine, I had many symptoms of stress overload and "adrenal fatigue". Although I didn't know what it was called at the time, I definitely fit the profile of someone with this condition. I had a lot of hormonal imbalances, my cycles were too short and a little painful. It's probably no coincidence that I finally had a successful pregnancy when I quit my job and actually learned what it meant to be stress-free. I ate better, I slept better, I had a nicer disposition, and....I got pregnant. Read more about adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency and what to do about it:
Fertility Symbol Necklace with healing stones

Adrenal Fatigue: How it Affects Your Life and How to Heal it

Guest Post By Carolyn Porter, D.Div.
80 % of American society is afflicted with adrenal fatigue at some point in their life yet most are
unaware of the problem. They simply know they don't feel well or perhaps symptoms lead them to explore other disorders; we do know that often symptoms denote multiple possibilities and sometimes overlap disorders. Do these symptoms apply to you? ♠ Weight gain, especially in waist or stomach, and it stubbornly sticks to you
♠ Fatigue ~ lack of energy ~ lethargy
♠ Insomnia
♠ Brain fog ~ concentration difficulty
♠ Morning sluggishness ~ need for stimulants to get you moving
♠ Constipation
♠ Nervousness ~ anxiety
♠ Mild depression
♠ Dry skin and hair
♠ Arthritis
♠ Pain in upper back and neck
♠ Unexplained hair loss
♠ Cold hands and feet ~ or just plain cold
♠ Allergies ~ both inhalants and food
♠ Low body temperature
♠ Reduced sex drive

If you said "yes" to several of these symptoms there is a strong possibly that you are experiencing adrenal fatigue. If you said "yes" to half or more, your adrenals are fatigued. What is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is simply the allowance of stressors to influence and perhaps take control over your life. Stress is a big issue in most people's lives and all too often the person has no idea how to deal with the stress. The result is adrenal fatigue as well as many other imbalances within the body, mind and spirit of the individual. Stress has many faces such as:
Anger ~ fear ~ guilt
Not enough sleep ~ chronic fatigue
Chronic illness
Chronic infection
Too much exercise
Improper diet
Gluten intolerance
Worry ~ anxiety ~ continually focusing on negative aspects and events
Exposure to large amount of toxins
Excess sugar
Digestive imbalances
What happens when your body becomes stressed?
Your adrenal glands are located directly above the kidneys which are found in the back of you right above your waist. In this tiny gland is the most abundant hormone in your body - DHEA. Cortisol (often referred to as the hormone of death) is also found in your adrenal glands. The adrenals main purpose is to be a stress regulator. Here's an example. You are traveling down the road and someone pulls out in front of you. You slam on your brakes, maybe say a few choice words, and are grateful that you avoided an accident. In the meantime you had probably stopped breathing momentarily, at the very least you only took shallow quick breaths. Your heart probably began racing and felt like it would pop out of your chest and maybe even your head started throbbing. What you probably don't know is that your cortisol also shot up to accommodate for the demand put on your adrenals. This is what we term flight and flight, and it is beneficial when something like this occurs. However, when our life becomes a continual fight and flight atmosphere, we can easily develop adrenal fatigue. The adrenals kicking in for a sudden trauma is meant to be temporary. From the stressors already mentioned, it is usually a combination of various stressors that create this syndrome for you. As a result of continuous stress to your body, your cortisol remains elevated and thus the symptoms begin. It is very likely that at the same time your DHEA is declining, and if you are 40 or older, it is doing so naturally. We know that hormones do decline with age, but if we are stressed they will decline more rapidly. All of this not only tears down your health but ages you faster both internally and externally. And who wants to age faster!

As a result of experiencing adrenal fatigue, most individuals reach for stimulants to get and keep them going - coffee, sodas, pills, alcohol, chocolate, nicotine, etc. They are masking their problem and it continues to grow worse without their awareness due to the cover-up. Here's the importance of cortisol. It normalizes blood sugar ~ When a stressor occurs the cortisol increases the blood sugar level in your body, working with the pancreas to provide enough glucose to provide energy for your cells. Continuous increased blood sugar levels creates a blood sugar imbalance which can lead to multiple physical disorders such as diabetes. Anti-inflammatory ~ Cortisol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. When trauma happens to our body the cortisol is released to reduce the swelling and repair the injury. Too much trauma produces too much cortisol. There are many disorders associated with inflammation such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis. Immune system supporter ~ Cortisol influences most cells that participate in your immune system's regulation. Chronic high levels of cortisol suppress the immune system allowing an individual to be more susceptible to illness, especially to viruses. Stress balancer ~ Cortisol helps to balance your stress reactions, but if stress becomes chronic then it can no longer maintain the balance. The result can be weight gain that is difficult to reduce, high blood pressure, estrogen dominance that can lead to uterine fibroids and even breast cancer, and much more. So you can see how easy it is to find yourself in the throws of adrenal fatigue and yet suspect other disorders. I personally believe, as do many health practitioners, that it is imperative to repair your adrenals no matter what illness or disorder you have because the adrenals will always be affected if there is imbalance anywhere in your body.
Steps to repair your adrenals
1. First of all understand this. Traditional medicine testing cannot detect adrenal fatigue unless it has become severe. That's why so many physicians tell their patients - and you may have been one of them - to go home and relax or give them a prescription drug for anxiety to help. That's simply a band-aid approach and resolves little if anything, and it definitely doesn't cure the problem.
2. However, there is a saliva test that holistic practitioners and doctors are using that has excellent results in measuring your cortisol and DHEA levels. It is called the ASI, or Adrenal Stress Index. Although nothing is ever 100% accurate, this has very high accuracy. The reason is that your saliva is part of your tissues and can relate to the lab technicians what is being absorbed within your body as well as the level of your hormones.
3. Realize that all physical disorders have emotional cores. You may be able to "fix" your adrenal problem temporarily by making some lifestyle changes, but if you don't release the negative emotion that underlies your stress it will simply come back again, perhaps in another form. We are multidimensional beings and it requires a balance in all four areas to be healthy. One tire on your car can cause quite an imbalance if it loses enough air. So it is with your body and health.
4. Remove your stressors. You might be laughing right now as you're thinking I don't know what your life is like and what you're going through. You might be surprised just how much I do understand. And yes, you can successfully become stress free. You see, I'm a recoveree of adrenal fatigue and had been experiencing it for decades but didn't know it. I gave birth to and raised five children, worked all through those years, was driven to succeed in my work, began having big health challenges, divorced, experienced major financial struggles for several years, found myself in a potentially destructive business arrangement from which I finally detached, and so on. We all have our stories but you don't have to stay in them. I left my old story and created a life free from stress and its affects on me. You can do it too! The key is in how you respond to the stressors. If you want to know more about how to live stress-free, click on my website http://www.drcarolynporter.com on the home page, and order my free eBook entitled Stress Free Living. There are many other products and services listed on my website that may help you as well.
5. Get enough sleep! This can be a real problem for many people. So many come into our health store begging for something so they can sleep. Insomnia often accompanies adrenal fatigue yet it is most necessary for repair. 7-8 hours or more are necessary for healing and the adrenals repair most from 11pm - 1am. (some say the repair begins at 10 pm) So that means that you night owls might need to make some changes. I had to do this as well. Melatonin, 5HTP, herbs, magnesium, warm baths, reading before retiring, working with a coach to learn new ways to respond to your stress, listening to soft music, are all possible was to help you sleep. It is also essential to clean your liver and digest your food well to sleep well. Guides for this are mentioned below.
6.Change your diet. Follow these guidelines to allow for adrenal repair:
♦ Eliminate sugar, caffeine, and alcohol - these fight against adrenal repair
♦ Consider adding salt to you diet - but only Himalayan or Celtic types
♦ Consume many organic vegetables, at least 6 every day
♦ Consider juicing veggies several times a week for cleansing your body
♦ Drink 1 mug of warm water on empty stomach every morning with ½ organic
lemon squeezed in it - cleanses the liver easily and naturally
♦ Exercise, but only moderately at first. Rule of thumb is to stop if tired.
♦ Eat regularly, at least three meals per day - may benefit from 5-6 small ones
♦ Eat plenty of good protein as amino acids found in protein help restore adrenals
♦ Progesterone cream - promotes healthy adrenals and thyroid glands, helps to balance estrogen overload
♦ Supplementation - this is an individualized process - there is no one protocol that works for everyone and what works for one can be toxic to another. Below are some suggestions but please do your own research and seek the help of qualifiedpractitioners for your repair process. Note: When your adrenals are fatigued the immediate craving is for sugar, yet ironically it is the worst thing you could consume as it furthers the adrenal fatigue. Individuals who crave sugar or carbohydrates often find that adrenal fatigue is a root cause of their cravings. Adrenals will be better served with organic vegetables, the darker and brighter the better, plenty of good quality protein to ensure enough amino acids, plenty of water and the inclusion of beneficial oils like refined, organic extra virgin coconut oil. This kind of coconut oil can actually cause weight loss and provide the good fats necessary for the conversion of ALL hormones in your body. Supplementation that can support adrenal repair:

♦ Vitamin C and bioflavonoids - 1000 mg to 5000 mg daily, divided doses
♦ B-5, pantothenic acid, or panethine gelcaps - 1000 - 1500 mg daily, divided
♦ Vitamin E, mixed tocopherols - 400 iu's daily, one gelcap
♦ Magnesium - citrate good form, 500 mg or more daily, powdered form good
♦ Natural progesterone cream - men can also benefit
Also may be beneficial:
♦ B complex, 50 - 100 mg 2 x's daily
♦ Multi-vitamin/mineral - once daily
♦ Antioxidants
♦ DHEA - be careful with this, especially women, as only a little is needed to help
♦ Natural hydrocortisone - caution here as well - prescription only
Additional suggestions:
Since most individuals with adrenal fatigue have compromised digestion, it is vital that they can digest food and supplement intake properly and have a good intestinal flora balance. You might want to include the following in your daily diet to assist in adrenal restoration:
♦ Probiotics - 2 - 3 times per day 
♦ Digestive enzymes - with every meal
♦ Eating raw fermented vegetables - daily
Note: Often less is best, at least to begin. If your body is not functioning optimally, it may be necessary to introduce supplements and changes slowly so as not to "shock" the body or overload it. Of course, in the case of serious disease, it is often beneficial to saturate the body quickly to detoxify and ensure healing. Baby steps do best and know that adrenal restoration takes time, from 3 months to as much as two years, according to the severity of your adrenal fatigue.
Carolyn Porter, D. Div., has been on a path for many years to learn and share the basic principles of health in all dimensions. She is an Author of multiple books and audios, Speaker, Spiritual Wholeness Coach, Trainer, Energy Facilitator and Co-owner of a health store. I invite you to visit her website for more information at http://www.drcarolynporter.com.
 Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carolyn_Porter,_D.Div. http://EzineArticles.com/?Adrenal-Fatigue:-How-it-Affects-Your-Life-and-How-to-Heal-it&id=158612

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Diet and Supplements To Enhance Men's Fertility and Sperm Count

The following supplements have been found to be fertility boosters in men:

Zinc and Folic Acid

Fertility Bracelet, customize your charm!
Zinc and Folic acid taken together have shown to significantly increase the number of normal sperm in semen. Folic Acid may be found in green leafy vegetables, legumes, oranges and fortified cereals. Zinc is found in red meat, poultry, and fortified cereals. You may want to take a supplement if you can’t get these through your diet.


Selenium may be essential for male fertility. Selenium may prevent sperm damage and is found in seafood, meat, liver, and grains. It is usually present in multivitamins.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Sperm have naturally occurring "prostaglandins" which are hormone like substances. Some prostaglandins are good and some are bad. Men should do everything they can to manufacture the “good” prostaglandins which will help with sperm quality. Some men with poorly functioning sperm have been found to have low levels of the good prostaglandins. You should be eating a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. See my fertility diet section for food sources. You could also consider taking a supplement.


L-Arginine can help with the quality and quantity of sperm. It is an amino acid which is found in the head of the sperm.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid which helps with the motility and volume of sperm. It also helps with the formation (size and shape) and proper maturation of sperm.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to enhance sperm quality by protecting it from DNA damage. If the sperm’s DNA is damaged, and conception occurs, it could lead to miscarriage, or possibly chromosomal damage and birth defects.

Men, Watch Out for These Things If You're Trying To Conceive


Most vaginal lubricants are harmful to sperm. However there are a few on the market that are not. Do your research to find lubricants that are sperm friendly if you absolutely need a vaginal lubricant during intercourse. Some sources actually recommend using egg whites if you need lubrication. If at all possible, do not lubricants.


Certain medications can interfere with sperm production. Some of these include cimetidine (an acid reducer), some blood pressure medications, certain antibiotics, some medications taken for depression, some arthritis medications and cancer chemotherapy drugs. Talk with your doctor if you need to take medications for any reason to find out if the drug you are taking affects sperm production. If it does, there may be alternatives.

Hot Showers, Saunas, Hot Tubs
Try to avoid long hot showers, saunas, baths, hot tubs, etc. The testes are normally cooler than the rest of the body and this is important for sperm production. Studies have shown that sperm concentration dropped by 40% when the scrotal temperature went up by 1 to 2 degrees (Fahrenheit).
Laptop Computers

Using laptop computers may raise scrotal temperature up to 5 degrees. Part of the increase in temperature is attributed to the heat generated by the computer itself and another part of the increase is attributed to the position men must sit in to balance a computer on their lap (with their thighs close together). If you do use a laptop computer, sit at a desk. Do not put the computer directly on your lap.

Boxers vs. Briefs?
There actually is no evidence that wearing boxers vs. briefs is better for male fertility. Most people think that briefs will warm the testicles more because they’re tighter and worn closer to the body. Maybe that’s true, but it hasn’t been proven to lower fertility. You be the judge, if you want to try boxers, there’s no harm in it.


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There are a number of infections which can cause infertility. As I was researching this subject, I was quite surprised how many cases of infertility could be resolved by just clearing up an underlying infections. The first one is quite common, bacterial vaginosis. See also an article by Dr. Mirkin about other infections which should be ruled out before women undergo fertility treatments:

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis isn't technically considered a sexually-transmitted infection, however, having a number of sexual partners or even a new partner can make a woman more likely to get this infection. There are a number of organisms that are normally found in a woman's vagina, however, with bacterial vaginosis, the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria is thrown off. Two different antibiotics are recommended as treatment for bacterial vaginosis: metronidazole or clindamycin. Metronidazole comes in both pill and gel form. Of course you should talk with your doctor about symptoms and treatments.

Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma

from Dr. Mirkin.com

Recent reports from the University of Maryland (25) and Germany (1) show that before you consult an infertility doctor to help you become pregnant, take antibiotics to treat a possible hidden infection. Many other studies show that the most common cause of infertility is a uterine infection (2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

Of women being evaluated for infertility, 40% are infected with chlamydia, mycoplasma or ureaplasma, as are 36% of those with a previous history of uterine infection and 50% of those with tubal blockage. More than 60% had evidence of a past infection (9). The more partners you have, the
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more likely you are to be infected (10), although you can be infected by one contact (11). An infection can prevent pregnancy by blocking the uterine tubes (12,13,14). It can damage sperm (14A), so they can’t swim toward the egg (15), and it can cause abortions, premature birth and low birth weight (16,26,27,28,29). Infected people may have burning on urination, discomfort when the bladder is full or an urgency to void. Women may have only spotting between periods (17).

Infection with chlamydia is the most common cause of blocked Fallopian tubes that cause infertility. First, chlamydia paralyzes the cilia so the egg can’t reach the uterus, then it blocks the tubes so that nothing can pass into the uterus. The first study from the Netherlands shows that having antibodies against chlamydia is a potent predictor of blocked tubes (34). The second study shows that many women infected with chlamydia don’t have high antibody titers to chlamydia (35). Men and women can be infected with mycoplasma or ureaplasma (17A,17B), even though all available tests can’t find them (18) and they may have no symptoms at all. A dipstick urine test may diagnose the infection (19,20). Semen from 91% of infertile men contains types of bacteria that grow without oxygen (21). Before infertile couples spend between $10,000 and $150,000 for infertility evaluations and treatments, they should ask their gynecologists to treat them with newer erythomycins, Zithromax (250 mg once a day for 8 days) or Biaxin (500 mg BID for 10 days), for chlamydia and mycoplasma infections (22,23).

Infections in Pregnancy

(from: http://www.nhs.uk)

Rubella in pregnancy

If you catch rubella (German measles) in the first four months of pregnancy, it can seriously affect your baby's sight and hearing, as well as causing brain and heart defects. All children are now offered a vaccine against rubella through the MMR immunisation when they are 13 months old, and a second immunisation before they start school. If you are not immune and you do come into contact with rubella, tell your doctor at once. Blood tests will show whether you have been infected and you'll be able to decide what action to take.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in pregnancy

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus that is one of the herpes group of viruses, which can also cause cold sores and chickenpox. Infection can be hazardous during pregnancy as it can cause problems for unborn babies, such as hearing loss, visual impairment or blindness, learning difficulties and epilepsy.  CMV is particularly dangerous to the baby if the pregnant mother has not previously had the infection at some point in her life. It is not always possible to prevent a cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, but you can take some steps to reduce the risk. CMV infections are common in young children. You can reduce the risk of infection with some simple steps, such as:
wash your hands regularly using soap and hot water, particularly if you have been changing nappies or if you work in a nursery or day-care centre
you should not kiss young children on the face – it is better to kiss them on the head or give them a hug
do not share food or eating utensils with young children or drink from the same glass as them
These precautions are particularly important if you have a job that brings you into close contact with young children. In this case, you can have a blood test to find out whether you have previously been infected with CMV.

Herpes in pregnancy

Genital herpes infection can be dangerous for a newborn baby. It can be caught through genital contact with an infected person or from oral sex with someone who has cold sores (oral herpes). Initial infection causes painful blisters or ulcers on the genitals. Less severe attacks usually occur for some years afterwards. Treatment is available if your first infection occurs in pregnancy. If your first infection occurs near the end of pregnancy or during labour, a caesarean section may be recommended to reduce the risk of passing herpes to your baby. If you or your partner have herpes, use condoms or avoid sex during an attack. Avoid oral sex if you or your partner have cold sores or genital sores (active genital herpes). Tell your doctor or midwife if either you or your partner have recurring herpes or develop the symptoms described above.

Chickenpox in pregnancy

Chickenpox infection in pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and baby, so it's important to seek advice early if you think you may have chickenpox. Around 95% of women are immune to chickenpox. But if you've never had chickenpox (or you're unsure if you've have it) and you come into contact with a child or adult who has it, speak to your GP, obstetrician or midwife immediately. A blood test will establish if you are immune.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

You can catch toxoplasmosis through contact with cat faeces. If you are pregnant, the infection can damage your baby, so take precautions – see Infections transmitted by animals, further down this page, or preventing toxoplasmosis. Most women have had the infection before pregnancy and will be immune. If you feel you may have been at risk, discuss it with your GP, midwife or obstetrician. If you are infected while you're pregnant, treatment for toxoplasmosis is available. Treatment can reduce the risk of the baby becoming infected. Where the baby is infected, treatment may reduce the risk of damage.

Pregnancy and The Flu

Learn more about how flu may affect your pregnancy and whether or not vaccinations are safe in pregnancy here

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Feng Shui can be used to attract baby chi for pregnancy. Feng Shui was originally developed in China and it is considered both an art and a science. If you are wondering exactly what feng shui means, the word "feng" means wind, and the word "shui" means water. It is thought that our spaces are filled with energy or "Chi". One goal is to make sure that your living area has positive energy flow. So how can Feng Shui help with fertility and getting pregnant? Your environment can help create positive baby "Chi". Read more:

Feng Shui Tips for Fertility

1. Clear out clutter that might be blocking energy flow - this also makes room for a baby in your life

2. Remove ceiling fans and large light fixtures over your bed - this is thought to empty the energy around the solar plexus which might prevent a pregnancy from implanting or growing.

3. Remove mirrors from your bedroom and keep mirrors away from your front door. Mirrors are thought to push away energy

4. Keep electronic devices away from your bed

5. Do not store items under your bed

6. Elephants in feng shui, among other things, symbolize fertility - place an elephant in the West or Northwest direction. You can also wear an elephant charm (see the fertility bracelet here) which can also promote fruitfulness in the wearer. It is also recommended to put one elephant inside the bedroom door and another outside the bedroom door to welcome your new baby into your life.

7. Avoid the color red in your bedroom as it is too hot and is thought to drain the baby energy. Try to incorporate calming and gender-neutral colors like white, tan, ivory and gold.

8. Add a water feature to your house and bedroom like a small fountain.

9. Place a small dragon symbol or charm near your bed to conjure up Yang energy to help you conceive

10. Make sure there is nothing but open space in your entry area outside your front door. If you have a busy street, trees or other obstructions outside your front door,try placing wind chimes on either side of the front door to counteract the obstruction

11. Put a bowl of pomegranates (which symbolize fertility) in your bedroom, but keep them fresh. You could also hang a picture of a pair of pomegranates

12. Consider using fertility friendly green sheets on your bed and painting the wall behind the bed
Feng Shui Elephant Fertility Bracelet click here
yellow (the color of children)

13. Eliminate “poison arrows” near your front door and in your bedroom. These are sharp angular objects which create sharp corners pointing at you. You can cover them up with plants, but don’t use plants that have sharp leaves creating more arrows.

14. Add a figure or statue of Buddha with children in the West area of your bedroom. Do not place this figure on the floor

15. Place a hollow piece of bamboo in the West area of the bedroom. This symbolizes growth, flexibility and freedom.

16. After you have cleared all the clutter from under your bed, place a bowl of uncooked white rice underneath the bed. This symbolizes fertility for those sleeping in the bed. Before we knew the dangers to birds, white rice was thrown at weddings to bring children to the newlyweds.

17. Hang pictures of babies and children in your bedroom. This might also be a good place to hang your vision board 

18. Wear fertility stones such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Carnelian:
Rose Quartz is also called Pink Quartz. It is a popular stone for healing and is frequently used in feng shui. The pink color of rose quartz is thought to attract love energy. Rose quartz is thought to carry feminine
energy and it targets the heart chakra. Rose quartz promotes vitality, energy and fertility and it is commonly thought of as a fertility stone. It can also be helpful to put rose quartz on your belly when you do become pregnant.
Amethyst is considered to be a healing crystal. It is supposed to strengthen the endocrine glands which are at the root of hormonal balance and it is good for the nervous system. It balances your energy and it is thought to be good for sleep which is essential if you are trying to conceive. Amethyst is thought to absorb negative energy and promote positivity.
In the evening, after wearing this jewelry and taking it off, hang it in the southwest portion of the bedroom preferably next to a picture of you and your partner and perhaps next to a vision board of babies.

Carnelian is a stone that is orange and resonates with the sacral chakra which is tied to the reproductive system in both women and men. In Feng Shui, Carnelian means "fire energy" and it is thought to bring passion to couples and add warmth to the home. It encourages abundance and its Yang nature inspires action. Wearing this stone during meditation or prayer can help encourage a connection with your higher power and/or guardian angels. Orange stones, in particular, are fertility and potency symbols and are linked with conceiving a child.

19. Fertility Goddess symbolism.

Most cultures have some type of fertility goddess. Using fertility goddess symbols that are meaningful to you can help increase your chances of getting pregnant. Most women and men find it easiest to wear jewelry with goddess charms rather than carrying them around in other ways. After removing the jewelry in the evening, it is recommended to store them outside the bedroom as it is seen as a sign of disrespect in Feng Shui to place a goddess in the bedroom. Perhaps place them in a jewelry box in the bathroom or closet.

20. Turtles in Feng Shui:

Turtles can help strengthen energy and they provide protection and stability. Additionally they symbolize longevity and good luck. All these things are important if you are trying to conceive. In other cultures, turtles have been linked with the fertility goddess Aphrodite,the Greek goddess of love and procreation.

21. Wear and decorate with the color orange to activate and balance your Sacral Chakra. As mentioned above in the fertility stones, orange stones like Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra. However, wearing the color orange and incorporating a small amount of this color in your decor can help as well.

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How do you know if you have fertile cervical mucus? What can you do to improve the quantity and quality? Having the right amount and the right consistency of cervical mucus is critical to conception. During your cycle you have a “fertile window” when your cervical mucus is sperm friendly which is usually right before and during ovulation. So how do you improve your cervical mucus? Here are
Chakra Fertility Bracelet: Carnelian, Amethyst, White Turquoise
some things you can do:

Drink water

It just makes sense that if you are dehydrated or underhydrated that your cervical mucus will be thick with less volume. When you have a cold or cough, one of the first things doctors will tell you to do is “drink plenty of fluids”. Why? Because it thins out your mucus so you can cough it up. The same thing holds true for cervical mucus, with proper hydration, the consistency will be thinner and you will have more of it. Sperm need “egg white” consistency cervical mucus.

Dietary Changes

Grapefruit juice:
Drinking grapefruit juice seems to help some women with the consistency of their cervical mucus.

Limit Dairy Products
Dairy products may make cervical mucus thick

Dark Beans
Try to consume black or red beans

Dark Leafy green vegetables
Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries

Evening Primrose Oil
This should be taken in the first half of your cycle before ovulation. The recommended amount is 1500-3000mg per day

Cough syrups which contain the expectorant guaifenesin.
The idea here is that it thins out the mucus in your lungs so you can cough it out but it will also have an effect on thinning out your cervical mucus. Follow the directions on the package as differing brands will contain differing amounts.

Egg Whites As A Vaginal Lubricant
Remove a fresh egg from the refrigerator, and let it get to room temperature (although you should not let the egg stay out of the refrigerator for more than an hour). Separate the yolk from the white and discard the yolk. Ensure that there are no bits of shells present in the egg white and use as you normally would with a vaginal lubricant. Make sure your hands have been freshly washed and careful attention should be made to make sure that the egg has not been out of the refrigerator for more than an hour to avoid contamination with bacteria.

Medications/Supplements to avoid:

Avoid taking too much vitamin C as this could cause your cervical mucus to become too acidic

Avoid taking antihistamines as these dry up your mucus which may be good for your nasal passages, but it will dry up and make cervical mucus thick as well.

Avoid over-the counter vaginal lubricants as these typically do not create the proper environment for sperm. However, there are some lubricants on the market like "Pre-seed" which are sperm friendly.

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Explanation Of Chicken Pox

Most of us of a certain age think about chicken pox as something little kids get. Chicken pox is caused by the herpes virus (varicella-zoster). It is an infectious disease, contagious, and can spread either through direct contact with the affected person or through the air. Chicken pox frequently affects preschool and elementary age children, however, men and women can get it too and it can be more severe in adults. When a person is affected with chicken pox, they will usually feel feverish, with muscle aches, appetite loss, nausea and perhaps headache. A rash will then appear with blisters which scab over. Shingles is another disease which is caused by the same virus.

Fertile Turtle Bracelet, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, White Turquoise
Vaccinations typically protect against chicken pox, however, it still is possible to get the disease even
after receiving a dose of the vaccine. Adults who did not have chicken pox as a child can get it as an adult. It usually passes without complications, but it can lead to problems like infections of the skin, pneumonia or encephalitis in rare cases.

How Can Chicken Pox Affect Male Fertility?

First, if a man has chicken pox in childhood, this should not affect his fertility in adulthood.

If an adult Male has chicken pox with a fever, the high temperature could affect his production of sperm as fever with any other illness. However, sperm production should return to normal within about 3 months.

In rare cases the varicella virus can lead to a condition called “orchitis” which could lead to the reduction in size of the testicles and ultimately affect a man's sperm production.

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When I was going through fertility treatments, the first medication I was prescribed was Clomid. We tried the clomid alone which did not result in a pregnancy. After that, we tried Clomid with inseminations which failed as well. Although some women do benefit from Clomid, recent studies have questioned it's use, especially in women who aren't necessarily experiencing ovulatory problems (i.e. their infertility is unexplained or due to other factors).

As reported in the BBC News, in Scotland, a six month study done on 580 women with unexplained infertility. The results showed that 17% of the women who tried naturally became pregnant. Those on Clomid alone had a pregnancy rate of only 14% and those with inseminations had a rate of 23%. As you can see, trying naturally may actually be a better plan than taking Clomid.

Side-effects of Clomid

Clomid can lead to ovarian cysts and even hyperstimulation of the ovaries which, although rare, can
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be life threatening. More commonly, women may experience mood swings, depression and even some visual side-effects. When I was taking Clomid, I called it “the week from hell” because it felt like my regular PMS but magnified by 100. Of course, if you are stimuating ovulation, and you do happen to conceive, the chance of having multiples increases which can lead to a number of pregnancy complications. Lastly, a study published in the journal "Human Reproduction" found a possible connection between Clomid and thyroid cancer. Although more study is needed, it worries me that I took these drugs without knowing all of these possible complications.

Why Clomid May Reduce The Chance Of Pregnancy

If you are taking Clomid, but not using inseminations, it actually may reduce the chance of pregnacy. Why? Clomid reduces estrogen which has a negative affect on cervical mucus. Optimal cervical mucus has an egg-white consistency. Clomid tends to make it thick. So, although you may be stimulating ovulation, you may not be able to take advantage of it since your mucus is not sperm friendly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018



The Difference Between Sweet Potatoes and Yams

Many sources claim that yams can help you conceive twins. You may have heard that sweet potatoes or “yams” are good for fertility. Well, it's very true, the are! First let's clear up the confusion between yams and sweet potatoes. True yams (called Dioscorea) are not the ones you usually find in American grocery stores. They can be found in Africa and Asia and perhaps in some specialized grocery stores
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in the United States and elsewhere. I've looked for them in my local healthfood store and they didn't know what I was talking about. In some areas of the world where Dioscorea are readily available, women have a high rate of twins. These yams are thought to stimulate ovulation.

Since regular sweet potatoes or sometimes called “yams” (orange in color) are the most readily available, lets talk about the ways they may benefit fertility. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C, B, and vitamin B6. These antioxidants protect against cell damage – your eggs may benefit, no matter how old they are. Sweet potatoes also have an anti-inflammatory affect in the body. They have a positive affect on blood sugar and they are high in fiber which helps to eliminate toxins. Most Americans eat sweet potatoes as part of their Thanksgiving meal, however, they're starting to show up in fast food restaurants as a substitute to the traditional “side of fries”. The only problem is that they may be cooked in unhealthy oils. This video shows how you can quickly and easily make your own sweet potato fries in 15 minutes:

Friday, November 23, 2018



Drinking tea is a good way to add herbs to your diet. There are many fertility teas on the market, but why not blend your own? Here are some of the common ingredients in fertility tea:

Chasteberry (also called vitex)

Chasteberry is supposed to have a positive affect on your FSH by increasing LH (and thereby decreasing FSH). High FSH (over 10) is considered to be an indication of ovarian failure. Chasteberry can also help if a woman has high prolactin levels. High prolactin can have a negative
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affect on fertility.

Green Tea

There are differing opinions about whether or not green tea can either help or harm fertility. Green tea has polyphenols and hypoxanthine which may be responsible for more viable embryos and possibly a greater chance of fertilization. Although green tea has caffeine, it is found in lesser amounts than other caffeinated beverages. On the downside, tannic acids in green tea may have a negative affect on a developing embryo and constrict blood vessel formation.
Read more about green tea and fertility here.

Red Raspberry Leaf Red Raspberry Leaf can promote fertility because it has a positive affect on uterine and pelvic muscle tone. Red Raspberry is also thought to lengthen your menstrual cycle by increasing the second half after ovulation.

Red Clover

Red Clover Tea may help clear out fallopian tubes, and may help regulate your cycles. It has phytoestrogens and can help with your body's pH which can make cervical mucus more sperm friendly.

Nettle Leaf

This tea is thought to strengthen the adrenal glands, uterus and hormones. It has chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. It can help rid the body of toxins and it is thought to be especially good in women over 40.

Ladies Mantle

Ladies Mantle is thought to help tone the cervix and can also help regulate the menstrual cycle.

When you are ready to brew your tea, you can do it a couple of ways:

Because it helps with pelvic and uterine muscles, it is also beneficial in preparation of labor.

1. If you are using tea bags (pre-packaged tea), you can get a large tea brewing container and add all the teabags and brew together. If the teas have different brewing times on the package, use the one with the shortest brewing time. Once the tea is brewed, store it in the refrigerator and heat one cup at a time (or you can drink it iced). If it is too concentrated, you can dilute it down a bit with water.

2. If you are using loose tea, combine equal parts of the loose teas together in a bowl (then store in a glass container. When you are ready to have a cup of tea, get a tea ball and use about 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture per cup (6-8 oz). Use fresh water in a teapot (if you are concerned about your water quality, use bottled spring water) and boil to about 170-180 degrees. Close the tea ball and place in the cup and put your heated water in the cup with the tea ball. If you would like to make a pitcher of tea, you can use a “tea sock” which will hold much more tea. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator after it is brewed to have later. It is usually recommended to drink within 72 hours for maximum freshness.

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