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Monday, August 14, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40, You May Not Be Infertile

I frequently write about how there is a high percent of pregnancies even in so called infertile people.
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 Here is another story of a woman who underwent a number of fertility procedures only to get pregnant on her own not just once, but twice. Read more:
Having spent three years at the frontline of fertility treatment undergoing every medical procedure known to modern man — including more than 1,000 injections and a total change of white blood cells — I managed by some fluke to get pregnant on my own (although I was on Chinese herbs at the time).

The doctors were shocked. My husband was stunned and I was totally delighted.

And now four years on, with our miracle baby Allegra now at school and all the odds still firmly
stacked against me (aged 41, I am very much in the “maternal crone” category), I have somehow managed to do it again.

Without drugs, pills or jabs, I am six-months' pregnant and can't believe it.

This time around my husband dropped his toolbox when I told him and needed a sit down. My doctor asked for early scan photos just to prove I wasn't lying.

Well, you can hardly blame them. Having undergone at least £10,000-worth of private IVF, ICSI (when they take individual sperm to fertilise the egg), artificial insemination twice and courses of Clomid fertility pills, as well as steroids, progesterone jabs, blood thinners and an IVIG (an eight-hour white blood cell transfusion) I was not an obvious candidate for a natural conception — particularly this late in the game. 

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