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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I attended my high school reunion last weekend.  I'm not going to say which reunion it was because it makes me feel old, but let just say we are all into our 50's now.  But, what I wanted to mention here is that one of my classmates has a very interesting story...and it's one I hear frequently.
First, she got married later in life...sound familiar?
Then, she and her husband wanted to get pregnant, but struggled and it was recommended that they go through IVF.  The procedure was successful when she was in her 40's and she had twins.
Mission accomplished!  Instant family!  Everyone walks away happy. the age of 49, low and behold, she was flabbergasted when she finds herself pregnant again
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and proceeds to carry to term and have another healthy baby. I can certainly relate to this, I had my daughter naturally at the age of 44, but I also got pregnant unexpectedly at the age of 49.

 You can read my story here.

Now, I did miscarry my pregnancy at the age of 49, but my point is that people can be quite fertile in their 40's and I mean well into their 40's!
While we're on the subject, another one of my classmates had a baby naturally at the age of 45!  I went to a fairly large high school, but it obviously didn't take me too long to find some success stories.
 I also have a section in my book on women who got pregnant in their 50's without fertility treatment (and I have a page on my website devoted to this topic click here).
Hopefully you find these stories encouraging, I certainly did when I was trying to conceive and getting bombarded with negative information!

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