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Friday, August 04, 2017


Wow, I had no idea that sperm counts have decreased so much!  According to the article below, there has been a decrease of 50% since 1973.  That's almost as scary as global warming.  Men are exposed to many environmental chemicals and sperm are incredibly sensitive. Read more:

Alongside the deleterious effects of cigarette smoke, especially during critical stages of prenatal development, the authors of the study point out that exposure to certain synthetic chemicals has been associated with decreased fertility.
“Men residing in Western countries over the last decades were exposed to new manmade chemicals
during their life course, and there is more and more evidence that these chemicals hurt their reproductive function,” one of the study’s authors said in an interview. The authors insist that their findings should drive further research aimed at determining ways to stem the decline, including regulating the chemicals that are contributing to it.


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For close to two centuries, organic chemists have studied and manipulated the molecular world by swapping chemical groups for each other along the perimeter of carbon-based compounds, like differently shaped and colored Lego blocks. Second, there’s the nature of the chemical industry. Since the early 20th century, American chemical firms have drawn on raw materials derived from oil and natural gas. These were particularly good starting materials for producing things like lubricants, solvents, plastics, fibers — products in high demand from the military, the auto industry and the burgeoning midcentury market for consumer conveniences. Firms made enormous investments in refineries to make oil and gas into certain chemical ingredients, and in factories to convert those ingredients into certain kinds of products. With these expensive, large-scale facilities in place, chemical firms used the magic of substitution to turn out myriad varieties of these basic chemical products to be used in myriad applications.
from nytimes

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