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Monday, June 19, 2017


Trying To Get Pregnant Over 40, How Much To Share?

Part of the time that I was trying to conceive, I was working in the corporate world.
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 I finally came to my senses and quit my high stress job which, I believe, was a key piece of my success. Yes, it was hard to give up the "golden shackles" which had accumulated over the 19 years I worked for the company, but having a baby was the absolute number one priority in my life at that time.

Anyway, I realize that not all women can just up and leave their jobs. This brings up a lot of questions about how much you should disclose to your employer. I've written before about telling your parents about your infertility, but if you are pursuing fertilty treatments, you are going to be needing time off from work and many times it's hard to predict when. This applies to men too
(afterall, they contribute 50% to the equation). Here is an article about disclosing information

Sharing Information About Your Infertility (

Disclosing information to co-workers and/or subordinates can be another sticky wicket. I recall a manager I previously worked with (long before I was trying to get pregnant) and she was very open with her employees about her infertility. One disgruntled (pregnant) employee filed a complaint against her saying that this manager was treating her badly because she was jealous of her pregnancy. I'm sure this complaint was totally unfounded, but it just goes to show you how cruel some people can be.

I always considered my reproductive health extremely sensitive and private information. I told very few people. That's one reason I recommend a support group. It's a safe and confidential place to "let it all out".

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