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Friday, May 19, 2017


I try to have a variety of articles on my blogs...I know not everyone can relate to all my posts, but I thought I'd go in a different direction today and talk about fertility spells, dieties and rituals.  Here is an interesting article that explains how these may help.  Read more:

...fertility is linked with the feminine aspects of the universe, which are related to night time and the moon. This is why fertility spells are usually cast on a full moon, as this is when divine feminine energies are most present, and your words are more personified or heard. As part of the spell, ask that within the next full moon cycle, you will become pregnant, and meditate on the days in which you are most fertile in your menstrual cycle. When you are aware of these aspects of your menstrual cycle and how it is linked with the moon phases, this will make the spell more accurate.
Daily Blessings
Before or after conception, drink charged water as a daily blessing to the universe and yourself that
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you experience healthy pregnancy. Daily blessings are a way of thanking deity or the universe for your success, but also encouraging this process to reach your end goal - child birth. In the morning, drink this water or anoint over your lower stomach.
To create charged water, leave purified water in a glass container outside during night. Allow the moons energies to absorb into the water. You may also leave gemstones in the water, as vibrational energies from these gemstones will also be absorbed into the water. For example, you may want to include Moonstone, Amethyst or Agate, as these gemstones are related to fertility and health. When we consume this water, we are taking in those energies. This can be useful to you, as this could aid with maintaining health and fertility thought the pregnancy. Alternatively, you could find jewellery with these gemstones or symbols relating to pregnancy to wear often.
Help from Deity
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You may also connect with deity, and ask that they ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy. Goddesses you may want to do some research on are: Astarte, Freya and Ishtar. These are only a few of the many Goddesses you could call upon in regards to fertility. Once you have found a Goddess which you feel a connection to and are most familiar with, you may include them in spell work or ritual, or attempt to speak with them and ask for their blessings. Following a guided meditation may help with trying to communicate with deity.
To further strengthen this connection, you may also want to display images of deity you chose to work with. This could be a picture on an altar, placed on a desk, or kept in your pocket to take with you often.

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