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Monday, April 10, 2017


Don't label yourself infertile. Don't say you can't have a baby. And, select your healthcare professionals wisely. This very interesting article talks about something called the "nocebo" affect.
Basically this means that when you receive a diagnosis, even if its wrong, you may actually manifest that condition. I finally gave up working with doctors when I was trying to conceive. It was too depressing to be constantly labeled "infertile" and there was a piece of me that knew pumping myself full of hormones and chemicals just wasn't the best way to go. Maybe that's why I had my best
success following an all natural route. Read more:


Though the mechanism remains a mystery, but at least now this kind of phenomenon has a name. The
"nocebo effect" is the lesser-known opposite number of the placebo effect, and describes any case where putting someone in a negative frame of mind has an adverse effect on their health or well-being. Tell people a medical procedure will be extremely painful, for example, and they will experience more pain than if you had kept the bad news to yourself. Similarly, experiences of side effects within the placebo groups of drug trials have shown that a doctor's warning about the possible side effects of a medicine makes it much more likely that the patient will report experiencing those effects.

This is not just in the mind: it is also about physical effects. The stress created by the nocebo effect can have a long-lasting impact on the heart, for example – perhaps serious enough to cause fatal damage.

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