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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Mind-body Connection For Conception and Pregnancy

I found this great article written by Teresa Robertson who lives in my area. A friend of mine actually went to her for counseling while she was trying to conceive (and she did!)
This insightful article quotes Christianne Northrup and others who take a more natural approach to getting pregnant. I think this article hits the nail on the head in terms of identifying some of the underlying challenges women have within themselves when trying to conceive. Read more:


From the article:

We live in a time in which a commonly held belief is that our fertility is diminished and that we need outside help to conceive. This belief has become very evident for women in the "baby boomer generation" who have embraced and mastered the male aspect qualities of doing and making it happen - yet conceiving eludes them. Creating a baby is a receptive act that requires embracing and using our female aspect. For many women, there exists an inner conflict and imbalance between their inner female and male aspects. As many women have learned to accomplish success by relying strongly on utilizing their male aspect, many have forsaken, forgotten and invalidated their female side. This female side includes qualities and abilities such as to be vulnerable, open and to receive.

The all too common picture I witness, is the career woman who is creating, doing, and nurturing
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everyone else and has no time to receive or give to herself because to do so would be perceived as a weakness. Instead of interpreting their bodies' not conceiving as a message or cry for help, often these women further invalidate their bodies as being "non-productive" and "an infertile failure," and often force their bodies to create from an empty well. As Christianne Northrup, MD writes: "Many infertile women are working 60-80 hours a week and are exhausted; then they pursue having a child as though they were writing a PhD dissertation. Conceiving a child is a receptive act, not a marathon event that can be programmed into your Day Timer."\


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