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Monday, February 06, 2017


I have done a number of posts about how women over the age of 40 become unexpectedly pregnant.  So much has been written about how hard it is to have a baby over 40 that perhaps the message has gone too far.  Although many women over 40 are trying to conceive, many women in this age range have already had their families and an unexpected pregnancy can be a life changing event and not in a good way.  Many of these pregnancies are terminated.
So my point in publishing this story is for those of you who want to may be more
fertile than you think!  This article even mentions a woman over age 50 who got pregnant by surprise.  Read more:


It happens. A recent survey of more than 3,000 mothers, by Netmums, found women over 40 have the same chance of conceiving within six months as younger women. Twice as many women over 40 have surprise pregnancies as women in their teens and 20s.
There are no Irish figures for how many women in their 40s, and older, become unexpectedly pregnant, but, across all ages, half of all pregnancies are unplanned, says spokesperson for the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe. She recalls a 50-year-old woman, whose youngest child was 22, getting pregnant unexpectedly.
“It was a pretty dramatic event,” she says.
In 2013, according to the CSO, 3,989 women aged 40 and over were registered as giving gave birth in Ireland. More than 900 of these women already had between three and 10 children (five had 10 children), suggesting many of these pregnancies were unplanned.
British Department of Health figures confirm that 256 women, aged 40 and over, from the Republic of Ireland, accessed abortion services in England and Wales last year.
The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) says these numbers are an underestimation — not all women resident in Ireland provide their Irish address, for reasons of confidentiality. And some Irish women give British addresses at which they aren’t resident, so as to obtain NHS-covered abortion care.  

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