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Friday, February 03, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40, Light, Dark, Sun and Moon

I've always believed that everything is connected in some way. We are connected to the earth, the sun, the moon and many other forces in the universe.  I've recently posted a number of articles about light, dark, melatonin, etc.

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Here is an article about how our cycles are affected by light (and dark) in synchronicity with the sun
and the moon.  With all of the artificial light we use and some of the crazy hours we keep, it's no wonder our bodies get out of synch with our natural circadian rhythms.  I always make it a point to get some sunshine every day and sleep in a totally dark room.  This article has some other recommendations: of Darkness and Full-moon Light
Many researchers believe that prior to the introduction of electricity into our homes, all women menstruated during the new moon and ovulated during the full moon. This has been proven by studying cultures today that do not use electricity. Women in these cultures sleep in close to total darkness except for the days surrounding the full moon.

The small amount of light from the full moon is enough to halt melatonin production long enough for ovulation to occur. Most women can synchronize with the cycles of the moon in about three to four months by altering the light level while they sleep. Coordinating menstruation not only strengthens your cycle in many ways but it also makes it much easier to pinpoint the optimal timing for intercourse.

Darkness also plays an important role in optimal fertility by triggering melatonin, on most dark nights, which leads to a good nights sleep. Just make sure to prevent overproduction with bright light in the morning.

Deep sleep helps restore and rejuvenate the reproductive system. Lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels, lead to an increased use of caffeine and other fertility reducing substances, disrupt your hormone balance, cause depression which in itself can affect fertility, or it can lead to relationship problems with your partner. In extreme cases sleep deprivation can stop ovulation altogether.

How to synchronize with nature

Get at least one hour of bright sunlight a day
Try to get bright light soon after waking
Use full spectrum indoor bulbs during the winter months
Use a light simulation device 15-30 min morning and night (particularly in winter)
Aim for total darkness at night. Use room darkening shades. Avoid all lights
On the three days of the full moon, try to bathe yourself in soft light while you sleep. A light from a closet, a 75-100 watt nightlight or even opening your blinds to the street light should do the trick.
Try to go to sleep with sun and get up with the sun. You might be surprised if you do not use lights or TV, how sleepy you get.
Make love during the full moon
Keep sleep and wake times consistent and avoid shift work. If you are tracking ovulation signs, then you should taking your basal body temperature at the same time every morning anyway


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