Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


This shouldn't come as a surprise because the unexpected rate of pregnancy over 40 is second only to
teenagers.  Many of you remember Tori Spelling from Beverly Hills 90210 and her reality shows.  But the actress has given birth to her fifth child recently and she revealed to the media  that it was a "total surprise".  It doesn't sound like she was one that struggled with infertility, but all that aside, she did get pregnant at the age of 43 without the help of fertility treatments.  I love to share these stories because it helps to reinforce what I write about all the time:  women can be quite fertile over the age of 40.  Pregnancy is possible, even when you least expect it!

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Revealing her shock pregnancy in People the 43 year old explained: "It was a total surprise. But we always wanted a big family. I’m really excited.”

from: mirror.co.uk

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Conceiving naturally after IVF

I continually find stories like this one: women who conceive naturally after undergoing IVF (whether or not they got pregnant with IVF). This story is quite
interesting and unusual because not only did this woman get pregnant naturally, she got pregnant with triplets naturally.
 All this happened after she already had twins through IVF since she "thought" she was infertile and
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of course was told she'd probably never have children without assisted reproduction. It does make you question some of the medical advice you get from the assisted reproductive industry. Read more:

Elaine and David Kaempf defied the odds by having triplets Emma Jolie, Ainsley Anne and Samantha Marie Thursday without the use of fertility drugs -- a rare feat in the delivery world, doctors say. This comes after the Kaempfs conceived their twins through in vitro fertilization and were told they'd likely never conceive naturally.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Of course you remember the Spice Girls!  Well, back in January, Geri Horner gave birth to a baby at the age of 44.  Was it a natural conception?  It doesn't really matter to me, but according to this article, she hinted that it was when she said, "God Bless Mother Nature".
There are many other celebrities who have had babies over 40, and I've devoted a page on my website
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to this very topic, see here:

Geri announced in October that she was expecting a baby with husband Christian. The singer - who already has 10-year-old daughter Bluebell from a past relationship - delighted fans with the news on social media, making the surprise announcement with a meme, calling herself "Mama Spice".
Alongside a sketch of a pregnant woman, she borrowed a line from her single It's Raining Men to announce her happy news, and wrote: "God bless Mother Nature #MamaSpice."
The star's team said in a statement that the couple were "delighted" with the news.

Monday, February 13, 2017


 Here is a very encouraging story of a woman had three babies naturally over the age of 40 with the last baby at the age of 47.  According to the article below, she's trying for another!  Read more:

"I gave birth again at 47, after a natural conception"
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..."At long last, in January 2011 we conceived our third child naturally. With our third child, we received some surprisingly kind and supportive comments.  I guess the novelty had worn off.
In November 2011 when I was 47, I went into labor on my due date.  Six hours later, after a very normal but fast labor, a healthy son was born.
While on the postpartum ward, I had the oddest experience:  there was a stream of nurses peaking into my hospital room.  After about the 8th one came in and then left again quickly, I listened at the door and heard them say: “She’s 47, can you believe it?”

from: achildafter40.com

Friday, February 10, 2017


I frequently get requests from media companies and writers who need participants and real stories for their stories.  My most recent request is from a multi-genre writer who has written a number of fiction books, but is now writing a non-fiction book about women and couples who are struggling or have struggled with infertility.

If you would like to share your story, you may contact her at the following email address:


She would like potential participants to contact her sometime before or during the month of March.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

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