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Thursday, September 21, 2017


Ayurvedic Tips for Kapha Season

Guest Post By Nicole Perriella

Based on ancient texts called the Vedas, Ayurveda is a comprehensive healthcare system from India. It is known as the "Science of Life." Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of creating and maintaining health through proper diet, daily and seasonal routines, appropriate exercise and lifestyle. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and utilizes the same techniques like asana, meditation and pranayama. Its focus is on preventing the imbalances that eventually lead to disease. Health and disease have two locations: the physical body and the mind. By taking proactive steps towards perfect health before symptoms appear, we can often prevent illness.
In Ayurveda, an individualized, multidimensional approach is taken based on unique mind-body constitution. The doshas are the three energies that govern all the functions of the body. When a person understands his/her unique mix of the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), he/she can adjust diet
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and lifestyle accordingly to maintain balance and achieve optimal health.
Late winter and early spring are considered Kapha Season in Ayurveda. This means that we can adjust our daily lifestyle choices to find balance in body and mind. When one quality is present (for example, cold), we create balance by adding the opposite quality (hot).
Kapha dosha is dominated by the water and earth elements. If you mix water and earth, you create mud. It makes sense that kapha energy is heavy, sticky, lubricated, steady, cold and nurturing. Just like the fertile mud gives rise to beautiful plants and flowers, kapha energy stabilizes us for growth.
6 Tips for Kapha Season
1. Exercise every day! This is especially important for people with a Kapha-dominant constitution. Walking, swimming, biking, running and yoga are all good choices. Since we remove ama (toxins) through movement and sweat, this one tip will make a huge difference.
2. Add some spice to your life. Sprinkle cardamom, wasabi, cayenne, ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and mustard seed on your food to add heat and spark agni, the all-important digestive fire. Foods that are dry, warm and spicy clear congestion and keep things moving.
3. Sip warm water. Warm foods and drinks are easier to digest and help keep us regular. Consider warm water with 1/4 tsp cayenne powder, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and 1 tsp raw honey for a detoxifying tea.


4. Breath freely by using a neti-pot. Since Kapha dominates the chest and upper stomach regions of the body, it's wet and sticky nature causes mucus to get stuck. The neti-pot helps flush out mucus and seasonal allergens.
5. Favor light fruits like apples, pears, pomegranates and apricots. Avoid heavy fruits like bananas, avocado, pineapple, orange, dates and figs.
6. Declutter! Kapha-dominate people tend to collect things. This type of material "congestion" weighs us down. Instead, spend a few minutes each day recycling papers, donating clothes or cleaning things up. It will help you feel free and light in mind and body.
Incorporate these tips to breathe freely and enjoy balance during this beautiful season.
Nicole Perriella is an Ayurvedic Health Coach and Hatha Yoga Teacher at the Glow Natural Health Center in Seattle, WA. Through diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation and pranayama, Nicole guides clients to correct imbalances to look and feel their best. She specializes in digestion, weight loss, anxiety, stress management, skin and sleep. Her writing has been featured on Seattle Seedling, Ayurveda Apothecary and Inner Glow. Find her at
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Monday, September 18, 2017


Earthing to get pregnant

There is a practice called “earthing” which is simply walking barefoot on grass, soil, sand and so on.  Whenever possible get outside (perhaps while on a walk to get your sunlight) and remove your shoes on non-paved or non-concrete earth surfaces.  Better yet, sit directly on the grass while you eat your lunch.  This is thought to draw electrons from the earth which has been associated with a number of health benefits including stress reduction and regulating our biological clocks and rhythms.  One study found, “The research done to date supports the concept that grounding or earthing the human body may be an essential element in the health equation.”[1]
Earthing is also thought to neutralize free radicals that can cause harm and cell damage in your body.  I've heard that doctors are actually prescribing outdoor activities for kids nowadays since so many of them are sitting in front of one type of technology or another.  

If you think about it, getting pregnant is one of the most natural and "earthy" experiences for human beings.  Get outside, especially while the weather is still warm and get back to nature.  It sure beats going through high tech sterile fertility procedures!
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[1] Chevalier, G., Sinatra, S. T., Oschman, J. L., Sokal, K., & Sokal, P. (2012). Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, 2012, 291541. doi:10.1155/2012/291541

Friday, September 15, 2017


When I was in college, KISS meant, "keep it simple stupid".  But for now, it's going to mean something different.  I never knew there was such a thing as a KISS gene. Well, it's not exactly what you think. Apparently there is substance called kisspeptin which comes from the KISS gene.

visit: for more on getting pregnant naturally and avoiding miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage 

Treatment with kisspeptin could help with fertility by giving hormone production a boost. Read

Kisspeptin is a product of the KISS-1 gene and is a key regulator of reproductive function. Animals and humans lacking kisspeptin function do not go through puberty and remain sexually immature.

Dr Waljit Dhillo and colleagues have already shown that kisspeptin treatment leads to the production of sex hormones in fertile women.

Now, they have extended their research to look at the effects of kisspeptin in women whose periods have stopped due to a hormone imbalance. 


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Many of my readers turn to their faith when they are struggling with infertility.  I know from my struggle with trying to get pregnant for 6 years that it can take a toll on your marriage.  Even though I can't claim to be a "religious" person, I did say many prayers on the road to parenthood. 
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 Fortunately it all worked out in the end, but if you are Christians struggling with infertility, this article may be helpful:

Infertility: Staying In Agreement With Your Spouse

Author:Mardie Caldwell
'Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Matthew 7:7,8

Prayer is the lifeline of a believer when he or she is pulled by the currents of trials and tribulations. When prayer becomes as natural as the air we breathe, it opens up opportunities for God to answer our prayers. Mind you, His answers may not be the ones we specifically seek, but there is always the promise of an answer.
See also: infertility-in-the-bible (

If you are a couple dealing with infertility, these may be times of frustration, anger, and hopelessness. According to medical terms, a couple is infertile after at least a year of unprotected sex. For most couples, once this dreaded deadline passes, it is the beginning of innumerable medical tests and painful poking and prodding. When they eventually learn that they have remote chances of conceiving naturally, it takes them on an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster ride. The stress of whether to go in for fertility treatments, adoption, or simply wait on God for a miracle can be too much to bear, even for a Christian couple.
Couples struggling with infertility go through a whole range of emotions. But, the ones that weigh in the most are feelings of being abandoned by God and a sense of incompleteness. If you relate to this problem, then I want you to know that God has not abandoned you. Being \'childless\' does not make you any less in the eyes of your Maker.

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on the path to take (adoption or assisted reproduction), it may do you a world of good to surrender your future to God\'s perfect will. As we see in Mathew 7: 7-8, continuous prayer leads to receiving, finding, and opening of doors of opportunities. The Bible declares that when two or more of God\'s children come together in His name, He is in their midst. Spend time everyday in prayer as a couple. Welcome God into your marriage, ask Him to strengthen you as a couple during this difficult time, seek His wisdom and will concerning your options, and knock on the doors of Heaven until it opens up its blessings for you and your spouse.

I worked with Lisa and Thomas many years ago through Lifetime Adoption Center, as they were in deep disagreement over the route to build their family.  Lisa had endured seven unsuccessful attempts at intra-uterine insemination and she was ready to start adoption.  Thomas came from a large Italian family that valued children and family heritage.
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When speaking with them at length, it became very clear that something had to give.  Lisa was exhausted of the shots, the attempts, and the monthly failure.  Thomas feared that an adopted child would not be readily accepted in his family since the true Italian bloodline would not be preserved.  We prayed together, asking that God would give Lisa strength if she was to continue, Thomas courage if he decided to speak with his family about adoption, and both of them wisdom to understand that in following God\'s perfect plan, the decision they made would be blessed by Him.

Today, they have a beautiful 6-year-old daughter, placed in their arms the day of her birth.  She is wholly and lovingly accepted into Thomas\' proud, Italian family as God intended. 
The Word of God declares children to be a material and spiritual blessing: they are to take care of us in our old age and are our heritage. God will never deny you this blessing. It is His desire that every one of His child bears fruit, physically and spiritually. As a Christian couple, I urge you to believe that God has a definite plan for your parenthood and that He is in control, even though your life seems to be in turmoil. Let prayer unite you in all the areas where you are not in agreement with your
spouse, so that you can make godly decisions for your future.
Article Source:
About the Author
 Mardie Caldwell, Certified Open Adoption Practitioner, founded Lifetime Adoption Center  in 1986 and is currently facilitating over 130 adoptions a year.  She has also written numerous books on adoption, including Called To Adoption: The Christian\'s Guide to Answering the Call.

Monday, September 11, 2017


I consider mustard to be the hero of condiments.  Why is mustard good for your health and fertility?  Mustard comes from the seeds of the mustard plant which is one of the superstar cruciferous vegetables. 
Not only is mustard extremely healthy, but you can eat a lot of it, guilt free.  It is extremely low in calories and it adds a lot of tangy flavor to your food.  So what are the benefits of eating mustard if you are trying to conceive?


  • Mustard it high in phytonutrients which help regulate hormones.
  • Mustard is high in Selenium which  has been found in large healthy follicles and it has been associated with a decreased risk of misarriage.
  •  Mustard is high in Magnesium. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to help previously infertile women succeed in getting pregnant.  The women in one study received supplemental magnesium which normalized their red cell magnesium levels and helped with fertility
  •  Mustard is a source of omega 3 fatty acids which can help with hormone production.

I've actually started adding some mustard to my balsamic vinegar salad dressing (I mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mustard with some salt and pepper).  It's really delicious and it adds a creamy texture to the dressing.  You can also eat "mustard greens"  See how to prepare greens here ( 

Friday, September 08, 2017


Getting Pregnant With The Help Of Inositol

I've been hearing more and more about inositol for female fertility. Inositol or sometimes called myo-inositol can help with insulin resistance and it is one of the B vitamins. It can help with ovulatory disorders and help women who have stopped getting their periods as a result. Here is an

excerpt from a study done on women who took myo-inositol
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"the number of mature oocytes was significantly increased in the myo-inositol group compared to D-chiro-inositol. Concurrently, the number of immature oocytes decreased in myo-inositol treated patients. Furthermore, the myo-inositol-treated group showed an increase in the mean number of top quality embryos and in the total number of pregnancies compared to the D-chiro-inositol-treated group.
click here to read the full article on inositol and egg quality

Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40 with Sunshine and Vitamin D

I've done numerous posts about how sunshine can help you conceive.
 It can help regulate your body because the light dark cycle can maintain normal circadian rhythms and, as this article talks about it promotes the production of vitamin D:

The findings mean that some couples may be undergoing unnecessary and costly fertility treatment when spending time in the sun could be the answer.

For women, vitamin D helps boost levels of the female sex hormones progesterone and oestrogen by 13 per cent and 21 per cent respectively, regulating menstrual cycles and making conception more likely.

Fathers-to-be increase their fertility by going into the sun, too – because vitamin D is essential for
the healthy development of each sperm’s nucleus.

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It also increases levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, improving a man’s libido, according to the review of several studies, published this week in the European Journal of Endocrinology

...In their own study of nearly 2,300 men, they also found that levels of testosterone and vitamin D peaked in August and were lowest in March, just after the winter.

Women have been found to ovulate less – and their eggs have a reduced chance of implanting in the womb – in the winter months.

The link between sunshine and fertility has also been found in animal studies, the review states.


Sunday, September 03, 2017


Tampons - Do You Know the Dangers?

Guest Post By Alicia P Smith

We all know tampons can lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS) but who knew they may lead to infertility? I said, "may," because there have not been any independent studies done. I have always wondered how safe tampons really are and curious if tampons can effect a woman's fertility. For five years I suffered through infertility and I have since been looking for all possible reasons on why I suffered so long and why I developed endometriosis.
To help answer some of my specific questions regarding the dangers of tampons, I spoke with Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr.: Director of Clinical Microbiologyand Diagnostic Immunology at Tisch Hospital, New York University Medical Center. He is an expert on the dangers of tampons.
Here are some highlights from my interview:
1. Alicia: "How do tampons cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?"
Dr. Tierno: "The material in the tampon can produce Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and this leads to toxic shock."Note: If this bacteria is not destroyed by the antibodies in our bloodstream then TSS can occur. Some symptoms are: Sudden fever (102 F or more) and vomiting, diarrhea, fainting or near fainting when standing up, dizziness, and a rash that looks like a sunburn.
2. Alicia: "Is it true there is a rise in TSS?"
Dr. Tierno: "True. But it never went away. Tampon manufacturers have taken out 3 of the 4 dangerous synthetic components. The 3 components taken out were polyester, carboxymethylcellulose and polyacrylate rayon. The highly absorbent viscose rayon is still used. The viscose rayon is the lesser of the 4 evils but it still produces toxins.
A part of the problem is that women are opting to use overnight tampons. They do not set their alarm clocks to wake up and change their tampons so they are left in much longer then they should be. They should stay in no longer then six hours.
Manufacturers have also increased the absorbent density. Now they have Ultra-absorbent tampons. [The more absorbent the tampon, the higher chance you have of developing TSS. Therefore, use the
lowest absorbent tampon you can get away with and change it frequently]."
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3. Alicia: "Does anyone know what tampons are made of besides the manufacturer?"
Dr. Teirno: "No."
Note: The FDA says it is proprietary information and therefore cannot be released. Interesting, isn't it? You know what is in your hand lotion but no clue what you put inside your body.
4. Alicia: "Have any independent tests been done on the overall safety of tampons?"
Dr. Teirno: "No. No one has given the money to a scientist to do the research."
5. Alicia: "Has there been any movement on the "Tampon Safety & Research Act of 1999?"
Dr. Teirno: "That is a good question [he is laughing]."
Alicia: "Is it because the companies you are going up against are billion dollar companies?"
Dr. Teirno: He laughs and says, "Try trillion dollar companies. You should call Carolyn Maloney. She would answer that question for you."
Note: Ms. Maloney has been trying to push this bill and it keeps getting brushed aside. She is asking for INDEPENDENT studies on the safety of tampons. All of the research done so far is from the manufacturers themselves. In the 76+ years of tampons being on the market not ONE independent test has been done!


So let me make sure you caught that: Tampons have been on the market since 1933 and NOT ONE independent study has been done on their safety. All of the studies done are by the tampon manufacturers themselves. I have since learned that the FDA does not do the testing themselves. They simply go by what the manufacturer reports to them.Do you think they would ever report they were bad for you?
6. Alicia: "I know dioxin was a major concern before the manufacturers said they have changed the bleaching process. However, I would like to know for the millions of women who used tampons years before the change; how do dioxins leave the body?"
Dr. Teirno: "They get absorb into the vagina and some [not all] of it will detox through the liver. Even trace amounts of dioxin are cause for concern because tampons come in contact with some of the most absorbent tissue in the body. In addition, the effects of dioxin are cumulative and can be measured 20 to 30 years after exposure."
Note: While the bleaching process has changed in recent years, dioxin is still found in tampons (even those made of 100% cotton). The EPA states that due to decades of pollution, dioxin can be found in the air, water and ground. This means trace levels can be found in the cotton or wood pulp raw materials used to make tampons. The FDA currently requires that tampon manufacturers monitor dioxin levels, but as I already mentioned the results are not made available to the public.
7. Alicia: "Do you believe tampons can cause endometriosis?"
Dr. Teirno: "Dioxin is a known cause for endometriosis. Disrupted hormones can be a cause too. Another theory is that menstrual tissue pushes itself up the fallopian tubes [and exits into the body and starts to grow outside of the uterus]."
Alicia: "Can tampons cause the tissue to be pushed up?"
Dr. Teirno: "A tampon can back up the fluid once the tampon is full and the fluid can then accumulate. The fluid can be pushed up naturally [but a tampon can also be a factor]."
Note: Dr. Teirno said the most popular theory is that women have a genetic disposition for the decease.
8. Alicia: "Can Dioxin grow cysts inside of a woman's body?"
Dr. Teirno: "Dioxin can give rise to tumorous growth"
9. Alicia: "What is dangerous about the fibers that get left behind once you remove the tampon? Do they contain Silicone?"
Dr. Teirno: "We do not know. However, these fibers can cause odor and inflammation. If a woman has a chronic inflammation it can lead to infertility."
It was a very eye opening interview for me. Dr. Tierno said dioxin is a known cause for endometriosis. However, just the presence of a tampon may be a cause too. This goes back to my gut instinct of the normality of a tampon. I often wondered how safe it really was for menstrual fluid to stay and accumulate in a woman's uterus and to have a synthetic material there as well. I have learned enough to feel there may be a few links between tampons and infertility, whether the links are direct or indirect. However, we will never know for sure until studies are done.
If you are going to use tampons, doctors suggest using organic, 100% cotton, tampons. Regular cotton tampons can contain pesticides and other pollutants. You should use low absorbent tampons and switch between pads and tampons often. This might be more than you wanted to know about tampons but you should know it.Pass this information on to any girlfriends, sisters, and daughters.
Alicia Smith
Infertility Hurts

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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Fluoride is added to water to benefit our teeth to help prevent cavities, however it may be damaging the rest of our body - including our reproductive system. I have posted many articles over the years about the debate between tap water vs. bottled water. Even if you drink bottled water, you need to be careful about the source of it and be assured that it's not just bottled tap water. Here is an article about the effects of fluoride (even at low levels) on sperm:


When given at high doses, fluoride has been found to damage virtually any tissue in the body,
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whether it be the thyroid
, the brain, or the reproductive system. On this, there is now little debate. What is still disputed, however, is whether low levels of fluoride can also cause harm. Towards this end, it will be important for researchers conducting animal studies in the future to put greater focus on low-level effects than has heretofore been the case. In 2007, two research teams did this, in separate investigations of how fluoride ingestion may affect sperm function.

The two studies examined the effect of water fluoride concentrations ranging from 1 to 10 ppm. Since rats and mice are significantly more tolerant to fluoride than humans, 1 to 10 ppm represents a notably low level of fluoride for these animals. It has been estimated, for example, that rats are 5 times less sensitive to fluoride than humans (Turner 1996), and thus a 4.5 ppm concentration would be roughly equivalent to 1 ppm for humans, while 10 ppm fluoride would be roughly equivalent to 2 ppm. It is striking, therefore, that these 2 studies found damaging effects of fluoride on sperm at these levels.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Even though I'm big on sunscreen because of the threat of skin cancer, some sun exposure can be very good for you and your fertility.  A lack of vitamin D can adversely affect your fertility.  This article talks about a study on the subject.  If you can't get out in the sun on a regular basis, you should consider taking a supplement.  Read more:


Dr Elisabeth Lerchbaum, from the Medical University of Graz, has led much research on the effects of vitamin D supplementation in different aspects of male and female fertility. Research from her
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group and others suggests vitamin D affects many aspects of fertility in both genders, including influencing production and maturation of sperm cells in men, egg cell and uterine lining maturation in women, and sex hormone production in both sexes. Vitamin D levels have been associated with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) outcome, some features of PCOS and endometriosis in women. In men, levels of vitamin D have been linked to semen quality and male hormone levels in both fertile and infertile men.

Further studies have shown beneficial effects of vitamin D supplementation in some stages of egg cell maturation and menstrual cycle regulation in women suffering from PCOS. Other findings suggest benefits of vitamin D supplementation in metabolic conditions -such as type-2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome- in PCOS women.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I attended my high school reunion last weekend.  I'm not going to say which reunion it was because it makes me feel old, but let just say we are all into our 50's now.  But, what I wanted to mention here is that one of my classmates has a very interesting story...and it's one I hear frequently.
First, she got married later in life...sound familiar?
Then, she and her husband wanted to get pregnant, but struggled and it was recommended that they go through IVF.  The procedure was successful when she was in her 40's and she had twins.
Mission accomplished!  Instant family!  Everyone walks away happy. the age of 49, low and behold, she was flabbergasted when she finds herself pregnant again
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and proceeds to carry to term and have another healthy baby. I can certainly relate to this, I had my daughter naturally at the age of 44, but I also got pregnant unexpectedly at the age of 49.

 You can read my story here.

Now, I did miscarry my pregnancy at the age of 49, but my point is that people can be quite fertile in their 40's and I mean well into their 40's!
While we're on the subject, another one of my classmates had a baby naturally at the age of 45!  I went to a fairly large high school, but it obviously didn't take me too long to find some success stories.
 I also have a section in my book on women who got pregnant in their 50's without fertility treatment (and I have a page on my website devoted to this topic click here).
Hopefully you find these stories encouraging, I certainly did when I was trying to conceive and getting bombarded with negative information!

Monday, August 21, 2017


The Ayurvedic Way of Treating PCOS

Guest Post By Dr Rajesh Nair

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system which originated in India thousands of years ago. In the western world, Ayurvedic treatments are considered as CAM or Complementary Alternative Medicine. Although CAM is not the conventional way of healing the body from any pain or illness, it is definitely gaining popularity these days.
One of the most commonly sought-after Ayurvedic treatments is the PCOS Ayurveda or the natural way of curing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This condition is believed to be caused by hormonal imbalance in a woman's body which brings about irregularities in menstruation, facial hair growth, acne, skin oiliness, obesity and overproduction of androgens.
Although conventional medications have treatments for the condition, many patients are turning into PCOS Ayurveda or natural treatments because not only are they effective, they are a lot safer and cheaper too.
Ayurveda links the causes of PCOS with the over-consumption of kaphagenic foods or foods which
are juicy and sweet. These foods overwhelm the digestive tract with sugar and fluid and weaken it during the process. Ayurveda also believes that PCOS may be due to an emotional "sweetness" because of the person's lack of love or his/her low intrapersonal intelligence.



Anyway, when there's a problem in the kapha, symptoms inevitably appear outside. Some of these symptoms are: weight gain and hair growth in unusual parts of the body. These symptoms may be followed by a noticeable decrease in appetite and some pain during the ovulation period. Then, the menstrual periods may vary from being too heavy, to not coming at all. In some women, their menstrual cycles become extraordinarily long or unusually short.
The kapha pattern is best controlled through diet. This is why it is very crucial for you to watch the food that you eat if you are suffering from PCOS. Remember that food is an integral part of your overall health. PCOS may be eliminated or aggravated by the foods that you eat so you must be equipped with the knowledge of choosing your ingredients. Basically, garlic, onion, and green vegetables are beneficial for PCOS sufferers. Whole grains are great too. However, you must stay away from dairy products and red meat as they may worsen your condition.
Now, some of the known Ayurvedic herbs for PCOS are Saraca root and Sesame seeds. They can be taken every day from the second week of your ovulation cycle until the first day of your period. On the first day of your menstruation, you may find it helpful to have some Punarnava and Triphala too. These herbs are great for the liver because they can detoxify it and make the PCOS treatment a lot more effective. Other common supplements used are Sapthasaram qwath tablet, Sukumaram Rasayan, Eranda Sukumaram, Rajapravardhini Vati, Hyponidd, M2 tone, Tila qwath and Vaiswanara Churna.
You have to understand that PCOS Ayurveda or the natural means of treating PCOS involves curing your whole self. Meaning, your body must keep its balance holistically. You must live in a healthy environment and you must keep a healthy lifestyle. You may find some relief when you use isolated remedies like the herbs, but they alone will not cure you completely.
Dr Rajesh Nair is the consultant of world's largest online Ayurvedic store Please check his favourite Ayurveda medicines and Ayurveda treatments.
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Friday, August 18, 2017


St Rita to the Rescue

Guest Post By Esther Gombor

Dear Friends! There is also another saint who has helped me greatly in my life, and to whom you can turn with confidence: St. Rita of Cascia, who lived during the 14th century, in the height of Renaissance Italy. She is the patron saint of hopeless cases, the saint of impossible situations, the one who intercedes when all hope seems to be lost.
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and more about her life and sainthood
Many years ago, I was confronted with difficult and sudden change in my life, and the world around me turned upside down. Although I tried hard, I could not accept the direction my life was suddenly forced to take and the emptiness that descended upon me with all its cruel weight and force. First I crumbled, and then, slowly getting used to being in pieces, I became numb to the world. Like an automaton I walked and did what I had to do, but joy no longer lived in my heart. I switched to survival mode, streamlined my life to the bare minimum; at night a waited for the sun to rise, and
during the day I waited for it to set. I desperately wanted my old life back, filled with the joy I was used to but obviously did not appreciate. Of course, back then I was not aware of my ungrateful spirit; only later did I realize how unaware I was of the good things given to me, of the comfort of a safe heart, of a life uncomplicated and untainted. And then the bomb was dropped, and it exploded, and sharp splinters pierced through the soft veil of my cushy existence. The deeper I sank into darkness and tears, the more I knew that only a miracle would save me; human powers could no longer lift me from the despair I spiralled into. All day long I was theorizing about what had happened to me; hundreds of interpretations swirled through my head, my thoughts like fragile branches, reached out to a million directions only to hook on to one terrifying conclusion: I was no longer loved. I was like a scavenger crawling along the sandy bottom of the sea, away from the light of the world, feeding off scraps left behind by other, happier creatures.
And then, one night, in a rare hour of sleep, a dream came to me. In this dream, I saw a golden and shiny disk hovering above my face, and in a language I do not recall but could only telepathically understand, it said to me: "things are not what they seem". Startled, I woke up immediately, and I just knew this was no ordinary dream; this was a message from above. Someone in divine spheres realized that I reached the limits of despair, took pity on me, and decided to send me a ray of hope. It was little was to grasp on, but I started to build my existence around this one divine sign. Of course, later I learned that one divine sign is all we need to know that our future is about to change. As to when, that of course I did not know; timing is, as always, in God's hands.
I would love to tell you that soon after this dream my life changed, misunderstandings cleared, the stars aligned, and everything fell back to normal. But it was not the case; there was no sign of change at all. Of course, my life went on, but no resolution presented itself to my aching soul. And during these years of emptiness I realized that the miracle I needed must come from above, and so I turned to God. No one else would have understood me, and certainly there was no one who could perform the miracle I so craved. My dream of the golden disk was my invitation, and as I had no choice, I opened up like a flower and soaked up all that God allowed me to see of Him. I studied Him, spoke to Him, looked for Him and buried myself into His love. Yet, still there was no change, and God stayed silent.
Well into the second year after my dream, I spent my summer in Hungary where each day I went to my favourite little church where there is, to this day, a small shrine to St. Rita, the saint of impossible things; just the saint for me, I thought. One day, when I was completely alone in the church praying to her, always for the same thing, never giving up, I suddenly felt I was enveloped in a strong scent of roses. It felt strange; I was alone and this divine scent, strong and delightfully rosy, just descended upon me like a cloud, wrapping me into its soft folds, comforting me and bringing tears into my eyes. It lasted about a minute, and as suddenly as it came, it went, leaving me alone in the musky church, pleasantly confused and tearfully hopeful. I did not know what it was back then, but I sensed that it must have been a sign, a divine agreement, a propitious herald that soon my life would change. I felt that St. Rita had heard me, and her intercession, after so long, finally gained favour with God.
Again, I would love to tell you that soon after this rosy scented minute the pieces of my life suddenly fell into their proper and most auspicious places. Yet for long months still there was no change, and God stayed silent. I came back home and continued to pray to St. Rita to make sure that she kept me in her favour and kept interceding on my behalf.
By the third year after my dream, I learnt a lot about God and His divine systems. I researched Him day and night, and the more I knew about Him and the more efficiently I prayed, the stronger my faith grew. My life became solid and happy again; I rebuilt myself into a weaker version of earlier times, but nonetheless it was a version liveable.
In my third year of faithfully praying for the same thing, when my faith grew stronger and my life was much more solid and happier, suddenly, in the most ordinary of moments, my wish came true. When I least expected it, God granted my wish and wrapped it in circumstances so favourable that exceeded all my expectations. My desire materialized, and solutions I could never imagine were presented to me. After testing me for so long, God decided to come out of the clouds and show His divine face to me.
This was many years ago, and since then I have learnt a lot. I have learnt that He waited for my faith to grow strong before He would grant my wish. He wanted me to feel the impact of His love and generosity to make sure it became the guiding light of my life, the pivot of my existence and my work. He made sure that my experience became life-changing to me, so that through it I would change the lives of others. He expected perseverance in faith and unconditional love from me, growth in spirit and understanding of human conditions. And when He felt I was transformed into a loving receptacle of His will and ready to receive and see His divine face, He gave and gave generously, perfectly, more than I expected, and perhaps more than I was ready to handle. I also learned that the golden disk in my dream was the Holy Spirit who descended onto me with His divine message.
Years after my rosy scented minute in that little Hungarian church, I also learned that St. Rita on her deathbed in the convent of Cascia asked for a rose and a fig to be brought to her from her garden at her old home. This was a strange request in the middle of January when all the gardens were covered in deep snow. Yet, the saint's cousin went to the garden and found one single rose in full bloom and one fragrant and ripe fig which she quickly brought back to Rita. Since then, roses and the scent of roses in impossible places tell us that St. Rita is present and her intercession for us was successful. St. Rita shares this lovely symbol with St. Therese of Lisieux.
Although my wish was not granted to me immediately, now I know that that rosy scented cloud in that small church was indeed a divine sign sent from above: And the Lord spoke: "you have gained my goodwill, and I know you by name." (Exodus, 33,17).
It was a sign that God never breaks His promise to us: ask and you shall receive.
You must be getting ready to go to work soon. Remember, you also have St. Rita on your side in times of trouble and desperation. Persevere patiently; even with making you wait for a long time, God has His divine purpose that needs to be fulfilled.
Esther Gombor lives in Toronto, Canada. Her articles reflect her journey on the path that she embraced so that she may link to God in a deeper way, that she may understand and accept His message and transcend her spiritual paralysis. This article comes from her blog at
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Thursday, August 17, 2017


New Moon Manifestation Ceremony - Manifest Your Biggest Dreams

Guest Post By Rebekah Campbell

The moon's cycle is 28 days and it has a powerful effect on our energies. While a full moon completes this cycle and brings the energies of completion, ending, change, and release of those things that no longer serve us, the new moon brings the energies of creation, birth, rebirth, and manifestation.
One of the best ways to honour, recognize, and use this energy for maximum benefit is to create a
New Moon Ceremony. There are many ways to create a ceremony for this purpose, while I am sharing the new moon ceremony that I enjoy each month with my twin flame, Boyd Campbell, I want you to follow your own guidance and intuition in creating a new moon ceremony that resonates with you. If this one resonates for you, perfect! If not, make your own changes until it does, or create something completely new.
You can perform this ceremony with others or alone, and it is very powerful, especially when it becomes a regular part of your monthly spiritual cycle. Your intentions will change as you grow, so doing this each month will keep your intentions clear and focused, bringing renewed dedication. This ceremony is a natural progression following your full moon release ceremony.
The new moon is a time to reflect and become clear and focused on what it is that we are wanting to create and manifest in our lives. So let's get started!
What you will need:
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  • Sage or Sage Incense

  • One or more of the following; Jasmine Incense, Clove Incense, Sage Incense, Patchouli Incense, Cinnamon Incense, Lavender Incense, Vanilla Incense, Musk Incense, Amber Incense, Frankincense Incense, Lilac Incense, Sandalwood Incense, Cedar Incense

  • Feather

  • Himalayan Salt (in a dish)

  • Water (in a dish)

  • White Candle

  • Citrine crystals (2)

  • Clear Quartz crystals (2)

  • Paper with pen or pencil to write

  • Smudge shell or dish

  • Lighter or matches

1. To start, use your sage to smudge your ceremony area and yourself, including your sacred space/altar. Either white sage or white sage incense will work. By smudging with sage you are clearing all negative energies and leaving your space and your aura cleansed - a clean slate for your manifestation ceremony.
2. Now select whichever incense or combination of incense resonates with you for this ceremony. Light them and leave them burning throughout the ceremony.
Financial and Material Manifestations (money matters, possessions such as a new home):
Sage, Mint, Basil, Clove, Jasmine, Patchouli, or Cinnamon
Health and Well-Being (curing physical ailments, boosting energy, promoting vitality):
Amber, Frankincense, Sage, Lavender, Lilac, or Cinnamon
Love & Relationships (healing a relationship, attracting your soul mate, making yourself more attractive): Cinnamon, Jasmine, Musk, Lavender, Vanilla, or Patchouli
Spiritual Growth: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Musk, Cedar, Lavender, or Anis
Protection from Harm: Frankincense, or Sage
Strength and Courage: Lavender, Musk, or Cinnamon
Fertility: Patchouli or Musk
3. Now it's time to set up your alter/sacred space. I like to incorporate the four elements; earth, water, fire and air. I do this by setting up a cup of water (water), a cup of himalayan salt (earth), a feather (air) and lighting my white candle (fire). The white candle symbolizes universal consciousness, purity, truth, unity, happiness and spirituality - divine connection.
4. Citrine and Clear Quartz - great crystals for a manifestation ceremony. Arrange your crystals on your alter/sacred space however feels right for you. Boyd and I like to set them up in a square pattern representing the four directions. The Citrine is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination and personal will. Carrying the power of the sun, it is energizing and life giving, clearing the mind and stirring the soul into action. Clear Quartz is a high vibration crystal that helps with concentration, increased awareness, inspiration and creativity. It is also an amplifier, thus it amplifies the power of your intention and the power of the Citrine crystals.
5. Now take a few moments to become quiet and meditate. You can invite your guides, angels, ascended masters, or whoever else you would like to be there with you. When you are ready, write down on a piece of paper what it is that you want to manifest. Make a list of what you want to create in your life. Think big, these are your dreams! The new moon is a perfect time to manifest what you may feel is out of reach, don't be scared to create your vision here. These are more than just words on a piece of paper, by writing down your intentions you are making a commitment to co-creating with the universe. You are opening the doors and setting your dreams into motion. At the top of the paper write down, "I openly accept these things into my life, or something even better than I have imagined, for the highest good of everyone involved. So be it."
6. A big part of being successful with your new moon manifestations is keeping them in the forefront of your awareness. Keep them in a visible spot, or in your purse or wallet. Journal about your progress.
7. Make adjustments to your list as the month goes by, it is only natural that your desires will change over time. Check off the things that you have received. You may find it helpful to make a vision or dream collage with pictures that illustrate what you are manifesting, and be sure to spend time looking at it each day, focusing on how you FEEL as you imagine already having these things.
8. Each month you will renew this list at a repeated new moon manifestation ceremony, thus re-dedicating your intentions.
Important Factors to Note:

  • For those of you who are attuned to Reiki, use your Reiki throughout the ceremony and if you have been attuned to Reiki Symbols, draw them on your paper.

  • For those of you who know how to create crystal grids, put this list in a grid and keep it charged.
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Monday, August 14, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40, You May Not Be Infertile

I frequently write about how there is a high percent of pregnancies even in so called infertile people.
My site: for more on natural pregnancy over 40
 Here is another story of a woman who underwent a number of fertility procedures only to get pregnant on her own not just once, but twice. Read more:
Having spent three years at the frontline of fertility treatment undergoing every medical procedure known to modern man — including more than 1,000 injections and a total change of white blood cells — I managed by some fluke to get pregnant on my own (although I was on Chinese herbs at the time).

The doctors were shocked. My husband was stunned and I was totally delighted.

And now four years on, with our miracle baby Allegra now at school and all the odds still firmly
stacked against me (aged 41, I am very much in the “maternal crone” category), I have somehow managed to do it again.

Without drugs, pills or jabs, I am six-months' pregnant and can't believe it.

This time around my husband dropped his toolbox when I told him and needed a sit down. My doctor asked for early scan photos just to prove I wasn't lying.

Well, you can hardly blame them. Having undergone at least £10,000-worth of private IVF, ICSI (when they take individual sperm to fertilise the egg), artificial insemination twice and courses of Clomid fertility pills, as well as steroids, progesterone jabs, blood thinners and an IVIG (an eight-hour white blood cell transfusion) I was not an obvious candidate for a natural conception — particularly this late in the game. 

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Here is a very encouraging story.  The woman in this article didn't even have prospects for a lifetime partner when she was 40.  Since then, she's had three children, all conceived naturally.  The article goes on to talk about a new book that confirms what I've been saying for many years....the decline in women's fertility with age is overblown!  Read more:

...a new book by psychologist Jean Twenge has controversially argued that warnings about older women’s fertility problems are hugely overblown and based on hopelessly out‑of-date statistics.
It claims that women over 30 are being panicked into believing they have fallen over a ‘fertility cliff’, when the decline is nowhere near as steep as generally assumed.
A U.S. study, released in June, appears to back up the argument, suggesting that 80 per cent of 38 and 39-year-olds get pregnant naturally within six months of trying...


Sarah, who turns 52 in September, has just started a part-time admin job, she’s married and, most incredibly of all, is a mother of three. Her youngest child, Edward, was conceived when she was 48; all her pregnancies were natural, without any fertility treatment.
‘If, at my 40th birthday party, you’d told me that I would have three children by the time I turned 50, I would have laughed and said it was ridiculous,’ says Sarah.

Monday, August 07, 2017


Natural tea for endometriosis

Endometriosis is something that I've had and seems to be a common problem among women of childbearing age - especially those suffering from infertility.  Here is a site which gives an endometriosis "recipe" along with some other suggestions to improve this condition.  Read more:

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Endometriosis Tea

1 teaspoon each vitex berries, echinacea root, wild yam rhizome and cramp bark

½ teaspoon each horsetail stalks, red raspberry and motherwort

1 quart water

Combine herbs and water in an uncovered pot and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat and let simmer gently for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and steep for 15 minutes. Strain out herbs. Drink at least 2 cups daily. This formula can also be taken as a tincture or in capsules. 


Friday, August 04, 2017


Wow, I had no idea that sperm counts have decreased so much!  According to the article below, there has been a decrease of 50% since 1973.  That's almost as scary as global warming.  Men are exposed to many environmental chemicals and sperm are incredibly sensitive. Read more:

Alongside the deleterious effects of cigarette smoke, especially during critical stages of prenatal development, the authors of the study point out that exposure to certain synthetic chemicals has been associated with decreased fertility.
“Men residing in Western countries over the last decades were exposed to new manmade chemicals
during their life course, and there is more and more evidence that these chemicals hurt their reproductive function,” one of the study’s authors said in an interview. The authors insist that their findings should drive further research aimed at determining ways to stem the decline, including regulating the chemicals that are contributing to it.


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For close to two centuries, organic chemists have studied and manipulated the molecular world by swapping chemical groups for each other along the perimeter of carbon-based compounds, like differently shaped and colored Lego blocks. Second, there’s the nature of the chemical industry. Since the early 20th century, American chemical firms have drawn on raw materials derived from oil and natural gas. These were particularly good starting materials for producing things like lubricants, solvents, plastics, fibers — products in high demand from the military, the auto industry and the burgeoning midcentury market for consumer conveniences. Firms made enormous investments in refineries to make oil and gas into certain chemical ingredients, and in factories to convert those ingredients into certain kinds of products. With these expensive, large-scale facilities in place, chemical firms used the magic of substitution to turn out myriad varieties of these basic chemical products to be used in myriad applications.
from nytimes

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Trying To Conceive Over 40, Are Your Cycles Too Short?

Progesterone supplementation is frequently given to women with luteal phase defect.
 However, if you're on the natural route, aside from natural progesterone cream, there are dietary
changes you can make to help correct your cycles.

When I was trying to conceive over the age of 40, I had my progesterone levels checked and I was told they had a "ski jump" pattern.  They were high in the beginning of my cycle, but then they took a nose dive too early in the second half.  This can make it difficult for you to carry a pregnancy because progesterone ("pro-gestation") is needed to sustain your uterine lining.

  Click Here To Read Full Article (
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Monday, July 31, 2017


Having A Baby Over 40

Estrogen levels, progesterone levels, FSH levels, egg quality, sperm quality, ovulation, fertilization, uterine lining, implantation, HcG levels, etc. etc. etc.

Whoa! STOP!

Volumes have been written on all of the above. Do we really need to delve so deeply into our reproductive physiology to have a baby? Well, I guess that's what we pay reproductive endocrinologists for. It's mind boggling to think about the synchronistic orchestration of events that have to occur to get pregnant and have a baby. But is all this really necessary? Is it all just luck or a random luck of the draw that determines who gets pregnant and who doesn't? Especially for us "long shots?" Do we all really need medical degrees? And even if we all had one, would that help us get pregnant? Is it a productive use of our time to try to control microscopic events? Whew!

Let me propose that you step back for a moment and try a different approach:
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Focus on the outcome of your desires, not the path that will get you there.

If you desperately want a baby, you need to be focused on having a baby, not on every blip of your lab work. That's one reason why I'm so glad I discontinued fertility treatments. I didn't want someone telling me every reason in the world why I wasn't going to get pregnant(and every reason why I would miscarry if I did). I was going to have a baby and that was that! So there!

So how do you shift your thinking? First of all, I do believe in preparedness. That's one reason I developed my pregnancy protocol. It helps to prepare your body for conception and pregnancy. But a major factor in success (not just in getting pregnant) is visualizing the outcome. For example:

If you desperately want a baby, visualize how happy you'll be when you hold that baby in your arms... don't focus on how you want a baby and you don't have one

Visualize playing and laughing with your baby, feeding your baby, dressing your baby, and loving your baby. Your visualizations should be so strong that you're your smiling and happy the rest of the day because you know your baby is on the way... not sad and depressed that everyone has a baby except you

It's a small but powerful shift in thinking and it's a heck of a lot easier than going to medical school (I have a CD on visualization and meditation which may help - click here.) I don't know the universal mechanics, but it's what you focus on that you attract. If you focus on your baby, you attract a baby, if you focus on not having one....guess what? If you're in the negative mindset...have a good cry, maybe even scream while your at it. Once you get it out of your system, you may be better able to focus on what you want, not what you don't have.

Friday, July 28, 2017


If you've been reading my blogs for a while, you know that I have written about gluten intolerance as a cause of infertility and possibly miscarriage.  So if you have been tested and are allergic to gluten, by all means eat a gluten free diet.  But what about the rest of us?  Is gluten really that bad?  It's amazing how many web searches will basically condemn gluten and lead us to believe that it should be banished from the earth.  Gluten can offer some benefits and it is actually VERY high in protein
What is the scientific research on gluten and should we all be avoiding it?

This interesting article in Medical News Today quoted a study from 2013 which said:

  "We found no evidence of specific or dose-dependent effects of gluten in patients with NCGS," the team concluded. In fact, the researchers found the bloating previously identified may be attributable to consumption of carbohydrates called FODMAPs (fermentable, oligo-, di-, monosaccharides, and polyols)" 

The article went on to say:

Lisa Cimperman, a clinical dietitian at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH, and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, added: "Gluten is neither essential nor detrimental to one's health or quality of diet." 

Gluten has been 'popularized as a dietary villain'

As such, some nutritionists believe following a gluten-free diet without having received a diagnosis of
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celiac disease does not offer health benefits, but the unwarranted praise for the diet makes us believe it does. Cimperman told us:

"There are no beneficial health effects to a gluten-free diet. Wheat and gluten have recently become popularized as dietary villains by a number of books and media outlets.
Unfortunately, talk show hosts and celebrities are able to amplify such messages while having little to no health or nutrition credentials. There is no research to support gluten-free diets for anyone other than those affected by celiac disease."
In fact, some experts claim following a gluten-free diet in the absence of celiac disease may actually be detrimental to health, as it can lack the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. According to the Mayo Clinic, a gluten-free diet may lead to lower levels of iron, calcium, fiber, folate, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin. 


Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Monitoring FSH and Other Hormones

If you've ever had your hormone levels tested, you probably know it's hard to know what's high, low, normal or borderline.
See: for more on balancing hormones naturally and my video on lowering FSH

I should mention that by the time I conceived my daughter, I had given up on fertility treatments and actually did not even want to know what my hormone levels were.  I figured that if the information was negative, it might derail me.  However, I know many women and their doctors do monitor and want to monitor their hormones.
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 Here is a good resouce which explains hormonal levels:

See Also: HcG Levels and Miscarriage (

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Day 3 3-20 mIU/ml FSH is often used as a gauge of ovarian reserve. In general, under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good, 9-10 fair, 10-13 diminished reserve, 13+ very hard to stimulate. In PCOS testing, the LH:FSH ratio may be used in the diagnosis. The ratio is usually close to 1:1, but if the LH is higher, it is one possible indication of PCOS.
Estradiol (E2) Day 3 25-75 pg/ml Levels on the lower end tend to be better for stimulating. Abnormally high levels on day 3 may indicate existence of a functional cyst or diminished ovarian reserve. 

 Estradiol (E2) Day 4-5 of meds 100+ pg/ml or 2x Day 3 There are no charts showing E2 levels during stimulation since there is a wide variation depending on how many follicles are being produced and their size. Most doctors will consider any increase in E2 a positive sign, but others use a formula of either 100 pg/ml after 4 days of stims, or a doubling in E2 from the level taken on cycle day 3.
Estradiol (E2) Surge/hCG day 200 + pg/ml The levels should be 200-600 per mature (18 mm) follicle. These levels are sometimes lower in overweight women.
Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Day 3 < 7 mIU/ml A normal LH level is similar to FSH. An LH that is higher than FSH is one indication of PCOS.
Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Surge Day > 20 mIU/ml The LH surge leads to ovulation within 48 hours. 


Prolactin Day 3 < 24 ng/ml Increased prolactin levels can interfere with ovulation. They may also indicate further testing (MRI) should be done to check for a pituitary tumor. Some women with PCOS also have hyperprolactinemia.
Progesterone (P4) Day 3 < 1.5 ng/ml Often called the follicular phase level. An elevated level may indicate a lower pregnancy rate.
Progesterone (P4) 7 dpo > 15 ng/ml A progesterone test is done to confirm ovulation. When a follicle releases its egg, it becomes what is called a corpus luteum and produces progesterone. A level over 5 probably indicates some form of ovulation, but most doctors want to see a level over 10 on a natural cycle, and a level over 15 on a medicated cycle. There is no mid-luteal level that predicts pregnancy. Some say the test may be more accurate if done first thing in the morning after fasting. 


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Day 3 .4-4 uIU/ml Mid-range normal in most labs is about 1.7. A high level of TSH combined with a low or normal T4 level generally indicates hypothyroidism, which can have an effect on fertility.
Free Triiodothyronine (T3) Day 3 1.4-4.4 pg/ml Sometimes the diseased thyroid gland will start producing very high levels of T3 but still produce normal levels of T4. Therefore measurement of both hormones provides an even more accurate evaluation of thyroid function. 


Free Thyroxine (T4) Day 3 .8-2 ng/dl A low level may indicate a diseased thyroid gland or may indicate a non- functioning pituitary gland which is not stimulating the thyroid to produce T4. If the T4 is low and the TSH is normal, that is more likely to indicate a problem with the pituitary. 

Total Testosterone Day 3 6-86 ng/dl Testosterone is secreted from the adrenal gland and the ovaries. Most would consider a level above 50 to be somewhat elevated.
Free Testosterone Day 3 .7-3.6 pg/ml
Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEAS) Day 3 35-430 ug/dl An elevated DHEAS level may be improved through use of dexamethasone, prednisone, or insulin-sensiting medications. 


Androstenedione Day 3 .7-3.1 ng/ml
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) Day 3 18-114 nmol/l Increased androgen production often leads to lower SHBG
17 Hydroxyprogesterone Day 3 20-100 ng/dl Mid-cycle peak would be 100-250 ng/dl, luteal phase 100-500 ng/dl
Fasting Insulin 8-16 hours fasting < 30 mIU/ml The normal range here doesn't give all the information. A fasting insulin of 10-13 generally indicates some insulin resistance, and levels above 13 indicate greater insulin resistance. 

 excerpted from:

Monday, July 24, 2017

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I have readers from all over the world with many different belief systems, but one of the most popular pages on my website is "Saints to pray to for fertility and protection of pregnancy"(click here).
Two of the most popular are Saint Gerard and Saint Rita,
I have pages devoted to both of these saints along with prayers (links to these pages above)
These saints are part of the Catholic belief system, but do you have to be Catholic to pray to saints?  No..around the world, people are taught prayers and the Rosary even though they may not have been brought up Catholic or Christian. They report finding peace and comfort in these prayers. It is thought to be not just a benefit to them, but to the entire world.
It is usually recommended to read up on the life of a saint, so you understand their history and why they have reached sainthood. Stay calm and focused and find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. You can use the prayers on the links above, or compose your own prayer in your own words. Speak from your heart.
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Friday, July 21, 2017


I have read on numerous occasions that having the HSG (hysterosalpingogram) procedure can not only help your doctor find out if your tubes are open, but the procedure itself may actually open your tubes!  This article talks about how the HSG in different forms has been around for 100 years and there is a measurable success rate in helping women conceive.  Read more:


Results show clear benefits of oil-based solution
Almost 40% of infertile women in the oil group and 29% of infertile women in the water group achieved successful pregnancies within six months of the technique being performed.
The oil-based product used in the study was Lipiodol® Ultra-Fluid, an iodised solution of fatty acids from poppy seeds. This product is currently available in 47 countries around the world.
"The rates of successful pregnancy were significantly higher in the oil-based group, and after only one treatment. This is an important outcome for women who would have had no other course of action other than to seek IVF treatment. It offers new hope to infertile couples," Professor Mol says.
The big question: why?
"It was long believed that testing a woman's fallopian tubes could have fertility benefits through
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'flushing out' the kind of debris that hinders fertility. The reality is, we still don't really understand why there is a benefit, only that there is a benefit from this technique, in particular for women who don't present with any other treatable fertility symptoms," Professor Mol says.


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