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Monday, July 18, 2016


I have heard that you should start preparing your body for conception up to three months in advance.  I firmly believe that getting pregnant and preventing miscarriage has everything to do with an overall healthy lifestyle.  When your body is getting everything it needs in terms of nutrition, sleep, relaxation etc., it tends to make the right amount of hormones and regulate itself.  This will lead to higher quality eggs when they finally become mature and ovulate.  According to this article, it can take about 110 days for an egg to mature, but the 48 hours before ovulation is critical. 


Although this article states that it's difficult to prove that egg quality is affected this far in ahead, it seems to me that a woman should do everything in her control to produce a healthy pregnancy. Read more:

From the article:

The demise of embryos, anywhere from the one-cell to the hundred-cell stage, is largely associated with defects that have occurred in the egg, prior to its fertilization," says Van Blerkom. "So that in fact, you could argue that the stage is set for failure before fertilization."

The difficult part about determining what makes an egg good or bad is that it takes a long time for an egg to mature— about 110 days— and the place it develops, an egg follicle in a woman's ovary, is not an easy place to conduct scientific studies. Researchers are sure, however, that the last 24-48 hours of development, just before ovulation, is the most critical period of development, when chromosomal abnormalities are most likely to occur.

"I think the more pressing concern now is: Could there be insults imposed on the ovary and the development of [the egg] at even earlier times in its development?" says Albertini. "If it takes approximately 100 days to design, build and ensure that [the egg] is going to inherit all the necessary materials that will support embryonic and fetal development, then what impact might there be in not one or two, but even three menstrual cycles before that ovum would actually be released from that ovary?"


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