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Saturday, July 09, 2016


Pregnancy Over 40, Getting Pregnant May Start With Visualizing Your Child 

In my Meditation and Visualization CD ( I talk about visualizing your future child.  I have always believed that everything begins with a thought and the more you think it and visualize it, the more real it becomes.  This article is somewhat related and deals with preconception dreams and visits. If you've recently dreamed about a baby or child, who knows, it could be a prediction of your future. Read more:

From the article:

Many people dream before conception about what their child will look like at a certain age and when they get to that age they look exactly the way they did in the dream. Couples who have no intention of having a baby, or who have even had tubal ligations, will dream of a child wanting to be born to them, and this will have the effect of them changing their minds, even reversing surgery. Clearly these are not your ordinary everyday dreams, they have a clear and powerful message that can be life changing. At the least they offer the opportunity to fall in love with your child right from the beginning.

Pre-conception is an ideal time to be thinking about and assessing all aspects of your life and the changes you may want to make before you become pregnant. These changes could be to your career, emotional/psychological, physical and health, in your home or the location of your home, and in your relationship with each other.

Having a baby is going to create huge changes in your lives, which you will have to manage in the midst of sleep deprivation – loss of freedom, changes in your sexual life, etc. These changes can be overwhelming, unless you are prepared.

The kind of womb, and family, that your baby comes into is going to have a profound impact upon her whole life. You can both prepare for your new baby by healing:

♥ Trauma’s based in your sexuality/pelvic area such as sexual abuse
♥ Un-grieved or unresolved prior abortions, miscarriages or stillbirth.
♥ Anything else you are holding in your womb – women often hold stress and trauma in their Pelvic Bowl area, and especially in their reproductive system.
♥ Unresolved conception, womb, birth and bonding trauma’s from your own journey’s here, that are specifically likely to affect the way you bring your own children into life.
♥ Relationship issues you have with each other, particularly around becoming parents, parenting styles, and unresolved parenting and ancestral issues from both sides of your families.

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