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Tuesday, July 05, 2016


I thought this post was appropriate right on the day after most of us watched fireworks for Independence day.  Well, conception can be a bit of a light show...and why shouldn't it be?  A new life is being created.  This interesting study explains how there is actually a visible spark when sperm meets egg.  Read more:

Researchers have captured a stunning explosion of zinc fireworks that occurs when a human egg meets sperm. This is the first time zinc sparks have been seen in a human egg and the size of the sparks is a direct measure of the quality of the egg and its ability to develop into an embryo

As the zinc is released from the egg, it binds to small molecule probes, which emit light in fluorescence microscopy experiments. 
Thus the rapid zinc release can be followed as a flash of light that appears as a spark.
'These fluorescence microscopy studies establish that the zinc spark occurs in human egg biology, and that can be observed outside of the cell,' said Tom O'Halloran, a co-senior author.


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