Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Saturday, July 30, 2016


No, I'm not talking about salsa dancing, I'm talking about the salsa you eat! I was just noticing that even store bought salsa is very low in calories and has some very nutritious properties (go easy on the chips!)
As it turns out, salsa has some very powerful and delicious ingredients that can really give both men and women a boost. These articles explain the health benefits of salsa and tomatoes.

From the article:

In a study, adhesive tissues such as those found in endometriosis were treated with lycopene in the laboratory. Lycopene is a nutrient that gives the red colour to tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit...

...The treatment significantly reduced the activity of proteins that cause the adhesions, by between 80 and 90 per cent.

The findings were released at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine conference in San Francisco.

Dr Tarek Dbouk, a researcher at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, said the amount used in the experiments was compatible with consumption of a lycopene-rich diet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 Unfortunately, I don't have much time to watch daytime TV, but Today Anchor, Savannah Guthrie announced that she is having her second baby at the age of 44.  She announced her first "over 40" pregnancy at her wedding!  I don't see anything about fertility treatments, but some celebrities are very private about that.  I certainly offer my congratulations and it shows that women who get pregnant over 40 are in good company!

Fertility Symbol Necklace, Healing Stones
50 (getpregnantover40.com)


The 44-year-old Today co-host revealed she's expecting her second child during Tuesday morning's broadcast of the daily news program. Nearly two years ago in August, Guthrie welcomed her first child, daughter Vale Guthrie Feldman, with husband Michael Feldman. 
"Mike and I are so excited. We're expecting a baby in December!" she declared during the broadcast after pulling a question, "Are you pregnant?" from the desk's bowl of questions.


Saturday, July 23, 2016


Celebrities not only entertain us with their on screen performances, they also become a source of entertainment since the media follows their day to day life.  Celebrities who have babies over 40 have redefined motherhood.  Although I don't always agree with exposing their personal life, many of them are very open about their pregnancies.  Although many celebrities don't admit to having fertility treatments, they have certainly changed the perception of having babies older in life.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard or read that it's "selfish" to have kids at an older age since "you won't be around to raise them".  Honestly that's nonsense.  People are living longer and longer, and even if you have a baby in your 40's, chances are you'll be around to see grandkids.  If you have your first baby over the age of 40, the longevity statistics are in your favor...women who have their first baby over the age of 40 are four times more likely to live to be 100 than the general population!
Read more about celebrities who had babies over 40:


celebrities with a baby over 40
Celebrities who had babies over 40


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I don't think it's really that surprising that a woman gets pregnant and has a baby at the age of 42.  But what's surprising is the woman in this story had identical triplets!  Although she had been trying to conceive for a while, this particular pregnancy was all natural (usually multiples as a result of fertility treatments are fraternal).  The odds of that are 1/50,000,000!
Read more:

SEE ALSO: PREGNANCY AND FERTILITY OVER 40 (getpregnantover40.com)

However, in April, Meeuwsen was experiencing some unusual symptoms she chalked up to early menopause — until a call from her doctor's office confirmed she was pregnant.
“I thought I was too old, so it was pretty shocking.”
Then an ultrasound revealed what medical staff thought was twins.
Two weeks later, the shock multiplied.
“I had another ultrasound and the tech goes, ‘There’s a heartbeat here and here and here.’ And I thought he was joking,” Meeuwsen said. “But, he showed me — and there they all were. I was dizzy.”
When they brought her husband in for the news, they propped him up between the bed and the wall.

Monday, July 11, 2016


If you're not familiar with reflexology, it involves certain points on the hands and feet which correspond with body systems. My DVD has a segment on reflexology (for more information click here: Fertility Bodywork (www.getpregnantover40.com)
These points can be massaged to stimulate the body system that isn't functioning properly. Read more about how reflexology can help those who are trying to conceive:

Doctors had told them Mrs Chapman had a hormone problem which meant fertility treatment would be a waste of time.
But the 40- year-old mother remembered she had read somewhere that reflexology could help with infertility.
With nothing to lose, she had three months of foot massage and, at the end of her course, was delighted to hear that her hormone levels had returned to normal.
She soon became pregnant and gave birth to second son Fraser five months ago. While doctors insist there is nothing to prove the alternative therapy was responsible, she is sure it worked.
Mrs Chapman, who also has a four-year-old son called Jake, said: 'I am convinced I wouldn't have become pregnant without the reflexologist's help. I was absolutely shocked, but obviously delighted, to find I was pregnant after being told we couldn't have a second child. It's a dream come true.'

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Mrs Chapman, from Deepcar, Sheffield, said she was 'devastated' to be told she would never conceive again.
'I was told that there was no point in attempting IVF treatment because it would be a waste so I would have to resign myself to the fact that we couldn't have another baby,' she added. A hormone test - which indicates if a woman is entering the menopause - showed levels were too high, suggesting her ovaries had stopped producing enough oestrogen, which controls the reproductive cycle.
To become pregnant, a woman needs a hormone rating of ten or below but Mrs Chapman's was above 25. Following reflexology, however, it dropped to below eight

from:  (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Thursday, July 07, 2016


What is Bee Pollen?  What is Royal Jelly?  How Can They Help Fertility?

First, Royal Jelly is the food of queen bees.  It has essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and sugars.
 It also is a great source of vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E.  It is great for the immune system and it is also thought to regulate reproductive hormones.

Bee Pollen is the food of young bees.  It is high in protein, vitamins and folic acid.  Bee pollen is thought to stimulate the ovaries and is thought to increase egg production.
 Read more on bee pollen here

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


I thought this post was appropriate right on the day after most of us watched fireworks for Independence day.  Well, conception can be a bit of a light show...and why shouldn't it be?  A new life is being created.  This interesting study explains how there is actually a visible spark when sperm meets egg.  Read more:

Researchers have captured a stunning explosion of zinc fireworks that occurs when a human egg meets sperm. This is the first time zinc sparks have been seen in a human egg and the size of the sparks is a direct measure of the quality of the egg and its ability to develop into an embryo

As the zinc is released from the egg, it binds to small molecule probes, which emit light in fluorescence microscopy experiments. 
Thus the rapid zinc release can be followed as a flash of light that appears as a spark.
'These fluorescence microscopy studies establish that the zinc spark occurs in human egg biology, and that can be observed outside of the cell,' said Tom O'Halloran, a co-senior author.

Friday, July 01, 2016


Yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures, watching reality TV.  I don't know why I've been sucked in to some of the "Real Housewives" shows, but I have.  The last episode I watched of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan Edmonds talked about how she is going through fertility treatments.  Then, it was revealed that Heather Dubrow and the newest cast member Kelly Dodd both went through IVF to have their children.  I guess fertility treatments aren't for "older" women anymore, I consider most of the cast members to be relatively young. 

But, it's none of my business how people achieve their goal of having a baby.  What I really wanted to say is that infertility is a common problem.  Here is a group of six women and half of them had trouble getting pregnant!  However, I should say that my understanding is that Meghan Edmonds is going through IVF because her husband previously had a vasectomy and they are using his frozen sperm...although I'm not sure why they aren't going through IUI which is much less invasive.  Perhaps I missed something along the way.
One of the other Bravo shows, Real Housewives of New Jersey featured Jacqueline Laurita who dealt with recurrent miscarriage for years, then got pregnant and had a baby after wearing a fertility bracelet....this partly inspired my line of fertility jewelry.

So, the moral of the story is, if you are struggling with infertility and/or miscarriage, you are not alone.  Women of all ages can experience this problem and overall, I glad that more attention is being brought to the subject. 
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