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Saturday, December 31, 2016


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Thursday, December 29, 2016


New Fertility Bracelet with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Moonstone

I recently expanded my line of Fertility Jewelry from my website (  My newest piece is a beautiful handmade bracelet with an Elephant, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Moonstone beads.  This is one of my favorite pieces because of the symbolism and genuine healing stones. The style is one of a kind and is not only beautiful, but also meaningful.  Read more about this bracelet:
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The elephant is a prominent symbol in the art and science of Feng Shui. Elephants symbolize fruitfulness in the wearer.  When pointed upwards, the truck is a symbol of good luck. The word for elephant in Chinese is written and pronounced the same as the Chinese word for “sign” or “things to come”, just like your baby that may be on the way!

Moonstone is thought to be tied to the energy of the moon and is thought to have healing properties for women. It is good for regulating hormones and cycles (probably because it is tied to the moon) and may be helpful for women who are experiencing miscarriage because it is good for receptivity. It will also help prepare the body for pregnancy after a miscarriage.

Rose Quartz is also called Pink Quartz. It is a popular stone for healing and is frequently used in feng shui. The pink color of rose quartz is thought to attract love energy. Rose quartz is thought to carry feminine energy and it targets the heart chakra. Rose quartz promotes vitality, energy and fertility and it is commonly thought of as a fertility stone. It can also be helpful to put rose quartz on your belly when you do become pregnant.

Amethyst is considered to be a healing crystal. It is supposed to strengthen the endocrine glands which are at the root of hormonal balance and it is good for the nervous system. It balances your energy and it is thought to be good for sleep which is essential if you are trying to conceive. Amethyst is thought to absorb negative energy and promote positivity.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Tis the Season for having salt rubbed into your wounds. If you're trying to conceive, all those happy families joyously pictured in the cute and clever Christmas/Holiday greeting cards is tough. Then there's the never ending dissertations about how everyone's kids are the star player on their soccer team, the brightest kid in class, the most popular kid in school, etc. etc. etc. It's enough to make you want to tell 'em all:


I recall getting some of those two page "bragging" letters inside Christmas cards...there they sat, still
St. Gerard For Fertility/Motherhood
folded and never read until it was time to put the holidays to rest.

See also: for more on sharing information about your infertility 

Well...many fertility bloggers write about how to survive the holidays this time of year (myself included). But the whole Christmas card thing got me thinking about something that might be encouraging for those who are in the throes of infertility. I thought about some of the Christmas cards I got this year... not from people with big happy families but from people with small happy families. These are people who cried together, felt hopeless together, and thought becoming a parent would never happen. I'm talking about some of the women who were in the infertility support group I ran before I conceived my daughter. Granted, all of their kids are still very young, but there's none of those awful bragging letters. They usually just send a picture and you can sense the true appreciation they have for their child/children.

I'm not saying that other people don't appreciate or love their kids, but you definitely see a difference between families where the kids were conceived easily or unexpectedly and the families where the couple's had a harder time. In some ways, I think these couples know that they've been given an incredibly special gift and bragging or taking it for granted will create some type of universal backlash. True appreciation is a rare thing, and one benefit, at least for me, of waiting six years for my daughter is that I truly have a profound appreciation of new life.

So the moral of the story is, even though it's frustrating and heartbreaking to go through the agony of waiting to get pregnant...sometimes months...sometimes years, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You come through it with more insight and knowledge than you can imagine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I continue to find many stories of women who experience infertility and go through a multitude of assisted reproduction procedures only to find themselves pregnant over 40 by surprise.  Yes, it's amazing that when you least suspect it, you can find yourself pregnant.  This should be very encouraging to those of you who are trying to conceive!  I, myself had a surprise pregnancy at the age of 40 (read about it here). 
Here is a story about a women who had previously gone through fertility treatments, and had her family complete...then, out of nowhere, she finds herself pregnant at the age of 43.  Even though most of you would be ecstatic, it wasn't necessarily good news for her.  Read more:
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 That I am pregnant is truly unbelievable and dare I say, a miracle. But I am not happy about it. At least not yet...
... Everything seems to be on hold: my career; purging ourselves of car seats, bouncers and various other overpriced infant accouterments; travel plans; and a family budget. Until we know if we are planning for a family of five or six, our whole lives seem to have entered a state of paralysis. We had finally started to get into a groove and I was looking forward to raising older children. Now, all those plans are in suspended animation...
...I am trying to embrace a future with this baby in it, although I fear that if the baby never arrives, I will be crestfallen. I am readying myself for whatever happens, but I am split in a way that I have never felt before.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


If you have been told that you have an arcuate or misshaped uterus, then we have something in common.  My doctor who I initially went to for fertility treatments (before we conceived naturally) he did a hysteroscopy and discovered that I had a slight arcuate uterus (sort of a heart shaped).  He said he did not think that it would keep me from getting pregnant, but if he could "wish it way" he would.  If your uterus is not the exact pear shape you typically see, this usually wont cause miscarriage or prevent conception.
Baby Hope Fertility Necklace
did a hysterosalpingogram to look at whether or not my fallopian tubes were open.  At the same time



Guest Post By Holistic Practitioner:  Dr Mosaraf Ali
My husband and I are both in our early 30's and have been trying for a baby for 18 months. We have both been checked out and the only problem is that, although my husband has a high number of sperm, just six per cent were classed as healthy.  He is prone to backache and irregular bowel movements. What do you advise?
This is something I hear about quite often, but always from women. Men in general are embarrassed to talk, let alone do something, about it-although new technologies can help men with even a tiny number of healthy sperm become fathers. The fact is that the quality and quantity of sperm in the male population is on the decline and this is a problem for the survival of the human species. Most men, however, are concerned only about their sexual performance, rather than the quality of their
Fertility Necklace, click here


Firstly, you must talk to your husband about your concerns. It's a very sensitive matter, so you will need to be tactful and non-accusative. He may agree to change his lifestyle as a favour to you, rather than accepting that it is his responsibility. Often men are worried about the response from their male friends, in case they get teased, although some men find a lot of support from their peers.
Once he is willing to talk about possible shifts, you can discuss specifics. I suspect his drinking is a problem, You could gently suggest that he go on an alcohol-free regime for three to four months. After that, he could go back to drinking a couple of glasses of good red wine once a week until the quality of his sperm improves when tested.
It is vital that he nourishes himself by eating well. An old Indian book on the art of love claims that out of 40 pounds of good food, a man gets one pound of flesh. That flesh produces one pound of blood (this was in the days when solid and liquid weights were the same), and that blood produces one pound of sperm. The message is the same today eating poor-quality (or too little) food leads to poor quality and quantity of sperm. Just imagine how much energy a sperm cell needs for its long journey to fertilise the ovum. Unhealthy sperm cells just aren't up to the task. They get their energy from the man's body, and nutrition and stress management are vital factors.
Here are my suggestions for your husband:
* Eat fresh, wholesome, preferably organic food, and always start with a good breakfast.
* Eat protein (chicken, red meat or fish) once a day.
* Avoid yeast products because they brew alcohol in the gut. Avoid all foodstuffs that are acidic or sour (citrus fruits, pineapple, mango, chilli, olives, vinegar, alcohol, coffee, deep fried, canned or processed foods, canned drinks) as these can act as spermicides- Drink tea only in moderation.
* Mix an egg into a glass of hot milk add salt and pepper to taste, and drink In the Orient, raw eggs are eaten this way to aid sperm production, (Make sure the eggs are organic to avoid the risk of salmonella.)
* Take Ashwagandha Indian ginseng: one daily for two months.
* Take Fortex to increase sperm volumes one daily for three months.
* Take one 15mg tablet daily for two months of either zinc citrate or Shilajit -this is extracted from a bitumen-like rock in the Himalayan mountains and has optimum concentration of magnesium, zinc and many trace elements necessary for healthy sperm.
* Take positive steps to manage stress, which may be responsible for backache, constipation and bingeing on food and drink. Walk daily in the fresh air for at least 30 minutes. Do other exercise which you enjoy. Practise yoga or a martial art such as t'ai chi. Listen to a relaxation tape at night to improve sleep quality.
* Constipation can affect nutrient absorption, so ensure this is not a problem by drinking at least eight large glasses of still water daily between meals. Eat plenty of fruits such as figs, prunes and papaya for breakfast. If constipated, take Herbolax to regulate bowel function.
Visit my health shop
121 Crawford Street, London, W1U 6BE
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Monday, December 12, 2016


Trying To Get Pregnant During The Holidays?  Use Mistletoe!

 I don't think I've actually ever seen real mistletoe.  I've seen people decorate with fake mistletoe (i.e. hanging over doorways etc.), but never the real thing.  Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought this article would be of interest.
 Did you know mistletoe has been associated with fertility? I guess it just makes sense, if you get kissed, it could lead to other things. Read more:


Fancy a snog under the mistletoe this Christmas?
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Could those little white berries cast a spell on you?
We all look for the mistletoe when we see our heart throb at the Christmas party. But is there true magic in those berries?

The Druids thought so... those juicy little sprigs were not just a symbol of romance but also fertility! You might want to think twice before you agree to that sweaty clinch this year unless you want to hear the patter of tiny feet.

The man who's become the ambassador for mistletoe, Stanley Yapp, is known for his big bunches and has sent them all over the world.

"It's all part of the mystery... you still can't walk into a garden centre and buy a mistletoe tree.

"After thousands of years we still rely on a little bird doing it's job... it eats the berries and secures it's future," said Stan.

So our Christmas snogs rely on a birdy's do-do's!

Gloucestershire is well known for it's bumper crops of mistletoe. At this time of year, farmers are turning up at the farm shops selling their wares.

And the good thing is, it stays in pucker nick for months. So one little sprig can guarantee you at least a dozen smackers on the lips. Plenty of time to decide if you want another go.


Wednesday, December 07, 2016


I've done a number of blog postings in the past about studies that show a higher rate of birth defects after assisted reproduction.  Of course I'm an advocate of conceiving through natural means, however I know that some couples don't have any choice except to go through IVF.  But it's always important to weigh the risks.  This article is about a recent study that shows that IVF can be a factor in birth defects.  Read more:
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From the article:
Researchers from Leicester University and the University of Western Australia in Perth examined birth records over a five-year period to reach their findings, which were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr Jennifer Kurinczuk, an epidemiologist at Leicester University, and co-author of the report, said: 'We found infants conceived with assisted reproductive techniques were more than twice as likely as naturally conceived infants to have major birth defects diagnosed during the first year of life.'

They found that nine per cent of invitro babies suffered birth defects compared with four per cent of natural conceptions.
The defects ranged from minor chromosomal abnormalities to serious and multiple deformities affecting the muscles and skeleton.

Monday, December 05, 2016


Well, the stories just keep on coming, I don't watch a lot of TV so I didn't see this when she was on the today show.  This woman has an incredible story.  One of the things I talk about in my book is how assisted reproduction can lead to some disastrous mistakes.  This woman went through IVF, but the clinic implanted the wrong embryo and she carried to term and gave the baby to the biological parents. Back when my husband and I went through assisted reproduction, one of my cycles was cancelled because of a mix up in the lab.  It scared the heck out of me, but at least they admitted to
their mistake.
But to continue the story, this woman had a few more children via IVF and twins through a surrogate.  But then, to her surprise, she became pregnant naturally at the age of 45!  So her already large family is going to welcome one more!  Read more:
Fertile Turtle Bracelet


 A 45-year-old mother-of-five, who has had two of her children as a result of IVF, and two via surrogacy, was stunned to find herself pregnant by natural means in April, following a 20-year battle with fertility.

'After two decades without a spontaneous conception; after countless ovarian stimulation cycles, multiple intrauterine insemination and more than five IVF attempts... I was pregnant - the old fashioned way,' Carolyn Savage writes of her discovery for

And not only has the Ohio mother suffered several miscarriages in the past, she has even given birth to another couple's child, when, six years ago, doctors accidentally implanted her with the wrong embryo during an IVF mix-up. Mrs Savage made worldwide news when she agreed to carry the child to full term anyway, and then reunite him with his biological parents.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This is a story many people can relate to who've experienced infertility and recurrent miscarriage.  This woman had gone through fertility treatments and suffered through many pregnancy losses.  When she finally does get pregnant on her own, she automatically assumes it's  going to end in another miscarriage.  But, as fate would have it, she conceived on her own and her pregnancy carried to term.  Read more:


The past year-and-a-half we had gone through four miscarriages, fertility tests, genetic testing and
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three attempts at assisted reproduction with drugs. We’d had it.
The previous month, we’d made the decision to get off the baby roller coaster and concentrate on us for a while. We even started looking into adoption. I liked the sense of calm I’d been feeling the last few weeks. I was in no rush for a ticket back to Crazyland.
As I got closer to my office, I made the decision to take one more pregnancy test. I wasn’t even really late, but I knew I would rest easier once I knew for a fact that I wasn’t pregnant.
I paid for the familiar pink package and made a deal with myself. Once I got the negative test result, I’d call the doctor and find a really good therapist.
Now at my office, I went right to the ladies’ room and took the test by rote. Then I stood in shock as the two lines appeared.

from: huffington post

Monday, November 28, 2016


Licorice has always been one of may favorite candies and true licorice may be healthy because it has anticancer properties.  However, it may also have negative effects on the ovaries, which, of course, are essential if you are trying to conceive.  This article talks about a study done on mice, but it may indicate problems with humans as well.  Read more:


Whole licorice root and purified forms of iso are used in herbal supplements, teas, candies and as flavoring agents in tobacco products. Iso is sometimes marketed to women for the relief of hot flashes or other symptoms of menopause, and studies have found that the root has anti-cancer properties for some types of breast, prostate and colon cancer, Mahalingam said.
Saint Gerard Necklace For Conception
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The same properties that make iso effective against some cancers also might make it toxic to the normal growth and development of the ovary, Flaws said. Other aromatase inhibitors are already in use in oncology to stop the growth of tumors that respond to estrogen, but doctors warn of potential effects on fertility in women of child-bearing age. Use of iso to inhibit aromatase could have the same effects as other aromatase inhibitors, Flaws said.
from: science daily

Friday, November 25, 2016


I'm surprised I didn't find this article earlier.  It's an amazing story which confirms what I usually write about on this blog and on my website ( 
Women in their 40's, even their upper 40's can be quite fertile!  This story is about Tammy Guarino, a
47 year old grandmother who was on the pill for 25 years.  She goes off of it (probably thinking she was too old to conceive) and eight days!  I myself had a surprise pregnancy at the age of 49...the life force is pretty strong! Read more:

She thought her pregnancy days were over, especially being in her late 40s. However, her doctor
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confirmed the news, making her his oldest expecting patient.

"I asked him, 'Is it menopause?'" said Guarino. "He said no and I said, 'Are you kidding me?' And he said, 'No. What did you think?' I said, 'I thought I was going through the change.' And he said, 'You're about to go through a big change!'"
  "We have lots of ladies who come in during their early 40s and are thrilled to be pregnant but by the late 40s, this gets to be less than less," said Dr. Joseph Miller, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies at West Jefferson Medical Center.
 "I said, 'God is so funny to give me a boy after 30 years of girls.' It's a miracle," said Guarino. "Now that I'm 47, I'll be 48 when I have this baby. At this age, you realize how special children are, and we're going to get it back ... and I'm loving it."

Monday, November 21, 2016


I realize that the media frequently focuses on how hard it is for women over the age of 40 to conceive and have a baby.  This article from Australia is about a 40 year old woman who had her tubes tied 12 years ago.  She decided to have the tubal ligation reversed and only eight months later, she was pregnant!  She did have some complications as the placenta attached in the wrong place, but it goes to show you that conception can take place even when the so called "odds" are against you.  Read more:
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with Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Moonstone


“She is a bit of miracle, seeing as I had my tubes tied for 12 years,” said Mrs Fiorenza, who defied
medical expectation and fell pregnant just eight months after having her fallopian tubes untied.

Mrs Fiorenza, who runs a gift emporium for kids, wants her story to offer hope to others who may be in a similar situation to the one she was in.
'Hopefully someone reads the story and it gives them comfort in a similar situation to never give up, always think positive and things can turn out all ok,' Mrs Fiorenza wrote in a heartwarming Facebook post.n

Friday, November 18, 2016


 Even if you did not grow up Catholic, you may still find some comfort in prayer to saints who are
associated with certain causes and conditions.  One of these is Saint Rita. 

Among the other areas, Rita is well-known as a patron of desperate, seemingly impossible causes and situations. This is because she has been involved in so many stages of life – wife, mother, widow, and nun.  Those who are trying to conceive or experiencing miscarriage may truly feel that getting pregnant and having a heathly pregnancy is truly an impossible cause.  But, sometimes the things that
we think are out of our reach can come easily.  I have done many blog posts on women who went through fertility treatments only to fail time and time again.  Then, miraculously, they get pregnancy by surprise. 



Wednesday, November 09, 2016


From: Own
People in my age group remember Kim Fields as Tootie from the TV show, "The Facts of Life", but recently, she was on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". I'm not a regular watcher of the show, but I was watching "Where Are They Now" on the OWN network the other night. Kim Fields was interviewed and she talked about how she and her husband wanted a second child, but not only had trouble conceiving, but also had a number of miscarriages. Then, at the age of 44, she unexpectedly found out she was pregnant! It sounds very familiar to me!

They happily had their second child in 2013. I'm surprised I didn't find this story earlier, but better late than never!


Monday, November 07, 2016


 One very helpful technique to use if you are trying to attract a baby into your life is to create a vision board.  This is a way to create a 3D version of what you are trying to visualize.  Some people have a hard time actually "drawing a picture" in their minds in the visualization process.  Creating a vision board is simple and can be quite fun.  Best of all it is extremely effective!


Friday, November 04, 2016


Here's another amazing story of a surprise pregnancy well over the age of 40.  Not only was this woman 47 years old, but she also gave birth to triplets.  These babies were conceived without fertility treatments and the women in the story already had older children (one was 25). 



From the article:

That's because Sharon Lewis is 47 and already has two older children, a 25-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son.
The school cafeteria monitor wasn't trying to become pregnant and thought it was impossible at her age when she was told she'd be giving birth to three baby boys.
'This was all a big surprise to me, but it was a wonderful surprise,' Lewis said.
'I felt that it was nobody but God that blessed my womb at 47. I do believe he brought me to it, he'll bring me through it,' she said smiling at Tuesday's press conference. 
from: dailymail

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Is Poor Thyroid Function Impacting Your Fertility?

Guest Post By Christine Sullivan
If you have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months, before you embark on invasive medical procedures and spend thousands of dollars for assisted reproductive technology, ensure that your thyroid is functioning at its optimum.
Many women don't realize that good thyroid function is necessary for fertility, the ability to conceive and to maintain a pregnancy. An under (or over) functioning thyroid can prevent you from achieving that much desired pregnancy. While there are many and varied reasons for infertility, suboptimal thyroid function may be that "missing link" especially for those with no specific reproductive problems.
A full thyroid evaluation is essential, and should be done as soon as possible for any woman who wants to get pregnant, especially if she -

  • Has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for more than 6 months
  • Has had two or more miscarriages
  • Has an irregular menstrual cycle
  • Has any family history of thyroid problems.



What Does the Thyroid Gland Do?
The thyroid gland is located near the front of the throat, just below the voice box & just above the collar bones. Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormones for regulation of the body's metabolism, blood calcium levels, energy production, fat metabolism, oxygen utilization, balance of other hormones & weight maintenance.
Hormones involved with thyroid function include Thyroid Releasing Hormone (TRH) released from the hypothalamus in the brain, which stimulates the pituitary gland at the base of the brain to release Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) which in turn stimulates the thyroid gland to produce Thyroxine (T4) & Triiodothyronine (T3). Much of T4 is converted to T3 (the active form) in the liver. Thyroid hormones are synthesized from iodine and the amino acid Tyrosine (from protein), and the conversion to the active form is reliant on the trace mineral Selenium.
Healthy Thyroid function can be affected by -

  • Exposure to environmental toxins - electromagnetic radiation, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals e.g. mercury & fluoride
  • Genetic susceptibility
  • High levels of stress
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Infections
  • Other hormone imbalances e.g. oestrogen dominance, high prolactin levels
How Does Hypothyroidism (Low) affect fertility?
Anovulatory cycles - not releasing an egg / ovulating. This makes pregnancy impossible.
Luteal Phase Problems - With a short second half of the menstrual cycle a fertilized egg can't implant securely and ends up leaving the body at the same time that menstruation would occur (very early miscarriage) & is often mistaken as a regular period.
High Prolactin Levels - due to elevated levels of Thyroid Releasing Hormone (TRH) and low levels of Thyroxine (T4) resulting in irregular ovulation or no ovulation.
Other Hormonal Imbalances - reduced sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), oestrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency, all of which interfere with proper reproductive hormone balance.
Your check list for thyroid assessment:
1. Do you have any of the common signs & symptoms associated with low thyroid function?

  • Inability to conceive / infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Period pain
  • Low libido
  • Lethargy & fatigue
  • Susceptibility to the cold / cold hands & feet
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Changes in texture of skin, nails, hair, hair loss
  • Recurrent infections
  • Constipation
2. Is your basal temperature consistently below 36.5 degrees C? Take your oral temperature at rest first thing in the morning before moving out of bed for 7 -10 days in the first 14 days of your cycle. Your temperature should be between 36 degrees and 37 degrees C but ideally above 36.5 degrees C.
3. Blood Tests - For full thyroid assessment you require readings for TSH, T4, T3, rT3 & Thyroid Antibodies. TRH may also be required. For optimum fertility, your TSH level should be between 1 and 2. Your doctor or naturopath can order these tests for you.
4. Urinary Iodine - Iodine is a key component of thyroid hormone. Excessive iodine as well as a deficiency of iodine can result in low thyroid function. Your doctor or naturopath can order this test for you.
5. Diet & Lifestyle - Our modern western diet is a major contributor to increasing thyroid health problems. Foods detrimental to thyroid health include refined grains, simple sugars, soy products, peanuts & peanut products, caffeine, hydrogenated oils, cigarette smoking and alcohol. Excessive consumption of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, turnips, Brussels sprouts have the ability to block the absorption of iodine.
Exposure to heavy metals e.g. mercury (amalgam fillings) and fluoride (water supply, toothpaste) may also be detrimental.
Stress management is imperative. Stress results in elevated levels of cortisol, the main hormone released by the adrenal glands. Increased cortisol will inhibit the conversion of T4 to the active T3 hormone.
Exercise is beneficial as it will stimulate thyroid hormone secretion and increases tissue sensitivity to thyroid hormones.
Treating thyroid function is not a magic cure for all fertility issues but I have found that for many women, once thyroid health has been improved, their fertility issues were resolved and they have gone on to have a healthy pregnancy and enjoyed the treasures of motherhood.
If you suspect that less than ideal thyroid health may be contributing to your fertility difficulties or just impinging on your health generally, take action now!
Christine Sullivan is one of Brisbane's leading Naturopaths in the field of natural fertility, women's health, preconception care, pregnancy, family, infant and child health. Visit
With qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Medicine and Natural Fertility Management as well as more than 20 years of clinical experience, Christine seeks to provide excellence in nutrition medicine and natural health care through supporting, informing and educating women of all ages to achieve optimum health.
For information about Australian vitamins visit []
Article Source:

Monday, October 31, 2016


It's Halloween and its pumpkin season if you haven't noticed! If you're trying to conceive over 40 or any age, take advantage of every nutritional benefit this season has to offer.  I never think of pumpkins as squash, but essentially, that's what they are.  They are loaded with phytochemicals and phytonutrients which tend to be good for overall health


Pumpkins are very affordable and pumpkin seeds are wonderful sources of zinc, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients which are great for male and female fertility.  Unfortunately, these fertility superstars are usually thrown out when people carve their pumpkins.  To prepare the pumpkin seeds, scrape out the inside of the pumpkin, separate the seeds, boil them for 10 minutes in salted water, then bake till crispy on  a baking sheet with olive oil.

Here is an article about the nutritional value of pumpkins

Pumpkin seeds, raw

In-depth nutrient analysis:

Pumpkin seeds, raw
(Note: "--" indicates data is unavailable)
amount 0.25 cup
total weight 34.50 g
Basic Components
nutrient amount %DV
calories 186.65 10.37
calories from fat 142.36
calories from saturated fat 26.93
protein 8.47 g 16.94
carbohydrates 6.14 g 2.05
dietary fiber 1.35 g 5.40
soluble fiber 0.19 g
insoluble fiber 1.16 g
sugar - total 0.35 g
monosaccharides 0.00 g
disaccharides 0.35 g
other carbs 4.45 g
fat - total 15.82 g 24.34
saturated fat 2.99 g 14.95
mono fat 4.92 g 20.50
poly fat 7.21 g 30.04
trans fatty acids 0.00 g
cholesterol 0.00 mg 0.00
water 2.39 g
ash 1.68 g
nutrient amount %DV
vitamin A IU 131.10 IU 2.62
vitamin A RE 13.11 RE
A - carotenoid 13.11 RE 0.17
A - retinol 0.00 RE
A - beta carotene 78.66 mcg
thiamin - B1 0.07 mg 4.67
riboflavin - B2 0.11 mg 6.47
niacin - B3 0.60 mg 3.00
niacin equiv 2.48 mg
vitamin B6 0.08 mg 4.00
vitamin B12 0.00 mcg 0.00
biotin -- mcg --
vitamin C 0.66 mg 1.10
vitamin D IU 0.00 IU 0.00
vitamin D mcg 0.00 mcg
vitamin E alpha equiv 0.35 mg 1.75
vitamin E IU 0.51 IU
vitamin E mg 3.76 mg
folate 19.84 mcg 4.96
vitamin K 17.73 mcg 22.16
pantothenic acid 0.12 mg 1.20
nutrient amount %DV
boron -- mcg
calcium 14.84 mg 1.48
chloride -- mg
chromium -- mcg --
copper 0.48 mg 24.00
fluoride -- mg --
iodine -- mcg --
iron 5.16 mg 28.67
magnesium 184.58 mg 46.15
manganese 1.04 mg 52.00
molybdenum -- mcg --
phosphorus 405.03 mg 40.50
potassium 278.42 mg 7.95
selenium 1.93 mcg 2.76
sodium 6.21 mg 0.26
zinc 2.57 mg 17.13



Friday, October 28, 2016


I've often wondered how much we control our "body chemistry".
 Now, I certainly don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm a medical professional or anything remotely resembling a biologist, but I must say, somewhere along the line I changed my body chemistry.

I tried for many years to get pregnant. First I couldn't get pregnant at all, then when I did, I continually miscarried. I had six miscarriages in all (two were ectopics). After being labeled a "habitual aborter" (the medical term for one who repeatedly miscarries - a bit offensive, don't you think?), I somehow carried my last pregnancy to term at the age of 44 with the 'odds' totally against me (especially since I only had one tube and conceived naturally).


In hindsight, I'm completely convinced that through diet, visualization, meditation, stress management, and a number of other treatments which I now call my 'pregnancy protocol' I changed whatever it was in my body's chemistry that was keeping me from having a successful pregnancy. Getting pregnant is an orchestration of synchronistic events that play out like a beautiful musical masterpiece. Each instrument has to play on cue. I'll admit, most of my adult life, my orchestra didn't just need 'fine tuning', it needed a complete overhaul. But overhaul I did, and it was worth it. Not only did I change my lifestyle completely, but I'm happier, healthier, and a much nicer person than I've ever been.

I truly believe that everyone has 'lessons' to learn in this life. I think I learned a big one during my journey to get pregnant. I confronted my less than perfect upbringing and I've 'cleaned up' most of my unhealthy thought processes. I now know that I'm capable of just about anything - even changing my body chemistry!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


As most of you know, we started a line of fertility jewelry with healing stones that correspond with
the chakras and body systems. Different stones target different parts of the body and/or bodily functions and processes. These natural stones and crystals have "earth energy" and when it combines with our body's energy, healing occurs. Crystals and stones vibrate at their own frequency just like the cells in our body vibrate at their own frequency. When the cells in our body come in contact with the stone's frequency, energetic changes occur. These changes can create a third and larger energetic field. The body's nervous system senses these changes and sends the information to the brain. The brain triggers biochemical healing within the body. It's similar to getting back to nature. When people are stressed and out of balance, it's frequently recommended to engage in "earthing". This is where you have your body come in direct contact with the earth by walking barefoot on sand or grass or just sitting directly on the ground. These healing stones allow you to have a natural earth object with you at all times. newest offering is a limited edition of fertility bracelets that correspond with the Sacral Chakra (controls the reproductive system) and the heart chakra.   The stone that resonates with the sacral chakra is Carnelian and the stone that resonates with the Heart Chakra is Rose Quartz.  We also have a magnetic bracelet that helps to balance your body's electromagnetic field and has a combination of Rose Quartz and Carnelian.  Click the picture to the side for more information.  These are only available in limited quantities.

Monday, October 24, 2016


I've often wondered if tampons are really that healthy.
 I'll admit, for me, it's much more comfortable than wearing a pad, however, after I delivered my daughter, I found then to be somewhat irritating. This article talks about how tampons could possibly be associated with everything from endometriosis to infertility. Read more:

Most tampons are made of rayon. Rayon is made from cellulose and fibers of wood. The processing from raw materials includes chlorine bleaching which is known to produce dioxin. The makers say they wash it all away. Critics say they don't.


Dioxin is a type of chlorine called an organochlorine. Organochlorines are similar in physical structure to sex hormones. It is believed by some (mostly environmentalists) that they can mimic the effects of sex hormones. Exposure to environmental organochlorines may cause an increase in sex-related health problems because it is like taking a huge dose of hormones.

Gender related cancers, decreased fertility, even endometriosis and birth defects have been blamed on dioxin. Immune disorders are also tied to dioxin. The vaginal wall tissue is very capable of absorbing substances that it comes in contact with. Dioxins can be stored in the body and can accumulate over time. The majority of women use tampons for years on end. All this raised the question of whether or not tampons could deliver a dose of dioxin large enough to cause disease to women. 


Friday, October 21, 2016


No, I'm not a biblical scholar but I know that during times of extreme stress like that of infertility, people fall back on their faith and find comfort in the bible. On my website (, I have a page on saints for fertility and some of them got pregnant at older ages.  Take saint Anne for example...most sources say that Anne and her husband Joachim were married for 20 years and had no children, although they certainly wanted them. The legend suggests that Anne prayed that if she were given a child, she would dedicate it to the Lord's service.  Anne became the Mother of Mary who, of course, became the mother of Jesus.
saint gerard for fertility necklace
There are many other biblical stories of women who struggled with infertility, I have a page with a guest post from someone who is much more of an expert on the bible than I am.  Click here to read about infertility in the bible (

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Many people love elephants and elephant symbolism.  Elephants also play a big role in many cultures
and in feng shui, elephants are symbols of longevity, luck and conception.  If you want to promote love and fidelity, two elephants should be placed in the bedroom to represent this bond.
If you want to conceive and get pregnant, elephants can play a role here too.  It is recommended to put an elephant outside the bedroom door and another elephant inside the door to help welcome your future baby.  You can also wear elephant symbolism in the form of jewelry.
Elephants can also signify the bond between mother and child.  For this purpose, a statue of a mother elephant and baby elephant can be placed in your home.


Friday, October 14, 2016


Wow what a story!  This woman suffered infertility for years and miscarriage.  She had resigned herself to the fact that she probably wasn't going to have children.  Then, by surprise she found out she was pregnant.  Later, her ultrasound revealed that she had triplets...what's even more amazing is that they are identical.  The odds of that are quite rare.  Even when people have fertility treatments (which she did not), it's quite rare that multiples would be identical.
Good things come to those that wait!  Read more:


SALMON ARM , B.C. — A British Columbia couple who've waited years to become parents are expecting three babies at once — identical triplets, which doctors say come along only once in 50 million births.
For Mahalia Meeuwsen and her husband Mike, just having one baby seemed like a miracle....

...In April, Meeuwsen was experiencing some unusual symptoms she chalked up to early menopause — until a call from her doctor's office confirmed she was pregnant.
“I thought I was too old, so it was pretty shocking.”
Then an ultrasound revealed what medical staff thought was twins.
Two weeks later, the shock multiplied.
“I had another ultrasound and the tech goes, ‘There’s a heartbeat here and here and here.’ And I thought he was joking,” Meeuwsen said. “But, he showed me — and there they all were. I was dizzy.”
When they brought her husband in for the news, they propped him up between the bed and the wall.
“They figured he’d need something to lean on,” Meeuwsen said with a laugh.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016


 What Yoga Poses Help Fertility and Getting Pregnant?

Here is a summary of some of the yoga poses which can benefit the reproductive system:
1. The Bridge Pose - the bridge stimulates abdominal organs and can relieve menstrual discomfort if done regularly. It calms the brain and can help with stress. Start by lying on the floor. Bend your knees, put your fee flat on the floor as close to your sit bones as possible. Bring your buttocks up until you form a bridge and bring your hands together clasped underneath you.
2. The Cobbler's Pose - this pose also stimulates abdominal organs, ovaries and is thought to be a natural remedy for infertility. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and let them lay out to the side. Bring your feet together and hold the toes or ankles with your hands.
yoga for fertility Sandy Robertson
For more on Fertility Bodywork, click here
3. The Lotus pose - this pose stimulates the pelvis, spine, abdomen and bladder. It can help ease the pain of childbirth if done throughout pregnancy. This pose starts by sitting cross legged on the floor. Slowly bring one foot on top of your thigh then the other foot on top of the other thigh. If this is painful, you may stay seated cross legged. Bring your thumb and middle fingers together and rest on your knees
4. The Reclining Hero pose - this pose probably needs to be done with support (a bolster pillow can be used along the length of your back). The reclining hero pose helps open up and stretch the abdomen and it can ease menstrual pain. This pose begins by kneeling then sitting down between your feet then slowly reclining down until you are laying on the floor. This is an intermediate pose and you may need additional support with a second pillow on your back until you become more experienced.
In my DVD, "Fertility Bodywork" (available at get I demonstrate these yoga poses among others and I also have a segment on fertility pelvic massage, acupressure and reflexology and daily routines which help increase pelvic circulation and oxygenation. All of these fertility enhancing techniques can be done by yourself in the privacy of your own home without the services of a paid professional.
See Also, Chakras For Fertility (Click Here)

Saturday, October 08, 2016


Trying To Have A Baby Over 40?  Don't Focus On Your Age

Well,  I recently had another birthday...and I got to thinking how birthdays are so traumatic for women who are obsessed with their biological timeclocks.
I'll admit, I had a good cry every birthday over 40 when I was trying to conceive. I even said that I was moving on to childfree right before my 44th birthday (and of course I conceived my daughter right after that). retrospect, I can say that having an obsession with age only added to my stress and desperation. If you think about it, you're not really a year older on your birthday, you're just a day older than yesterday. I've never been one to discuss my age because I think our society is WAY too age obsessed. Once people know how old you are, you're automatically put into a "category". Unfortunately, the perception is that young is better than old. But one thing I have noticed as a teacher of college kids (aged anywhere from 18---60) the lines between young and old seem to be blurring. I frequently think the young ones are older and older ones are younger. Shows what I know! post here)

In terms of trying to conceive, it's the age of your eggs that count. I've known many cases of younger women who have premature ovarian failure and older women who get a little lax with their birth control and get pregnant. As a matter of fact, the number of unintended pregnancies in women over 40 is second only to teenagers! I myself got pregnant again by total surprise when I was 49 (even with only one fallopian tube - see
So if you have a birthday coming up. Go have yourself a party...age really is just a number and I have numerous posts about women getting pregnant over 40 and even over 50.  Attract success in your life not desperation!

Thursday, October 06, 2016


I am frequently asked to do interviews with the media since having babies over the age of 40 is becoming the norm in many circles.  My most recent interview was with US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT which was doing a story on Navigating pregnancy in your 40's.  It's a piece that goes through the pros and cons and talks about what women can do to make their pregnancy and delivery the best it can be.  The article also talks about another woman who was 45 and unexpectedly pregnant. 


Read more:

Sandy Robertson, 57, author of "You Can Get Pregnant Over 40, Naturally," had been through several years of infertility treatments and a few miscarriages when, at age 45, she resigned herself to not having children. But then she felt a "universal backlash," she recalls. "I would run into all these people in their 40s who were pregnant – no matter where I went. My radar was up, maybe, but I thought, 'You know, I bet I can do this,'" she says.

First, she took care of her body. "I would eat broccoli for breakfast. I had [around] 11 servings of vegetables a day. I cut back on the amount of exercise I did. I did meditation," she continues. "And lo and behold, I got pregnant on my own."
...In the end, Robertson had a "fairly run of the mill" vaginal delivery at 39 weeks, she says, adding that doctors encouraged early delivery to avoid the deterioration of the placenta, which is more prone to happen in older women. The placenta feeds the baby nutrients and oxygen throughout the pregnancy, so if it begins to deteriorate, the risks of prematurity and stillbirth increase. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

FERTILE TURTLE BRACELET many of you may have already seen on my website, I have started a new line of fertility jewelry with natural stones and fertility symbolism from around the world. Our newest addition is the "Fertile Turtle" Bracelet. This is a fun and meaningful piece of jewelry with genuine rose quartz and white turquoise.

Rose Quartz pink color of rose quartz is thought to attract love energy. Rose quartz is thought to carry feminine energy and it targets the heart chakra. Rose quartz promotes vitality, energy and fertility and it is commonly thought of as a fertility stone. It can also be helpful to put rose quartz on your belly when you do become pregnant.

White Turquoise

More rare than the traditional Turquoise, White Turquoise brings calmness, aligns the chakras and unites male and female energy. It reduces acidity which is good for female fertility. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to alleviate pain and cramps.

The Turtle

The turtle symbolizes fertility, they lay a large number of eggs and have a large number of offspring. Turtles have 13 squares in the middle of its shell and are connected to the 13 full moons each year. They also have 28 smaller squares around the outside which are associated with the 28 days of the lunar month corresponding to a woman’s cycle.

Click here for more on our styles of fertility bracelets and how to purchase (

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Maca For Fertility - How It Works and How To Use It

Guest Post By Mark A Ament

One of the most common questions I get is from men and women who have heard about using maca to boost their chances of having a child.. Judging from these questions, there's a good deal of misinformation out there regarding how to use maca in this way. That's why I wanted to offer this detailed article.
How Maca Helps Both Men and Women
Maca is one of a few herbs that are believed to be "adaptogens." These special kinds of herbs adapt to a variety of conditions within a given body and help restore it to a healthy balance. Maca in particular works on the endocrine system to balance hormones in both men and women.
Scientific studies, some of which are referenced below, have found that using black maca boosts sperm count in men and even increases sperm activity. Similar studies show that females given maca respond with increased regularity in cycles and easier ovulation. Another result of taking the herb is a marked increase in libido for both men and women.




In addition to balancing hormones taking this superfood powder also provides excellent nutritional support. It is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. Both men and women who are properly nourished greatly increase the likelihood of conceiving a healthy child.
Tips On Using Maca To Boost Your Chances of Conception
If you do decide to use maca in this way there are several things that you should do and keep in mind in order to maximize your success.

  1. Use only high quality, fresh, certified organic products. Unfortunately there are many inferior products on the market that are made from chemically grown maca or from old maca roots that have lost their potency.
  2. Use the right amount. Using maca in this way is considered to be a therapeutic usage and therefore you need to take a therapeutic dosage consistently and regularly.
  3. Both partners should take it For maximum efficacy you and your partner should be taking the powder. Maca comes with a number of other benefits, so it should be easy to convince him/her to do so.
  4. Women should consider using red maca. It's the rarest and most nutritionally dense form of the plant. It's also the best for female fertility.
  5. Men should use black maca. It has been shown to increase sperm count and sperm motility

Scientific Studies on Maca Relevant to This Topic

  • Gonzales, G. F., et al. "Effect of Black maca (Lepidium meyenii) on one spermatogenic cycle in rats." Andrologia. 2006 Oct; 38(5): 166-72.
  • Bustos-Obregon, E., et al. "Lepidium meyenii (Maca) reduces spermatogenic damage induced by a single dose of malathion in mice." Asian J. Androl. 2005 Mar; 7(1): 71-6.
  • Ruiz-Luna, A.C., et al. "Lepidium meyenii (Maca) increases litter size in normal adult female mice." Reprod. Biol. Endocrinol. 2005 May; 3(1): 16.
  • Gonzales, C., et al. "Effect of short-term and long-term treatments with three ecotypes of Lepidium meyenii (MACA) on spermatogenesis in rats." J. Ethnopharmacol. 2006 Feb 20; 103(3): 448-54.
  • Fertile Lady Supplement
    Supplement with Maca
  • Gonzales, G. F., et al. "Effect of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on spermatogenesis in male rats acutely exposed to high altitude (4340 m)." J. Endocrinol. 2004; 180(1): 87-95.

If you are looking to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally, without invasive surgical procedures, maca is certainly the supplement to try. Adding maca for fertility to any program or strategy can only help your overall health and chances of conceiving a child.
And now I invite you to check out the best selection of Maca Powder anywhere. Red, Black, Cream, Gelatinized Maca and more from The Maca Team.

Article Source:

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So what exactly is inositol (or myoinositol)?  It is one of the B Vitamins (actually thought of as vitamin B8).  For women who are trying to conceive, inositol has been associated with higher quality eggs and may help with blastocyst development.  For women who have been diagnosed with PCOS, Inositol may help with insulin sensitivity of the ovary.  If you are taking a multivitamin, be sure it has the recommended daily amount of inositol.  There are also a number of supplements on the market that focus on inositol and other essential nutrients for those trying to conceive.

Click Here for Inositol from our trusted affiliates

Friday, September 16, 2016


Even before I was trying to conceive, I had heard about the benefits of wheatgrass.  When I joined an infertility support group a number of the women there were talking about "wheatgrass shots" which were supposed to help them get pregnant.  So, is there any truth to the claim that wheatgrass can help you conceive?  Well, yes, it seems there is.  Not only is wheatgrass a great source of chlorophyll which can help remove toxins from your body, it also has 8 essential amino acids and many more nutrients.  In addition to all of the overall health benefits, if you are trying to conceive, it can help create an "alkaline" environment which is more sperm friendly than an acidic environment.



Monday, September 12, 2016


One of my most popular web pages is about women who, "against all odds" got pregnant naturally over the age of 50.  Almost all of these were unplanned probably because they didn't think they could get pregnant at their age.  Heck, the media is obsessed with how you probably have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than you do getting pregnant over the age of 40!  And yet the unexpected rate of pregnancy over 40 is second only to teenagers!  It seems like there is a disconnect between what is reported and the reality.  Here are 8 cases of women who spontaneously conceived over age 50.


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