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Monday, August 31, 2015


For the Cole slaw recipe, click here


Here are some of the many benefits of cabbage as it relates to fertility from the following site:

Vitamin E:
It is a vital component for the good health of hair and skin. It not only treats skin problems but also has anti-aging properties, slows down aging process, fights wrinkles. It is also beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles, easing the pain, aids in proper brain, heart, and eye functioning. It is also good for fertility and reproductive organs.

It controls high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, menstrual issues, and heart diseases. It is good for pregnancy, and controls high blood pressure.

It helps in conceiving, prevents coronary and cardiovascular diseases, and reduces the chances of cancer. It aids in normal functioning of brain and nervous system. Intake of folic acid can treat arthritis and bone problems, reduces the risk of skin infections and increases fertility in men and women. It is also good for women going through menopause. 

Other uses include properties like antioxidants which fight with free radicals and prevent cell damage and anti-inflammatory characteristics that help to reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation. 
 excerpted from:

Friday, August 28, 2015


You may have heard about the healing properties of crystals.  If you are trying to conceive, you are probably doing everything you can to get your body back in balance.  This article talks about how crystals can help (see also the links below for how these crystals are incorporated into jewelry):

The Myriad Colours of Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Guest Post By Ron Windred

Though it's not a documented fact, it's fairly safe to say that there are as many crystals as there are colours that represent them. The lore of each type of crystal and its innate healing assets has been passed down from generation to generation, and similar to Chinese medicine shops that specialize in herbal mixtures for remedies of all kinds of ailments, crystals also have distinct yet delicate healing and enhancement facilities.
Wondering which crystal to choose for a specific need? Below is a list of several of the most widely used crystals, and the main purposes for their application:
Amethyst - (purple/violet) - This crystal strengthens the endocrine and immune system, and it is also a powerful blood cleanser and energizer. In addition, it helps relieve mental distress and disorders and enhances psychic and channeling abilities. The Amethyst crystal is very calming, and therefore it's an excellent crystal to use for meditation. (SEE AMETHYST BRACELET BELOW)
Aventurine - (sea-green/forest-green) - The Aventurine crystal is said to purify the "three bodies" - the mental, emotional, and etheric, or "aural" body that extends just outside what appears to be the "edges" of your physical body. It also aids in releasing anxiety and fear and thereby encourages independence.
Carnelian - (bright orange) - This lovely colored crystal improves memory and alleviates sorrow and grief. It also increases courage and creativity while lessening anger, jealousy, and fear. Many people carry the Carnelian crystal for protection and good luck. Helpful hint: It can also assist you in finding the right mate!
Fluorite - (milky white, clear, light green, slate gray) - The properties of the Fluorite crystal are just what you probably already imagine: they strengthen your teeth and bones! They are known as the "health" crystals, because they are also very beneficial for keeping the blood vessels and the spleen clear of any toxins. Fluorite crystals also ground and "fling away" excess energy, so they are also excellent for the advancement of the mind, concentration, and meditation. For those of you who are interested in interplanetary communication, fluorite will also keep you strong and healthy while connecting with interdimensional beings.


Clear Quartz - (white, clear) - The Clear Quartz crystal might be the most popular in certain circles, simply because of its pure simplicity. This wonderful crystal activates and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands, which regulate growth, so this crystal is recommended for children and adolescents,
Read More About Healing Crystals and Jewelry (
in particular. These crystals also serve as great emotional "balancers" while amplifying the thought process, making clairvoyance that much easier. Hang these crystals in front of a window to let the full spectrum of energy activate all your levels of consciousness, especially when you are feeling down - these crystals are pros at dispelling negative energy.
Lapis - (topaz/blue) - Lapis Lazuli, as this crystal is also known, is very effective for the internal organs: use this crystal if you suffer from migraines, acid reflux or other digestive problems, or bloating. It also aids in spiritual development.
Hematite - (silver gray/dark gray) - Hematite has an extremely positive effect on the smooth flow of the bloodstream. It also removes toxins from and activates spleen activity, which filters blood and regulates the red blood cells with the white blood cells. Hematite is also used to relieve stress and strengthen the physical body; it has unique energizing properties, and it also enhances personal magnetism, which of course promotes optimism, courage, and all those good things!
Rose Quartz - (pink/rose) - This crystal is often found near the bedside, as it is believed to increase fertility and ease sexual and emotional imbalances. Naturally, this clears away stored-up anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy. Have a hot temper, or a friend who flares up a little too much? Get a Rose Quartz crystal, by all means! "Everything sweet" is the perfect description for this crystal, which also promotes forgiveness, compassion, and love. No one should be without it!
Jasper - (light brown/spotted/flecked) - The Jasper crystal emits tremendous emotional and psychological healing, and it promotes harmony and balance. Some say it reveals hidden thoughts, hopes, and fears. It definitely enhances creative visualization, so have this one in hand while you're meditating.
Moonstone - (cream/often bluish-green) - The moonstone crystal is associated with love and protection, and it also drums up extra intuition and psychic abilities.
Obsidian - (black/gray) - This shiny crystal is popular because it brings serenity and a sense of purity to those who either, carry, wear, or use it for healing purposes. It brings both positive and negative emotions to the surface, offering balance in times of change and transition.
Sodalite - (smoky blue/clear, dark blue) - This gorgeous crystal is also an inner-organ healer; it positively affects the pancreas and endocrine system. Also, it is said to remove fear and has a way of balancing the male/female, or yin/yang polarities in those who feel in need of "centering." It also is great for communication and creative expression.
Tiger Eye - (brown/striped/tan/yellow) - This is another crystal many people carry around for health purposes: Tiger Eye crystals cover almost everything: the spleen, pancreas, intestines, and the colon. It is extremely grounding and centering. Have a stubborn friend? Slip one of these into his or her pocket as a token of love. Soon they'll turn to you with a sudden, yet clear sense of perception and insight!
Ron is a Crystal and Reiki Master, Metaphysician and Meditation teacher who lives and works at 'Akasha Keep'; a spiritual centre dedicated to healing and teaching, located in the beautiful Somerset region of Queensland, Australia.
Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this article are for inspiration and reference. These alleged properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.
For more information on crystal healing
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


If you've been trying to conceive for more than a year and you're not having success, you may be in a place of anger and feeling the unfairness of what life has dished out to you.  You probably are feeling unworthy and "less than" everyone else who seems to be able to get pregnant with no problem.  If you believe in the law of attraction, this can be a big problem in bringing a baby into your life.

(see my website here for more on meditation and visualization - 

The law of attraction basically says that you will attract to you that which you are.  So if you are feeling down, angry, jealous and basically unworthy, you will attract more of that to yourself.  As hard as it may seem, you need to change your mindset and subsequently your "vibration" to a more positive place.  One of the ways I accomplished this was through visualization and meditation

Even though I went through a six year journey with infertility and miscarriage, somehow I was able to see my baby in my life.  I could feel her hovering over me.  When I visualized, I could see me feeding her, playing with her and how happy I was.  Yes, I did all of this while experiencing a grueling journey of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and surgery.  When I visualized, I would find myself smiling.  It didn't always take away the hurt during other times of the day, but those moments of happiness and relief went a long way.  The positive thoughts are more powerful than the negative ones.

I also found it helpful to get back to nature.  Take a walk in the park (barefoot if possible to make contact with the earth) and imagine yourself with your baby in tow.  If you really want to attract something into your life, you need to behave as if you already have it.   I even remember taking long walks and repeating with each step "I am going to have a baby", or "I have a baby".  I don't always know how it works, all I know is that it does.  Give it a try, you will find immediate relief when you change your pregnancy mindset.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Natural Pregnancies Do Happen To Women In Their Late 40's

Surprise! Just when you think you've hit're 47 and pregnant.
 I'm always finding examples of women who've undergone fertility treatments...then get pregnant naturally (even well into their 40's).   After having my daughter, I got pregnant by surprise at the age of 49!(See 49 and Pregnant)
 I miscarried, but it goes to show you that age is just a number.

Here is an article of a women who got pregnant by surprise at 47:

Susan and Ambrose Samulski used fertility treatments to help conceive their three children. So it was a bit of a surprise when, 12 years later, they found out they were pregnant with a fourth.

"I thought I'd gone through menopause," says Susan, who was 47 at the time. "I went to the doctor and had a list of all the things that were bothering me. He said, `Could you be pregnant?' and I said, `No way.'

"I made him test me twice – I just didn't believe it."


It was a total shock, agrees Ambrose – he had worried his wife had a terminal illness.

As for the children, "My son said something like, `You crazy kids,'" Susan recalls. "But we were all thrilled."

Their baby was born Dec. 23, 2007, in Calgary where the family lived for a short time before moving back to Brooklin in Durham Region.

It was a 21-hour labour. "I thought the fourth one would just fall out," Susan jokes. Because there were more than 12 years between babies, it was like giving birth for the first time.

excerpted from:

Friday, August 21, 2015


Pregnancy Over 40, Pregnant At 45 Naturally

It seems like we're always hearing about how hard it is to get pregnant over 40, and I'm sure for some it is.
 However, there's quite a few women over the age of 40 who get pregnant by accident. Here is an article about a 45 year old who found herself unexpectedly expecting. The article also talks about some of the pregnancy statistics and pregnancy termination statistics for British women over 40 (and even 50). Read more:

A few weeks ago it was revealed that the number of British women giving birth at 45-plus has more than doubled over the past decade: the figure in 2005 was 1,177, compared with 586 in 1995. For most of those mothers, having a baby is a triumph: the culmination of a long, heartfelt quest. 

Read About My Pregnancy At 49(www, 

See also:  women who got pregnant naturally over 50 (

But that isn't the whole story: because not all women who conceive in their late 40s are hoping for a baby. The 2005 abortion statistics show that, of the total 186,416 abortions in that year, 545 were carried out on women aged 45-49 (the figure for women aged 40-44 was 7,459, and 23 women even had one at 50-plus). Proof, if it were needed, that not all women who get pregnant in later life are delirious with joy when a little blue line appears on their urine test stick.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Pregnancy Over 40, Trying To Conceive Over 40, Try Screaming!

One of the turning points in my journey to get pregnant was when I completely boiled over with frustration.
I was on the edge of completely giving up and actually did give up and came to the (supposed) realization that I was never going to have a baby. One day, I was home alone and I started screaming at the top of my lungs. I cursed the world, I cursed the universe and I screamed at God and all my guardian angels for abandoning me when I needed them most. To this day, I wonder how it was that my neighbors didn't hear me! The day after this tantrum, my throat was sore and I was tired and emotionally spent.


 But the funny thing is, I felt better. I felt like I got it all out and I felt like I was heard (by who I don't know!) As I discuss in my book, it was shortly after that I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I don't think that was just a coincidence. Screaming really can help and it feels so good to just let it all out. Just make sure you have a safe place where you won't scare your neighbors!!

This article talks about a study which showed that screaming does reduce stress:

From the article:

London: The next time you feel like screaming from all the stress work is putting on you, well go right ahead and let it all out.

A new research has found that a good shout can cut stress by up to 25 per cent. 


Monday, August 17, 2015


Oh wow, what a surprise today!  I previously ran an infertility support group for my local infertility organization. That was years ago and most of the women in the group have long since had their children and moved on to different phases of their life. 

Well the strangest thing happened today as it was the first day of school.  I was at the parent orientation and saw a woman who looked familiar, but couldn't place her.  As I looked at her, it finally dawned on me where I had seen her before.  She was in my infertility support group.  At the time (years ago) we were two of the oldest people in the group.  We were both in our 40's. 


She became pregnant before me (she succeeding in becoming pregnant with some minor fertility treatments) and had her baby six months before my daughter was born.  I had not seen her in years, but her name came to me when I finally realized she was a fellow support group attendee.  I had to remind her how we knew each other and I whispered in her ear "fertility support group" to maintain confidentiality (even after all these years, I don't discuss these things openly).

As it turns out, her son and my daughter will be attending the same school. It really is a small world and when I saw her, a flood of memories came back (and not all good ones!)  It reminded me how far we all have come from those painful days of wanting a baby and some dark moments of thinking it will never happen.  But look at us now....we've both accomplished our goals and those trying to conceive days are a distant memory....even though we were well into our 40's when we finally got pregnant, we still had and have a whole life ahead of us. 

My message to you if you are in the throes of infertility and or recurrent miscarriage, is that the vast majority of women succeed in having a child.  Past failure does not predict future results.  You can do this too!  Babies come on their own schedule and now that I have my daughter, I can see that the timing was perfect.  There was no way for me to know that at the time I was stuck in infertility quicksand, but I do see it now.  You are no different.  You will accomplish your goal.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Get Pregnant Naturally With The Help Of Co-Q10

I have heard about CoQ10 for a number of conditions, but this is the first time I've heard about how it may help fertility by actually improving egg function and quality.
Co-Q10 may help egg quality by preventing damage and help cellular energy.
 Read more:


Mitochondria need co-enzyme Q10 to make energy. The vitamin is also a powerful anti-oxidant that may prevent mitochondrial DNA damage, Casper said.

Co-enzyme Q10's production by the body also decreases as we get older, starting around age 25.

"One of the theories about why we get old and die in the first place is that our cells just run out of energy — the mitochondria stop working properly and there's just not enough energy for cellular function so organs start to fail," Casper said. "A simple explanation could be that there's not enough fuel from the co-Q10 around."

In a pilot study using 52-week old mice — mid-life for a mouse, and the equivalent of 40 to 50 for a human — Casper's team gave half the group co-enzyme Q10, and the other half a placebo. Next they compared eggs retrieved from both groups of mice with eggs from 10-week old mice.
"What we found was that just treating the mice with co-Q10 we got more eggs when we gave them fertility drugs," Casper said. The nuclear spindles that pull the chromosomes apart were more like those in young eggs. The litter size was bigger, and the eggs from the vitamin-treated mice had improved mitochondrial function.

Even more surprising, when the researchers examined the mouse ovaries, there were significantly more egg follicles in the old mice treated with the co-Q10 — suggesting, Casper said, "that we actually were able to delay the onset of the equivalent of menopause in the mice."

Excerpted from Times Colonist

Monday, August 10, 2015


Pregnancy Over 40 and Vitamin C

Another good reason to eat those colorful fruits and vegetables.
Many women who suffer from infertility and recurrent miscarriage may have something called "luteal phase defect" where hormone levels are insufficient in the second half of their menstrual cycle. Here is an article which talks about a study on vitamin C and how it may help with this problem:

One hundred fifty women with luteal phase defect seeking medical attention for infertility were enrolled in the current study. Levels of estrogen and progesterone were monitored for three menstrual cycles. The participants were randomly assigned to receive 750 mg of vitamin C per day or no treatment beginning at the onset of the third cycle of the study. During the third cycle, progesterone levels increased significantly in women receiving vitamin C but did not change in women receiving no treatment. Estrogen levels also increased in the treatment group but not the untreated group. Moreover, there was a significantly higher pregnancy rate in the vitamin C group than in the untreated group: 25% of the women receiving vitamin C became pregnant within six months of starting treatment, while only 11% of untreated women became pregnant in the same time period.

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The results of this preliminary study suggest that vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility in some women with luteal phase defect. Placebo-controlled trials are needed to confirm the benefits observed in this study and to identify the amount of vitamin C that has the best effect on luteal phase defect. Vitamin C is inexpensive and safe, and could be useful as an early intervention in the treatment of infertility due to luteal phase defect.

  from: (

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


  Implantation Of The Embryo

If you're trying to conceive, you undoubtedly are obesessed with every aspect of your biology.
Here is a very informative article on how an embryo attaches itself to the uterus. When I was in my TTC phase, I would actually visualize the embryo implanting, this article would have provided a great mental diagram for the whole process. Read more:

About 6 days after fertilization, the embryo is shaped like a sphere. The surface of the sphere is made up of a layer of specialized cells called the trophoblast. At this phase of development, the embryo is called the blastocyst. The trophoblast later gives rise to the cells that will form the fetus' part of the placenta. (The placenta is made up of both maternal and fetal tissues.)

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 The trophoblast is coated with a protein known as L-selectin. The wall of the uterus is coated with carbohydrate molecules. The researchers believe that as the blastocyst travels along the uterine wall, L-selectin on its surface binds to the carbohydrates on the uterine wall, until the blastocyst gradually slows to a complete stop. After this happens, the cells that later become the fetus' contribution to the placenta develop. The placental tissue from the fetus then invades the uterine wall by sending finger-like extensions into it. These projections make contact with the maternal blood supply, becoming the pipeline through which the fetus derives nutrients and oxygen, and rids itself of carbon dioxide and wastes.

"It's analogous to a tennis ball rolling over a table top covered with syrup," said the study's senior author, Susan Fisher, PhD., UCSF professor of stomatology, anatomy and pharmaceutical chemistry. "The embryo's journey is arrested by the sticky interaction with the uterine wall."


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