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Thursday, November 13, 2014


I thought I would give you a summary of the women who were previously in my infertility support group and now have one or more children. Believe me, I'm not doing this to torture you, I'm letting you know that all of these women were in various stages of desperation - sometimes angry, sometimes hopeless, and always wondering if getting pregnant was the impossible dream. Here's a recap:

M.A. = Conceived at the age of 43 (naturally) had her baby at the age of 44. Got pregnant after she was turned down for IVF because she was too "old".

J.S. = Tried at least 3 years to conceive with various low tech fertility treatments (i.e. inseminations, drugs etc.)then adopted an 8 year old boy. Had some endometriosis removed, conceived naturally in her upper 30's had a son, then conceived naturally again a year later, had a daughter.


S.S. = Was told her FSH was too high, egg quality too low and should consider IVF with genetic testing on embryo's prior to implantation. Took a break from fertility treatments to save up enough money to try again and conceived naturally in her upper 30's had a boy, conceived naturally again, had a daughter.

M.S. = Had male factor infertility and she had surgery to remove strange tissue around ovaries. Got pregnant with ICSI and IVF, now has a daughter

M.R. = Had PCOS, conceived first try IVF, now has a daughter

S.C. = Unexplained infertility, has two children through IVF.

There were many others that I know succeeded both naturally and with fertility treatments, but I've lost touch with them. The moral of the story? There's always hope. Everyone of these people succeeded despite feeling like they NEVER would. Even though I'm an advocate of getting pregnant with natural means, I do understand that depending on your diagnosis, fertility treatments may be necessary. But no matter whether or not you go the high tech. route, there are many people out there who were labeled "long shots" by the medical community (including me) and succeeding in giving birth. It could happen to you too.

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