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Sunday, November 09, 2014



Have you ever wanted to practice visualization (with or without meditation) especially if you are trying to conceive?  When I was trying to conceive, I made visualization and meditation part of my "pregnancy protocol" and I believe it was a key piece of my success.  If you think this idea is "way out there", this practice is quite common within the sports community.  And if you're the kind of person that needs proof it works, there was a study done by an Australian psychologist who worked with basketball players.  Half the players in the study practiced daily, and the other half just visualized outstanding performance.  The player who visualized only were almost equal to those who practiced daily.
So how do we translate this to getting pregnant?  If you want to attract a baby into your life, don't just say "I want a baby", you need to actually SEE yourself with your baby.  That's where visualization can help.  I created a vision board and I looked at it every day.  This page on my site explains more:


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