Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Pregnant: Halloween Candy May Derail You

Halloween Candy and Fertility

Even if you're not a kid, Halloween is a time when everyone seems to be throwing candy at you. Either you have it around the house for the trick or treaters or there's a big bowl of it at work.

If you're trying to conceive, all that fat and sugar can negatively affect your fertility.
Sugar, in particular can raise and lower insulin levels which can wreak havoc on your adrenal glands.  This stress ultimately weakens them which results in hormonal imbalance.  Sugar can also leave women susceptible to yeast infections which come with a whole set of new problems which may not direct affect infertility, but may create obstacles to getting pregnant.

Chocolate has been in the media lately as having health benefits, however the chocolate they are talking about is "dark chocolate" which has a high cocoa content.  Unfortunately, most of the Halloween candy out there is made with milk chocolate which does more harm than good.

So, this Halloween, give out healthy treats or just give apples or stickers.   If you want something good yourself, have some dark chocolate.  But remember, everything in moderation!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wow! 53 Year Old Gets Pregnant Naturally While On The Pill

Pregnancy Over 40 and Pregnancy Over 50

I frequently post stories of women who get pregnant over the age of 40 even up to their late 40's naturally.  Well, how about this story?  A women gets pregnant at the age of 53 while on the pill!

Great story for you youngsters in your 40's who are TTC.  Read more:

When I saw the two blue lines my heart was thumping so hard I thought it would burst out of my chest,’ says Debbie, a grandmother-of-two. ‘My first thought was, “I’m too old, this can’t be right”.’
Debbie had only taken the test because her partner Paul Clarke, 45, a heavy goods vehicle driver, had joked ‘Are you pregnant?’ when she complained of a bloated tummy after they’d shared a pizza.

from:  daily mail

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Clomid is frequently used to stimulate ovulation

Oh, now they tell me. Back when we were undergoing fertility treatments, we tried Clomid which was one of the worst drugs for me and my body
 It's a drug you take the week before ovulation to stimulate your ovaries to release more than one egg, but it may not be all it's cracked up to be

Clomid may actually reduce the chance of pregnancy

 We used to call it "the week from hell" because my emotions were on a rollercoaster and my poor husband had to brace himself for yet another month of drama. And no, it didn't get me pregnant - and apparently I'm not the only one. Interestingly,  Clomid can actually decrease your chances of pregnancy.

Click Here To Read Full Article on Clomid and fertility (getpregnantover40.com)


Monday, October 14, 2013

Weight Loss Should Occur Before Conception Not While Trying

Pregnancy Over 40, Lose Weight Before Trying To Conceive

Most people have heard that being overweight can be a risk factor for infertility.  The best way to determine  your ideal weight is with a BMI calculator*.

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 If you're trying to conceive, weight loss (especially rapid weight loss) can have an adverse affect on getting pregnant.
My advice is to give yourself some time to get to your ideal weight before you try to conceive. Once your weight has stabilized, then start trying.

*From WikiHow, here is how to calculate it:
Take your height in inches and square the number. In other words, multiply the number of inches by the same number of inches.Divide your weight in pounds by the second figure. The second figure is your height in inches squared.Multiply that answer by the conversion factor of 703 if you used inches and pounds.

Read more:

But he pointed out that sudden and dramatic reductions in calories and increases in activity during the periconceptual period in all women, including those undergoing assisted reproduction techniques (ART), could have potentially adverse effects. Weight-loss interventions put stress on the reproductive system that could lead to failure through a variety of mechanisms, he warned.

Apart from disruption to normal physiological mechanisms, an additional concern hypothesised is that environmental pollutants stored in fat such as DDT and organochlorine, released into the blood circulation when fat is metabolised during lifestyle interventions, could have potentially adverse effects on the pregnancy.


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Trying To Conceive Over 40: The Agonizing Wait From Month to Month

TTC Over 40, It May Take Longer, But That Doesn't Mean It Won't Happen

One of the worst parts of TTC was that it was pretty much a waiting game - and although I know women over 40 can and do get pregnant every day, it can take longer.

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I think I got pretty good at pinpointing my fertile time, but all in all, there's a lot of waiting around. Before ovulation, you're waiting for those days when intercourse is mandatory. Even after ovulation, there's about a two week wait before you can do a pregnancy test. I can't tell you how many explatives came out of my mouth when I did get my period all those years. I didn't know who to be mad at...myself, God, the universe, my husband...etc. etc. etc.

So what can you do while you're waiting around?

1. Keep yourself busy with things you enjoy. I love decorative painting (with non toxic paint) and I redecorated my sister's entire house.

2. My husband and I went on a number of weekend getaways.

3. Reconnect with people you haven't seen for a while (especially those without children). It's nice to be around others who aren't into "kiddie" talk especially when you're feeling down about not being able to get pregnant.

4. See a movie (even if you go by yourself)

5. Cook some healthy meals - I used a lot of my "downtime" to cook vegetables and other healthy meals which helped me to stick with my healthy diet.

6. Organize and declutter your house - you'd be surprised how much better you feel when your home is in order. Do you have a room designated for your future son or daughter? Make sure it's in good shape - decorate it (not necessarily in baby decor). I had a room set aside for a nursery. It was a total mess since I sorted laundry in it. I found some flowery fabric, cleaned it up and decorated it. I think on some level, babies want an inviting environment to come into.

7. Work on creating your family tree. I contacted as many relatives as I could find to get the names of my ancestors. I also collected a number of pictures of distant ancestors which I now display on a large dresser in my bedroom. I'm so happy I did this because I know one day, my daughter will appreciate seeing all these pictures (and there's no way I would have time to do this now). This was a time consuming but very fun project. With all of the technology out there you can duplicate some very old photos to near new condition.

Those are just some ideas. Only you know what you enjoy. Keep living your life, it will lift your spirits. It seems like it was when I was busy doing something fun and/or interesting, I didn't obsess on getting pregnant -- and wouldn't you know it -- that's when I would.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Defective Gene In Men Makes Conception Difficult

Pregnancy Over 40, Sperm Defects

The discovery of a gene defect may explain why some couples have difficulty getting pregnant even when everything looks okay.

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 A defective gene in sperm may make it more difficult to fertilize an egg (although not impossible). Read more:

The genetic change is in a gene called DEFB126, which codes for a protein that clings to sperm, helping them swim through the woman's body to fertilise the egg.
Abnormal sperm These sperm look normal but have more difficulty getting to the egg

Researchers believe men with the defective gene have sperm that find it harder to make their way through mucus, causing low fertility.

A study of more than 500 married couples in China found that women who had partners with two copies of the defective gene (one from the mother and one from the father) were less likely to get pregnant.

The women also took longer to get pregnant by a couple of months.

Further studies, carried out in people from the US, UK, China, Japan and Africa, found the gene mutation is common around the world.

About half of all men carry one copy of the defective gene; while a quarter have two defective copies.


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