Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laughter May Be The Best Medicine For Infertility

If You're Trying To Get Pregnant, Laughter May Help

I love to laugh...can't wait for the late night shows to listen to the comedians.
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Even in my "old age" (ahem!) I still love to watch the funny videos show. I've written before about the healing power of laughter. This article talks about how laughter can provide "comic relief" for infertility. It also mentions a woman who used laughter while undergoing five years of fertility treatments only to conceive her two children naturally! Read more:


From the article:

Laughter helped Miserlis cope with the stress of five long years of fertility treatments. (She ultimately conceived her two children naturally and is now writing a book about her sometimes-humorous journey.) But you don’t have to have been trying for years to be stressed out about babymaking. Even a few months without success can take its toll. As hard as it may be to find humor in something that really isn’t funny, experts say it could actually help.

“I really do believe that [humor] is one of many healthy, affordable ways to cope with all the stress,” says Alison Wilson, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Denver. Not being able to get pregnant when you want to can be a very distressing time, “and throwing a little humor in there can be so beneficial.”

Think about it—it’s pretty hard to feel sad or angry while you’re laughing, right? Laughter can also relax the body and release endorphins, quite helpful during a process that can be far from relaxing.

“A lot of times the indignities involved with the procedures and the expectations get so extreme,” says licensed psychologist Janice Pimentel, Psy.D., who counsels patients struggling with fertility issues in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. “Sarcasm and humor can be very useful in relieving stress and acknowledging that you are responding in a normal way to a crazy situation, as opposed to being crazy yourself.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hypnosis For Fertility

I have done a few posts on "hypnofertility" which uses hypnosis to induce a relaxed state and aides conception. This video explains how the process works and includes and interview with a hypnotherapist. Watch the video here:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Castor Oil Packs for Fertility and Pregnancy Detoxification and Circulation

Castor Oil Packs for Fertility, Make Your Own!

I've come across "castor oil packs" as a remedy for a number of pelvic problems, many of which can cause infertility.

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Castor oil packs can help with pelvic inflammation and pelvic circulation.  They are also thought to help with liver detoxification.  You can either buy them or make your own in just minutes.  Here is my short video which explains how to make your own castor oil packs:

Click Here To Learn How To Make Your Own Castor Oil Packs

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can Grapefruit Juice Improve Cervical Mucus?

Trying To Get Pregnant By Improving Cervical Mucus Consistency and pH

I've never been a real fan of grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
However, I came across a home remedy for improving cervical mucus. It may be worth a try.   Even though grapefruit juice is acidic, after it is digested, it becomes more alkaline which has a positive affect on cervical mucus.  It is also thought to help the consistency. If you think about your sinuses and all of the things a doctor will tell you when you have a cold, many of those same recommendations will apply to improving your cervical mucus.

Click Here To Read The Full Article On Improving Cervical Mucus

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kinesiology: Uterine Lift

Uterine Placement Important To Get Pregnant

In my video, "Fertility Bodywork"(www.getpregnantover40.com), I do a segment on how to perform the uterine lift on yourself. I also found this You Tube video demonstrating a different form of the uterine lift performed by a kinesiologist. If the uterus is too low, this could translate to fertility problems. I continue to do the uterine lift now even though I'm not trying to conceive and I actually don't have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night as much anymore! That's been great to get a full night's sleep! Watch the video here (again, this is somewhat different from the one shown in my video):

Monday, May 21, 2012

All About Hormones Balance and Imbalance

Here is a great site which gives some detailed explanations about how hormones work and how every day things can cause imbalances. It also gives some ways to rebalance naturally. Read more:


From the article:

There is a connection between an imbalance in oestrogen and progesterone and the way the body uses the hormone insulin. Insulin is primarily used by the body to deal with glucose (sugar). If there is excess insulin (due to a high sugar or starch intake) or the body is not responding to insulin properly, this can trigger increased production levels of the hormone testosterone, which will in turn suppress ovulation. And any disruption to ovulation will have a knock-on effect on the production of progesterone. Stress also affects the body’s ability to keep the insulin mechanism which controls blood sugar levels in place.

This is why reducing stress levels and eating less sugarly or starchy foods and more wholegrains, protein, essential fats and fresh fruit and vegetables can reduce premenstrual cravings and other hormone imbalances.
How hormones work

Hormones are, in effect, chemical messengers which travel around the body, providing information. Once they reach the cell to which they are giving the message, they dock onto a receptor site on its surface in order to begin transmission, so to speak. This docking process is another potential hiccup in the mission to have hormones well balanced.

Firstly, if the cell membrane is not particularly healthy itself, the receptor site may not work properly. To minimise the risk of this, make sure you are getting a good supply of the essential fats which are so crucial to the health of the membrane. These are found in seeds, nuts and oily fish and their oils or can be taken in a linseed, fish or other oil supplement such as GLA.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Woman 46, Has Baby Naturally After Spending Thousands on IVF

Having A Baby At 46

Here's a great article if you're looking for success stories of people conceiving naturally and having a baby after failed IVF's.
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 See? I'm not the only one. Read more:

picture: dailymail.co.uk

From the article:

Each cycle cost around £5,000, but we had savings. We decided to have another go but after this was also unsuccessful, doctors told us not to waste our money on further treatment. Our only option was donor eggs.

I'd read on the internet about women falling pregnant thanks to acupuncture and Chinese herbs, so I visited Harley Street specialist Inga Heffe. She gave me a tea - what was in it, I'm not sure - which I had to drink twice a day. It tasted vile but I was prepared to try anything.

When my period was two weeks late I took a pregnancy test. To my astonishment, it was positive. I took another the next day, and another a week later. They were all positive.

I told Phil and we broke down in tears. I had given up hope of ever conceiving naturally.

But at five weeks I miscarried. It was devastating but the fact I had been pregnant gave us enormous hope and two months later I was pregnant again. I took three home tests before I could believe it. We skipped around like teenagers.

I was heading for 46 and knew the first 12 weeks were high-risk. But this time everything was fine. Nine days after my birthday, on November 29, Amber was born - weighing 8lb 21/2oz - and perfectly healthy.

I'm still not sure what it's down to. Did the IVF stimulate my hormones and improve my chances of conceiving? Did the acupuncture and herbs help? I'll never know.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Fertility Food You May Not Know About

Much has been written about fertility foods. This article talks about some that you may not have heard of and the good news is they are probably foods that you like. Read more:


From the article:

Just a half teaspoon of cinnamon a day has been proven to significantly reduce blood sugar levels and regulate cholesterol, according to a study in Pakistan back in 2003. It has also been used effectively in treating haemorrhaging of the womb. It is believed to increase sexual energy which certainly helps in the fertility battle. A cinnamon extract tablet called Cinnulin PF was administered in a study of women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome over 8 weeks. One group was given the pill while the second group was given a placebo tablet. The Cinnulin group showed a significant reduction in insulin resistance as well as regulating triglycerides, a common problem for women suffering from the fertility disorder.

According to the Aztecs, avocado was considered one of the ultimate fertility fruits. Because of its high Vitamin E content, avocados are largely used to treat infertility in men. It helps increase sperm mobility and keeps sperm from grouping together as they make their journey to the egg. Rock star Mick Jagger apparently used avocados in his fertility food diet when he wanted to add to his significant brood. Avocados are also high in good fats

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Woman Didn't Know She Was Pregnant - Has Baby After Trying For Four Years

Woman Has Baby Over 40 By Surprise

I have done a number of posts on the TV show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" because many of the women featured in the show are older and don't even consider pregnancy as a possibility for some of their symptoms.
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 The media and society has made such a deal about getting pregnant over the age of 40 that everyone thinks it's impossible, and it's not. Although the following video doesn't mention this couple's age, they had tried to get pregnant for four years when she unexpectedly delivers a baby. Watch the video here:

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Pregnancy Over 40 May Be Helped By Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil  is supposed to help fertility because it is high in vitamin E and an essential fatty acids which may help your body produce the "good prostaglandins".
See also: www.getpregnantover40.com for more natural methods to enhance fertility and carry a pregnancy to term

Evening primrose oil may also improve the consistency of cervical mucus. It may be found as a supplement and it was also a component of the natural progesterone cream I used as well.    It should be noted that the effectiveness of Evening Primrose Oil has been mixed in scientific studies, however, in addition to helping cervical mucus, it is also thought to tone the uterus.

Click Here To Read The Full Article On Evening Primrose Oil and Fertility 

  Click Here To Read More About Improving Cervical Mucus


Get Pregnant Naturally With Damiana Leaf

If you've never heard of Damiana, it is a small shrub native to Mexico and the Caribbean.
 It grows leaves and small flowers which are used in teas and tonics which are readily available in health food stores. According to this article it can assist with female and male fertility. Damiana is usually used by herbalists as a tea but it may also be taken as a supplement.

Damiana has a tonifying affect on the pelvic and sexual organs as well as the adrenal glands.  Some sources recommend taking with with saw palmetto.  It is said to balance hormones and stimulate egg maturation and production.  It may also have an aphrodisiac effect. 

Damiana may also be used by men.  It is thought to help sperm count and motility and can enhance libido and erectile function. 

SEE ALSO: TOP 5 HERBS FOR FERTILITY (getpregnantover40.com)


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Flabby Abs May Indicate Hormone Imbalance

I've heard quite a bit about how weight gain around your mid-section can be more dangerous than weight gain in other places. According to this article, it can also create hormone disruption which could of course lead to infertility. Read more:


From the article:

If you’re over 30 and struggling with a tubby tummy, you may suffer from estrogen dominance, warn the authors of From Belly Fat to Belly Flat (HCI, 2007). The condition results from the body’s natural slowdown of progesterone production and leads to weight gain between the navel and the hips, according to Dr. C.W. Randolph, a gynecologist who founded the Natural Hormone Institute of America, and Genie James, a women’s health care consultant.

The body needs adequate levels of the hormone progesterone to maintain bones, regulate sleep, sustain libido, and prevent depression. Progesterone also helps temper estrogen – the hormone responsible for puberty and reproductive function. This causes the body to store fat around the abdomen, but it makes it harder to burn off extra pounds and lower the metabolism in general.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Pregnancy Over 40 and B6

I have frequently been asked how a woman can lengthen her menstrual cycle.  I was able to get my cycle up from 21 days to 27-28 days.  I'm sure this helped me to conceive my daughter.
This article explains how B6 can assist the process. It also explains how other dietary factors can get your menstrual cycle back on track.

This article has moved, see also the Fertility Shop

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