Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Women May Make New Eggs - Even Older Women

Pregnancy Over 40, Women May Make New Eggs

Wow, reproductive science and stem cell research has really come a long way.
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We've always been told that we can't make new eggs, but this research may have come up with a way to rejuvenate a women's eggs. Although this would require some medical intervention, it may give older women who want a biological child a chance. Read more:


From the article:

The team started by looking in the ovarian tissue for a protein specific to egg cells that could allow them to identify these cells amongst the many that are present in ovarian tissue. They noted that, early in the development of an egg cell, this protein is expressed on the cell's outer membrane, before it gets pulled into the cell during development.

The team isolated cells expressing this protein on their surface by tagging the protein itself with a fluorescent marker. They then introduced a gene to make the cells glow green. When the group placed their fluorescent cells back into human ovarian tissue grafted under the skin of a mouse, they found that the cells were able to form multiple new immature eggs.

The finding of such stem-cell-like cells is being hailed as a major breakthrough by gynaecologists, including Kutluk Oktay at New York Medical College in Valhalla. Oktay hopes the cells could be stimulated to replenish dwindling egg numbers in older women, or in those who experience premature ovarian failure...

...We could isolate the stem cells' mitochondria and inject them into the same woman's older eggs. It's an adaptation of the old, disastrous protocol that could deliver clinical benefit." The team has partnered with OvaScience, which is set to launch a clinical trial this year.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Could The Position Of Your Uterus Affect Fertility?

Many women may wonder how the position of their uterus may affect their fertility. This article explains the relationship between uterine position, fertility, and pregnancy:

Uterine position and infertility (www.gynob.com)

From the article:

If the whole uterus, corpus and cervix, are held loosely in the pelvis such that the whole structure is relaxed back, it's called "retroverted." So it's possible that the angle of pivot between the corpus and cervix can still represent a anteflexed angle, but everything is retroverted. This would tend to pivot the cervix upward in the vagina against the ceiling, which is also the floor of the bladder. Such women may feel they have to urinate because of the pressure against the bladder. On the other hand, a retroflexed uterus may have pressure falling on the rectum, giving the sensation of needing to move the bowels.

In the classically normal anteflexed uterus, there are a number of ligaments that hold it in that position. The uterosacral ligaments go from the cervix, through the vaginal wall, and then insert on the sacrum. A growing pregnant uterus will twang these ligaments giving the famous lower back pain. The round ligaments originate from the sides of the uterus, travel away from it toward the pelvic sidewalls where they travel through the inguinal rings and then spread to insert on the vaginal sidewalls and inner thighs. A growing pregnant uterus will stretch these as well, giving the frequent "round ligament" pain that hurts usually to one side in the inguinal region. The main support for the uterus are the cardinal ligaments, tough fibrous supports that line the sides of the lower part of the uterus. The other ligaments are often lax long before the cardinal ligaments ever weaken.

Of course, once a baby distorts the anatomy by pulling the ligaments some distance, all bets are off. But not to worry, because the displacement of the uterus will not contribute to any infertility. This is due to the relationship between the vagina and the cervix.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fertility Smoothie

I did quite a bit of "juicing" when I was TTC. Here is a great video which demonstrates the juicing process and gives the benefits of some of the different vegetables and how they help fertility. Read more:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Low Vitamin D = Too Much Testosterone In Women

If You're Trying To Conceive, Too Much Testosterone Can Be Corrected With Vitamin D

Vitamin D seems to be the new "it" vitamin.
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 It seems to play a role in everything from fatigue to cancer prevention. Now it seem to help regulate hormones by preventing overproduction of testosterone in women. Read more:


From the article:

Vitamin D plays a role in human fertility. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause infertility among women and men.

Austrian physicians Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch and Elisabeth Lerchbaum found that low levels of vitamin D often lead to too much testosterone, which therefore could increase the risk of infertility among women. Also, when men are given extra vitamin D they produce more testosterone subsequently affecting the semen quality.

Researchers said, "It may not be that controlling vitamin D is the ultimate answer to fertility problems but it could be a very cheap and simple solution at least in some cases."

The finding has been published in the European Journal of Endocrinology's.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stress and Cortisol Reduction, What Works - What Doesn't

If you're stressed out, just go "hammer it out" at the gym, right? Wrong. What you may need is a nice nature walk. This article talks about ways to realistically reduce your stress (and lower cortisol which can get your hormones back on track). Read more:


From the article:

"Stress causes a massive build-up of the hormone cortisol, which can cause heart attacks and high blood pressure. We know for sure that exercise takes that cortisol level down," says Matt Roberts, personal trainer to David and Samantha Cameron. "But when people are stressed they make the mistake of starting exercise and going at it like crazy." Matt recommends turning one stressful commute per day (exercising to work as well as back will only increase fatigue) into exercise by running or cycling. "Do some moderate cardiovascular exercise and, if you're feeling stressed, avoid boxing or kickboxing. If you do use weights, stick to light weights and sets of 12-20 reps."

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Egg Quality, Inositol and Fertility Over 40

I've been hearing about "Inositol" on and off for a number of years. It sounds like a high tech scientific name, but it is one of the B vitamins and sometimes called vitamin "B8".
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Inositol can help all women, especially those with PCOS

 If you're unfamiliar with it, Inositol is a substance which is found in legumes, grains and nuts which can help the body metabolize glucose and can improve ovulatory function.  This may be especially important for women who suffer from PCOS and infertility.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Over Forty Mom, Madonna Looks Great To Me!

picture npr/ezra shaw/getty images

Anyone watch the superbowl halftime show? Well, I've been reading the reviews online and I must say, I wish everyone would give Madonna a break. I thought she looked fantastic and her voice is as crystal clear as ever. She started from nothing, her career started back in the early 80's and she's been going strong ever since.

I only wish I had a body and voice like that! I'm certainly no pop star, but I can relate to her not only age-wise, but also because she also had a baby over the age of 40. Okay, she looked a little guarded in those high heels, but most 20 year olds couldn't do a dance in those either! If that's what 53 can look like, all those young kids who criticize and are young enough to be her offspring should be happy that someone's given not only middle age, but past middle age a good name.

Honestly, I think having kids when you're older does help keep you young. Women who have babies over 40 are more motivated to take care of themselves and women who have their first baby over the age of 40 are statistically four times more likely to live to be 100 than women who have their first baby younger.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Female Fertility: Imperfect Body May Be Better

Women may seek the so called "ideal" body shape that's fed to us through the media, but according to the article below, it's not necessarily good for fertility. Maybe that's why all these actresses have trouble conceiving. Aside from probably being under stress and too thin, they may have the wrong body type. Read more:

Why The Perfect Body Isn't Always Perfect(esciencenews.com)

From the article:

Having an imperfect body may come with some substantial benefits for some women, according to a new article in the December issue of Current Anthropology. The hormones that make women physically stronger, more competitive and better able to deal with stress also tend to redistribute fat from the hips to the waist, according to Elizabeth Cashdan, an anthropologist at the University of Utah. So in societies and situations where women are under pressure to procure resources, they may be less likely to have the classic hourglass figure.

Cashdan's hypothesis aims to explain a peculiar observation. Women around the world tend to have larger waist-to-hip ratios—more cylindrical rather than hourglass-shaped bodies—than is considered optimal.

Medical studies have shown that a curvy waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 or lower is associated with higher fertility and lower rates of chronic disease. Studies have also shown that men prefer a ratio of 0.7 or lower when looking for a mate. The preference makes perfect sense, according to evolutionary psychologists, because the low ratio is a reliable signal of a healthy, fertile woman.

But in data that Cashdan compiled from 33 non-Western populations and 4 European populations, the average waist-to-hip ratio for women is above 0.8. If 0.7 is the magic number both in terms of health and male mate choice, why are most women significantly higher?

That's where the hormones come in.

Androgens, a class of hormones that includes testosterone, increase waist-to-hip ratios in women by increasing visceral fat, which is carried around the waist. But on the upside, increased androgen levels are also associated with increased strength, stamina, and competitiveness. Cortisol, a hormone that helps the body deal with stressful situations, also increases fat carried around the waist.

"The hormonal profile associated with high WHR (waist-to-hip ratio) … may favor success in resource competition, particularly under stressful circumstances," writes Cashdan. "The androgenic effects—stamina, initiative, risk-proneness, assertiveness, dominance—should be particularly useful where a woman must depend on her own resources to support herself and her family."

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Preparing For Pregnancy

Preparing For Pregnancy

Guest Post By Jess Johnson

The Guest is inside you, and also inside me;

You know the sprout is hidden inside the seed.

We are all struggling; none of us has gone far.

Let your arrogance go, and look around inside.

The blue sky opens out farther and farther.

The daily sense of failure goes away,

The damage I have done to myself fades,

A million suns come forward with light,

When I sit firmly in that world.

- Kabir

We wish that every woman who desires to be able to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. It is never too early to adopt a gentle, holistic, natural approach to preparing for the most miraculous event of your life. Making lifestyle choices that reinforce your health at the deepest level can help you avoid unnecessary infertility diagnoses, pregnancy complications and birth trauma.

One way you can help prepare your body is by improving blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. Gentle exercises to open up your body, mind and soul to the life force help you welcome new life into your world, whenever it is time to receive it. Approaching conception consciously and mindfully can help you connect with aspects of the creative life force that you may not yet have experienced.

Learn to check in with yourself. How open and receptive are you? How open and receptive is your world? Write down any feelings-positive or negative-that you may be having regarding trying to conceive. How do you feel about: becoming a parent, being a mom, caring for a child, sharing your spouse, modifying your work load, reducing stress, dealing with your expanding body? If you are ready to start preparing more actively for becoming a parent, keeping conception journal can help you monitor your menstrual cycle before you begin your attempts.

How are you expressing the role of motherhood in your present world? Motherhood is unconditional love, and you do not need to have biological offspring to practice mothering. Do you experience appreciation for new life in your world? Can you honor someone else's expanding pregnant belly? Can you honor other forms of new life? Do you have a garden? Do you cook? Do you create art? Do you dance? Do you have pets?

Some of the practical ways we express motherhood help prepare our lives for a new child. One of the most difficult aspects of treating infertility is seeing women limit their lives to fighting for a biological child. The more they struggle to conceive, the further away they get from the inherent creative life force within themselves. As you prepare yourself to bring a child into the world, do not let your life come to a screeching halt.

Take qi gong. Go for walks. Take yoga, Meditate. Honor your close, open relationships. Share your feelings with others.

Play well. Eat well. Try to eliminate alcohol, all forms of prescription and over the counter pharmaceutical drugs, coffee (even decaf, but tea is okay), nicotine, and refined carbohydrates. Stay away from preservatives if you can. Include as much locally-grown organic produce in your diet as is practical. Try to eliminate cow's milk (goat milk is much easier to digest). Stay away from sugar if you can, although don't deprive yourself for the purpose of childbearing. This will set up a very negative psychic stressor on you and your future child!

The good conception plan is one of abundance. We encourage you to remain open to the creative life force in every way you can- living, loving, and experiencing the inherent joy of life itself.

Our old ways just don't work anymore. Forcing a baby into an already too stressed life just doesn't work - for you, for your future family, and for the future of our planet.

Fertility IS life itself. Work with and connect to that which creates life - in you and in your world. Let your soul be fertile!

Jesse Johnson is the Executive Director of The Fertile Soul, a leading source in treating infertility conditions naturally. Helping couples Achieve pregnancy through acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Learn more at http://www.thefertilesoul.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jess_Johnson


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