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Monday, March 07, 2011


Pregnancy Over 40, Iman Had Natural Conception

I'm surprised I hadn't run across this story yet. The beautiful model "Iman" had a baby (and conceived naturally) at the age of 45 after a couple of failed IVF's.
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 Her story sounds very similar to mine. I think women over 40 automatically turn to fertility treatments (or are pushed into them), when they may be perfectly capable of conceiving on their own. Yes, it does take longer when you get older, but it's not impossible. In this article, she talks about the rewards of being an older mother.


From the article:

The age difference between her two daughters — 30-year-old Zulekha and 8-year-old Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Zahra Jones — is stark, and former supermodel Iman, 53, doesn’t like reporters to do the math! “God, you’re making me sound even older than I am,” she tells PARADE. “People talk about the miracle of birth. No. There’s the miracle of conception.” She elaborates,

“I did IVF, but nothing happened. So I began to think of adoption and then I got pregnant. It was definitely a miracle.”

Motherhood the second time around has been a different experience entirely, and Iman says that she’s far more patient as a result. “I was at the height of my career when I had my first child, and I took her with me around the world,” she notes. “Then I had to root her in school; It was difficult to leave her behind.”

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