Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Thursday, February 17, 2011

40 Year Old Tonya Harding Pregnant

 Pregnancy Over 40:  Tonya Harding

With her figure skating days long behind her along with that terrible incident with Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding is pregnant at the age of 40.  I remember the olympics that year like it was yesterday...I realize Tonya Harding isn't exactly a "role model", but even fallen figure skaters can get pregnant over 40.

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 The only reason I bring it up here is because of her age and from what I can tell, this was a spontaneous pregnancy. This particular blog I've linked to also says that she's trying to kick her drinking and smoking habit. Yikes! If she can get pregnant at the age of 40 with all of those strikes against her, just think what you can do if you lead a healthy lifestyle! Read more:


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