Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Society's Discomfort With Miscarriage

I spoke with abcNEWS again, this time about miscarriage and some of the surprising medical practices and societal attitudes. George Bush wrote about his mother's miscarriage in his book and it received quite a bit of media attention. Apparently Barbara Bush saved a miscarried fetus in a jar and took it to the hospital. This practice seems rather creepy to many people, but I myself was told by a physician's assistant to save the "products of conception" when it expelled after we knew one of my pregnancies wasn't viable. I never did because the miscarriage itself was just like a heavy period when I finally started to bleed.

The article talks about how our society in general is uncomfortable with most aspects of pregnancy loss. Read more:


From the article:

"We'll never look at Barbara Bush the same way again," wrote another.

The reaction, say psychologists, illustrates the "ick" factor when discussing miscarriage and misunderstandings about a loss that is still treated in hushed tones.

"It's just the sight of blood and human tissue that is hard for people to see," said Sandy Robertson, a 52-year-old Colorado professor who had six miscarriages. "Then you're dealing with the death of a baby on top of it.

"Our society, at least in this country, is so sterile anyway," she said. "People just aren't used to seeing that."

People are also uncomfortable around those who are experiencing a miscarriage and don't want to cause further discomfort, she said.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rebecca Demornay Visualized Children Before Birth

Rebecca Demornay and Pregnancy Visualization

I have always thought Rebecca Demornay was such a good actress (but I must admit I have a hard time getting the image of her as the psycho-nanny in "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" out of my mind!)
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 Anyway, I've always been one that enjoys a good ghost story which is why I make a point to tape a program called "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on the Biography Channel (no they didn't pay me to say that!).

The last episode I watched featured Rebecca Demornay. She gave the story about how, when she was a child, her mother was severely traumatized by the deaths of a number of her family members and she took her daughter (Rebecca) to Mexico to get away. Rebecca got ill and came close to death. But she visualized two children who she feels may have saved her life. She realized many years later that these children were the ones that actually came into her life when she became a mother.

See more about the show here:


The reason I bring this up here is because I talk about visualizing your children in my CD,Meditation and Visualization. It's stories like this one that confirm my belief that you can attract babies into your life (or maybe they can attract you!)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Fertility Drugs: Risks For Mothers and Babies

I found this article about some of the risks associated with fertility drugs and why many fertility treatments fail:

High-dose fertility drugs put mothers and babies at risk

From the article:

"Now two studies discussed at a conference in London last week show that women who receive high doses of drugs to stimulate their ovaries into producing lots of eggs - so that the best possible ones can be picked once the egg has been fertilised by sperm in the laboratory - are more likely to produce embryos with genetic defects and suffer harmful changes to their womb lining.
Most embryos will never develop into babies because the defects make it impossible for them to survive when they are implanted back into the womb. But the discovery explains why so many fertility treatments fail, with thousands of women going through several expensive and painful cycles of treatment in the hope of having a child. It will add to worries that some genetic changes may occur in the children which are not yet being picked up by doctors."

When I went through fertility treatments, I did get pregnant, but I miscarried. Is it possible I was put on too high a dose of these fertility drugs? I also hyperstimulation of my ovaries which, as mentioned in the article, can be life threatening. The article does go on to say that lower doses of fertility drugs may be safer. if you are considering fertility treatments, make sure you know the risks associated with the drugs you will be taking.

Friday, November 05, 2010

My Interview with abc NEWS On Recurrent Miscarriage

I have always said that miscarriage knows no boundaries. I was contacted by abcnews.com to talk a little about some of the emotional aspects of repeat miscarriage. They were doing a story about Lily Allen and how she has suffered another heartbreaking pregnancy loss.

The article also talks about other women and celebrities who have endured the emotional trauma of multiple miscarriages (although most have gone on to have a baby). Read more:


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