Wednesday, February 17, 2010

43 Year Old Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

43 Year Old Gets Pregnant By Surprise

I was watching and older episode of the TLC Network Show called "I didn't know I was pregnant"
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 It's about women who suprisingly give birth without ever realizing they were pregnant before that. One episode that of course caught my attention was a woman who was 43 years old, had been on birth control for 20 years but quit taking it when she was 40. When she was 43, she starts having extreme abdominal pain and finally goes to the hospital. She delivers a baby in the ER without ever knowing she was pregnant.

Although it is quite surprising that someone could go through and entire pregnancy without ever knowing they were pregnant, it's not so surprising that a 43 year old woman could get pregnant. One of the reasons she never suspected that she was pregnant was that she thought she was too old. She had gone off birth control and hadn't conceived up until that time. One of the doctors who was on the show reiterated that even older women in perimenopause need to be on birth control if they don't want to get pregnant. The moral of the story? Women in their 40's may be more fertile than they're led to believe. Yes, it may take longer to get pregnant, but that doesn't mean it can't or won't happen.

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