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Monday, November 02, 2009

When Does Ovulation Occur?

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I've posted articles before by Randine Lewis. This site gives a good explanation of all the events leading up to ovulation:

From the site:

Contrary to popular reproductive belief, follicular growth from the resting state until ovulation takes up to 100 days, or more than three menstrual cycles. Follicles are selected from the primordial pool of resting follicles almost a year before ovulation, and are recruited to become active. During the initial pre-gonadotropin period the follicle responds to regulatory factors within the ovary itself, which are like hormones. These growth factors are like hormonal precursors. One important ovarian growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, is the precursor to the youth hormone which is secreted by the thymus gland called growth hormone. Others have names like insulin-like growth factor binding protein, interlukin, tumor necrosis factor, inhibin, vascular endothelial growth factor, and activin. These ovarian growth factors help determine the eventual fertility potential of the oocyte (egg).

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During this period which lasts for many months, the healthy, responsive follicle determines its own fate with these regulatory proteins. The (0.03mm) follicle is first chosen from the primordial pool to double in size (to about 0.06 mm) and become a primary follicle, about 150 days prior to ovulation. It reaches its secondary phase approximately 120 days before ovulation, when it again doubles in size. The follicle then cycles through the pre-antral and early antral phase and grows from about 0.12 mm to about 1.0 mm in approximately 65 days. It has quadrupled in size during this time, and has gone through many stages of proliferation.


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