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Monday, November 16, 2009

Improve Fertility With Healthy Fats and Slow Carbs

No surprise here, healthy fats and the right kind of carbs will help you get pregnant. This article suggests nuts and avacados, whole grains and more:

From the article:

Pregnancy Tip – “Healthy Fats” and “Slow Carbs” Improve Ovulation and Fertility Odds
New Research from Harvard Study Supports a Diet High in Monosaturated Fats from Natural Food Sources Like Nuts and Avocados
March 25, 2008 (New York, NY) – In groundbreaking news previously unknown to generations of women struggling with infertility, researchers at Harvard’s School of Public Health have confirmed a diet high in “healthy fats” from foods like nuts and avocados improves odds of fertility.

The study, printed in the November 1, 2007 edition of Obstetrics & Gynecology, showed that eating foods with a high ratio of mono-saturated fats to trans-fats and a low glycemic index (GI) can improve ovulation and fertility. With only a few simple switches in diet, couples that struggle with infertility – one in six, according to researchers in the U.S. and Europe – can improve their odds of conceiving.

Easy changes to your diet to lower GI and raise your ratio of monosaturated to transfats include:

Snacking on nuts and fruits instead of potato chips and pretzels,
Using olive oil instead of butter or processed oils,
Eating whole-grain bread instead of white bread, and
Consuming foods with natural sugars instead of processed sugars like high-fructose corn syrup.

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