Monday, July 27, 2009

Aspartame, Fertility and Pregnancy

Could Aspartame Affect Your Ability To Have A Baby?

I have removed almost all artificial sweeteners except for Stevia from my diet.
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 Long before I became pregnant, I had heard that aspartame could be problematic for fertility and pregnancy. This article explains why:

From the article:

Another problem associated with aspartame use is infertility. Dr. Madelon Price writes, “I showed (in rodents) that both amino acids [in aspartame] freely enter the arcuate nucleus and (at low dose) cause inappropriate release of hormones, and at high dose actually destroy these regulatory neurons. That is why sexual dysfunction is associated with aspartame & MSG” (2)

According to this statement, the first issue in pregnancy resulting from aspartame is in getting pregnant in the first place. I also asked Dr. Blaylock about fertility and pregnancy. His response was “a number of studies have shown reduced fertility in both males and females - shrunken testes and ovaries were seen in the original studies by the makers of aspartame... we see reduction in the gonadotrophins-ICSH, FSH, LH and prolactin. In addition there are direct effects on the sperm and ova".
Here is another site which discusses aspartame:

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