Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting Pregnant: Top Ten Tips

Getting Pregnant Over 40, Top 10 Tips

I totally forgot about this book which I remember seeing in a bookstore near my RE's office.
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Of course this was years ago back when I was going through fertility treatments (before trying to get pregnant naturally). The book was called "I Got Pregnant, You Can Too" by Katie Boland. I actually never bought the book but I recall thumbing through it in the bookstore. What little I read of it struck a chord with me. In retrospect, I should have bought the book and left my reproductive endocrinologist. I just came across an article written by Katie Boland who is now part of the Mind/Body Institute in California. She discusses her "Top Ten Tips For Conception". Read more:

Top 10 Tips For Conception (that docs will never tell you) by Katie Boland (www.mindbodyinfertility.com)

Here are a few:

 1. Do make the sex as exciting as possible. Sperm counts rise with the level of excitement.
Cervical and uterine movements that accompany a woman’s orgasm assist sperm. The better
the sex, the better chance for conception.
2. Don’t waste energy fantasizing about the nursery d├ęcor. Remember that the baby's first
home is your body and prepare it as lovingly as you would a room in your home.
3. Don’t deliver yourself into doctors’ hands expecting them to get out their wands. Choose
your doctor meticulously and take 50% of the responsibility for your care.
4. Don't anticipate trouble. It can become self-fulfilling. The value of a positive mindset
cannot be overstated. Envision yourselves as parents and stay focused on that picture. It will
reassure and sustain you.

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