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Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Plastics May Be Affecting Your Fertility

Plastics Mimic Estrogens and Cause Hormone Imbalances

I heard about how the use of plastics may contribute to hormonal imbalance quite some time ago.
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 I try, whenever possible to drink from glass containers and if I do have water or other beverages from a plastic bottle, I never re-use it. I remember as a child how we all thought it was such a great idea to have everything bottled in plastic - afterall, it never broke. However, now that the widespread use of plastics has been going on for 35 or more years, we're seeing the affects not only on the environment but in our overall health. Here is an article that explains more about how plastics can affect fertility:

Plastics In Common Household Items May Cause Fertility Defects
Science Daily — The contaminant bisphenol-A (BPA)--widely used to make many plastics found in food storage containers and dental products--can have long-term effects in female development, according to a recent study by Yale School of Medicine researchers.

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