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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Of course you remember the Spice Girls!  Well, back in January, Geri Horner gave birth to a baby at the age of 44.  Was it a natural conception?  It doesn't really matter to me, but according to this article, she hinted that it was when she said, "God Bless Mother Nature".
There are many other celebrities who have had babies over 40, and I've devoted a page on my website
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to this very topic, see here:


Geri announced in October that she was expecting a baby with husband Christian. The singer - who already has 10-year-old daughter Bluebell from a past relationship - delighted fans with the news on social media, making the surprise announcement with a meme, calling herself "Mama Spice".
Alongside a sketch of a pregnant woman, she borrowed a line from her single It's Raining Men to announce her happy news, and wrote: "God bless Mother Nature #MamaSpice."
The star's team said in a statement that the couple were "delighted" with the news. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Yoga Poses To Help You Get Pregnant Over 40

Even though we're a nation of couch potatoes, or perhaps more accurately, "office chair potatoes", for much of my adult life, I had the opposite problem. I worked out too much. I was an exercise fanatic - and the harder and more high impact the exercise was, the better.
When I went in for a few trial treatments of acupuncture, the acupuncturist told me that my body didn't have the "constitution" for heavy exercise. She said it was much harder to conceive when you're under so much physical stress.

"So what should I do"? I asked. She recommended yoga. After some research, I found that there are
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some yoga poses and postures that can directly benefit the reproductive system by opening up the pelvic region and the surrounding structures to increase pelvic circulation. Additionally, yoga can help with overall relaxation.

Here is a summary of some of the yoga poses which can benefit the reproductive system:

1. The Bridge Pose - the bridge stimulates abdominal organs and can relieve menstrual discomfort if done regularly. It calms the brain and can help with stress. Start by lying on the floor. Bend your knees, put your fee flat on the floor as close to your sit bones as possible. Bring your buttocks up until you form a bridge and bring your hands together clasped underneath you.
2. The Cobbler's Pose - this pose also stimulates abdominal organs, ovaries and is thought to be a natural remedy for infertility. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and let them lay out to the side. Bring your feet together and hold the toes or ankles with your hands.
3. The Lotus pose - this pose stimulates the pelvis, spine, abdomen and bladder. It can help ease the pain of childbirth if done throughout pregnancy. This pose starts by sitting cross legged on the floor. Slowly bring one foot on top of your thigh then the other foot on top of the other thigh. If this is painful, you may stay seated cross legged. Bring your thumb and middle fingers together and rest on your knees
4. The Reclining Hero pose - this pose probably needs to be done with support (a bolster pillow can be used along the length of your back). The reclining hero pose helps open up and stretch the abdomen and it can ease menstrual pain. This pose begins by kneeling then sitting down between your feet then slowly reclining down until you are laying on the floor. This is an intermediate pose and you may need additional support with a second pillow on your back until you become more experienced.

In my DVD, "Fertility Bodywork"( I demonstrate these yoga poses among others and I also have a segment on fertility pelvic massage, acupressure and reflexology and daily routines which help increase pelvic circulation and oxygenation.

SEE ALSO:  Fertility Bodywork Video Below:
Click here for more on yoga, massage, acupressure and reflexology

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Trying To Get Pregnant?  Gems May Represent Fertility

Yes, Valentine's day is today. If you are trying to conceive, you might drop a few hints to your significant other about what to give you for Valentine's day.
 According to the article below, certain gems might help you get pregnant. Hey, it's all in fun, but you never know. Read more:


For pearls of wisdom, remember that the Pearl is a product of the oyster, and the oyster just happens to be nature's finest aphrodisiac. Pearls may range in color from white to black, but are commonly pale and shimmery. The magical properties of the pearl bring the wonderful gifts of peace of mind, focus, wisdom, patience, protection and love. And these are all properties that are important to the pearl's finest magic - fertility! Legend has it that pearls are so closely related to fertility because of the time and patience that it takes for one oyster to produce just one pearl, much like the time and patience it takes to create one beautiful baby.
Heart Chakra Bracelet With Rose Quartz for Valentine's Day

Or perhaps the choice is green. The green hues of the Emerald are symbolic of fertility, but this stone goes far beyond its color in its powers and properties to bring successful love, ensure domestic tranquility, stimulate the heart, arouse deep awareness, and bring good fortune and happiness. For what more could you ask in preparation for a baby?

And then there’s the Ruby. And rubies are not just for Tuesday! Red in color, the ruby is the gemstone of power and passion. Its properties range from stimulating love and emotions to promoting mental concentration. The ruby also protects the wearer against unhappiness, and is even reputed to prevent miscarriage. Good spirits are said to dwell in the stone, so to maintain the joy, passion and love at home, bring on the ruby.

You might want to consider Quartz, both clear and rose. As a wonderful touch of magic, if you hold clear quartz at your solar plexus and steady your breathing for several minutes, your body will relax, your mind will clear, your emotions will calm, and your energy will surge. Need we say more? And rose quartz, known as the love stone, stimulates both the heart and blood and consequently other organs as well. If that is not enough, rose quartz is also known to stimulate sexual energy and to enhance fertility. All of this power in such a little stone! So place one (or more) on the body part of your choice, near your body or bodies, in your bedroom, or anywhere that the two of you meet for delicious intimacy or passionate love-making.


Monday, February 13, 2017


 Here is a very encouraging story of a woman had three babies naturally over the age of 40 with the last baby at the age of 47.  According to the article below, she's trying for another!  Read more:


"I gave birth again at 47, after a natural conception"
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..."At long last, in January 2011 we conceived our third child naturally. With our third child, we received some surprisingly kind and supportive comments.  I guess the novelty had worn off.
In November 2011 when I was 47, I went into labor on my due date.  Six hours later, after a very normal but fast labor, a healthy son was born.
While on the postpartum ward, I had the oddest experience:  there was a stream of nurses peaking into my hospital room.  After about the 8th one came in and then left again quickly, I listened at the door and heard them say: “She’s 47, can you believe it?”


Friday, February 10, 2017


I frequently get requests from media companies and writers who need participants and real stories for their stories.  My most recent request is from a multi-genre writer who has written a number of fiction books, but is now writing a non-fiction book about women and couples who are struggling or have struggled with infertility.

If you would like to share your story, you may contact her at the following email address:

She would like potential participants to contact her sometime before or during the month of March.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Reiki Helps Women With Fertility Problems Achieve Their Pregnancy Goals

Guest Post By Dawn Fleming

Reiki, a Japanese energy modality, may seem difficult for the logical mind to understand, but that is because in the western world we tend to comprehend only what we can see. When we look at the human body we see the biological aspects of bones, skin, hair, etc., as well as the chemical components of blood and hormones.
Researchers have proven that we also embody an energy component. Energy exists within each cell and between each cell - our subtle matter. This energy when blocked or diminished, can cause many
physical issues in the body to include fertility problems.
In many areas of the world, medical treatments or health and wellness models include the integration of some type of energy medicine to treat the whole body. When one's energy is out of balance, the body is impacted in some way. Over time, an energy imbalance will manifest as some type of symptom or dis-ease in the body.




The longer a practitioner works with an energy modality, the more sensitive he or she becomes to what is or is not happening in a client's energy field. After writing an article on Reiki and fertility issues, I received a phone call from Karen* explaining the challenges she is facing with fertility and how the medical community is advising her to adopt or receive a donor egg. Something in her voice tells me that she knows she can become pregnant. We then discuss what Reiki can do to support her body, mind, and emotions, whether she is trying to get pregnant on her own or go through the in vitro fertilization process.
Our life history impacts and creates the energy dynamics that are occurring in our body. Positive behaviors like good eating habits, exercising, and increasing healthy self-esteem feed a positive energy flow in the body. Constant stress, lack of exercise, substance abuse and harboring a negative or fearful belief system cause blocks in the energy field that diminish flow to different areas of the body. The energy field might also be damaged from broken bones, falls, past surgeries, major illnesses, or long-term emotional or mental stress.
An energy practitioner must first assess what is or is not occurring in the client's entire energy field and then work toward repairing and restoring it. What we need to understand when seeking any energy modality for healing is that it took years or even decades to create the energy dynamic that is occurring in our body to support or obstruct our health and pregnancy goals. Restoring wellness using Reiki is a process.
During my first session with Karen, I explored where her energy was blocked or out of balance and began to restore her energy field. I noticed that the energy around her reproductive system was very low. The left ovary energy seemed too hot, and it felt as if the energy was isolated or not connected with the rest of the reproductive system. I observed that her field on the left in those areas was leaking energy so I started working to seal the energy leaks and saturate her field with Reiki. I also felt that her sinuses on the right side were troubling her.
All parts of our body serve a role in keeping us healthy. Our energy, when at its optimum, supports total health and well being. It provides the fuel for all of our body's systems and organs to work at full capacity. Without a full tank we may feel as if we are struggling on various levels; our body might not be able to perfectly perform in the way that the various components were meant to and our emotional or mental states may experience depression or feel overwhelmed.
Unlike the medical arena where doctors note measurements of hormone levels, follicle development, anatomic abnormalities and other patterns during the work-up of infertility, Reiki cannot label specific impairments in a woman's energy field because each person's energy dynamic is different. The common thread is that each woman's energy is diminished in some way, but the reason for the low energy levels differs for each one.
After finishing the energy field assessment, I then used Reiki to bring Karen's energetic body back into balance. It may take several sessions to restore a body's energy and to repair broken and depleted energy lines (chakras, meridians, nadis, hara line) that send the energy into different parts of the body. Fortunately, Reiki can energetically connect people at a distance and achieve the same amazing results whether they are apart or physically together in the same space.
Reiki can be used throughout a woman's cycle to support the growth of follicles and recruitment of healthy eggs, the fertilization of eggs and assisting the embryo to implant in the uterine lining. Reiki also provides emotional and mental balance helping the client to align with the process of fertility in a more positive way. It is very discouraging for a woman to be told by the medical community that she should give up when she is feeling empowered to manifest a family. The negativity permeates into her emotional and energetic fields, creating more blocks. Reiki supports her into a place of knowing that all will work out for the best and that all parts of her being are working toward creating the highest good for all. We are powerful manifestors, especially where our hearts dwell. Energy follows thought and is empowered by our feelings.
It is important for women with fertility issues to know that the process of receiving Reiki to restore the energy field should begin as soon as possible when you are considering conception by any means. This gives a woman's energy field time to be cleared, repaired and strengthened for your new cycle to begin. Reiki also helps with the lack of energy that a woman feels in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, as well as providing excellent labor and delivery support.
A physician client who successfully used Reiki to become pregnant noted that although there are no scientific studies on Reiki in the treatment of fertility, infertility is a medical crisis for a couple, impacting every aspect of their lives and wellbeing. Taking exquisite care of each other and the relationship during this time is mandatory.
Diversifying your healing team, including yourself as a committed member, will make all the difference in how quickly you can achieve your goals. The Reiki that clients receive during this process not only supports the reproduction process but also helps to bring balance and peace in mind, body and life.
*client named changed to protect privacy
Dawn Fleming has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. As a Reiki Master, life coach medical intuitive, author, and teacher, she assists her clients in meeting their wellness goals. Many of her clients are women who are having a difficult time conceiving, even with IUI or IVF therapies. Dawn works with her clients to remove energy blocks and restore the energy field so that the body can do what it is meant to do. Dawn recommends that women received Reiki before starting the process so that the body is in the best place to conceive. She practices Reiki in Chandler, AZ and has clients all over the world. Reiki can be sent from a distance. She offers a variety of workshops in Arizona and Maryland. Visit Her email address is
Article Source:

Monday, February 06, 2017


I have done a number of posts about how women over the age of 40 become unexpectedly pregnant.  So much has been written about how hard it is to have a baby over 40 that perhaps the message has gone too far.  Although many women over 40 are trying to conceive, many women in this age range have already had their families and an unexpected pregnancy can be a life changing event and not in a good way.  Many of these pregnancies are terminated.
So my point in publishing this story is for those of you who want to may be more
fertile than you think!  This article even mentions a woman over age 50 who got pregnant by surprise.  Read more:


It happens. A recent survey of more than 3,000 mothers, by Netmums, found women over 40 have the same chance of conceiving within six months as younger women. Twice as many women over 40 have surprise pregnancies as women in their teens and 20s.
There are no Irish figures for how many women in their 40s, and older, become unexpectedly pregnant, but, across all ages, half of all pregnancies are unplanned, says spokesperson for the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe. She recalls a 50-year-old woman, whose youngest child was 22, getting pregnant unexpectedly.
“It was a pretty dramatic event,” she says.
In 2013, according to the CSO, 3,989 women aged 40 and over were registered as giving gave birth in Ireland. More than 900 of these women already had between three and 10 children (five had 10 children), suggesting many of these pregnancies were unplanned.
British Department of Health figures confirm that 256 women, aged 40 and over, from the Republic of Ireland, accessed abortion services in England and Wales last year.
The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) says these numbers are an underestimation — not all women resident in Ireland provide their Irish address, for reasons of confidentiality. And some Irish women give British addresses at which they aren’t resident, so as to obtain NHS-covered abortion care.  

Friday, February 03, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40, Light, Dark, Sun and Moon

I've always believed that everything is connected in some way. We are connected to the earth, the sun, the moon and many other forces in the universe.  I've recently posted a number of articles about light, dark, melatonin, etc.

 See More Articles on Ovulation and Fertility at:

Here is an article about how our cycles are affected by light (and dark) in synchronicity with the sun
and the moon.  With all of the artificial light we use and some of the crazy hours we keep, it's no wonder our bodies get out of synch with our natural circadian rhythms.  I always make it a point to get some sunshine every day and sleep in a totally dark room.  This article has some other recommendations: of Darkness and Full-moon Light
Many researchers believe that prior to the introduction of electricity into our homes, all women menstruated during the new moon and ovulated during the full moon. This has been proven by studying cultures today that do not use electricity. Women in these cultures sleep in close to total darkness except for the days surrounding the full moon.

The small amount of light from the full moon is enough to halt melatonin production long enough for ovulation to occur. Most women can synchronize with the cycles of the moon in about three to four months by altering the light level while they sleep. Coordinating menstruation not only strengthens your cycle in many ways but it also makes it much easier to pinpoint the optimal timing for intercourse.

Darkness also plays an important role in optimal fertility by triggering melatonin, on most dark nights, which leads to a good nights sleep. Just make sure to prevent overproduction with bright light in the morning.

Deep sleep helps restore and rejuvenate the reproductive system. Lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels, lead to an increased use of caffeine and other fertility reducing substances, disrupt your hormone balance, cause depression which in itself can affect fertility, or it can lead to relationship problems with your partner. In extreme cases sleep deprivation can stop ovulation altogether.

How to synchronize with nature

Get at least one hour of bright sunlight a day
Try to get bright light soon after waking
Use full spectrum indoor bulbs during the winter months
Use a light simulation device 15-30 min morning and night (particularly in winter)
Aim for total darkness at night. Use room darkening shades. Avoid all lights
On the three days of the full moon, try to bathe yourself in soft light while you sleep. A light from a closet, a 75-100 watt nightlight or even opening your blinds to the street light should do the trick.
Try to go to sleep with sun and get up with the sun. You might be surprised if you do not use lights or TV, how sleepy you get.
Make love during the full moon
Keep sleep and wake times consistent and avoid shift work. If you are tracking ovulation signs, then you should taking your basal body temperature at the same time every morning anyway


Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Glasses, Melatonin and Getting Pregnant

I thought I'd heard it all, but I found this article on how special glasses can actually help regulate our melatonin which can help with fertility. It's strange, but it makes sense.

Also visit: for more on natural methods to enhance fertility 

There are other natural ways to stimulate melatonin production. It's usually recommended to sleep in a completely dark room. I should also mention,however, that melatonin supplements are NOT recommended when you are trying to conceive as they may have an adverse affect. Read more:

From the article:
"The timing of the birth of the young of most animals including humans is regulated to some extent by the duration of the flow of melatonin. Before electric lights the duration of the flow of melatonin gradually increased during the autumn as the nights grew longer. In most animals this signaled the period of greatest fertility so that young, conceived then, would be born in the spring. For humans, electric lights spelled the end of the natural effect of the length of day on fertility.

It was recently discovered that the flow of the hormone melatonin is controlled by the blue component
in white light. This means we can use the yellow and red light without interfering with the natural flow of melatonin. Wearing glasses that block the blue light creates an effect just like actual darkness as far as the production of melatonin is concerned. By putting on the glasses in the evening for a short time before bedtime can extend the flow by a short time. Putting them on a few minutes earlier each night will simulate the longer nights of autumn. While not yet established by clinical trials it is logical that this may help increase fertility. Getting back to the way nature intended isn’t going to do any harm and may help. The greatest number of births occurs in July. This suggests that November is the month of highest fertility.


Sunday, January 29, 2017


I thought I'd heard everything, but here's a particularly amazing story of a 45 year old French woman who was on a ski holiday in the Alps when she went into labor and delivered a baby before help could arrive.  She apparently didn't know she was pregnant which as crazy as it sounds can happen - especially to older women who don't think they can get pregnant at that age (not to mention that it was reported that she was on birth control).  Read more:


The mum, named only as Karine was at the Val Thorens ski resort on holidays with her family when
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she rushed to the bathroom early on Tuesday morning because she was not feeling well. However she soon realized it wasn’t a case of stomach flu.
The mother from near Lille in northern France, was on birth control and says had no idea she was pregnant. Incredibly within 15 minutes of the first pain she had given birth to a healthy baby girl, French paper Dauphiné Liberé reported.
After a brief assessment the sister-in-law, a trained prenatal nurse, realized the pains were contractions and even spotted the tiny head of the child beginning to emerge from her mother. The sister delivered the baby before paramedics even had time to arrive.
It was a rare, but not unheard of case of a surprise baby. While the mother and her brand new 3.2 kilo daughter were being flown to the maternity ward in the nearby city of Albertville, a nurse reportedly told her it was the fourth case he’d personally been involved in.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Donor Eggs and More Complications

Many women over the age of 40 are pushed by fertility clinics to consider using donor eggs because the success rates are supposedly better.  However, not all women need donor eggs and there may be a good reason to think twice about using donor eggs.  A recent study in France found that the egg donation itself is responsible for pregnancy complications.  The risk of pre-eclampsia which can be life threatening to the mother and baby was significantly higher in women who underwent egg donation.  It is thought that there might be immune system reactions due to the genetic differences in the donated egg from the biological mother. The French study was presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Munich.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We all know that a fertilized egg needs to implant in the uterus and that the uterine lining needs to be thick and nourishing. However, according to this article, the uterus also engages in a series of contractions which helps sperm get where they need to go. Read more:

Babies are made when a mature egg pops off of the ovary and then slides into the fallopian tube. If the woman has had sex, the ovary might meet a sperm high up in the fallopian tube, and this might
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seem like a passive process from the uterus's point of view.

See Also for more on gettting pregnant and avoiding miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage

From the article:

But Elad claims that the uterus actually plays a role in make sure sperm are in the right place at the right time. Apparently, uterine contractions squirt fluid, and sperm, upwards.

After conception, the uterus waits below, for about seven days, as the newly fertilized egg takes its own sweet time to float into the womb, and then the uterus goes into action again.

When the egg finally arrives, the uterus begins to contract again, performing a welcoming dance that sucks the new embryo into the soft lining of the uterine wall, and voila, we have a baby on the way.

Friday, January 20, 2017


I have been asked to pass this information along to my readers.  If you or anyone you know is trying to conceive over 50 or pregnant over 50, please feel free to use the contact information below:

NOW CASTING: Are you 50+ years old and trying to conceive?

Are you a woman over the age of 50 who is actively trying to become (or recently has become) pregnant? Are you excited to go through this new life event and want to show the world it’s never too late to have children?

A Major Production Company is currently casting women (50+) and their families who are seriously trying to become pregnant, or are in the early stages of pregnancy for a new unscripted documentary project. We would follow the personal stories of each family as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

To submit and learn more about the casting, send the following to

            1.    Name and Ages of family members
            2.    Contact Info (Email/Phone Number)
            3.    Current family picture
            4.    A brief explanation of your current pregnancy situation (i.e. your desire to have a child, thoughts on your age, etc.).

**Once you submit your information, a casting producer may contact you with more information (i.e. production company, casting process, compensation, etc.)**

Peter Huntley
Development Casting
323.904.4680 x 2093

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Infertility and Artificial Light

Guest Post By Marie Zenack

Artificial light while sleeping appears to interfere with the production of
melatonin, which is a hormone associated with ovarian activity.
Research shows that women's cycles normalize when artificial light is
eliminated while sleeping. Eliminating the artificial light seems to allow
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the hormonal system to reset itself, so to speak, and take a fresh start.
Couples who were thought to be infertile have been able to conceive by
eliminating artificial light while sleeping.


Many women find that menstrual cycles are easier and more
harmonious if they follow the cycles of the moon: menstruation on the
new moon, ovulation on the full moon. Because we are surrounded by
so much artificial light, even while sleeping, it can be a challenge to get
in tune with the moon's cycles. Women report being able to gradually
harmonize their cycles with the cycles of the moon by sleeping in total
darkness, except for one or two nights at the time of the full moon. If you
want to try sleeping in total darkness, make some dark shades for your
bedroom windows and make sure there is no light of any kind from your
clock radio, from under your door, etc.
If you want to try harmonizing your cycle with the moon's cycles, open
your shades for one night during the full moon, and sleep in the moon's
light. If this is not possible, get a nightlight and use it only during the
night of the full moon. You may have to continue this practice for some
months, so be patient. You may enjoy seeing your cycles gradually
respond to Grandmother Moon's light.
Marie Zenack is a teacher of fertility awareness and a facilitator of women�s rites of passage. She lives in a spiritual community in rural Southeast Iowa, where she spends her time teaching, writing, meditating, gardening, cooking and enjoying her grandchildren.
Article Source:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I realize I have readers of different faiths and beliefs, but I have received many inquiries about which saints to pray to if you are trying to conceive or struggling with infertility. The saints for fertility and conception include:
Saint Rita of Cascia, Saint Gerard, Saint Anne, Saint Mary,
St. Raymond Nonnatus, Saint Dominic of Silos.  

Click here to read the full article on saints for fertility and getting pregnant including prayers (


Friday, January 13, 2017


I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that! When I ran a support group for my local infertility organization, practically every woman in the group who got pregnant said that very thing.

Infertility chips away at your self esteem and it makes you believe that you're unworthy of the most basic of human needs. If you've been struggling with infertility for over a year (or two or three), you begin to believe that getting pregnant is this impossible dream - it's soooo way out there that you'll never achieve it. may be helpful for you to know that almost everyone in your situation has
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felt that way.

A couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was ready to throw in the towel. I told everyone in the support group I was moving on to childfree, and my husband and I started making some real plans for the future. For the past six years our lives revolved around timing intercourse, taking pregnacy tests, having miscarriages (and sometimes surgery to remove them), and spending every waking moment wondering if I had done everything possible to conceive.


And then, just when I had made peace with my decision to move on to childfree, the "impossible" happened - I was pregnant. Why is life like that? Why did I have to get to the point of hopelessness before I suceeded? Well, my theory boils down to this: When you lower your resistance, you make room for success. So what does that mean? When you want something so bad, and it's not happening, you focus more on what you don't have instead of what you do have or what you want. You try to force things into place. When you finally give up, the flood gates open. Your dream starts chasing you instead of the other way around.

We've launched enough intentions to be busy for many lifetimes, but we just need open the pathway for them to come to fruition. We've all heard the old sayings, "Relax, it will happen" and "Let go and let God". All of these are different ways of saying the same thing. Know in your mind that good things will come to you. The fastest and most direct route to getting what you want is by bringing yourself to a positive point of attraction.

Staying in the mindset of why me? Why can't I get pregnant? Why can't I have a baby? This will only attract more of the same. Sometimes, letting go can feel so good...and guess what? Feeling good attracts the positive things to your life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Here is a very encouraging story of a woman who had the last of her four children at the age of 46.  In the article, she states that it was a natural conception and she talks about some of the comments she had to endure, not only from friends and acquaintances, but also medical professionals.  She even talks about how her doctor was sure she came in for a referral to terminate the pregnancy and even refused to send her for prenatal care until she had a chance to "reconsider".
Well, she did have a very successful pregnancy and a healthy happy daughter.  The midwife who
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followed her pregnancy even told her that she had a sister who had a baby at 52!


Read more:

And so the pregnancy continued and I began to enjoy it. I remember going shopping for maternity clothes with my 17-year-old daughter and watching with amusement as the shop assistant looked from one of us to the other, trying to discern who was pregnant.
I was amazed that so many people came up to me and, looking admiringly at my huge belly, asked if it was my first.
My little daughter, Edith, was born nearly two years ago now. And, rather than overburdened by late motherhood, I feel blessed and privileged to be her mother.
Having Edith has been rejuvenating. I particularly enjoy the frequent occasions when I am sitting next to a man at dinner and he asks whether I have any children. When I say yes, he inevitably asks how old they are. (No man would ever ask a woman her age but this is, of course, the nearest to doing that.)
I tell him I have a one-year-old daughter and watch while he does the mental arithmetic.
"Hmm, well she can't be more than..." Then I go on to say I also have a daughter of 19 and - unfailingly - he says: "Wow, you must have got started young." Feeling about ten years younger than I am, I nod and smile: "Oh yes, very young."
daily mail

Monday, January 09, 2017


I've heard and read many stories about how cervical mucus and its consistency is one of the critical pieces for conceiving on any given cycle.  As women get older, they may need to do more to help their bodies produce sperm friendly cervical mucus.  There are many simple things you can do that
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almost seem "too easy" like drinking water.
It just makes sense that if you are dehydrated or underhydrated that your cervical mucus will be thick with less volume. When you have a cold or cough, one of the first things doctors will tell you to do is “drink plenty of fluids”. Why? Because it thins out your mucus so you can cough it up. The same thing holds true for cervical mucus, with proper hydration, the consistency will be thinner and you will have more of it. Sperm need “egg white” consistency cervical mucus.

There are many other things you can do to enhance your cervical mucus, click here to read the full article (

You May Also Be Interested in these products from my website:


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