Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Monday, February 24, 2020


Wow, I've witnessed this phenomenon numerous times especially when I ran an infertility support group.
 It seems like when people take a break from fertility treatments or discontinue them altogether, they get pregnant. At first, I thought it was just coincidence, but according to this article, it's a documented phenomenon. I realize some couples with certain physiological problems must go through fertility treatments to conceive, but for those in the unexplained category, this article may be of interest. Read
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In fact, emotional stress is the second-most frequently cited reason for dropping out of infertility treatment, trailing only financial constraints. It's not that the treatments are difficult, but that the people undergoing them simply can't take the conception-related pressure for long. In one Swedish study, a group of couples having trouble conceiving was offered three free cycles of IVF. Fifty-four percent dropped out of the program before completing all three cycles. The reason most commonly given was psychological stress. In an Australian study, couples offered six free IVF cycles completed only 3.1, on average; again, stress and mood effects were the top reasons cited for dropping out.
When treatment and its attendant stresses stop, pregnancy occurs often enough to be a documented phenomenon. A 2004 study from the Netherlands found that 26 percent of women who chose to drop out of fertility treatment after their first cycle went on to become pregnant without further treatment. Thirteen percent of women who dropped out after the second treatment cycle also became pregnant afterward.

Exactly how perceived stress results in reduced fertility is still sketchy, but the links in the chain of causation are becoming clearer. Negative emotions can kick stress hormones like cortisol into overdrive. Those stress hormones, in turn, alter physiology in ways that can be at odds with conception—by lengthening the menstrual cycle, for instance. 


Friday, February 21, 2020


As time goes on, and more couples go through assisted reproduction, the scientific community is discovering that the fertility procedures themselves may put children at risk of genetic mutations.
 I know there are couples who have no choice but to go through assisted reproduction, however, it's important to go into any procedure knowing all possible outcomes. I was never informed of any risk of birth defects or pregnancy complications as a result of the actual fertility treatments (the only risk I was informed of was age related). It's possible these genetic risks were not known at the time I underwent treatment, but it makes me question whether or not couples really give informed consent.
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Read more:

The use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or another assisted fertility technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) to conceive appears to increase the odds of Y-chromosome defects or "microdeletions" in male offspring, Chinese researchers report.

Such deletions could result in defective sperm production and possibly also hypospadias -- a common birth defect of the penis that occurs when the urinary outlet develops on the underside of the penis rather than at the tip.

Although this study was small, it "at least sounds an alarm about the genetic safety of assisted reproductive technology," the investigators conclude.

Prior research has tied assisted reproductive technologies with low birth weight, preterm delivery, cerebral palsy, and major birth defects, leading some researchers to hypothesize that these therapies may induce gene mutations.

In the new study, Dr. He-Feng Huang, from Zhejiang University, and colleagues sought to answer this question by testing for genetic mutations in 19 male infants conceived through IVF, 18 conceived through ICSI, and 60 conceived naturally. The fathers of the infants were also tested. In an effort to isolate the impact of the fertility treatment, the researchers only studied infants whose parents had a normal genetic background.

Huang and colleagues found Y-chromosome microdeletions in one infant conceived with IVF (5.3 percent) and in three conceived with ICSI (16.7 percent). By contrast, no Y-chromosome deletions were seen in the control group.


Thursday, February 20, 2020


You may have heard about the healing properties of crystals.  If you are trying to conceive, you are probably doing everything you can to get your body back in balance.  This article talks about how crystals can help (see also the links below for how these crystals are incorporated into jewelry):

The Myriad Colours of Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Guest Post By Ron Windred

Though it's not a documented fact, it's fairly safe to say that there are as many crystals as there are colours that represent them. The lore of each type of crystal and its innate healing assets has been passed down from generation to generation, and similar to Chinese medicine shops that specialize in herbal mixtures for remedies of all kinds of ailments, crystals also have distinct yet delicate healing and enhancement facilities.
Wondering which crystal to choose for a specific need? Below is a list of several of the most widely used crystals, and the main purposes for their application:
Amethyst - (purple/violet) - This crystal strengthens the endocrine and immune system, and it is also a powerful blood cleanser and energizer. In addition, it helps relieve mental distress and disorders and enhances psychic and channeling abilities. The Amethyst crystal is very calming, and therefore it's an excellent crystal to use for meditation. (SEE AMETHYST BRACELET BELOW)
Aventurine - (sea-green/forest-green) - The Aventurine crystal is said to purify the "three bodies" - the mental, emotional, and etheric, or "aural" body that extends just outside what appears to be the "edges" of your physical body. It also aids in releasing anxiety and fear and thereby encourages independence.
Carnelian - (bright orange) - This lovely colored crystal improves memory and alleviates sorrow and grief. It also increases courage and creativity while lessening anger, jealousy, and fear. Many people carry the Carnelian crystal for protection and good luck. Helpful hint: It can also assist you in finding the right mate!
Fluorite - (milky white, clear, light green, slate gray) - The properties of the Fluorite crystal are just what you probably already imagine: they strengthen your teeth and bones! They are known as the "health" crystals, because they are also very beneficial for keeping the blood vessels and the spleen clear of any toxins. Fluorite crystals also ground and "fling away" excess energy, so they are also excellent for the advancement of the mind, concentration, and meditation. For those of you who are interested in interplanetary communication, fluorite will also keep you strong and healthy while connecting with interdimensional beings.
Clear Quartz - (white, clear) - The Clear Quartz crystal might be the most popular in certain circles, simply because of its pure simplicity. This wonderful crystal activates and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands, which regulate growth, so this crystal is recommended for children and adolescents,
Read More About Healing Crystals and Jewelry
in particular. These crystals also serve as great emotional "balancers" while amplifying the thought process, making clairvoyance that much easier. Hang these crystals in front of a window to let the full spectrum of energy activate all your levels of consciousness, especially when you are feeling down - these crystals are pros at dispelling negative energy.
Lapis - (topaz/blue) - Lapis Lazuli, as this crystal is also known, is very effective for the internal organs: use this crystal if you suffer from migraines, acid reflux or other digestive problems, or bloating. It also aids in spiritual development.
Hematite - (silver gray/dark gray) - Hematite has an extremely positive effect on the smooth flow of the bloodstream. It also removes toxins from and activates spleen activity, which filters blood and regulates the red blood cells with the white blood cells. Hematite is also used to relieve stress and strengthen the physical body; it has unique energizing properties, and it also enhances personal magnetism, which of course promotes optimism, courage, and all those good things!
Rose Quartz - (pink/rose) - This crystal is often found near the bedside, as it is believed to increase fertility and ease sexual and emotional imbalances. Naturally, this clears away stored-up anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy. Have a hot temper, or a friend who flares up a little too much? Get a Rose Quartz crystal, by all means! "Everything sweet" is the perfect description for this crystal, which also promotes forgiveness, compassion, and love. No one should be without it!
Jasper - (light brown/spotted/flecked) - The Jasper crystal emits tremendous emotional and psychological healing, and it promotes harmony and balance. Some say it reveals hidden thoughts, hopes, and fears. It definitely enhances creative visualization, so have this one in hand while you're meditating.
Moonstone - (cream/often bluish-green) - The moonstone crystal is associated with love and protection, and it also drums up extra intuition and psychic abilities.
Obsidian - (black/gray) - This shiny crystal is popular because it brings serenity and a sense of purity to those who either, carry, wear, or use it for healing purposes. It brings both positive and negative emotions to the surface, offering balance in times of change and transition.
Sodalite - (smoky blue/clear, dark blue) - This gorgeous crystal is also an inner-organ healer; it positively affects the pancreas and endocrine system. Also, it is said to remove fear and has a way of balancing the male/female, or yin/yang polarities in those who feel in need of "centering." It also is great for communication and creative expression.
Tiger Eye - (brown/striped/tan/yellow) - This is another crystal many people carry around for health purposes: Tiger Eye crystals cover almost everything: the spleen, pancreas, intestines, and the colon. It is extremely grounding and centering. Have a stubborn friend? Slip one of these into his or her pocket as a token of love. Soon they'll turn to you with a sudden, yet clear sense of perception and insight!
Ron is a Crystal and Reiki Master, Metaphysician and Meditation teacher who lives and works at 'Akasha Keep'; a spiritual centre dedicated to healing and teaching, located in the beautiful Somerset region of Queensland, Australia.
Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties outlined in this article are for inspiration and reference. These alleged properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.
For more information on crystal healing http://www.askronandsue.com.au
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ron_Windred

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Trying To Get Pregnant, The Importance Of Zinc

 I've written before about the importance of zinc for fertility.
This article talks about how an egg needs zinc to become fertilized and become an embryo. Although this study was not done on humans, it's probably good to make sure your diet includes zinc rich
foods. Read more:

From the article:

Fertile Turtle with Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Northwestern scientists, working with mice, discovered the egg becomes ravenous for zinc and acquires a 50 percent increase in the metal in order to reach full maturity before becoming fertilized. The flood of zinc appears to flip a switch so the egg can progress through the final stages of meiosis. Meiosis is when the egg sheds all but one copy of its maternal chromosomes before it can be fertilized by a sperm and become an embryo.

"Zinc helps the egg exit from a holding pattern to its final critical stage of development," said O'Halloran, the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern. "It's on the knife's edge of becoming a new life form or becoming a cell that dies. It only has 24 hours. Zinc seems to be a key switch that helps control whether the egg moves forward in its development stage. "

 from www.sciencedaily.com

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Walnuts For Fertility In Men and Women

Walnuts have a number of health benefits for men and women - including improving fertility.
I've written before about how walnuts can help women with PCOS, but according to this article,
walnuts can improve sperm quality in men. 

From the article:
However, the men in the walnut group had higher levels of omega-6 and omega-3 (ALA) fatty acids in their blood at the end of the study period than they did at the start.
Fertility Bracelets, Featured: Kokopelli Rose Quartz, Moonstone

The men in the walnut group also experienced improvements in sperm quality over the 12 weeks of eating walnuts, there were significant increases in measures of vitality, motility, and morphology. Their sperm also showed fewer chromosome abnormalities at the end of the 12 weeks than it did at the start of the study.

The control group, however, showed no such changes.

The researchers conclude that their:

"Findings demonstrated that walnuts added to a Western-style diet improved sperm vitality, motility and morphology."

medical news today

Monday, February 17, 2020


Natural Pregnancies Do Happen To Women In Their Late 40's

Surprise! Just when you think you've hit menopause...you're 47 and pregnant.
 I'm always finding examples of women who've undergone fertility treatments...then get pregnant naturally (even well into their 40's).   After having my daughter, I got pregnant by surprise at the age of 49!
 I miscarried, but it goes to show you that age is just a number.

Here is an article of a women who got pregnant by surprise at 47:

Susan and Ambrose Samulski used fertility treatments to help conceive their three children. So it was
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a bit of a surprise when, 12 years later, they found out they were pregnant with a fourth.

"I thought I'd gone through menopause," says Susan, who was 47 at the time. "I went to the doctor and had a list of all the things that were bothering me. He said, `Could you be pregnant?' and I said, `No way.'

"I made him test me twice – I just didn't believe it."
It was a total shock, agrees Ambrose – he had worried his wife had a terminal illness.

As for the children, "My son said something like, `You crazy kids,'" Susan recalls. "But we were all thrilled."

Their baby was born Dec. 23, 2007, in Calgary where the family lived for a short time before moving back to Brooklin in Durham Region.

It was a 21-hour labour. "I thought the fourth one would just fall out," Susan jokes. Because there were more than 12 years between babies, it was like giving birth for the first time.

excerpted from: www.thestar.com

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Men's Fertility and Vitamin B

We've all heard about how folic acid can help women prevent birth defects, but according to this article, B vitamins may be critical for men as well.
 It may be just as important for men to start taking B vitamins before a couple tries to conceive. Read more:

Men who eat a diet rich in green vegetables, fruit and lentils have a higher chance of fathering a

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healthy child, scientists said today.

In the first study to investigate the effects of diet on sperm quality, American scientists found that high levels of vitamin B reduced the number of abnormalities that can lead to children being born with conditions such as Down's syndrome.

It may lead to recommendations for men as well as women to take folic acid before trying to conceive.

Women are encouraged to take supplements of vitamin B, which occurs naturally as folate in leafy green vegetables, pulses and some fruits, and synthetically as folic acid, in order to protect the unborn foetus from certain birth defects.

If the findings of the study, which was carried out by a team from University of California, in Berkeley, are confirmed scientists may recommend men take folic acid for at least three months before trying to conceive.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


Did you know that in certain countries where women wear loose garments, conditions such as endometriosis are much less prevalent?

 It's true...tight clothing can cause a multitude of heath problems not just for women, but men too.   It
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just can't be a good thing to cut off circulation to some of your vital organs...especially your reproductive organs.  Read more:

Women with endometriosis usually have reduced fertility potential due to tubal damage and ovarian function disturbance.
A research carried out by Prof John Dickinson of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology links tight clothing to endometriosis, a gynaecological medical condition that can cause infertility in women.
The study titled Could tight garments cause endometriosis? says tight clothes may provide the force required to drive endometrial cells from the womb to accumulate in the ovaries.
This research is particularly important because many women consider tight clothes fashionable and trendy. Celebrities and everyday people alike have been squeezing into slimming, tight clothing for centuries.  Whether it was corsets in the Victorian Age or skinny jeans in modern times, the fashion to be thin has been unsurpassed.
Many times when we buy a pair of jeans, we buy them too tight to fit and we squeeze ourselves into them regardless of the pain it causes us while wearing them. Women love to copy the fashion world and when celebrities go for tight jeans, we follow suit. (from standardmedia)

... it is widely believed (among doctors as well as laypeople) that tight pants do in fact damage the testicles and can cause infertility or cancer. But that’s not all. Wearing tight pants is associated with a host of negative consequences for both men and women. For starters, the same reason tight pants causes infertility problems in men (overheating of the crotch area) can cause yeast infections and urinary tract infections in women.
According to Pravda, tight pants also limit the mobility of hip joints, cause stretching of joint capsules, and negatively affect the spine. A too-tight waist constricts the abdominal area filled with vital organs, causing problems such as reduced lymph flow from the pelvis, improper immune system function and poor circulation.
from:  (ergonomenon.com)

Friday, February 14, 2020


Trying To Get Pregnant?  Gems May Represent Fertility

Yes, Valentine's day is today. If you are trying to conceive, you might drop a few hints to your significant other about what to give you for Valentine's day.
 According to the article below, certain gems might help you get pregnant. Hey, it's all in fun, but you never know. Read more:
For pearls of wisdom, remember that the Pearl is a product of the oyster, and the oyster just happens to be nature's finest aphrodisiac. Pearls may range in color from white to black, but are commonly pale and shimmery. The magical properties of the pearl bring the wonderful gifts of peace of mind, focus, wisdom, patience, protection and love. And these are all properties that are important to the pearl's finest magic - fertility! Legend has it that pearls are so closely related to fertility because of the time and patience that it takes for one oyster to produce just one pearl, much like the time and patience it takes to create one beautiful baby.
Heart Chakra Bracelet With Rose Quartz for Valentine's Day

Or perhaps the choice is green. The green hues of the Emerald are symbolic of fertility, but this stone goes far beyond its color in its powers and properties to bring successful love, ensure domestic tranquility, stimulate the heart, arouse deep awareness, and bring good fortune and happiness. For what more could you ask in preparation for a baby?

And then there’s the Ruby. And rubies are not just for Tuesday! Red in color, the ruby is the gemstone of power and passion. Its properties range from stimulating love and emotions to promoting mental concentration. The ruby also protects the wearer against unhappiness, and is even reputed to prevent miscarriage. Good spirits are said to dwell in the stone, so to maintain the joy, passion and love at home, bring on the ruby.

You might want to consider Quartz, both clear and rose. As a wonderful touch of magic, if you hold clear quartz at your solar plexus and steady your breathing for several minutes, your body will relax, your mind will clear, your emotions will calm, and your energy will surge. Need we say more? And rose quartz, known as the love stone, stimulates both the heart and blood and consequently other organs as well. If that is not enough, rose quartz is also known to stimulate sexual energy and to enhance fertility. All of this power in such a little stone! So place one (or more) on the body part of your choice, near your body or bodies, in your bedroom, or anywhere that the two of you meet for delicious intimacy or passionate love-making.


Thursday, February 13, 2020


Get Pregnant Naturally With The Help Of Co-Q10

I have heard about CoQ10 for a number of conditions, but this is the first time I've heard about how it may help fertility by actually improving egg function and quality.
Co-Q10 may help egg quality by preventing damage and help cellular energy.
 Read more:
Mitochondria need co-enzyme Q10 to make energy. The vitamin is also a powerful anti-oxidant that
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may prevent mitochondrial DNA damage, Casper said.

Co-enzyme Q10's production by the body also decreases as we get older, starting around age 25.

"One of the theories about why we get old and die in the first place is that our cells just run out of energy — the mitochondria stop working properly and there's just not enough energy for cellular function so organs start to fail," Casper said. "A simple explanation could be that there's not enough fuel from the co-Q10 around."

In a pilot study using 52-week old mice — mid-life for a mouse, and the equivalent of 40 to 50 for a human — Casper's team gave half the group co-enzyme Q10, and the other half a placebo. Next they compared eggs retrieved from both groups of mice with eggs from 10-week old mice.
"What we found was that just treating the mice with co-Q10 we got more eggs when we gave them fertility drugs," Casper said. The nuclear spindles that pull the chromosomes apart were more like those in young eggs. The litter size was bigger, and the eggs from the vitamin-treated mice had improved mitochondrial function.

Even more surprising, when the researchers examined the mouse ovaries, there were significantly more egg follicles in the old mice treated with the co-Q10 — suggesting, Casper said, "that we actually were able to delay the onset of the equivalent of menopause in the mice."

Excerpted from Times Colonist

Monday, February 10, 2020


Chiropractic For Fertility

I've never actually been to a chiropractor, however, I've been to a few seminars on how chiropractic can help with a number of conditions.
There does seem to be a relationship between the spine, the nervous system and the reproductive system.  Every part of the body is controlled by the nervous system, so it makes sense that if things
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are not aligned, it may lead to infertility.
If you've never heard of "vertebral subluxation", the article below explains how this condition may interfere with a woman's fertility and how chiropractic can help:

From the article:

The three women reported on in the study were in their early thirties and had been previously diagnosed as infertile.

One of the women had been attempting to conceive for 2 years without success. She had attended the services of a fertility center and received 2 rounds of the fertility drug Clomid but without success. She was at the time of chiropractic consultation considering artificial insemination. The fertility center found no medical problems with the patient or her husband to attribute the couple’s inability to conceive.

Another case described in the paper was of a woman and her husband who had attempted to conceive for 4 years without success despite assisted reproductive technology. She was prescribed infertility drugs that eventually resulted in 2 ectopic pregnancies. Each ectopic pregnancy was followed by laproscopic surgery. The woman also underwent 2 failed in-vitro fertilization procedures.

A third case reported on involved a woman who reported an inability to conceive over the last 7 months and had concerns about her fertility based on a history of irregular menstrual cycles.

When examined, all three women showed signs of vertebral subluxations which were identified using spinal x-rays and advanced technology known as thermography and surface electromyography. These tests are used to identify the extent of nerve interference resulting from the subluxations.

After undergoing short periods of chiropractic are all three women conceived and delivered healthy children. The authors of the study call for more research on the role of chiropractic care in reproductive disorders.


Sunday, February 09, 2020


Rose Quartz - Uses; Healing Properties of Pink Quartz

Guest Post By Loren Mann

Rose quartz is a very attractive stone that is widely used by those interested in crystal healing. This article takes a look at its uses and properties in more detail.
What Is Rose Quartz?
Rose quartz is a quartz variant with a distinctive pink colour. Quartz itself (silicon dioxide) is the second most commonly occurring mineral in the earth's crust (after feldspar), and may take on different colours if other substances are present. In this case, the presence of manganese, iron or titanium may be what gives rise to its characteristic rosy hue, which can range from very pale pastel pink to a much deeper colour. However, the mechanism responsible for the pink colour isn't completely understood, and it may have different causes in different rose quartz formations.
Rose quartz is normally translucent, although transparent specimens are sometimes found. It is sometimes known as the 'love stone' in crystal lore.
As a very popular and commonly available crystal, pink quartz can be bought as clusters, points, sphere, wands, pendulums and other popular crystal forms.
Healing & Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz
This stone is known most of all for its calming, soothing effect, and its connection with the emotion of love.

  • Can be used to draw love and affection into your life, or establish a sense of harmony in existing relationships
  • Increases sensitivity and empathy towards others
  • Helps to heal emotional wounds
  • Good for relief of loneliness and other negative feelings
  • On a physical level, it is associated with the circulatory system, as well as the heart and chest area, and may be used to relieve problems in this region
  • It is also connected with the sexual organs, fertility and sexual drive, and may have a protective effective during pregnancy
  • Promotes self-love and a non-judgmental attitude towards the self
  • Connected with the heart chakra, and may be used for this in chakra balancing work

Overall, this type of quartz is an excellent stone to use if you are feeling in need of an emotionally soothing effect, or wish to improve your relationships (all relationships, not just romantic).
Using Rose Quartz
Rose quartz can be especially beneficial when placed on the chest area during healing sessions, or worn as a pendant which hangs over the chest during the day.
As with other crystals, regular cleansing is recommended - this can be accomplished by holding the stone under running water, and then placing it outside to recharge in natural light.
If you're interested in tapping into your full potential on a physical, mental and spiritual level, I strongly recommend the use of binaural beat meditation, which can be used in conjunction with crystal work and many other self-empowerment techniques. For more information, visit my site at http://www.quantumbliss.com/
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Loren_Mann/538753

Friday, February 07, 2020


Watercress is a Superfood

Fertility Jewelry, featured: Religious Themes
I frequently post articles about foods for fertility and foods and recipes to help you get pregnant.  But,6, B12, C, D, E, and K) as provided by 100 g of food, expressed per 100 kcal of food. Scores above 100 were capped at 100 (indicating that the food provides, on average, 100% DV of the qualifying nutrients per 100 kcal)
much to my surprise, the healthiest vegetable from a study performed by the center for disease control (CDC) is none other than watercress!  If you don't know a lot about watercress, you are probably not alone.  It is a cruciferous vegetable (like broccoli), but it outranks all others (Calculated as the mean of percent daily values (DVs) (based on a 2,000 kcal/d diet) for 17 nutrients (potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, zinc, and vitamins A, B

So how can watercress help fertility?  Well, if you look at the nutrients that were used to calculate it's rating, most of them are good for fertility.  For example, protein for egg quality and hormone
production, folate to prevent birth defects, zinc for sperm health, iron for ovulation (and essential for pregnancy), fiber to remove toxins and the list goes on. 


Thursday, February 06, 2020


Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Kapikacchu - Mucuna Pruriens

Guest Post By Dr. Savitha Suri

Mucuna pruriens is a legume, found in Africa, India and the Caribbean. It is an annual, climbing shrub which grows over 13 - 15 m height. The young plant is completely covered by hair where as older plants are free of it. The leaves are tripinnate. Flowers are white, lavender, or purple. The fruits are leguminous. The husk is very hairy and carries up to seven seeds. Its seed pods are about 10 cm long and are covered in loose, orange hairs that cause a severe itch if they come in contact with skin. The chemical compounds responsible for the itch are a protein, mucunain, and serotonin.
This plant is also known as cowhage, cowitch, Velvet Bean, Itchy bean, Buffalo bean etc. In India it is known as Kevancha, kavach or kevach (Hindi).
Ayurveda acharyas have grouped this plant under Balya (body strengthening herbs), Madhura skanda
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(herbs with sweet taste) and Vatasamshamana (Herbs which normalize vata dosha).
According to ayurveda principles the plant Mucuna pruriens or kapikacchu is heavy to digest and increases moistness of tissues. It has both sweet and bitter taste and the potency is hot.
Ayurveda medicinal properties:
This plant normalizes vata and increases kapha and pitta. Hence it is administered in diseases caused due to vitiation of vata.
The roots and seeds of kapikacchu help to strengthen the nervous system and reduce stress. Therefore it is used as nervine tonic.
The hairs on fruits help to eliminate intestinal parasites. It is usually administered with honey, butter and jaggery.
Seeds of mucuna pruriens act as vrishya (aphrodisiac). The seeds of this plant are eulogized as the best vrishya and vajikara which increase sexual functions in men. They help in conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sperm count. Regular use of these seeds increase libido in men. Hence seeds of kapikacchu are used in vajikarana preparations. Kapikacchu seeds increase sperm count and sperm motility.
 Seeds of velvet bean or mucuna are also effective in dysmenorrhea (gynecological condition of pain during menstruation) in women. Texts of ayurveda mention the usage of seeds to strengthen the muscles of vagina.
Roots of velvet bean have diuretic properties.
Ayurveda acharyas recommend use of this herb to strengthen the body, increase stamina and muscle bulk.
Studies have shown that Mucuna Pruriens help to increase the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone increases muscle mass, libido and rectifies erectile dysfunction. The seeds improve male fertility by increasing concentration of male hormones. This increases quality and quantity of semen.
Seeds contain protein, lipids, dietary fiber, ash, carbohydrates, minerals and it contains plenty of alkaloids, saponins and sterols. The main ingredients are L-dopa, mucanine and serotonin. L-Dopa acts as anti-Parkinson's and increases testosterone.
The tribal people use plant and its extracts as anti venom for various snake bites.
This article is copy righted. The author Dr.SavithaSuri is an Ayurvedic Physician and web master of Ayurveda help through ayurveda consultations. drsavithasuri@gmail.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Savitha_Suri



Wednesday, February 05, 2020


Pregnancy Over 40 - Help With Meditation

I thought this article was insightful, because it explains that it's not a mystifying process, it's actually quite simple and natural. My CD on meditation for pregnancy (click here to listen online) gives specific examples of how to attract a baby in your life, but this article gives some practical tips and what to expect from the process:

Secret #1:The True Purpose of Meditation

Many people feel a sense of fascination when confronted with the possibility of mystic visions, psychic intuition and heightened mental functioning. While meditators often report these sorts of improvements, these experiences should not be the primary reason for practice. The purpose of meditation is to bring us back to ourselves.

As we become healthier, happier and realize greater self-awareness, the other benefits of meditation begin to follow naturally -- improved mental functioning, greater intuition as well as greater access to unconscious resources and abilities.

Secret #2:Distraction Does Not Equal Failure

Meditation is not work in the sense that you have to "force" yourself to concentrate completely for long periods of time. If we consciously try to prevent thinking, it's going to have a negative impact on the meditation.

Instead, whenever we become lost in thought or confusion, we simply acknowledge those thoughts and then gently return the attention to the object of the meditation. We do this as many times as distraction or thought occurs. Eventually, the mind becomes calmer and discursive thought begins to slow.

Secret #3:Insight Alone Is Not Enough

Insight alone will not transform our lives. Meditation is likely to help us by giving us larger perspectives and increasing clarity of thought. But although our sense of inner guidance might become stronger, unless we ACT on that guidance, we will never manifest the changes we truly want in our lives.

This doesn't just mean we need to take action in our outer world, for example, having an honest conversation with a friend or paying a bill.

It also means we must actively request the assistance of the unconscious in a clear and persistent way. When you do that, as I teach in "Secrets of Meditation, Energy and Manifestation," you find yourself magnetically drawn toward your dreams with an irresistible impulse.

Secret #4:Learn To Let Go

Once you have made your request, it's important that you let go. Don't be concerned with HOW you're going to get what you truly want in your life. Needing to know how can hamper the process of making it manifest in the outer world. Learn to trust your unconscious.

Some changes -- perhaps all of them -- will happen automatically. I have personally found that many of my destructive habits simply dropped away with minimal conscious effort.

For me, this was achieved not by self-discipline and will power, but rather a "letting go" and a realization that spiritual growth is a natural process powered by parts of ourselves that know more than we can understand consciously.

As we let go consciously and receive more input from these parts, we learn to trust this feeling, this feeling that we are in safe hands and that something amazing is about to happen.
excerpted from:   secretsofmeditation.com

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Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Guaifenesin Cough Syrup For Cervical Mucus

I remember hearing about taking a certain type of cough syrup to help with cervical mucus and I actually did try it. I'm not sure if it helped or not because I had stopped using it when I got pregnant with my daughter. But for anyone interested, this article explains how cough syrup can help (please note, the article mentions "Robitussin", however, the active ingredient is Guaifenesin which may be
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found in many other over-the-counter cough medicines):

How does Robitussin improve cervical mucus?
Robitussin is an expectorant, which means it helps thin out the mucus in your lungs.  This helps with coughing because it is easier to clear the mucus out of your lungs when you cough if the mucus is thinner.  What’s nice about Robitussin is that it doesn’t just work on the mucus produced in your lungs, it also helps thin out cervical mucus.  Thinner mucus is better for sperm and may improve your chances of getting pregnant.
When should you take Robitussin?
The best time to take Robitussin is about 5 days before you expect to ovulate and also on the day of ovulation.  If you are using OPKs (or ovulation prediction kits) continue taking until 2 to 3 days after your have had a positive OPK.  The recommended dosage is two teaspoons taken orally three times a day.

excerpted from:   justmommies.com

Monday, February 03, 2020


How light and full spectrum light may help ovulation

I've read on numerous occasions that the right combination of darkness and light can encourage ovulation.  However, first of all, women need to be exposed not just to light, but the right kind of light.  Full spectrum light is important to trigger ovulation and other hormonal changes that can encourage a pregnancy.  I've often heard that women who go on vacation are more likely to get pregnant.  This could be for a couple of reasons.  First, they are more relaxed, and second, they are in the sun more.

From the article:

At the Bronx Zoo curators credit full-spectrum lighting with helping the tufted puffin, a shy sea bird, survive in captivity. Under the influence of "indoor sunshine," the puffins, for the first time, laid eggs that hatched.

Strange things happened in Burnett Park Zoo in Syracuse, N.Y., when sunlight-simulating lights were

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installed in an effort to stop vandalism. "The zoo became a veritable maternity ward," said director Charles T. Clift.

"The cougars fell in love all over again and produced their fourth litter, we collected five goose eggs, at least 8 lambs were born, and the deer population increased by 20. Big Lizzie gave birth to a bear cub. The wallaby produced a new mini-kangaroo and the chimpanzee got pregnant."

Phillip Hughes Ph.D., a scientist at Duro-Test Corp., North Bergen, N.H., said the Syracuse zoo's experience is just one example of the effects of natural-like light. Hughes is a vice president at Duro-Test, the firm that makes the most widely used full-spectrum fluorescent light, Vita-Lite.

A specialist in neurological sciences, physiology and psychology, Hughes said. "Light is definitely a nutrient. It is essential to life and the whole endocrine system. Light has a role in triggering hormones.

"Vitamin D is synthesized by ultraviolet in the skin. Vitamin D receptors help proper bone development and prevent development of rickets. Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium.

"Under light not closely approximating the sun, one study found calcium absorption dropped off in the elderly in the indoors in winter. But those under full-spectrum lighting had an increase in calcium absorption."

In an upcoming book on holistic medicine, produced with funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, Hughes says: "Along with food, air, and water, sunlight is a most important survival factor in human life. Solar radiation activates other important biochemical events in our bodies involved in endocrine control, timing of our biological clocks, entrainment of 24-hour circadian rhythms, immunologic responsiveness, sexual growth and development, regulation of stress and fatigue, control of viral and cold infections, and dampening of functional disorders of the nervous system."

He said the last two or three generations are the first to have spent three-fourths of their lives under artificial light. "We do not fully know the effect," he said.

from rawfoodinfo.com

Sunday, February 02, 2020


Having A Baby Over 50 Does Happen Naturally

I found this very interesting and encouraging article (link to the pdf below) about a women in Japan who married late in life, went through unsuccessful fertility treatments, but conceived spontaneously at the age of 50!  Before the days of birth control (and assisted reproduction), women routinely got pregnant over 40 and some even over 50.

 The interesting thing about this article from the Tokai University School of Medicine is that they concluded that the anxiety, depression and other psychological effects of fertility treatments may have
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been a factor in her failure to conceive. Interestingly, they recommend stopping fertility treatments to achieve pregnancy in women with these psychological factors to achieve pregnancy! I certainly can relate to that. Read more:

A healthy woman, married at age 45, hoped to have their child without delay. She and her
husband subsequently decided to pursue in-vitro-fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET).
In the succeeding year, ET was performed twice from four oocyte retrieval attempts, which
represented six ovarian stimulation cycles. Pregnancy was not achieved. Because of her poor
responses to ovarian stimulation, inferior oocyte grading and prohibition of donor oocyte
usage in Japan, the couple decided to discontinue further IVF treatment at age 48 years, 10
months. One and one-half years later, at age 50 years, 3 months she presented to our clinic
eight weeks pregnant. At term she delivered vaginally a 2740 g healthy infant at 38 weeks gestation;
Apgar scores were 9 and 10. During her pregnancy, she willingly participated in our
questionnaire designed to provide information about her psychological well-being during the
past three years. During the time spanning her treatment for infertility, anxiety, depression,
irritability, fatigue and grief were revealed to coexist with her high hopes of having a child.
After termination of infertility treatments these adverse psychological findings were markedly
lessened and her vigour was restored. Stopping infertility treatment might be a viable
alternative for achieving pregnancy in similarly psychologically-challenged infertile women.

 from: mj.med.u.tokai

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