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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Infertility and Artificial Light

Guest Post By Marie Zenack

Artificial light while sleeping appears to interfere with the production of
melatonin, which is a hormone associated with ovarian activity.
Research shows that women's cycles normalize when artificial light is
eliminated while sleeping. Eliminating the artificial light seems to allow
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the hormonal system to reset itself, so to speak, and take a fresh start.
Couples who were thought to be infertile have been able to conceive by
eliminating artificial light while sleeping.


Many women find that menstrual cycles are easier and more
harmonious if they follow the cycles of the moon: menstruation on the
new moon, ovulation on the full moon. Because we are surrounded by
so much artificial light, even while sleeping, it can be a challenge to get
in tune with the moon's cycles. Women report being able to gradually
harmonize their cycles with the cycles of the moon by sleeping in total
darkness, except for one or two nights at the time of the full moon. If you
want to try sleeping in total darkness, make some dark shades for your
bedroom windows and make sure there is no light of any kind from your
clock radio, from under your door, etc.
If you want to try harmonizing your cycle with the moon's cycles, open
your shades for one night during the full moon, and sleep in the moon's
light. If this is not possible, get a nightlight and use it only during the
night of the full moon. You may have to continue this practice for some
months, so be patient. You may enjoy seeing your cycles gradually
respond to Grandmother Moon's light.
Marie Zenack is a teacher of fertility awareness and a facilitator of women�s rites of passage. She lives in a spiritual community in rural Southeast Iowa, where she spends her time teaching, writing, meditating, gardening, cooking and enjoying her grandchildren.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I realize I have readers of different faiths and beliefs, but I have received many inquiries about which saints to pray to if you are trying to conceive or struggling with infertility. The saints for fertility and conception include:
Saint Rita of Cascia, Saint Gerard, Saint Anne, Saint Mary,
St. Raymond Nonnatus, Saint Dominic of Silos.  

Click here to read the full article on saints for fertility and getting pregnant including prayers (


Friday, January 13, 2017


I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that! When I ran a support group for my local infertility organization, practically every woman in the group who got pregnant said that very thing.

Infertility chips away at your self esteem and it makes you believe that you're unworthy of the most basic of human needs. If you've been struggling with infertility for over a year (or two or three), you begin to believe that getting pregnant is this impossible dream - it's soooo way out there that you'll never achieve it. may be helpful for you to know that almost everyone in your situation has
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felt that way.

A couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was ready to throw in the towel. I told everyone in the support group I was moving on to childfree, and my husband and I started making some real plans for the future. For the past six years our lives revolved around timing intercourse, taking pregnacy tests, having miscarriages (and sometimes surgery to remove them), and spending every waking moment wondering if I had done everything possible to conceive.


And then, just when I had made peace with my decision to move on to childfree, the "impossible" happened - I was pregnant. Why is life like that? Why did I have to get to the point of hopelessness before I suceeded? Well, my theory boils down to this: When you lower your resistance, you make room for success. So what does that mean? When you want something so bad, and it's not happening, you focus more on what you don't have instead of what you do have or what you want. You try to force things into place. When you finally give up, the flood gates open. Your dream starts chasing you instead of the other way around.

We've launched enough intentions to be busy for many lifetimes, but we just need open the pathway for them to come to fruition. We've all heard the old sayings, "Relax, it will happen" and "Let go and let God". All of these are different ways of saying the same thing. Know in your mind that good things will come to you. The fastest and most direct route to getting what you want is by bringing yourself to a positive point of attraction.

Staying in the mindset of why me? Why can't I get pregnant? Why can't I have a baby? This will only attract more of the same. Sometimes, letting go can feel so good...and guess what? Feeling good attracts the positive things to your life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Here is a very encouraging story of a woman who had the last of her four children at the age of 46.  In the article, she states that it was a natural conception and she talks about some of the comments she had to endure, not only from friends and acquaintances, but also medical professionals.  She even talks about how her doctor was sure she came in for a referral to terminate the pregnancy and even refused to send her for prenatal care until she had a chance to "reconsider".
Well, she did have a very successful pregnancy and a healthy happy daughter.  The midwife who
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followed her pregnancy even told her that she had a sister who had a baby at 52!


Read more:

And so the pregnancy continued and I began to enjoy it. I remember going shopping for maternity clothes with my 17-year-old daughter and watching with amusement as the shop assistant looked from one of us to the other, trying to discern who was pregnant.
I was amazed that so many people came up to me and, looking admiringly at my huge belly, asked if it was my first.
My little daughter, Edith, was born nearly two years ago now. And, rather than overburdened by late motherhood, I feel blessed and privileged to be her mother.
Having Edith has been rejuvenating. I particularly enjoy the frequent occasions when I am sitting next to a man at dinner and he asks whether I have any children. When I say yes, he inevitably asks how old they are. (No man would ever ask a woman her age but this is, of course, the nearest to doing that.)
I tell him I have a one-year-old daughter and watch while he does the mental arithmetic.
"Hmm, well she can't be more than..." Then I go on to say I also have a daughter of 19 and - unfailingly - he says: "Wow, you must have got started young." Feeling about ten years younger than I am, I nod and smile: "Oh yes, very young."
daily mail

Monday, January 09, 2017


I've heard and read many stories about how cervical mucus and its consistency is one of the critical pieces for conceiving on any given cycle.  As women get older, they may need to do more to help their bodies produce sperm friendly cervical mucus.  There are many simple things you can do that
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almost seem "too easy" like drinking water.
It just makes sense that if you are dehydrated or underhydrated that your cervical mucus will be thick with less volume. When you have a cold or cough, one of the first things doctors will tell you to do is “drink plenty of fluids”. Why? Because it thins out your mucus so you can cough it up. The same thing holds true for cervical mucus, with proper hydration, the consistency will be thinner and you will have more of it. Sperm need “egg white” consistency cervical mucus.

There are many other things you can do to enhance your cervical mucus, click here to read the full article (

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Australia has its own version of "The Biggest Loser" and one of its fitness experts is Michelle Bridges.  Although I'm not a big TV watcher, I did take notice that this health, weight and fitness guru got pregnant naturally and had a healthy baby.  When she and her husband announced their pregnancy, they made a point to say it was a natural conception.  Read more:


The incredible luck of Bridges falling pregnant naturally is not lost on the Biggest Loser trainer.
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"I feel very lucky," she told Who magazine, in its latest issue. 
"But I also feel all of my years and all of Steve's years of looking after ourselves and taking care of our health and our bodies, it just goes to show. For someone my age, for it to happen so quickly, it's obviously got to do with good health."

...Back in December, the TV personality opened up to The Australian Women’s Weekly about becoming a mother, saying, “I always hoped that, one day, I might be a mother.”
“It has always been at the back of my mind that perhaps it would happen."
But now, after welcoming the bub she deems to be “cute as a button”, the yummy mummy admits that it is “the best thing I’ve ever done.”
“I’ve got this mother instinct that people always talk about,” she gushed. “It’s quite fierce and protective.

Thursday, January 05, 2017


Infertility Or Fertility? Understanding the Crucial Role of ZINC In Reproduction

Guest Post By Uzo Onukwugha

Zinc may be classified as a trace element but it is a very important mineral in both male and female fertility enhancement. Zinc deficiency could lead to all kinds of infertility problems ranging from low sperm count in males to loss of pregnancy in females.
To understand the role of zinc in reproductive health in both sexes, lets examine the reproductive organs. In males, the prostate is the organ with the richest zinc supply while in the females, the uterus (the palace of the baby) is the zinc-richest organ. Developmentally what the uterus is in the female is equivalent to the prostate in the males. Although both organs may look different, they need the same nourishment--zinc--because they came from the same embryonic origin.
In women, lack or low zinc supply may lead to hormonal imbalance, irregular menses, lack of egg maturation or release from the ovaries. If the woman happens to conceive, zinc deficiency increases chances of spontaneous abortion, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and low-birth-weight babies.
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Note that the woman doesn't lose only iron in her menses, but also magnesium and zinc.
In men, the reproductive organs like the prostate and testicles cannot function without zinc. The prostate will swell without adequate zinc supply. Zinc is critical for sperm production, and maturation. Zinc is also a heavy metal antagonism and can combat arterioslerosis as such necessary to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Zinc is the reason why semen is white. One ejaculate from a man leads to the loss of 15 Milligrams of zinc. Zinc is necessary for DNA regulation and repair, proper cell division, immune system modulation, growth, regeneration and repair. It is also an anti-oxidant protector that can combat the menace of free-radicals in the body.
In fact Zinc, is an important co-factor in well over 600 enzyme systems (including anti-oxidant enzymes like catalaze and superoxide dismutase) in the body. This ranges from metabolism of carbohydrates and vitamins to release energy. Zinc deficiency can cause loss of taste, loss of smell, poor wound healing and infertility.



The problem is that zinc is notorious for poor absorption, therefore even mild zinc deficiency can lead to low sperm count, poor sperm quality and motility. Fortunately supplementation with 60 milligrams of zinc in 50 days can reverse all these semen parameters in infertile men. Zinc does all these by raising levels of testosterone (hormone that stimulate sperm production) which is also responsible for sexual libido in both sexes. This is why we must raise the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Zinc to at least 60 milligrams daily. The erroneous notion to supplement with copper with increased dose of zinc is a baseless fear that has no practical application.
Zinc with magnesium and vitamin B6 work in synergy to modulate and balance the body's delicate hormone cascade which is necessary for fertility and reproduction in both sexes.
Good sources of zinc include turkey, oysters, whole grains, eggs, bone meal, molasses, maple syrup, brewer's yeast, seeds like sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. Note that zinc supplementation is no longer and option but mandatory if you are already struggling with infertility.
Uzo Onukwugha comes back to discuss how ZINC can improve your reproductive health, balance sex hormones, tone the reproductive organs, stimulate ovulation, increase conception leading to birth of healthy babies. To learn more about how you can reverse infertility, and enhance fertility Check out his website devoted exclusively on infertility remedy at:
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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Pregnancy Over 40, Trying To Conceive Over 40 - Dealing With Others

If you're struggling with infertility, you know those awful feelings of being left behind when someone else announces their pregnancy.
 Even after my successful pregnancy, I still get slightly irritated with people who take their pregnancy for granted. I recall once, an extended family member who knew of my six year journey through infertility and miscarriage, announced her pregnancy at a family gathering. She went on to say: "it only took us two months to get pregnant!" I already had given birth to my daughter when this happened, but I still had a moment of rage pass through me - I had to refrain from saying something I would regret later. It seemed to me that the only reason she brought that up was because everyone knew it took me so long to have a baby.  There seemed to be an underlying jab there, but I'm sure I took it "the wrong way" because of my difficult history.
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Even though I wholeheartedly recommend joining an infertility support group (especially since I
previously ran one), there is one part of it that can be difficult - when others get pregnant before you. Most people eventually succeed and many will succeed before you. Remember, this is not a race. Everyone's life has its own set of twists and turns. What comes easily for some doesn't come so easily for others. I'm sure other people look at you and envy some aspect of your life. Things will fall into place when the time is right. Just because someone else has a baby before you, it doesn't mean your chances are any less. By the way, my family member I mentioned above had numerous complications with her pregnancy, delivered prematurely, had a c-section, a difficult post-partum period, and her baby required quite a bit of extra care due to a chromosomal problem. I assure you, I take no pleasure in her struggles - I'm happy that she and her baby pulled through. But in retrospect, it just goes to show you that there's no reason to automatically assume that the first one who gets pregnant has some kind of charmed life. Stay the course and know that everything will work out for the best.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


I recall going through six years of trying to conceive. The holidays back then were just a way of marking time...another year - no baby.
 January was always such a relief because I could put all the holiday hoopla to rest. I wouldn't have to sit through tiring social get togethers for another year and I could get back into my comfortable routine.
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Even though I went through six holiday seasons without a baby, somehow a new year always brought new expectations: this is the year I'm going to have a baby. I often wondered if I was a glutton for punishment. What made me think the new year would be any different from all the rest? To make matters worse, one of the years I went through IVF, I got pregnant and found out I miscarried right before Christmas. There's nothing like having a miscarriage to put you in the holiday spirit. All sarcasm aside, somehow I kept on going. Even though my age, the statistics and my reproductive
history were against me, deep down I knew I couldn't quit.


 My baby was somewhere hovering over me and I knew my persistence would pay off. The moral of the story is that the new year can be different. There's something about putting your past behind you that opens up new possibilities. Instead of seeing the new year as a reminder that you're still not pregnant, see it as a new start. That was then and this is now. Stay away from the naysayers (for me it was the reproductive endocrinologists) - they may derail you from your goal. So when I say Happy New Year, I mean it. Past performance does not predict future results.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


New Fertility Bracelet with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Moonstone

I recently expanded my line of Fertility Jewelry from my website (  My newest piece is a beautiful handmade bracelet with an Elephant, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Moonstone beads.  This is one of my favorite pieces because of the symbolism and genuine healing stones. The style is one of a kind and is not only beautiful, but also meaningful.  Read more about this bracelet:
Click Here for the Elephant Bracelet With Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Moonstone
The elephant is a prominent symbol in the art and science of Feng Shui. Elephants symbolize fruitfulness in the wearer.  When pointed upwards, the truck is a symbol of good luck. The word for elephant in Chinese is written and pronounced the same as the Chinese word for “sign” or “things to come”, just like your baby that may be on the way!

Moonstone is thought to be tied to the energy of the moon and is thought to have healing properties for women. It is good for regulating hormones and cycles (probably because it is tied to the moon) and may be helpful for women who are experiencing miscarriage because it is good for receptivity. It will also help prepare the body for pregnancy after a miscarriage.

Rose Quartz is also called Pink Quartz. It is a popular stone for healing and is frequently used in feng shui. The pink color of rose quartz is thought to attract love energy. Rose quartz is thought to carry feminine energy and it targets the heart chakra. Rose quartz promotes vitality, energy and fertility and it is commonly thought of as a fertility stone. It can also be helpful to put rose quartz on your belly when you do become pregnant.

Amethyst is considered to be a healing crystal. It is supposed to strengthen the endocrine glands which are at the root of hormonal balance and it is good for the nervous system. It balances your energy and it is thought to be good for sleep which is essential if you are trying to conceive. Amethyst is thought to absorb negative energy and promote positivity.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


If you're feeling a bit bogged down after eating so much over the holiday, you might want to try spirulina as a meal substitute.  If you're anything like me, holidays are a time to indulge in tasty treats and foods that you don't normally eat.  So how can this green superfood help?  Spirulina is a natural algae and it is easy to find to incorporate into your diet..  It can benefit fertility in many ways:


  • Spirulina is a protein rich food which is needed for hormone production and high egg quality
  • Spirulina is high in the beneficial omega 3's which not only help with hormone production, but they have an overal anti-inflammatory affect on the body
  • Spirulina has chlorophyll which helps to detoxify  the body.  It can bind with heavy metals to remove them.
  • Spirulina is high in iron which has been shown to help with fertility and is very important should you become pregnant
  • Spirulina is high in B vitamins including folic acid which you should start taking before becoming pregnant to reduce the chance of birth defects
  • Spirulina is high in calcium which is important for pregnancy (it can have 26 times the amount of calcium in milk!)

Friday, December 23, 2016


Tis the Season for having salt rubbed into your wounds. If you're trying to conceive, all those happy families joyously pictured in the cute and clever Christmas/Holiday greeting cards is tough. Then there's the never ending dissertations about how everyone's kids are the star player on their soccer team, the brightest kid in class, the most popular kid in school, etc. etc. etc. It's enough to make you want to tell 'em all:


I recall getting some of those two page "bragging" letters inside Christmas cards...there they sat, still
St. Gerard For Fertility/Motherhood
folded and never read until it was time to put the holidays to rest.

See also: for more on sharing information about your infertility 

Well...many fertility bloggers write about how to survive the holidays this time of year (myself included). But the whole Christmas card thing got me thinking about something that might be encouraging for those who are in the throes of infertility. I thought about some of the Christmas cards I got this year... not from people with big happy families but from people with small happy families. These are people who cried together, felt hopeless together, and thought becoming a parent would never happen. I'm talking about some of the women who were in the infertility support group I ran before I conceived my daughter. Granted, all of their kids are still very young, but there's none of those awful bragging letters. They usually just send a picture and you can sense the true appreciation they have for their child/children.

I'm not saying that other people don't appreciate or love their kids, but you definitely see a difference between families where the kids were conceived easily or unexpectedly and the families where the couple's had a harder time. In some ways, I think these couples know that they've been given an incredibly special gift and bragging or taking it for granted will create some type of universal backlash. True appreciation is a rare thing, and one benefit, at least for me, of waiting six years for my daughter is that I truly have a profound appreciation of new life.

So the moral of the story is, even though it's frustrating and heartbreaking to go through the agony of waiting to get pregnant...sometimes months...sometimes years, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You come through it with more insight and knowledge than you can imagine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I continue to find many stories of women who experience infertility and go through a multitude of assisted reproduction procedures only to find themselves pregnant over 40 by surprise.  Yes, it's amazing that when you least suspect it, you can find yourself pregnant.  This should be very encouraging to those of you who are trying to conceive!  I, myself had a surprise pregnancy at the age of 40 (read about it here). 
Here is a story about a women who had previously gone through fertility treatments, and had her family complete...then, out of nowhere, she finds herself pregnant at the age of 43.  Even though most of you would be ecstatic, it wasn't necessarily good news for her.  Read more:
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 That I am pregnant is truly unbelievable and dare I say, a miracle. But I am not happy about it. At least not yet...
... Everything seems to be on hold: my career; purging ourselves of car seats, bouncers and various other overpriced infant accouterments; travel plans; and a family budget. Until we know if we are planning for a family of five or six, our whole lives seem to have entered a state of paralysis. We had finally started to get into a groove and I was looking forward to raising older children. Now, all those plans are in suspended animation...
...I am trying to embrace a future with this baby in it, although I fear that if the baby never arrives, I will be crestfallen. I am readying myself for whatever happens, but I am split in a way that I have never felt before.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Trying To Conceive Over 40 and The Holidays

I posted this article last year, and I wanted to post it again during this holiday season. Even though trying to conceive unsuccessfully for many years isn't the least bit funny, the title of the article made
me laugh (Fa la la la la blah blah blah blah). Oh how I felt like a big Scrooge every Christmas (it seemed like every holiday season was right after a miscarriage or failed fertility treatment). Katie gives some good advice for dealing with the holidays:


From the article:
Fertility Symbol Necklace, free shipping, free charm
 My heavily Catholic mother was fond of saying how “funny” it
was that she never wanted any children and had six, and I wanted them but
couldn’t seem to have any. She often repeated that my childlessness was
probably God’s way of telling me I wouldn’t be a good mother.
I had a great aunt who was going deaf who would pat my stomach and
holler, “Is anyone in there yet?” And then there are the idiotic bosses who,
after a few drinks, tell you to lighten up and offer to pinch hit for your

husband, ha, ha, ha.
 from: (

Thursday, December 15, 2016


If you have been told that you have an arcuate or misshaped uterus, then we have something in common.  My doctor who I initially went to for fertility treatments (before we conceived naturally) he did a hysteroscopy and discovered that I had a slight arcuate uterus (sort of a heart shaped).  He said he did not think that it would keep me from getting pregnant, but if he could "wish it way" he would.  If your uterus is not the exact pear shape you typically see, this usually wont cause miscarriage or prevent conception.
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did a hysterosalpingogram to look at whether or not my fallopian tubes were open.  At the same time



Guest Post By Holistic Practitioner:  Dr Mosaraf Ali
My husband and I are both in our early 30's and have been trying for a baby for 18 months. We have both been checked out and the only problem is that, although my husband has a high number of sperm, just six per cent were classed as healthy.  He is prone to backache and irregular bowel movements. What do you advise?
This is something I hear about quite often, but always from women. Men in general are embarrassed to talk, let alone do something, about it-although new technologies can help men with even a tiny number of healthy sperm become fathers. The fact is that the quality and quantity of sperm in the male population is on the decline and this is a problem for the survival of the human species. Most men, however, are concerned only about their sexual performance, rather than the quality of their
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Firstly, you must talk to your husband about your concerns. It's a very sensitive matter, so you will need to be tactful and non-accusative. He may agree to change his lifestyle as a favour to you, rather than accepting that it is his responsibility. Often men are worried about the response from their male friends, in case they get teased, although some men find a lot of support from their peers.
Once he is willing to talk about possible shifts, you can discuss specifics. I suspect his drinking is a problem, You could gently suggest that he go on an alcohol-free regime for three to four months. After that, he could go back to drinking a couple of glasses of good red wine once a week until the quality of his sperm improves when tested.
It is vital that he nourishes himself by eating well. An old Indian book on the art of love claims that out of 40 pounds of good food, a man gets one pound of flesh. That flesh produces one pound of blood (this was in the days when solid and liquid weights were the same), and that blood produces one pound of sperm. The message is the same today eating poor-quality (or too little) food leads to poor quality and quantity of sperm. Just imagine how much energy a sperm cell needs for its long journey to fertilise the ovum. Unhealthy sperm cells just aren't up to the task. They get their energy from the man's body, and nutrition and stress management are vital factors.
Here are my suggestions for your husband:
* Eat fresh, wholesome, preferably organic food, and always start with a good breakfast.
* Eat protein (chicken, red meat or fish) once a day.
* Avoid yeast products because they brew alcohol in the gut. Avoid all foodstuffs that are acidic or sour (citrus fruits, pineapple, mango, chilli, olives, vinegar, alcohol, coffee, deep fried, canned or processed foods, canned drinks) as these can act as spermicides- Drink tea only in moderation.
* Mix an egg into a glass of hot milk add salt and pepper to taste, and drink In the Orient, raw eggs are eaten this way to aid sperm production, (Make sure the eggs are organic to avoid the risk of salmonella.)
* Take Ashwagandha Indian ginseng: one daily for two months.
* Take Fortex to increase sperm volumes one daily for three months.
* Take one 15mg tablet daily for two months of either zinc citrate or Shilajit -this is extracted from a bitumen-like rock in the Himalayan mountains and has optimum concentration of magnesium, zinc and many trace elements necessary for healthy sperm.
* Take positive steps to manage stress, which may be responsible for backache, constipation and bingeing on food and drink. Walk daily in the fresh air for at least 30 minutes. Do other exercise which you enjoy. Practise yoga or a martial art such as t'ai chi. Listen to a relaxation tape at night to improve sleep quality.
* Constipation can affect nutrient absorption, so ensure this is not a problem by drinking at least eight large glasses of still water daily between meals. Eat plenty of fruits such as figs, prunes and papaya for breakfast. If constipated, take Herbolax to regulate bowel function.
Visit my health shop
121 Crawford Street, London, W1U 6BE
Article Source:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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I love publishing stories of surprise pregnancies in women who are supposedly too old to get pregnant.  Here is a story of one women who was already a grandmother and out of nowhere finds out she is pregnant.  She wasn't necessarily happy about it and even considered termination as many older women do when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.  However, she did have a healthy happy baby who is now the light of her life.  Read more:


In truth being mistaken for Lily’s grandmother is my greatest dread so I’m doing everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t happen.
When I go out with her I always straighten my hair and put on a bit of eye make-up.
However feeling self-conscious about my age is a small price to pay for the joy Lily brings me.
It made me so sad to read recently that the abortion rate among women over 35 is rising, possibly because women stop using contraception as they think they’re too old to conceive.
I didn’t plan to have a baby at 47 but Lily is the light of my life.

Monday, December 12, 2016


Trying To Get Pregnant During The Holidays?  Use Mistletoe!

 I don't think I've actually ever seen real mistletoe.  I've seen people decorate with fake mistletoe (i.e. hanging over doorways etc.), but never the real thing.  Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought this article would be of interest.
 Did you know mistletoe has been associated with fertility? I guess it just makes sense, if you get kissed, it could lead to other things. Read more:


Fancy a snog under the mistletoe this Christmas?
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Could those little white berries cast a spell on you?
We all look for the mistletoe when we see our heart throb at the Christmas party. But is there true magic in those berries?

The Druids thought so... those juicy little sprigs were not just a symbol of romance but also fertility! You might want to think twice before you agree to that sweaty clinch this year unless you want to hear the patter of tiny feet.

The man who's become the ambassador for mistletoe, Stanley Yapp, is known for his big bunches and has sent them all over the world.

"It's all part of the mystery... you still can't walk into a garden centre and buy a mistletoe tree.

"After thousands of years we still rely on a little bird doing it's job... it eats the berries and secures it's future," said Stan.

So our Christmas snogs rely on a birdy's do-do's!

Gloucestershire is well known for it's bumper crops of mistletoe. At this time of year, farmers are turning up at the farm shops selling their wares.

And the good thing is, it stays in pucker nick for months. So one little sprig can guarantee you at least a dozen smackers on the lips. Plenty of time to decide if you want another go.


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