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I recall when I was trying to conceive, I wore quite a bit of orange because I had read that it was associated with fertility.  This is because the sacral chakra (as mentioned in the article below) "vibrates" at the rate of the color orange.  Confused?  This guest post explains more about how our bodies are made of energy and chakras:

Introduction to the Chakra System

Guest Post By Erika Cook

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex, and it is referring to the many energy centers that our bodies are comprised of. These energy centers are not visible to the human eye; however there are many intuitive's that are able to see one's chakras in their mind's eye. There are hundreds of chakras in the human body; however it is only really necessary to focus on the 7 main chakras. These main chakras are lined up from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra has a particular color associated with it and represents certain aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
• Your 1st chakra, also called your root chakra, is located at the base of your spine and vibrates at the rate of the color red. The root chakra is your foundation chakra and enables you to get your basic needs met on earth such as food, shelter, and water. The physical aspect of this chakra includes the blood and nervous systems, the spine, bladder, and reproductive organs. An out of balance or blocked root chakra can cause inflammation, depression, lethargy, lack of confidence, and rage; just to name a few.


• Moving up to just below the navel we find the 2nd chakra, or the sacral chakra. This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color orange and is associated with our ability to be creative, reproduction, and fertility (including being fertile with ideas, etc...). Physically the sacral chakra includes the skin, kidneys, mammary glands, and female reproductive system. An out of balance or blocked sacral chakra can cause skin problems such as rashes and acne, reproductive problems, lack of creativity, aggression, and emotional instability. It is this chakra that many people store those emotions that they have pushed down or not dealt with, so it is very easy for this chakra to become blocked.
• Next, located below the ribs is the 3rd chakra or the solar plexus chakra. This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color yellow and is your source of inner power and self worth. The related organs to the solar plexus are the liver, spleen, stomach, and small intestine. Out of balance this chakra can cause digestive problems, diabetes, low self esteem, low energy, and confusion.
• The 4th chakra or heart chakra is the bridge between the lower 3 chakras (earth) and the upper 3 chakra (spiritual). The heart chakra is located directly in the center of the chest and vibrates at the rate of the color green (most people think that the color is pink. but that is actually the opposite color of green on the color wheel). This chakra is all about love, self love and compassion and includes the heart and breasts, endocrine gland, and the thymus gland. Out of balance problems that can occur are heart disease, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, jealousy, moodiness, and indifference.
• A the throat lies the 5th chakra or the throat chakra. The throat chakra vibrates at the rate of the color light blue and relates to speech, communication, and self expression. Related organs are the throat, lungs, and ears. Problems that can occur from an out of balance throat chakra are hearing problems, asthma, sore throats, thyroid problems, arrogance, and inconsistency.
• Moving up to the center of the forehead is the 6th chakra or the third eye chakra (another name for this chakra is the brow chakra). This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color Indigo and is associated with one's mind and intuitive abilities. Related organs to this chakra are the eyes, lower head, and sinuses. Out of balance this chakra can cause migraines, visual defects, sinus problems, being scattered and disorganized, and an inability to trust your intuition.
• The last chakra is the 7th chakra also called the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head, and relates to self knowledge and spiritual awareness. This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color white which includes the full spectrum of colors. The related organ to the crown chakra is the brain. Some problems that can occur if out of balance are depression, many mental or psychological disorders, dizziness, lack of contact with reality, and no concern for others.
There are endless reasons why your chakras can become unbalanced or blocked, and when one becomes clogged the flow of the whole system is interrupted. Taking good care of your chakra system will help to optimize your energy flow so that you can make the most out of your days. There are many simple techniques out there to keep your energy centers flowing and I urge you to use whichever one feels right to you.
Erika Lyn Cook is a freelance writer and the author of the upcoming book Purple People - The Diary of an Indigo Child. This book is a memoir of her life, and takes you through a journey of exactly what it's like to live as an Indigo child. Erika is also a certified Angel Healer Practitioner, Reiki practitioner, a certified Chrystal Healer, and an I.E.T. Healer. For more information about her services or about her upcoming book visit her website at []
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I came across a product that I thought was a wonderful idea and it looks pretty tasty too! It's called "Fertilishake". It has a wonderful blend of countless nutrients, probiotics, herbs, you name it. There is one for women and one for men. I'm not discounting the need for fresh fruits and vegetables, but this looks like a good idea for breakfast, especially if you're in a hurry. I love smoothies and if you are craving something sweet, its a great way to make your calories count.  You can add the fruits of your choice. Here is a list of the nutrition facts:

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On my website, I have a couple of pages which address detoxification of your body in preparation to conceive and detoxification of your environment. One simple but important way to “detoxify” your body is good old fashioned water.
  • First of all, drink plenty of water. This isn't earth shattering information, but when was the last time you actually drank plain old water....eight glasses a day? It's a simple way to remove toxins in the form of sweat and urine. Our skin is all over our body, and is our largest organ just think how many toxins could be sweated out (see number two below).
  • Sit in a steam room. Heat causes toxins to be released from cells into the lymphatic fluid from which sweat is made. The sweat releases the toxins. This can also be beneficial to your kidneys and liver since they will not have to work as hard to remove these toxins.
  • Drink salt water first thing in the morning. Dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a quart of water and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. This will draw toxins out from your digestive system and detoxify your colon.
  • Take an Epson salt bath
    Put two cups of Epson salt in a hot bath, do not use other soaps or shampoos. You may also want to add a cup of baking soda to neutralize other chemicals in your water.

There are also a number of products on the market like for detoxification.


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Did you know:

  • The rate of  unexpected pregnancies in women over 40 is second only to teenagers?

  • You are still considered fertile until 12 months without a menstrual cycle?

  • The majority of women who experience miscarriage will go on to have a healthy pregnancy - even those with recurrent miscarriage?

  • Women who give birth to their first child over the age of 40 are 4 times more likely to live to be 100?

  • It is estimated that half of all fertility procedures are unnecessary, and given time, these women and couples would conceive naturally?

  • One third of women who go through IVF have a subsequent natural pregnancy?

  • Pregnant women over 40 with a normal weight prior to conception have similar infant outcomes to younger women?

  • Want to share the good news?  Share this on your site:

    PREGNANCY OVER 40 - An infographic by the team at

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    Have you ever wondered if fertility artifacts and dolls really work?  I'll have to admit, I do put some belief in them.  Just from the standpoint of the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you will attract to yoursel, these artifacts just help you focus.  Here is an article about artifacts and dolls for fertility.  Did I get this off some obscure website? No, I got it from "The NY Times"! Does that lend this credibility? I don't know, that's for you to decide. For anyone interested, read more:

    As legend has it, a woman named Akua was barren until a healer instructed her to carry and care for a doll as if it were a child. Villagers jeered, but her faith was rewarded with the birth of a daughter -- the ''ba,'' or child, in the doll's name. Now recognized all over Africa as a symbol of political empowerment and intellectual freedom as well as fertility, the doll is mass-manufactured for export and domestic use (both play and ritual). Akua'ba versions of a Madonna and child are produced for the tourist trade.


    ''My wife is pregnant, and we have two of them,'' says Mark Bessire, a former Fulbright Fellow in Tanzania who with his wife, Aimee, is the curator of ''Art of Identity: African Sculpture From the Teel Collection'' at the Fogg Museum of Art at Harvard University through next year. ''While you're carrying this figure, you're thinking about the positive experience of having a baby. It's a kind of training. People decorate them or put beads on them to empower them. It's very personal.''

    In African practice, once a doll has done its job, it is piled with others on the shrine of the healer who prescribed it, much as Western women send baby photos to a doctor's office, where they are displayed as proof of the doctor's skill.

    In the African view, fertility is a gift from ancestors, infertility an evil rooted in the discontent of ancestors. Activated by the power of play, dolls function like a wish that is about to come true.


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    Get Pregnant Naturally After IVF

    I recently had a mini reunion with a bunch of my old high school friends.
     Of course I was the one with the youngest child...most had kids who were in their 20's and beyond. (one of my friends who flew in from out of town had a child in her mid 30;s...she got pregnant in her senior year of high school and had the baby that summer).

    Anyway, we were talking about one of my classmates who couldn't make it, but another mutual friend was telling me she had 4 kids. Apparently she went through IVF twice which produced her two oldest children. Then...guess what? Yep, you got it...she got pregnant naturally with twins. What are the odds of that? I'm beginning to thing the odds are actually pretty good. I'm not necessarily talking about the odds of having twins, but the odds of getting pregnant naturally after IVF.

    See also: for more on women who conceived spontaneously after failed IVF

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    I thought I would give you a summary of the women who were previously in my infertility support group and now have one or more children. Believe me, I'm not doing this to torture you, I'm letting you know that all of these women were in various stages of desperation - sometimes angry, sometimes hopeless, and always wondering if getting pregnant was the impossible dream. Here's a recap:

    M.A. = Conceived at the age of 43 (naturally) had her baby at the age of 44. Got pregnant after she was turned down for IVF because she was too "old".

    J.S. = Tried at least 3 years to conceive with various low tech fertility treatments (i.e. inseminations, drugs etc.)then adopted an 8 year old boy. Had some endometriosis removed, conceived naturally in her upper 30's had a son, then conceived naturally again a year later, had a daughter.


    S.S. = Was told her FSH was too high, egg quality too low and should consider IVF with genetic testing on embryo's prior to implantation. Took a break from fertility treatments to save up enough money to try again and conceived naturally in her upper 30's had a boy, conceived naturally again, had a daughter.

    M.S. = Had male factor infertility and she had surgery to remove strange tissue around ovaries. Got pregnant with ICSI and IVF, now has a daughter

    M.R. = Had PCOS, conceived first try IVF, now has a daughter

    S.C. = Unexplained infertility, has two children through IVF.

    There were many others that I know succeeded both naturally and with fertility treatments, but I've lost touch with them. The moral of the story? There's always hope. Everyone of these people succeeded despite feeling like they NEVER would. Even though I'm an advocate of getting pregnant with natural means, I do understand that depending on your diagnosis, fertility treatments may be necessary. But no matter whether or not you go the high tech. route, there are many people out there who were labeled "long shots" by the medical community (including me) and succeeding in giving birth. It could happen to you too.

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    I always say that I said many prayers on the road to parenthood.  Sometimes they were "bargains"
    "Listen here God...if you give me a baby, I promise I'll never do such and such again... " and other times I fell back on my faith which certainly has wavered over the years.  However, you may want to try "petitioning your angels".  


     from Carol Tuttle (How To Petition Your Angels):
    I started noticing many of the things I was asking for were happening without my needing to take any action at all. My job is to identify what I want, to ask for it, allow it, and to say thank-you when it comes.
    I ask for assistance with everything in my life. Each day I awake imagining my spiritual crew ready and anxious to honor me and help me with my requests. I have a section in my day planner I call "Ask my Angels." Each morning I have a meeting with them and write down the things on which I would like them to work. Here is a typical day's request

    fertility angel
    Fertility Angel Necklace from

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    Have you ever wanted to practice visualization (with or without meditation) especially if you are trying to conceive?  When I was trying to conceive, I made visualization and meditation part of my "pregnancy protocol" and I believe it was a key piece of my success.  If you think this idea is "way out there", this practice is quite common within the sports community.  And if you're the kind of person that needs proof it works, there was a study done by an Australian psychologist who worked with basketball players.  Half the players in the study practiced daily, and the other half just visualized outstanding performance.  The player who visualized only were almost equal to those who practiced daily.
    So how do we translate this to getting pregnant?  If you want to attract a baby into your life, don't just say "I want a baby", you need to actually SEE yourself with your baby.  That's where visualization can help.  I created a vision board and I looked at it every day.  This page on my site explains more:


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    Ovulation Can Occur More Than Once Per Month

    Question: What do you call people who use the rhythm method of birth control?
    Answer: Parents!
    Have you ever heard anyone (in the fertile world) say, "I don't know how I got pregnant, I wasn't anywhere near ovulation!" Well recent research may have found the answer (see article below)

    This may not be good news for fertile people using the rhythm method, but if you're trying to conceive, it should be very encouraging. I once heard a doctor on a television program say: "If you want to get pregnant, have sex and have it often". He said it in a joking sort of way, but it may be good advice.


    When you're trying to conceive, it seems you put all your eggs in one basket (no pun intended!) for the one or two days when you think you might be ovulating. I know many infertile couples experience so much stress that lovemaking becomes a "job". But it just may be helpful to be a little more spontaneous throughout the month.

     from the article: "It's been assumed until now that women have just one wave per monthly cycle, leading to one ovulation, but nobody has actually carried out detailed analysis before," said Roger Pierson, who led the study. "In fact, all the women in our study had at least two waves and 30 per cent of them had three."

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    Flaxseeds are a wonderful food.  they have a number of nutritional properties that can help with female and male fertility.  They are an excellent source of the "good fats" which can help manufacture hormones and, for men, sperm production.  Read more from this guest post:

    Overcome Male Infertility - How to Treat Infertility With Flaxseed

    Guest Post By Kyle J Norton
    As we mentioned in previous articles, infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist.We have spent most of the time in this series discussing the conventional and Chinese medicine in treating fertility. I believe, it is the best time to change the subject by discussing how to treat male infertility with flaxseed oil.




    I. Definition

    Flax, also known Linum usitatissimum, is a member of the genus Linum. Belonging to the family Linaceae, it's seed has been used in traditional medicine in treating heart diseases caused by high levels of cholesterol.
    II. How flaxseed oil effects male fertility

    1. Essential fatty acid

    Flaxseed oil contains high levels of essential fatty acid Omega 3 and 6, it not only help to eliminate the trans fat and saturate fat through liver waste elimination, but also helps to increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs resulting in increasing the production of sperm count and sperm quality.
    2. Lignan

    flaxseed contains high amount of ligan, it is proven in helping to strengthen not only the immune system in fighting against irregular cells growth, but also improve it's function in protecting the body own tissues, including sperm.
    3. Lecithin

    Lecithin is a fat like substance (phospholipid) found in flaxseed not only helps to inhibit the levels of bad cholesterol, but also is a key building block of cell membranes resulting in protecting protects cells from oxidation in the surrounding the brain, thus lessening the risk of nervous tension, hormone imbalance and low libido.
    4. Fiber

    Flax seeds contain high amount of fiber which is vital in helping liver in regulating spleen in insulin production, resulting in decreasing the risk of blood stagnation and qi imbalance in spleen, leading to normalizing the production of testosterone and increasing the chance of good quality sperm production.
    5. Alpha linolenic acid

    It also contains high levels of alpha linolenic acid which is vital for a healthy prostate gland, resulting in increasing the kidney function in regulating sperm production as well as strong ejaculation.
    III. Side effects

    1. Intestinal blockage, if it is taken in large amounts. Please remember to drink a lot of liquids to avoid this to happen.

    2. Because of it' high concentration of fiber, it may reduce the effectiveness of some oral medicine.

    For the best pregnancy self help program review, please visit
    For series of Infertility Articles, please visit
    All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.
    "Let You Be With Your Health, Let Your Health Be With You" -Kyle J. Norton
    I have been studying natural remedies for disease prevention for over 20 years and working as a financial consultant since 1990. Master degree in Mathematics, teaching and tutoring math at colleges and universities before joining insurance industries. Part time Health, Insurance and Entertainment Article Writer.
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    Pregnancy Over 40 and Fertility Over 40 Affected By Adrenal Glands

    I've been researching causes of infertility for years and I've never come across "adrenal hyperplasia".
     It does seem to be similar and possibly related to PCOS. The good news is, if you have this condition, it is treatable.


    From the article:

    The condition is nonclassical congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or C.A.H. — a hormone deficiency that leads to excess production of androgens. In women it can interfere with ovulation; in men it can cause low sperm count. In addition, it can lead to short stature, body odor, acne, irregular menstruation and the excessive hair growth called hirsutism. (Ms. Citrone, now 38, had some of these symptoms, too.)

    “The treatment is so cheap and easy,” said Dr. Maria New, a professor of pediatrics and human genetics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine who is considered the leading authority on C.A.H.

    The diagnosis is based on a blood test for excess levels of a hormone called 17-hydroxyprogesterone — there is also a genetic test — and treatment involves small doses of the steroid dexamethasone. It can reverse many of the symptoms in three months to two and a half years. 

      from: (

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    Trying To Conceive, Dealing With Reminders

    Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season which revolves around kids. How do you survive these family and kid oriented days and nights like Halloween?
    Well, for starters, you really can't get away from it. Depending on where you live, you'll probably have kids at your door. It's easy to be bitter that everyone else seems to be out there having fun with their kids while you're marinating in thoughts of failure and feelings of being left out.


    If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant and Dealing With Infertility, Try These Survival Tactics During Halloween

     My best advice is the following:

    -Join in as much as possible - when I was TTC, at times like halloween, I would have fun opening my door to all the kids. I'd make a mental note of the cute little costumes imagining how my baby/child would look when I dress them up (yes, I know this is all before they're conceived, but if you really want something, you have to behave as if you already have it).

    -Engage the kids in conversation when they come to your door. It really is fun to talk to them - ask them about their costumes and compliment them on how good they look. Being around kids will attract kids into your life - remember, what you put out "there" comes back to you.

    -When I was TTC, it wasn't the kids that made me feel bad, it was usually the parents who were endlessly going on and on about all the fun things they were going to do. Try to have fun with the kids on Halloween - it will help you visualize you future life with one of your own.   Remember, you will attract to yourself what you focus on.

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    If you're trying to get pregnant over 40, pumpkin seed are super nutritious

    It's fall and its pumpkin season if you haven't noticed! If you're trying to conceive over 40 or any age, take advantage of every nutritional benefit this season has to offer.  I never think of pumpkins as squash, but essentially, that's what they are.  They are loaded with phytochemicals and phytonutrients which tend to be good for overall health


    Pumpkins are a great source of zinc and other nutrients Pumpkins are very affordable and pumpkin seeds are wonderful sources of zinc, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients which are great for male and female fertility.  Unfortunately, these fertility superstars are usually thrown out when people carve their pumpkins.  To prepare the pumpkin seeds, scrape out the inside of the pumpkin, separate the seeds, boil them for 10 minutes in salted water, then bake till crispy on  a baking sheet with olive oil.

    Here is an article about the nutritional value of pumpkins

    Pumpkin seeds, raw

    In-depth nutrient analysis:

    Pumpkin seeds, raw
    (Note: "--" indicates data is unavailable)
    amount 0.25 cup
    total weight 34.50 g
    Basic Components
    nutrient amount %DV
    calories 186.65 10.37
    calories from fat 142.36
    calories from saturated fat 26.93
    protein 8.47 g 16.94
    carbohydrates 6.14 g 2.05
    dietary fiber 1.35 g 5.40
    soluble fiber 0.19 g
    insoluble fiber 1.16 g
    sugar - total 0.35 g
    monosaccharides 0.00 g
    disaccharides 0.35 g
    other carbs 4.45 g
    fat - total 15.82 g 24.34
    saturated fat 2.99 g 14.95
    mono fat 4.92 g 20.50
    poly fat 7.21 g 30.04
    trans fatty acids 0.00 g
    cholesterol 0.00 mg 0.00
    water 2.39 g
    ash 1.68 g
    nutrient amount %DV
    vitamin A IU 131.10 IU 2.62
    vitamin A RE 13.11 RE
    A - carotenoid 13.11 RE 0.17
    A - retinol 0.00 RE
    A - beta carotene 78.66 mcg
    thiamin - B1 0.07 mg 4.67
    riboflavin - B2 0.11 mg 6.47
    niacin - B3 0.60 mg 3.00
    niacin equiv 2.48 mg
    vitamin B6 0.08 mg 4.00
    vitamin B12 0.00 mcg 0.00
    biotin -- mcg --
    vitamin C 0.66 mg 1.10
    vitamin D IU 0.00 IU 0.00
    vitamin D mcg 0.00 mcg
    vitamin E alpha equiv 0.35 mg 1.75
    vitamin E IU 0.51 IU
    vitamin E mg 3.76 mg
    folate 19.84 mcg 4.96
    vitamin K 17.73 mcg 22.16
    pantothenic acid 0.12 mg 1.20
    nutrient amount %DV
    boron -- mcg
    calcium 14.84 mg 1.48
    chloride -- mg
    chromium -- mcg --
    copper 0.48 mg 24.00
    fluoride -- mg --
    iodine -- mcg --
    iron 5.16 mg 28.67
    magnesium 184.58 mg 46.15
    manganese 1.04 mg 52.00
    molybdenum -- mcg --
    phosphorus 405.03 mg 40.50
    potassium 278.42 mg 7.95
    selenium 1.93 mcg 2.76
    sodium 6.21 mg 0.26
    zinc 2.57 mg 17.13
    Saturated Fats
    nutrient amount %DV
    4:0 butyric 0.00 g
    6:0 caproic 0.00 g
    8:0 caprylic 0.00 g
    10:0 capric 0.00 g
    12:0 lauric 0.02 g
    14:0 myristic 0.02 g
    15:0 pentadecanoic -- g
    16:0 palmitic 1.94 g
    17:0 margaric -- g
    18:0 stearic 0.97 g
    20:0 arachidic -- g
    22:0 behenate -- g
    24:0 lignoceric -- g
    Mono Fats
    nutrient amount %DV
    14:1 myristol -- g
    15:1 pentadecenoic -- g
    16:1 palmitol 0.03 g
    17:1 heptadecenoic -- g
    18:1 oleic 4.88 g
    20:1 eicosen 0.00 g
    22:1 erucic 0.00 g
    24:1 nervonic -- g
    Poly Fats
    nutrient amount %DV
    18:2 linoleic 7.14 g
    18:3 linolenic 0.06 g
    18:4 stearidon 0.00 g
    20:3 eicosatrienoic -- g
    20:4 arachidon 0.00 g
    20:5 EPA 0.00 g
    22:5 DPA 0.00 g
    22:6 DHA 0.00 g
    Other Fats
    nutrient amount %DV
    omega 3 fatty acids 0.06 g 2.50
    omega 6 fatty acids 7.14 g
    Amino Acids
    nutrient amount %DV
    alanine 0.35 g
    arginine 1.21 g
    aspartate 0.75 g
    cystine 0.09 g 21.95
    glutamate 1.30 g
    glycine 0.54 g
    histidine 0.20 g 15.50
    isoleucine 0.38 g 33.04
    leucine 0.63 g 24.90
    lysine 0.55 g 23.40
    methionine 0.17 g 22.97
    phenylalanine 0.37 g 31.09
    proline 0.30 g
    serine 0.35 g
    threonine 0.27 g 21.77
    tryptophan 0.11 g 34.38
    tyrosine 0.31 g 31.96
    valine 0.59 g 40.14
    nutrient amount %DV
    alcohol 0.00 g
    caffeine 0.00 mg
    artif sweetener total -- mg
    aspartame -- mg
    saccharin -- mg
    sugar alcohol -- g
    glycerol -- g
    inositol -- g
    mannitol -- g
    sorbitol -- g
    xylitol -- g
    organic acids -- mg
    acetic acid -- mg
    citric acid -- mg
    lactic acid -- mg
    malic acid -- mg
    choline -- mg --
    taurine -- mg


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    I know there is a lot of information out there about getting pregnant over 40 or any age.  I am frequently asked,  "If you could pick the top 5 recommendations, what would they be?"
    I thought I would develop an infographic (which you can share with the code below) that summarizes the top recommendations to get pregnant over 40:
    1. Hormone Regulating Foods
    2. Self Pelvic Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure
    3. Meditation and Visualization to attract a baby into your life
    4. Stress and Cortisol Reduction
    5. Healthy Weight and Only light exercise

    Top 5 Things To Get Pregnant Over 40 - An infographic by the team at

    Embed Top 5 Things To Get Pregnant Over 40 on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

    Sunday, October 26, 2014


    Trying to Conceive: Can Egg Whites Help Fertility?

    Most fertility doctors will tell you to stay away from the traditional vaginal lubricants because they may hinder sperm because of their thickness and consistency.  However, there are a number of vaginal lubricants on the market that are actually quite sperm friendly and can help facilitate the transport of sperm and ultimately fertilization (some examples are "Pre-seed" and "ToConceive" see the banners at the top of this page).   
    Many women may want to use natural methods if they want to improve their own cervical mucus or even use things like eggs whites.  Here is a page on my site that give instructions on how to use egg whites and how to improve your cervical mucus naturally:



    Friday, October 24, 2014


    Secondary Infertility Hurts Too

    I frequently hear from women who had a child or children when they were younger and want to have another when they're older.  When I ran an infertility support group, there were a few women who had secondary infertility.  They had an older child or they perhaps had fertility treatments for their first child.  They wanted a second child, but could not get pregnant again. 
    Sometimes they remarry or sometimes they just decide it's time to add to their family. Since they already have a child, they are very surprised and frustrated to find they can't seem to get pregnant again.


    Secondary infertility doesn't seem to get as much attention and the women and couples suffering from secondary infertility often don't get as much sympathy or support because they attitude may be: "At least you have one child, I don't have any".  The New York Times did an article on this subject and how the couple may feel about their secondary infertility:
    from the article:
    And I got to experience this not just once but twice. Now I have two beautiful, dazzling little girls. And I feel lucky. And sort of greedy. Because I desperately want a third. And a part of me feels like I should be satisfied with my two healthy children. But my family just feels incomplete.

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014


    Thyroid, Fertility and Miscarriage

    Your thyroid may be one important factor if you are failing to conceive.  When I ran an infertility support group, two of the women there were finally diagnosed with thyroid disorders and, after treated, both went on to have babies.  If the thyroid is underfunctioning, it can lead to hormone imbalance in estrogen, progesterone and prolactin.  There are natural ways to correct a thyroid imbalance, but of course, you should consult a health professional if you are trying to conceive.  Read more:


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