Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones
Fertility Jewelry With Healing Stones

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Pregnancy Over 40 After Failed IVF

Many women out there have undergone fertility treatments, which, in many cases either fail or end in miscarriage.

 The process is so expensive and emotionally draining, these women can't bear the thought of going
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through it again and sinking their life savings on a gamble. So the question comes up...do people actually get pregnant naturally when IVF has failed?

In one article, it stated that 45 percent of women became pregnant after failing IVF (they were under 35, but it goes to show you that IVF isn't always the answer).
Another article says that 25% of women going through IVF (no age breakdown) will conceive naturally within the next two years.

I have a number of other examples of women who have conceived naturally after failed fertility treatments (lower tech treatments and IVF).  Of course there's me who was 44, but there was another women in the support group I ran who also got pregnant naturally at the age of 44 after her lower tech treatments failed and her fertility clinic told her she was past their age limit for IVF.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Being on The Pill Can Delay Pregnancy After Goiing Off

Trying To Conceive After Birth Control Pills

If you're trying to conceive, birth control is probably the last thing on your mind. However, many women who try to conceive later in life, have been on the pill for many years before they decide to get pregnant.

This is a question that arises frequently when trying to conceive and nothing is happening.  Does it take longer to get pregnant after being on the pill?  How much longer?  According to this article, birth control can delay conception for a number of months.

From the article:

Women using oral contraceptives took "significantly longer" to conceive than those who relied on
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But Professor Killick said women should not worry about delays of weeks not months.

"It's hardly surprising when you think about it, because these women have taken contraceptive steroids to suppress their ovaries," he said.

Combined pill

"We've known for some time that injectible contraceptives can reduce fertility for several months after they've been used.

"We showed a similar effect from the combined oral contraceptive pill."

Professor Killick said the average time it took women who stopped using condoms to conceive was three and a half months.

For those who stopped using a combined oral contraceptive pill, it was just over five and a half months. 

from: (news.bbc.co.uk)

Friday, November 08, 2019


Getting Pregnant By Eating Organic Food:  The Danger Of Genetically Modified Foods

Before I was trying to conceive, I wondered if the organic food industry was just a bunch of throwbacks from the sixties who were trying to convince the rest of us that the world was a dangerous contaminated place just so we'd buy their products. But the more I've read and researched, I realized that there are good reasons to buy organic.

I've heard differing reports on whether or not organically grown foods really have more nutritional value. Some say organic foods have up to 30% more nutrients and others say that it hasn't been
proven. Now I must confess, while I was on my natural journey to pregnancy, I did not always eat organically grown foods. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. I did the best I could at the time. It's time consuming to run to the regular supermarket for some items and to the health food store for others. It can also be more expensive to buy organic. For most people, just adding more fruits and vegetable to their diet would be a major improvement whether they're organic or not. But if you can, it makes sense to try to eliminate as many toxins from your diet as possible by going the organic route. Many of the pestides used can mimic estrogens which throw your hormones out of whack.

Another thing to watch out for is genetically modified foods.  There have been a number of studies now that indicate GM foods have caused problems in animals.  Read more:
Dr. Smith writes:
“GM foods are particularly dangerous for pregnant moms and children. After GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died—compared to 10 percent deaths among controls fed natural soy.2 GM-fed babies were smaller, and possibly infertile.3
Testicles of rats fed GM soy changed from the normal pink to dark blue.4 Mice fed GM soy also had altered young sperm.5
Embryos of GM soy-fed parent mice had changed DNA.6 And mice fed GM corn had fewer, and smaller, babies.7
See Also: GMO's And Fertility 
In Haryana, India, most buffalo that ate GM cottonseed had reproductive complications such as premature deliveries, abortions, and infertility; many calves died.
About two-dozen US farmers said thousands of pigs became sterile from certain GM corn varieties. Some had false pregnancies; others gave birth to bags of water. Cows and bulls also became infertile.8
In the US, incidence of low birth weight babies, infertility, and infant mortality are all escalating.
from examiner.com

Monday, November 04, 2019


Having A Baby Over 40, lifestyle factors

I recall a conversation between my nieces. The 15 year old said to the 16 year old, "You weigh more than me, even though I'm taller", the 16 year old replies with "Well, I've been eating LONGER than you!" She may have had a point there.

I've always wondered about whether or not 'older' women are infertile or just imbalanced. Let's face it, the older you are, the more time you've had to gain weight, eat the wrong foods, take medications, be exposed to toxic substances, sustain long periods of stress, etc. All of these factors can lead to hormonal imbalances that can have an impact on fertility. There is such an orchestration of events that must occur for a successful pregnancy that it's understandable that if your system is out of balance you will have a hard time getting pregnant or carrying to term.

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It probably does take women over 40 a little longer to get pregnant because regaining balance isn't something that happens overnight. It's a process that occurs over time. I've heard a number of people "How come these twenty-something people can drink caffeine, eat junk food, or in extreme cases take illicit drugs and still get pregnant?".

My theory is that many imbalances are a result of the cumulative effect of your lifestyle. Older women have just been around longer and we live in a toxic society where stress, poor eating habits, and exposure to toxins are the norm. It's kind of like smoking. Probably one cigarette isn't going to do much damage, but if you smoke over a lifetime, watch out...

Give yourself some time to get rebalanced. It will benefit you in many ways, and you just may get pregnant.

Sunday, November 03, 2019


 The Dangers Of Nonstick Cookware

I recently replaced much of my cookware to the non-stick variety. Yes, it's somewhat expensive, but I've heard so much about the dangers of nonstick cookware that it may be worth the investment in something safer.
I know the coated pans are easy to clean, readily available and hard to give up.
However, this article talks about how some non-stick chemicals may affect your fertility:
A provocative new study finds that women who have trouble getting pregnant are more likely to have
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high concentrations of certain nonstick-chemical pollutants circulating in their blood than are those who become pregnant within the first month of trying. The suspect compounds — generally known as PFOA and PFOS — are the original primary constituents of Teflon and Scotchguard products.

Since the potential toxicity of certain perfluorinated chemicals began to emerge about a decade ago, formulations of both commercial nonstick-product lines have been reengineered to avoid reliance on PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate). Nonetheless, plenty of both compounds still can be found in air, water and the bodies of people throughout the developed world. Indeed, babies are usually born carrying traces of both compounds — and their chemical kin — supplied by their moms’ blood.

Over the past two years, Chunyuan Fei of the University of California, Los Angeles, and her colleagues have linked elevated concentrations of both PFOA and PFOS in mom with a decreased likelihood that her baby or toddler would meet early developmental milestones — such as being able to sit or walk without support or to retrieve something (such as a toy or book) when asked. 
 from: www.sciencenews.org

Friday, November 01, 2019


Pregnancy Over 40, It wasn't the menopause, it was a miracle

I'll warn you right up front, the following article is a little scary, and it made me a little angry to read it. It's about a 45 year old woman who became unexpectedly pregnant (after she was told that a uterine deformity would render her infertile) and since doctors never considered the possibility of pregnancy, they put her through a multitude of tests exposing her to drugs, radiation and the list goes on.
The moral of the story is, 45 year olds do get pregnant - even against the odds. Somehow, the medical community needs to realize that and take precautions just like they would with any other woman! Just because you're in your forties doesn't mean that you are not of "child bearing age". Read more:

From the article:

On Friday, September 10, 1999, I saw another doctor. She suspected a large uterine or ovarian
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tumour and sent me for an emergency CAT scan. Afterwards, I fell asleep in the waiting area. 'Mrs Cohen.' Someone was shaking my shoulder.

'Mrs Cohen. We did find something in you. We found a baby.'

Since my identity is predicated on my infertility, the statement made no more sense than if he'd said: 'Mrs Cohen, we discovered that you're a man.' Or: 'Mrs Cohen, we found out that you're black.' Obviously, it was a dream.

In shock, I said: 'What do you mean a baby?' They brought me to the ultrasound room to see for myself.
 from: www.dailymail.co.uk

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


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It's Halloween and its pumpkin season if you haven't noticed! If you're trying to conceive over 40 or any age, take advantage of every nutritional benefit this season has to offer.  I never think of pumpkins as squash, but essentially, that's what they are.  They are loaded with phytochemicals and phytonutrients which tend to be good for overall health

Pumpkins are very affordable and pumpkin seeds are wonderful sources of zinc, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients which are great for male and female fertility.  Unfortunately, these fertility superstars are usually thrown out when people carve their pumpkins.  To prepare the pumpkin seeds, scrape out the inside of the pumpkin, separate the seeds, boil them for 10 minutes in salted water, then bake till crispy on  a baking sheet with olive oil.

Here is an article about the nutritional value of pumpkins

Pumpkin seeds, raw

In-depth nutrient analysis:

Pumpkin seeds, raw
(Note: "--" indicates data is unavailable)
amount 0.25 cup
total weight 34.50 g
Basic Components
nutrient amount %DV
calories 186.65 10.37
calories from fat 142.36
calories from saturated fat 26.93
protein 8.47 g 16.94
carbohydrates 6.14 g 2.05
dietary fiber 1.35 g 5.40
soluble fiber 0.19 g
insoluble fiber 1.16 g
sugar - total 0.35 g
monosaccharides 0.00 g
disaccharides 0.35 g
other carbs 4.45 g
fat - total 15.82 g 24.34
saturated fat 2.99 g 14.95
mono fat 4.92 g 20.50
poly fat 7.21 g 30.04
trans fatty acids 0.00 g
cholesterol 0.00 mg 0.00
water 2.39 g
ash 1.68 g
nutrient amount %DV
vitamin A IU 131.10 IU 2.62
vitamin A RE 13.11 RE
A - carotenoid 13.11 RE 0.17
A - retinol 0.00 RE
A - beta carotene 78.66 mcg
thiamin - B1 0.07 mg 4.67
riboflavin - B2 0.11 mg 6.47
niacin - B3 0.60 mg 3.00
niacin equiv 2.48 mg
vitamin B6 0.08 mg 4.00
vitamin B12 0.00 mcg 0.00
biotin -- mcg --
vitamin C 0.66 mg 1.10
vitamin D IU 0.00 IU 0.00
vitamin D mcg 0.00 mcg
vitamin E alpha equiv 0.35 mg 1.75
vitamin E IU 0.51 IU
vitamin E mg 3.76 mg
folate 19.84 mcg 4.96
vitamin K 17.73 mcg 22.16
pantothenic acid 0.12 mg 1.20
nutrient amount %DV
boron -- mcg
calcium 14.84 mg 1.48
chloride -- mg
chromium -- mcg --
copper 0.48 mg 24.00
fluoride -- mg --
iodine -- mcg --
iron 5.16 mg 28.67
magnesium 184.58 mg 46.15
manganese 1.04 mg 52.00
molybdenum -- mcg --
phosphorus 405.03 mg 40.50
potassium 278.42 mg 7.95
selenium 1.93 mcg 2.76
sodium 6.21 mg 0.26
zinc 2.57 mg 17.13



Monday, October 28, 2019


Here's another story of a surprise older age pregnancy.  This woman was 48 when the symptoms she assumed were due to menopause turned out to be a pregnancy.  With two grown kids, she and her husband were planning out their retirement.  But....as I've repeatedly said....women over 40 and even 45 can be quite fertile indeed.  The unexpected rate of unplanned pregnancies in women over the age of 40 is second only to teenagers!  This should be encouraging if you are trying to conceive over 40. Read more:

Staring at my doctor in disbelief, I couldn't quite take in what she'd just said. My heart pounded in my
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chest as I tried to speak. 'I'm what?' I stammered. The doctor nodded. 'You're pregnant,' she repeated. Shock engulfed me, those two words ringing in my ears.I'd woken up feeling sick and had a bloated tummy, but that was because of the menopause, wasn't it? My doctor had thought so, and we'd both had a giggle when she'd suggested doing a pregnancy test as a matter of course. I wasn't laughing now. At 48, my childbearing days were well and truly behind me.My husband Mark and I had already raised two gorgeous kids, Melanie, 20, and Tom, 17. The last two decades had been all about my babies, a blur of school runs and sports days. Things were settling down for me and Mark to enjoy life, just the two of us. We were looking forward to grandkids, not more kids of our own. Surely I couldn't be pregnant? But the doctor was adamant. 
 from thatslife.com

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Sperm Health And Aloe Vera

I've often wondered why men can make so many sperm, but women only have a limited supply of eggs.

Perhaps it's because sperm are so susceptible to environmental toxins and radiation that there has to be millions and even billions to ensure a high count of healthy sperm. Here is an article about how
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the plant aloe vera may be able to protect men from environmental radiation. Read more:

ALOE VERA acts as a radiation protector and inhibits testicular damage against gamma radiation. Health experts attending the 18th annual scientific meet on recent trends held in Hyderabad expressed this opinion.

 Aloe Vera, a throny, succulent herb contains natural medicinal properties that enhance fertility and protect men from radiation-induced reproduction problems. According to Prashasnika Gehlot and P K Goel of Radiation and Centre for Bilogical Labortory of Department Zoology, University of Rajasthan.

Aloe Vera extract initiated in laboratory animals, early recovery from radiation induced damage to restore normal architecture of testes.

The testes are one of radiosensitive organs because of cell renewal system. Ionizing radiation was found to produce marked effect on testes in terms of lethality and impaired spermatogenesis. Extract from the leaves of Aloe Vera improved the sperm count and rectified the damage caused to the tissue.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Fertility Over 40 - Pregnancy Over 40 Helped With Sleep

I've read much research about how getting enough sleep can help regulate hormones and reduce stress.   There is a natural cycle of light and dark which helps to regulate your circadian rhythms,
To me, there's nothing more satisfying than waking up refreshed after sleeping through the night. I've had a hard time sleeping since I was a child, but I've found a number of things that help. Here is a site
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that gives some great tips for a good night's sleep:

A relaxed body is essential for a sound sleep. This may sound like we're contradicting what we just said about our minds keeping us awake, but it's no contradiction. Eastern sciences (such as yoga) have known for thousands of years that the mind and body are connected (actually they're not just connected, they're one, but the idea that they're connected is sufficient for our purposes here.) So if the mind is not relaxed, the body is not relaxed. Conversely, the body has to be relaxed for the mind to be relaxed. It's a package deal.
So how do you relax your body? We've already mentioned milk, herbal teas, exercise, and avoiding caffeine. But there are techniques you can do directly with your body. Toe Wiggling is one of them.

Lie on your back (where you should be in the first place) and wiggle your toes up and down 12 times, wiggling the toes of both feet at the same time. This will relax your entire body, inside and out.

How does it work? According to the science of Reflexology -- which has been around in other cultures for thousands of years -- your feet are a kind of master control panel for the rest of your body. "Meridians" in the body -- which are those channels of energy treated by acupuncture -- end up in the feet. So the ends of those meridians in your feet connect with every organ and every part of your entire body.

When you wiggle your toes, you are stimulating -- and thus relaxing -- your entire body. (Incidentally, this is a good place to mention that you can be energized and relaxed at the same time. It's a matter of the quality of that energy. If it flows freely and smoothly, you will be relaxed. If the energy flow in your body is restricted or blocked, you will be tense. And toe wiggling helps to bring about a relaxing, free-flowing energy.)

Note: This same exercise is also great first thing in the morning before getting out of bed in order to energize the body.

  from: (www.well.com)

Monday, October 21, 2019


Leiomyomas (Fibroids), Fertility, and What You Can Do

If you have uterine fibroids, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be infertile. Sometimes, however, depending on the location, size and number of fibroids, it can be a cause of infertility.

I had three fibroids removed in my early 30's. I didn't even want to get pregnant at that time. My main
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reason for having them removed was because they were growing so fast. Unfortunately, I didn't know it at the time, but there was much I could have done to resolve the condition naturally. I'm not saying I shouldn't have had the surgery, but if I had led a healthier lifestyle to begin with, I may not have had fibroids in the first place.
Here is a good article about fibroids, some possible causes and treatments (both natural and medical/surgical).

Food, Diet and Fibroids risk
Uterine fibroids are hormonally responsive; estradiol and progesterone stimulate their growth, and gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonists shrink them. Phytoestrogens, including isoflavones and lignans, can act as weak estrogens or antiestrogens. There appears to be a modest inverse association between lignan ingestion and uterine fibroid risk. Whether this relation represents an effect of lignans per se or of other constituents of lignan-containing foods on the development of uterine fibroids remains to be determined.

from: Uterine Fibroids by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


What are castor oil packs? Can you make your own?

Castor oil, when used on the skin (externally) will absorb and it is thought to help detoxify the body.  Castor oil increase lymphocytes which remove toxins from your body.  They also can help increase circulation and decrease inflammation.  Here is one of my videos on how to make your own:

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Thursday, October 17, 2019


 Wow, I thought the odds were against me when I got pregnant, but this is an amazing story!  This woman, Edie Schmidt, age 45 had a surprise pregnancy...which isn't too odd on its own, but what makes it unusual is that her husband had a vasectomy.  Now, for all those naysayers about women in their 40's having babies, what are the odds of that?  Read more:

"Let me just say that somewhere in the world, there is a vasectomy doctor who is not very good at
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what he does," says Edie wryly. "I love him. And who really knows if he isn't as skilled as he should be, or if our great God sabotaged his work. At the age of 45 for me and 57 for my husband, we saw those awesome, terrifying, wonderful, exciting, life-changing, tiny blue lines." Although Edie says that her husband spent endless hour calculating "how old he would be for every milestone in her life," the family of three was thrilled with the upcoming addition. But not everyone was thrilled at her late-bloomer surprise. Edie recounts that she was apprehensive to share the news with people, getting reactions that included everything from commiserating stories of miscarriages to hand-wringing horror and shock. "My favorite for the moron-of-the-pregnancy award was a professional male whose first response was, 'Are you going to put it up for adoption?' Seriously?" says Edie.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Get Pregnant Naturally, It Will Happen On It's Own Schedule

Doesn't it feel like a race sometimes? I recall when I ran a women's infertility support group, most people sheepishly admitted they felt like they were competing with others when it came to who could get pregnant first.
Your self esteem takes a beating when you can't get your body to "perform" and it seems like slap in the face when others get pregnant before you. One member said, "I definitely want to get pregnant

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before my sister who is getting married next month" as if she was going to be humiliated if she couldn't "outperform" her.
Well...I have one thing to say...take yourself out of the race...it only adds stress to an already overly-stressed situation - and stress will only get in your way of getting pregnant.

So how do you get yourself out of the "race" mindset?

1. Remember, babies come on their own schedule...not out of your need to feel like you're getting ahead of others.

2. Just because someone had a baby before you - it doesn't mean they're better or more worthy...they're just on a different schedule.

3. Now that I have my daughter, I'm glad I had her when I did...if I had her when we first started trying to get pregnant, she'd be older by now. I'm enjoying every minute. Most people my age are going through the trauma of watching their kids move away from home or going to college...I have many years of fun ahead of me.

5. The way I see it, for every week, month, and year I waited for my daughter to come into my life, that's how much more I enjoy being with her. I don't think I could have ever appreciated what a miracle the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth is if I had gotten pregnant on my first try (or if I had a baby in my 20's).

6. It seems like whenever I've been envious or jealous of someone else, I later find out that they've struggled as much or more than me it some part of their life. What appeared to be a charmed life wasn't so perfect afterall. Maybe they had an easier time getting pregnant, but there are many phases of life and many twists and turns along the way.

Monday, October 14, 2019


Just for fun with Halloween coming up, I thought I'd take a break from the scientific and talk about Fertility Spells and Rituals.
Here is a fun "fertility spell" which I found from a site called "everything under the moon".  Give it a try and let me know if it works!


During your most fertile time (usually 2 days before, during and after ovulation), light 9 white
candles in your bedroom. Place them around your bed. Sit or stand nude with your partner, facing the
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North, and repeat the following:

With one mind, we call to thee.
With one heart, we long for thee
Child of Earth, Wind, Fire & Sea,
Into our lives, we welcome thee

Turn to the East, then South, then West, repeating this incantation each time you do so. Proceed as nature requires. Repeat this spell each of the five nights before intercourse.

from: everythingunderthemoon

Sunday, October 13, 2019


If you are trying to conceive, I'm sure you are aware that there are food that can help you get pregnant.  However, there are some superstars that are a bit unusual that may not be readily available in your local grocery store.  Here are some you might try:
  • Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly - these are super concentrated food that include many essentials for a complete explanation and description of bee pollen and royal jelly, click here
  • Maca - grows in the Andes region and is also called Peruvian Genseng  it is known as a fertility enhancer by increasing sperm count in men and increases female fertility because is it high in iron and it helps to regulate hormones by working on the pituitary gland and assisting with the proper balance of estrogen and progesterone.

  • Acai Berry - this is thought to increase egg quality (studies are currently underway in humans, but it has shown to help egg quality in animals).  Acai helps with sleep which is also important for women to regulate their cycles.  It fights free radicals and its fiber helps to detoxify the body.

  • Spirulina - helps with egg quality and hormone production, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. See my post about spirulina here.


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Saturday, October 12, 2019


Trying To Have A Baby Over 40?  Don't Focus On Your Age

Well,  I recently had another birthday...and I got to thinking how birthdays are so traumatic for women who are obsessed with their biological timeclocks.
I'll admit, I had a good cry every birthday over 40 when I was trying to conceive. I even said that I was moving on to childfree right before my 44th birthday (and of course I conceived my daughter right after that).

In retrospect, I can say that having an obsession with age only added to my stress and desperation. If you think about it, you're not really a year older on your birthday, you're just a day older than yesterday. I've never been one to discuss my age because I think our society is WAY too age obsessed. Once people know how old you are, you're automatically put into a "category". Unfortunately, the perception is that young is better than old. But one thing I have noticed as a teacher of college kids (aged anywhere from 18---60) the lines between young and old seem to be blurring. I frequently think the young ones are older and older ones are younger. Shows what I

In terms of trying to conceive, it's the age of your eggs that count. I've known many cases of younger women who have premature ovarian failure and older women who get a little lax with their birth control and get pregnant. As a matter of fact, the number of unintended pregnancies in women over 40 is second only to teenagers! I myself got pregnant again by total surprise when I was 49 (even with only one fallopian tube - see
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So if you have a birthday coming up. Go have yourself a party...age really is just a number and I have numerous posts about women getting pregnant over 40 and even over 50.  Attract success in your life not desperation!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019


Infertility and Artificial Light

Guest Post By Marie Zenack

Artificial light while sleeping appears to interfere with the production of
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melatonin, which is a hormone associated with ovarian activity.
Research shows that women's cycles normalize when artificial light is
eliminated while sleeping. Eliminating the artificial light seems to allow
the hormonal system to reset itself, so to speak, and take a fresh start.
Couples who were thought to be infertile have been able to conceive by
eliminating artificial light while sleeping.

Many women find that menstrual cycles are easier and more
harmonious if they follow the cycles of the moon: menstruation on the
new moon, ovulation on the full moon. Because we are surrounded by
so much artificial light, even while sleeping, it can be a challenge to get
in tune with the moon's cycles. Women report being able to gradually
harmonize their cycles with the cycles of the moon by sleeping in total
darkness, except for one or two nights at the time of the full moon. If you
want to try sleeping in total darkness, make some dark shades for your
bedroom windows and make sure there is no light of any kind from your
clock radio, from under your door, etc.
If you want to try harmonizing your cycle with the moon's cycles, open
your shades for one night during the full moon, and sleep in the moon's
light. If this is not possible, get a nightlight and use it only during the
night of the full moon. You may have to continue this practice for some
months, so be patient. You may enjoy seeing your cycles gradually
respond to Grandmother Moon's light.
Marie Zenack is a teacher of fertility awareness and a facilitator of women�s rites of passage. She lives in a spiritual community in rural Southeast Iowa, where she spends her time teaching, writing, meditating, gardening, cooking and enjoying her grandchildren. http://www.menstrual-cycle-period.com
Article Source:

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