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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Natural Holistic Remedies - Castor Oil Pack

Guest Post By Alan Joel

Edgar Cayce, the medical clairvoyant, in his "readings" suggested the use of castor oil packs for all kinds of conditions, from detoxification to arthritis, to improve circulation and to increase elimination. Both in literature case studies and in my practice I've seen it to be one of the best natural
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holistic remedies around. Plus, it's something really simple to do. Just apply wool flannel soaked in castor oil and slightly warmed to the affected area of your body. Put a heating pad on top and relax for 1-1.5 hours. Wipe off excess oil with a baking soda paste and you're done.
In my healing practice I've seen castor oil packs help with conditions ranging from bone spurs and arthritis to acute injuries like sprained ankles. Castor oil packs also relieve pain from aching backs and chronically sore joints. This application of castor oil is natural, holistic, and inherently wise. When applied to a joint, the castor oil helps to dissolve anything that should not be there, such as adhesions or bone spurs, while leaving intact everything that should. Impressive. Ready to dive in? Here are the simple steps to use this natural holistic remedy.


1. Use official Edgar Cayce castor oil materials. You can order the wool pack and Palma Cristi Castor Oil from Heritage Store in Virginia Beach or at most local health food stores.
2. Follow the directions on pack but do not boil wool pack in water.
3. Fold pack so it will fit in the bottom of a pyrex brand bread or baking dish.  Saturate with caster oil and then warm in oven or toaster oven (do not use the microwave - ever!)
4. Remove the cloth cover from heating pad and turn on high.
5. Put down a plastic sheet or large trash bag where pack is to be done to protect sofa or bed.
6. Fold an old towel lengthwise and put on top of plastic to wrap around pack and heating pad.
7. If the pack is to be done on front of body, put warmed pack saturated with caster oil on area after you lie down. Put heating pad on top of pack and wrap towel around you and the pack.
8. If pack is to be done on the back of the body, lay towel down with the heating pad on top of that. Place the pack on top of the heating pad and lie on top of the pack, then wrap the towel around.
9. Leave pack on for 1-1.5 hours. While pack is on, listen to soft, harmonious music, or read (or be read to) spiritual or uplifting material.  No chaos or negative energy, which could contaminate the finer bodies.
10. After 1-1.5 hours, remove the pack and store it in the pyrex dish in a cool dark place.
11. Wash the entire area with a mixture of baking soda and warm water. (Use about a level teaspoon of baking soda and just enough water to create a mixture slightly thinner than paste.)  Using an old wash cloth, scrub the entire area with the baking soda solution.  This removes any remaining oil and, more importantly, neutralizes the acids that are pulled out by the pack, transforming them into harmless salts to be flushed out by the lymphatic system. This is a key to success for this natural holistic remedy.
12. Other notes:
  • The pack is best done in the evening, prior to bedtime, since this is a very relaxing time. The wool pack is generally folded in half when applied to the body.
  • It is best to establish a rhythm of doing and not doing the pack: Monday - Wednesday - Friday, or Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday, or Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday then stop for 4 days.
  • The first pack done should generally be done on the entire abdomen to clean the organs of assimilation and elimination first.  Then the back can often be next - then the specific problem area.  Then keep rotating. It is not necessary to wash the pack.
Alan Joel is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and nutritional counselor. He is also an independent distributor of Simplexity Health, producer of all-natural blue-green algae products for people, pets, and plants. For free health tips and to order blue-green algae online at wholesale prices at
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Try Feng Shui!

I've written before about feng shui for fertility and this article has some new suggestions for what to place in the bedroom and how to arrange furniture.

At first, I didn't know if I believed in feng shui, but the more I read about it, it makes sense that energy can be blocked by furniture placement, clutter and so on.  Read more:
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Feng Shui to improve fertility luck and help conceive babies

The following Feng Shui tips are meant to help couples who have difficulty conceiving, despite being medically fit in reproductive health.

Poison Arrows afflicting the main door and bed

Look out of your house and check if there’s any ‘poison arrows‘ pointing directly towards your main door. Poison arrows in Feng Shui refers to sharp and pointed structures which inflicts bad chi to the lives of afflicted inhabitants. It can be a sharp angle of a building, edge of a wall, pillars, trees, table corner and such.


Within your bedroom, observe and find poison arrows pointed towards the bed.

If you find any, both external and internal poison arrows must be shielded, reflected or hidden from view.

If you have any doubts with your own ability to recognise or suppress poison arrows, it is best to use a qualified Feng Shui practitioner for peace of mind.

The bedroom and interior decor

Again, take note of poison arrows pointing towards your bed and hide them from view.

If your bedroom is a mess you should probably give it a good spring cleaning now. Clutter weakens the ‘chi‘ in a given area. Since we’re trying to apply Feng Shui to bring about positive ‘chi’ into the bedroom, clean it up until your bedroom feels comfortable and relaxing to be in. Some feng shui practitioners suggest anything under the bed must not be disturb when couples are trying to conceive until the baby is born.

This is important: Position the bed so that your husband’s head is pointed towards his ‘Nien Yen’ direction, which activates his descendant’s luck. To find out your husband’s ‘Nien Yen‘ direction, you should first find out his KUA number. There are a number of feng shui related websites out there that calculates it for you – for instance, also has a chart of favourite directions for every individual’s KUA number.


Sunday, April 15, 2018


Having A Baby Over 40

Estrogen levels, progesterone levels, FSH levels, egg quality, sperm quality, ovulation, fertilization, uterine lining, implantation, HcG levels, etc. etc. etc.

Whoa! STOP!

Volumes have been written on all of the above. Do we really need to delve so deeply into our reproductive physiology to have a baby? Well, I guess that's what we pay reproductive endocrinologists for. It's mind boggling to think about the synchronistic orchestration of events that have to occur to get pregnant and have a baby. But is all this really necessary? Is it all just luck or a random luck of the draw that determines who gets pregnant and who doesn't? Especially for us "long shots?" Do we all really need medical degrees? And even if we all had one, would that help us get pregnant? Is it a productive use of our time to try to control microscopic events? Whew!

Let me propose that you step back for a moment and try a different approach:
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Focus on the outcome of your desires, not the path that will get you there.

If you desperately want a baby, you need to be focused on having a baby, not on every blip of your lab work. That's one reason why I'm so glad I discontinued fertility treatments. I didn't want someone telling me every reason in the world why I wasn't going to get pregnant(and every reason why I would miscarry if I did). I was going to have a baby and that was that! So there!

So how do you shift your thinking? First of all, I do believe in preparedness. That's one reason I developed my pregnancy protocol. It helps to prepare your body for conception and pregnancy. But a major factor in success (not just in getting pregnant) is visualizing the outcome. For example:

If you desperately want a baby, visualize how happy you'll be when you hold that baby in your arms... don't focus on how you want a baby and you don't have one

Visualize playing and laughing with your baby, feeding your baby, dressing your baby, and loving your baby. Your visualizations should be so strong that you're your smiling and happy the rest of the day because you know your baby is on the way... not sad and depressed that everyone has a baby except you

It's a small but powerful shift in thinking and it's a heck of a lot easier than going to medical school (I have a CD on visualization and meditation which may help - click here.) I don't know the universal mechanics, but it's what you focus on that you attract. If you focus on your baby, you attract a baby, if you focus on not having one....guess what? If you're in the negative mindset...have a good cry, maybe even scream while your at it. Once you get it out of your system, you may be better able to focus on what you want, not what you don't have. 
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Thursday, April 12, 2018


Getting Pregnant, Cervical Mucus and Vaginal Lubricants

Lets face it, painful intercourse doesn't help matters when you're trying to conceive.
My site:
Most of us have heard that vaginal lubricants are a big no-no because they hurt sperm (even if they don't contain ingredients classified as spermicides). 
 This article discusses the research in that area along with one recommendation for a sperm friendly lubricant. Read more:

Additionally, a common misconception is that if a lubricant does not contain a spermicide or if it is water soluble, it will not impair sperm function. Unfortunately, this is completely inaccurate. Water based lubricants often have glycerin (which has been shown to be toxic to sperm) and propylene glycol both of which are highly hyperosmotic.
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 This results in irreversible damage to sperm and a loss in motility after exposure to commercial lubricants. Damage to sperm and subsequent inability of the sperm to penetrate into the cervix following contact with lubricants may prevent conception in some couples, resulting in consequences such as undesired childlessness, or the advancement to more invasive advanced reproduction technologies (all of which carry added economic costs and medical risks). If there is any evidence that a vaginal lubricant can interfere or limit a couple's fertility, it should carry a warning label to avoid its use while trying to conceive, and testing needs to be established by the FDA for any products that claim to not harm sperm.  

See Also: Improving Cervical Mucus (

In contrast, Pre~Seed "sperm-friendly" Intimate Moisturizer was developed in response to the need for a product to replenish vaginal moisture without harming sperm while couples were trying to conceive. Each lot is tested to not harm sperm before it is sold. So if you are trying to conceive, know the facts about vaginal lubricants. They damage sperm and should be avoided. If you need help with dryness, as many couples do, Pre~Seed was developed by a Sperm Physiologist and has several studies presented at National Reproductive Meetings suggesting its "sperm-friendly" nature. 

excerpted from: (

Monday, April 09, 2018


I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that! When I ran a support group for my local infertility organization, practically every woman in the group who got pregnant said that very thing.

Infertility chips away at your self esteem and it makes you believe that you're unworthy of the most basic of human needs. If you've been struggling with infertility for over a year (or two or three), you begin to believe that getting pregnant is this impossible dream - it's soooo way out there that you'll never achieve it. may be helpful for you to know that almost everyone in your situation has
felt that way.
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A couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was ready to throw in the towel. I told everyone in the support group I was moving on to childfree, and my husband and I started making some real plans for the future. For the past six years our lives revolved around timing
intercourse, taking pregnacy tests, having miscarriages (and sometimes surgery to remove them), and spending every waking moment wondering if I had done everything possible to conceive.


And then, just when I had made peace with my decision to move on to childfree, the "impossible" happened - I was pregnant. Why is life like that? Why did I have to get to the point of hopelessness before I suceeded? Well, my theory boils down to this: When you lower your resistance, you make room for success. So what does that mean? When you want something so bad, and it's not happening, you focus more on what you don't have instead of what you do have or what you want. You try to force things into place. When you finally give up, the flood gates open. Your dream starts chasing you instead of the other way around.

We've launched enough intentions to be busy for many lifetimes, but we just need open the pathway for them to come to fruition. We've all heard the old sayings, "Relax, it will happen" and "Let go and let God". All of these are different ways of saying the same thing. Know in your mind that good things will come to you. The fastest and most direct route to getting what you want is by bringing yourself to a positive point of attraction.

Staying in the mindset of why me? Why can't I get pregnant? Why can't I have a baby? This will only attract more of the same. Sometimes, letting go can feel so good...and guess what? Feeling good attracts the positive things to your life.

Friday, April 06, 2018


Trying To Conceive Over 40, Are Your Cycles Too Short?

Progesterone supplementation is frequently given to women with luteal phase defect.
 However, if you're on the natural route, aside from natural progesterone cream, there are dietary
changes you can make to help correct your cycles.

When I was trying to conceive over the age of 40, I had my progesterone levels checked and I was told they had a "ski jump" pattern.  They were high in the beginning of my cycle, but then they took a nose dive too early in the second half.  This can make it difficult for you to carry a pregnancy because progesterone ("pro-gestation") is needed to sustain your uterine lining.

  Click Here To Read Full Article on how to lengthen your menstrual cycles naturally (
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018


Privacy and Your Fertility

I never could believe my ears when people asked me "that"question, have you seen a doctor???. That's why we decided to keep much of our struggle to get pregnant very private. I always wanted to give some snide response like..."Gee...we never thought of that...hmmm...seeing a doctor...what a novel idea!" I have a neighbor who was very persistent about asking when we were going to have kids. Finally I told her we'd been trying for a number of years, and yes, I had seen a number of doctors, etc.
Then comes a whole bunch of unwanted advice on this friend or that friend who saw this doctor or that doctor and a bunch of embarrassing suggestions on everything from when to have sex to how to have it.

For more articles on sharing information about your fertility, visit:

I really don't like to share my personal information whether it's trying to get pregnant or anything else. That's why I finally resorted to telling people we weren't going to have kids even though we were trying to get pregnant. Yep, I lied, but at least it stopped the intrusive and hurtful questioning. None of these people have medical degrees, but when it comes to getting pregnant, it seems everyone is an expert. The real key here is being prepared. Some people will undoubtedly ask whether or not you are having children. Come up with 2 or 3 responses that you can always "pull out of your back pocket" when the need arises. That way, you'll never be caught off guard.

I had to keep reminding myself that these people really wanted to help.  If you haven't been through the heartbreak and anger of infertility and/or miscarriage, you have no idea what it's like.  The fertile world sees things much differently.  Most of their time is spent trying to avoid pregnancy since they've completed their families.  If they haven't completed their families, they automatically assume they can plan their next pregnancy and be fairly certain it will happen within a certain timeframe. They have no clue what it's like to want something so badly and how hard it is to be totally at the mercy of a microscopic biological process that can be very hit and miss.  Click on the link to my website above for some responses if you are asked intrusive questions about starting a family.
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Monday, April 02, 2018


Wheatgrass for Fertility

Wheatgrass has recently gained in popularity and is showing up in juice bars everywhere. When I think of wheatgrass, I think of cows grazing in a pasture, but it's a great food for people too. So why is wheatgrass so good for fertility? Here are some reasons: 
It is a high alkaline food. You need a balanced pH level so that your body is sperm friendly. If you are
Wheatgrass also contains folic acid. Folic acid has been found to prevent neural tube defects and it's recommended that women who are trying to conceive take folic acid before they try to get pregnant.
Wheatgrass enhances men's fertility because it is high in antioxidants. Sperm are actually very fragile creatures. Men who have a diet high in antioxidants can protect their sperm from free radical damage
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with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone
due to environmental factors.
Wheatgrass is thought to purify the blood, liver and kidneys for detoxification.

There are also external ways to use wheatgrass, for example, did you know you could bathe in it? As odd as that sounds, you can add some wheatgrass juice to your bath water and soak for 1/2 hour. This is thought to disinfect the skin and it is actually reported to increase your red blood cells. It is also great if you have itchy skin or body odor.
not familiar with pH, it ranges between 1-14 with 7 being neutral.  If your body is under 7, it may be too acidic.  Ideally, your pH would be a bit on the alkaline side in the 7.35—7.45 range.  An alkaline environment is best for conception.


Friday, March 30, 2018


I always find it interesting how certain traditions and customs get started.
With Easter here on Sunday. I thought I would post this article about Easter, Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny and fertility.
For those you who celebrate it, Happy Easter!


From the article:

In the British Isles and Germany, the spring fertility festival involved eggs and bunnies, because they
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are natural symbols of fertility, and it also involved worshipping trees. The Christian missionaries who brought Christianity to the British Isles and to Germany suffered quite a lot of grief at the hands of our ancestors when they chopped down the sacred trees to demonstrate that they weren’t gods. Since the people did not actually worship the bunnies and eggs, the missionaries figured they could just Christianize them. So the custom began of painting Christian art on eggshells and they just tolerated the bunnies. I guess they would be greatly saddened if they could see that the eggs and the bunnies once again overshadow the cross.from:  (

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The reason it's called “progesterone” is because it is “pro-gestation” or it supports a pregnancy.
Women with low progesterone may experience miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage because their body cannot sustain their uterine lining long enough to nuture their baby. During the menstrual cycle, progesterone typically is highest during ovulation. If the egg that ovulates is not fertilized, progesterone falls and estrogen rises causing the women to get her period.
Things that can cause low progesterone:

1. Stress – stress causes an increase in cortisol and through a chain reaction will decrease in progesterone – this is one reason women are told to reduce their stress levels if they want to conceive

2. An over production of estrogen can cause estrogen dominance which can throw the delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone out of whack

3. Age - Some hormones decrease as women get older

4. Adrenal fatigue – this can occur from stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep, exposure to toxins, long illnesses and even a low fat diet. The adrenal glands are involved with the production of hormones, if they aren't functioning at full capacity, this will affect your progesterone production.


Sunday, March 25, 2018


How can reflexology help fertility and getting pregnant?

Reflexology is an ancient art which uses points on the hands and feet to unblock energy circuits and balance the body.  You may have seen the charts where the foot provides a map to the body. There are points on the feet which involve the reproductive system and when these points are manipulated, it may help a women's egg production and fertility.  Many women and couples use reflexology in conjunction with traditional fertility treatments and for many, it improves outcomes.  Reflexology is something you can perform on yourself.  This is important to many women and couples because they've already spent quite a bit of money on fertility treatments and they don't want to spend more time and money going to a professional.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Sunlight and Ovulation

Getting enough sunlight can be a critical piece of maximizing your fertility.  The reason is sunlight can promote ovulation.  Supposedly, one reason why many people who go on vacation get pregnant is they’re finally outdoors long enough to get some sunlight.    Now, I’m not talking about staying outside all day, just maybe one hour per day.   You really do feel better when you get outside for a while – especially if you’ve been a workaholic, you may have forgotten what it’s like to soak in the fresh air.  I always visualized the sun ripening my eggs. If you spend most of your day cooped up in an office, spend your lunch hour outside or take a walk on your breaks. After I quit my job I would designate an hour every morning as my outdoor time.

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 Fortunately, I live in an area where the sun shines daily, but if you don’t, you may have to get out there when the opportunity arises.  For the maximum effect, make sure the sunlight actually hits your eyes.  The full spectrum light provided from the sun is important to maintain normal circadian rhythms and to re-set your body clock.  Sunlight helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle which will help with melatonin production.  If weather permits, let the sun hit your arms and legs for the first 20 minutes to absorb vitamin D.
Also of note is the findings of one study on light and women’s ovulation which reported:   “morning exposure to bright light in the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle stimulates the secretion of hypophyseal reproductive hormones, promotes ovary follicle growth, and increases ovulation rates in women with slightly lengthened menstrual cycles. This might be a promising method to overcome infertility.”[1]  Although this study was done with artificial light, it seems that light has a relationship to balancing reproductive hormones.

[1] Danilenko, K. V., & Samoilova, E. A. (2007). Stimulatory Effect of Morning Bright Light on Reproductive Hormones and Ovulation: Results of a Controlled Crossover Trial. PLoS Clinical Trials, 2(2), e7. doi:10.1371/journal.pctr.0020007

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Debbie Hughes, England
 Dawn Brooke, England
 Ruth Kistler
 Anthea Burns
 Giovanni Ciardi
 Arcelia Garcia
 Antonietta Mellone
 Kate Fezigha
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So what do these women have in common?  They all had natural pregnancies over the age of 50.  I'm website ( When I was trying to conceive, I always found it encouraging to hear about other women who got pregnant in their 40's and even their 50's.  It's actually quite easy to find examples of women pregnant in their 40's.  If you ask most people who have grandparents who were in their reproductive years before reliable birth control was available, many if not most will have had their last child over the age of 40.  Both my grandmothers had babies at 43.  For most of these women, it wasn't planned.  Even now with reliable birth control, the unexpected rate of pregnancy over 40 is second only to teenagers!
sure there are many more, but these are the ones that I could verify online.  If any of my readers know of other women pregnant over the age of 50 naturally, please let me know by contacting me through my

To read the full article on women who got pregnant naturally over the age of 50, click here 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, Spring and Fertility

Since spring is coming this week and, along with it (at least where I live), some very nice weather, I thought I'd share an article that connects spring with everything from elevated moods to increased fertility. Read more:

Scientists know that when seasons change, the retina — the part of the eye connected to the brain by the optic nerve — naturally reacts to variations in the amount of daylight. This triggers hormonal changes.

Particularly important is the adjustment in melatonin, a hormone that affects our mood and how we sleep. As a result of light changes, the body naturally produces less melatonin during spring, causing a lift in mood, a reduced desire to sleep, an increase in sexual appetite and a need to eat less.


New findings published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, by researchers at the University of Massachusetts medical school, have also proved that activity levels rise as the days get longer. After analysing the exercise habits and food intakes of almost 600 men and women over a year, Professor Yunsheng Ma found that most subjects gained up to 2lb (1kg) in winter; they ate lots of carbohydrate and exercised little. Come spring, however, activity levels soared and calorie intake dropped. It seemed that the only reason for this was the change in season.
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This is partly a psychological effect but also physical. Evolutionary biologists believe that our bodies are programmed to be more active as the hormone mix changes with more light. Released from the chemical messages that make us withdraw in winter, the body feels energised, ready to hunt for food and to give birth.

Spring is also the time, supposedly, when a young man’s thoughts turn to sex. And it is true that men are more fertile at this time of year than any other. Ironically, though, this is because levels of actual sexual activity seem to drop in spring. The less sex men have, the more they save up their sperm and the greater their sperm count when they do have sex.

Professor Michael Smolensky, a chronobiologist from the University of Texas specialising in the relationship of biology to the rhythms of hours, days and months, says that statistics indicate that sexual activity in human beings is much greater in autumn,. “When we look at couples who have kept sex diaries and single males who have kept their own data, sexual activity is rather low in spring,” Smolensky says.

This fits with studies that have shown conclusively that levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, are higher in late summer and early autumn than spring, so that’s when men have the greatest sex drive and when conception rates are high.

But sperm counts do peak in March, April and May. Smolensky says: “In sexually active males, sperm count is affected by two factors, environmental temperature and sexual activity. When men are sexually active, sperm count goes down; when they’re not sexually active, they’re not using it, so it goes up.” That could explain Smolensky’s findings that there are more unplanned babies conceived during spring than any other time of year. There are more sperm around, so despite less sex, one’s more likely to hit the mark.

Spring not only improves our mood and energy levels, it can protect our teeth and bones. On the first few sunny days of spring many people feel the urge to take off those winter togs and do a bit of prancing in the sunshine. This is in response to the fact that for several months our bodies have been starved of vitamin D, essential for healthy bones and teeth. And we make it only when our skins are exposed to sunlight. We’re craving a top-up. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Natural Pregnancy Over 40

I'm sure you've never heard of "earthing".  Earthing is just what it sounds like...making contact with the earth.  If you are trying to conceive, your body needs to be in balance.  Getting pregnant is a very natural really are one with nature when you conceive a child.  Here is an explanation of how earthing may help your body and how the whole process works. 
From the article:
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Lightning strikes the earth thousands of times per second, especially around the equator. As a result, the earth’s surface is a plethora of electrons. We know that the human body is full of free radicals. They are enormously abundant in our bodies from the air we breathe, the heavy metals, the mercury, the Trans fats, the insecticides, the pesticides, the radiation, the sugars, and many other things in our environment.

So, the human body is a sea of chemicals and free radicals, and we need electrons to neutralize them. You can take all the good antioxidants in the world, such as CoQ10, zinc, beta carotene, lycopene, or lutein, but that may not be enough. You need more than just antioxidants to combat the effects of all the chemicals and free radicals. If you ground, you’re going to be soaking up these electrons, which will in turn neutralize free radicals.

Experiments have shown that grounding has several effects on the human body. The autonomic motor system calms down. There is a lot of influence on the vagus nerve, so there’s more parasympathetic stimulation. Cortisol dynamics improve. People sleep better. Inflammation improves, as does the thickness of the blood. Heart rate variability, which means irregular heartbeats, also improve. For the cardiovascular system, grounding is like a panacea. It does everything right.

Think about people who take a vacation at the beach. They lie in the sun and walk on the beach, getting direct contact with the sand and the water. When they get home, they feel refreshed, alive, and calm. They also say that they slept better while they were away. This isn't actually due to the time away or the lack of stress; it's because of the grounding. Grounding (aka Earthing) really does make you feel better. You can sleep grounded. You can walk grounded. It’s absolutely free, and it makes a huge difference.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Elephants are frequently seen as fertility symbols, especially in the art and science of Feng Shui.  Elephant is also considered as a sacred animal in Buddhist traditions. Buddha is often depicted riding an elephant. Legends say that Buddha’s mother had a dream about a white elephant and got pregnant after that.
It is recommended to place an elephant in the West or Northwest direction. You can also wear an elephant charm (see the fertility bracelets here) which can also promote fruitfulness in the wearer. It is also recommended to put one elephant inside the bedroom door and another outside the bedroom door to welcome your new baby into your life.
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Elephants have been used perhaps the longest as a symbol of fertility. When pointed upwards, the truck is a symbol of good luck. The word for elephant in Chinese is written and pronounced the same
as the Chinese word for “sign” or “things to come”, just like your baby that may be on the way!  For this reason, people frequent "pair" the elephant with other symbols to encourage what they want to attract into their life.


Sunday, March 11, 2018


Pregnancy Over 40, The Light/Dark Connection

I frequently write about the importance of sleep and paying attention to the balance between light and dark on your body's cycle.
 This article does a good job of explaining the importance of light during the day and the earth's natural rhythms. Read more:

When you are in sync with the earth's natural rhythms and cycles you can boost your fertility. If you work against nature's rhythms as many of us do, then you may be harming your delicate fertility balance.

Your biological clock is intimately linked to your reproductive system by utilizing the same hormones that trigger ovulation and sperm maturation. Therefore both women and men are affected by respecting or ignoring their natural rhythms.

\See Also: Inositol and Egg Quality(
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Importance of Bright Light

Getting adequate sunlight or other full spectrum light during the day is key to optimum fertility for many reasons. Vitamin D is created in our bodies when we are exposed to sunlight and Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to infertility.

Adequate sunlight also helps regulate circadian rhythms which allow you to sleep better at night. Regular exposure to the sun also helps you maintain a strong immune system which is necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Women who get more sunlight also have consistent and stronger menstrual cycles.

Finally, bright light prevents your body from overproducing melatonin which suppresses fertility. This might explain why it is easier for women to conceive in southern regions and during the summer months. 


Thursday, March 08, 2018


Can Vitex Improve Fertility?

Guest Post By Doris Shneydor

Vitex Agnus Castus (Chasteberry) is a well known fertility herb that has been used throughout history in order to improve conditions caused by hormonal imbalances in women. Its main effect however, is not actually on a woman's hormones. Chasteberry works with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, and indirectly increases luteinizing hormone (LH) and progesterone production, while also inhibiting follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) production. These indirect effects on hormone production are what allow Vitex to belong in the family of fertility herbs.
Hormone imbalances are responsible for or associated with a variety of conditions, including; absent menses, lack of ovulation, PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility in women. There are countless possible causes for these imbalances, but typically the uneven ratio of estrogen vs. progesterone is to
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blame for many fertility issues. In assisting to eliminate this imbalance, Chaste Tree Vitex helps women to achieve Vitex fertility and find relief for their hormone induced issues. In studies, Vitex has been shown to be effective a majority of the time for women who have previously experienced infertility or hormone imbalance problems. It should be noted that Vitex does not begin showing improvement immediately however. In order to see results, a woman typically has to take Vitex for an average of 3-6 months first. For most women experiencing infertility or hormone issues however, this may seem like a small price to pay for actual relief.


You should consult a licensed naturopathic physician prior to adding Chaste Tree Vitex (or any other fertility supplements) to your daily routine. This is to ensure that the Vitex will not have any interactions with your current medical therapies (which will be possibly if you are on anything meant to alter your bodies natural hormonal state) and that you are taking the correct dosage for your body and situation. It is important to remember that every woman's body and medical history is slightly different, and that seeking guidance prior to taking anything new is always advisable. However, in most cases Vitex has been shown to be safe to use and without any dangerous or uncomfortable side effects for an extended period of time.
You can buy Vitex as a fertility herb on its own, or as part of a fertility blend such as Fertile XX. You should be comfortable with the reputability of the establishment you are purchasing your fertility supplements from, and ensure that the Vitex Agnus Castus you are purchasing is derived from standardized Vitex extract.
Vitex can be used to achieve your fertility goals naturally. For hundreds of years Vitex and fertility have been considered to go hand in hand - isn't it time you found out how Vitex can help you?
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Doris Shneydor has been researching infertility issues for years during her studies of Aromatherapy, Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine. She is also a mother who gave birth to 3 healthy kids on her late 30's and early 40's. She happily shares with others her knowledge and Natural Holistic Approach to Fertility Problems through []. If you have made the decision to get pregnant get your free Trying to Conceive Tips today.

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